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“From 911/USA Report” is a weekly serialized column on the mail magazine “JMM“ where Ryu Murakami serves as the chief editor. We now bring to you, a “10 year special edition” commemorating the event.
Author Akihiko Reizei who currently lives in New Jersey has compiled his own views regarding the terrorist attack 10 years ago, up to now.

The electronic edition is not only re-edited, but includes an essay that talks about 911 from his current point of view in comparison with his own report, written the day after the event. Furthermore, a special interview with Nami Yamamoto (NY special coordinate member at the time,) and Akihiko Reizei is included.

With the views of the two presidents who are crucial beings regarding this event,we will show you their own views and the thoughts that lead to the 2 sequels available to purchase in this one ultimate application.

*Vol.1 “10 years after 9/11. What was the War on Terror?”
What is America’s view on the War on Terror? Was it President Bush’s war or Obama’s war that led from President Clinton era? Does Osama Bin Laden death put a halt to the war? Has NY really healed from the terrorist attack? With 10years worth of observation and the events that happened in 2011, we will bring you the answer.

*Vol.2 “Bush’s 8 long years of grass-roots maintenance and the days of the Iraq war.”
(Additional purchasable in this App)
Why did Bush step forward to the Iraq invasion while America was facing national crisises such as 9/11 and the Afghanistan war? How did the Iraq war and Bush’s regime change America? Where is the financial crisis of 2008 placed? With the keyword “grass-roots movement,” we will uncover these 8 years.

*Vol.3 “Is Obama a hasty reformer? Or a monster of politics?”
(Additional purchasable in this App)
Despite his success in nuclear abolition and compromise with the Islam society that lead to winning the Nobel peace prize, what made him decide to surge troops in Afghanistan, and to kill Osama? Why is the battle between the council and politics aggravating while supporting liberalism? Is there a chance for re-election in the year 2012? We will follow up on the debut of Obama who blazed through the world of liberalism like a comet, from 2004 up to now.

Akihiko Reizei Author (Resides in New Jersey, America)
Born in Tokyo, 1959. Graduated Tokyo University and received Bachelor of Letters, Columbia University Grad school with M. A., Japanese Pedagogy. Literary work includes: “911 September 11”, “Who loved Major League,” “Related to air, Air of the atmosphere,” “Is America really a poor country?” Books translated “Charter.” Associate Regular cast of NHKBS “Cool Japan.”

*Conversation Guest
Nami Yamamoto
Tokyo Tv broadcast station, World business Satellite (Monday-Friday 11pm air.) After working as an editor and journalist in charge of ministry of foreign affairs and congress issues, She became a NY special correspondent member in 1998. She was also in charge of the interviews of the president election that took place in the year 2000 (Bush Vs. Gore,) while mainly covering issues about the American economy. As a special correspondent member, She was successful in doing a report at the scene of the 9/11 Terrorist attacks, shortly after the WTC had collapsed.

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