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Seller: Loud Crow Interactive Inc.

- Bug fixes & Optmizations

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Join the colorful characters from Richard Scarry’s acclaimed books as they work together to solve some of Busytown’s toughest mysteries. Presented in a series of full-length interactive adventures called toontales, each Busytown mystery is designed to challenge your child’s deductive reasoning skills in a fun and informative way.

Free to install, the Busytown app features multiple full-length toontale episodes, including one that is unlocked and available for you and your child to enjoy in “freeview” mode. Parents can permanently add this and any other Busytown toontale to their device by purchasing it in a gated and secure area of the app. And the best part? Users that stay “tooned-in” will enjoy future freeview releases and toontale episodes!

The first truly hybrid app experience, Busytown Mysteries combines educational and entertaining activities with dialogue, stories, animations and interactions.

So what are you waiting for? Help Huckle Cat solve the following Busytown mysteries:

Toontale 1 – The Strange Ski Tracks Mystery:

***Available in FREEVIEW mode***
Uncover the clues and test your memory to discover who’s been leaving tracks on the Busytown ski slope!

*EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Memory Development and Recall

Toontale 2 – The Mystery Present:

Use your counting and matching skills to help Huckle solve the mystery behind the misplaced gift.

*EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Number and Color Recognition

Toontale 3 – The Missing Pirate Gold:

Put your search and discovery powers to the test at Busytown beach and help Huckle unravel the mystery of the missing pirate gold.

*EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE: Shape and Image Association

App Features:

- Each toontale includes two educational activities and three sing along karaoke sequences.

- An interactive summary strengthens deductive reasoning at the end end of every toontale.

- Rich, responsive animations engage children in playful interactions with the characters.

- Learning tools like touch-to-speak technology, character-specific word highlighting and speech bubbles help children grasp pre-reading skills.

- A fully AirPlay compatible design makes it easy to share this experience on the big screen with friends and family.

Customer Reviews

  • Very cool.

    by Hollycross

    My 3 year old boy loved this. The matching game was his favorite!

  • Great mystery/problem-solving

    by Ziva's Mom

    My 4 y/o says, "Thank you for the lovely game!"

  • Fun

    by Terpgirl77

    My five year old said this game is fun. She enjoyed solving the mystery and liked the mini games in the stories. It's nice that you can see the words and listen to them being read.

  • Great app!

    by mrsladyjade

    Perfect for kids 3-6. Grabs and keeps attention for extended lengths of time.

  • Fun book and activity

    by Austin_tech

    My 6 year old loved this app. We did it together and it made him try to figure out what the mystery was....well done!

  • Good

    by Mom + Kid

    My child enjoyed the story and enjoyed the challenging games.

  • Ski mystery

    by Creative Seamstress

    This was a great learning tool for my granddaughter! She loved it & will enjoy learning more as she 'plays' along in the future: : )

  • Busy town Mysteries great!!

    by RJ8120

    Love it. Toddler loved it too. We want to play again.

  • Fun!

    by Yummycorndogs

    I enjoyed this!

  • 4yo loves it

    by Slawmo

    My 4 year old loves this. It is so much fun the way it combines the stories with music and adds games that must be completed in order to proceed with the story.

  • Busytown

    by Catkay56

    My granddaughters loved it and one is seven and the other one four years old. It kept their interest the whole time and they loved repeating what the characters said. The only thing I didn't like is it took a long time downloading and it wasn't just one time, each segment you would have to wait a few minutes or so but it was worth the wait

  • Fun and easy

    by Michael Durisko

    Myself and my four-year-old grandson. Had a lot of fun turned into a really good time. There is more of a movie like view and games are timed perfectly.

  • Busy town mistrust

    by /(-) (-)\ Patrick Stat

    Love this game

  • Fun

    by Zoe249

    Cute game. Daughter really liked it.

  • My kid loves these mysteries!

    by Slandrie

    My pre-schooler loves these interactive mysteries. :)

  • Two stars for functionality

    by Callieisspooky

    Game and story are great, in theory. Very buggy judging from reviews. On our iPad, seems to work, but is only one of my apps to crash the iPad (brand new!) multiple times. Most disappointing is that even after purchasing, it relies on an internet connection to work, and downloaded sections take quite a while sometimes. Was hoping my kids could play at any time, but that is not the case.

  • Smart!

    by themeowycat

    This a is great entertaining and fun app for kids. I grew up reading Richard Scarry and I loved the story too.

  • Great app!

    by Trisybear

    Really good idea. I love it. I tried the demo and it was great.

  • Great app for the little ones!

    by A 1 year old can use this

    This is a great app for readers and non readers! Way to go!

  • Best Ever

    by HighCostaLiving

    Great for kids of all ages. They liked the matching and the mystery!

  • Crashed before ending

    by ShadowNuke

    Nothing like missing the end of a story to get kids upset. Right when Huckle was going to explain the mystery. Nice idea and graphics, though.

  • Would love for this app to work

    by CynLuvsNoel

    I thought this would be a good app for my daughter to use but you can't open any of the boards. It asks the parent to set the clock to unlock the board but nothing happens. I am disappointed...

  • Total Mystery

    by Mzz C

    What a JOKE!!! This game is like watching grass grow... NOTHING HAPPENS!!! I thought this was a game for kids but the only thing being played are the people that download this ap!

  • ((

    by Mastermer


  • Doesn't work

    by Li200

    Like many others all I see in the app are busytown cars driving by. Nothing is clickable. Waste of time.

  • Horrid

    by busterp

    Don't waste time.

  • Pointless

    by Chany22

    App would not work, only prompted paid options. iPhone 4S,

  • Disappointed

    by Tink101288

    Doesn't not connect to their server

  • Maybe I'm cheap

    by Sjones111112

    $2.99 a mystery?! This seems pricey. Once I realized that and my son was disappointed I uninstalled the app.

  • Doesn't work

    by Carilisa

    Nothing happens after you open it, you just see cars driving and goldbug driving but there's nowhere to click or any instructions to play.

  • Broken!

    by Blah221m

    Game doesn't work on ios7

  • Broken

    by Jennibean990

    Just like a few other users, all I got was the first screen with cars driving by. Deleted it, redownloaded, same thing. Does not work.

  • Rip Off!

    by Gamer_Gurl

    The purchase price for an app-isode is $2.99. My 4yo played and solved it within 10 minutes! A total waste of money! Very disappointing and I will be deleting the app from all of my devices. Do Not Buy!!!!!

  • Not working

    by Lin723

    The app just shows cars driving. There is no menu or anything to click on.

  • Doesn't work!

    by lemonpoppy

    Please fix! Just music and cars driving by! Nothing happens when tap the screen!

  • Interactive or screen saver?

    by Suz12345678987654321

    Was excited for my son to play but it just has shows a snow scenery with animals in cars driving back & forth.

  • Doesn't work on my iPhone 5

    by Was so interested

    Just like other reviewers wrote: can't do anything but watch cars drive around... Wish it would work!! I wonder how the folks with positive reviews got theirs to work...

  • Disappointing

    by PhotosbyAnn

    I couldn't figure it out and too many need to pay options

  • Clueless

    by Chapinsito1

    If someone can give me even a little clue as to what I'm suppose to do then maybe I'd rate it 2 stars

  • Worked once, now it just crashes

    by Bobistheoilguy

    My son loves Busytown. We were excited to get this app. He played it once. Now it won't even load. You get to the front screen and it crashes. What rubbish!

  • Brokentown

    by teamfrank

    It's a mystery as to what I am supposed to do to make this thing work.

  • Aubie

    by Aubie daube

    It was a storybook and too easy for me. I am six years old

  • It doesn't do anything

    by Vtsnowboarder802

    Nothing to click. No instructions. Just cars going back and forth. And a disappointed child.

  • Just cars

    by 3birdmmy

    Can't play the game either! Thought I was doing something wrong!

  • Doesn't work on iPad

    by Skja76

    Only shows the intro. Nothing to click on.

  • Doesn't work!!

    by Shanti0519

    Waste of time

  • Long loading time

    by Gabby Ha

    All I see is a snowed Busytown with characters driving vehicles and I can tell that the game takes a long time to load, but there better be a bug fix in the next update

  • Broken

    by Redjeep0

    Cars are just driving by. Nothing happens!

  • Terrible

    by Ruby Cervantes

    All i see are different cars driving by in the snow and my little sister was so excited about playing this game and now we are going to have to delete it.....it really deserves no stars at all

  • Poor service

    by Djmaxm

    If you're going to write a game that relies so heavily on a server, learn how to write servers.

  • Thumbs down

    by Cookie Monster Elmo 1996

    I downloaded this game and nothing works!! just cars riding past, I tried closing this app and reopening it and still nothing! Hate it

  • Can't do anything...

    by Limon13

    Can't click on anything!


    by Jelena Makedonija

    Disappointing. All I see is cars passing by. I tried to click anywhere on the screen, but nothing changed after I did that. Major bug, fix it ASAP.

  • Busy town mysteries

    by Teah12

    My daughter loves the show and found the app on my iPad. She loves it and I do too!

  • Great!

    by KateJohn1

    Super fun! We love it!

  • Great!

    by KD+MD

    My 5 year old loves it! And no in-app ads.

  • Broken app

    by Madnessabounds

    Disappointing since it carries the scarry name. Do not download.

  • Okay for kids

    by Thoromyr

    My 3 year old loves Richard Scarry and watches Busytown Mysteries all the time. Also likes matching games, so I thought this would be a hit and I was right. The rating is what my child said to put. We just went through the first episode so I don't have a firm handle on it, but it seems like it has potential. Having to swipe each time someone says something is a bit repetitive and the music would definitely get on my nerves. But it highlights words as spoken and allows playing a word by touching it which helps reinforce sight to sound association. The expense of episodes seems high, but the production is pretty well done. We will see how it goes.

  • Cute!

    by Heybeauty

    Nice, Good for kids.

  • Waste of time

    by Luella1986

    All this app does is open to reveal busy town in snow with cars going back and forth. Most pointless app ever.

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