My Little Pony - A Canterlot Wedding HD Book App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English, German, Lithuanian

Seller: Egmont Kids Media Digital A/S

minor bugfixes and software update

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Join all your favourite ponies as they prepare for a Royal Wedding in the magical kingdom of Canterlot! Princess Celestia has given the ponies a job each to do . . . but they can’t complete them without your help! Will you help the ponies make sure that everything is perfect for the big day?

• Cook up some treats in the kitchen with Applejack for the wedding feast.
• Design a wonderful wedding gown for the bride with Rarity.
• Compose a song with Fluttershy and her choir of songbirds.
• Help Rainbow Dash perform a perfect sonic rainboom to light up the sky.
• Arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers with Pinkie Pie.

Special Features:
• Enjoy the exciting story, or skip to your favourite fun activity!
• Help is at hoof if readers get stuck –the help section on the homescreen explains tips to try.
• Look out for interactive surprises along the way!
• Through the activities you can help the ponies create your own personalised version of the wedding meaning you can enjoy the app again and again.
• Thoughtful, age-appropriate text and activities ensure children aged 3+ will want to play through the app again and again.

** Please note, there are no In-App purchases within this application**

Customer Reviews

  • Keeps crashing

    by SeeMommyRun

    Love it but it keeps crashing every time I go into making the royal wedding cake or cookies please update now!!!

  • It's ok but need more

    by Sandro Martinez

    The app is great but it needs more story its pretty short and kind of expensive just for a small story that you bearly do anything

  • My little pony

    by Minebob

    I love this app!!!!!! You get to make stuff and read the book as your going I think this is awesome!!!


    by Alliecat03

    This app is wonderfilled! I love it,but it could use more activities and options,but other than that its-perfect! I think everypony should get this game,even if its exensive.

  • Bugs make this a dud!

    by hrs of amusement

    I should have read the reviews before purchasing this app, what a waste of money. The issues reported before have not been looked into and the game still crashes at Applejacks baking station. What a way to do business and rip people off.

  • Blahhhhhhhhhh

    by Jaimeleemarie

    This app stinks I can't play

  • Cute App But...

    by Eisens7

    It is a cute app and my daughter loves the story and interactive parts, but it has bugs that cause it to crash when making the cookies with Applejack and also when making the rainbow boom with rainbow dash. If they fix the bugs I'd probably give it 4 stars.

  • Noooooo

    by centavo

    It never opens :(

  • Help

    by Lillie2003

    All it will let me do is read the story! I need help

  • Doesn't Let me play!

    by Farfarak

    This game doesn't show up on my game menu it doesn't it looks really fun but why doesn't it show up?! I'm in middle age of 6-8 I'm 7!!! Please fix this game!!!! :(

  • Do not get

    by Lolsterz101

    Terrible app. Not worth it. Waste of money.The people read and expect u 2 read along.For 2 year olds

  • Keeps shutting down!

    by Wakka G

    My daughter gets so frustrated with this app,because it keeps force closing without warning. Please fix this!!!!

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