Club Penguin Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: May, 09 2013
  • Version: 1.3
  • Size: 73.3 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Walt Disney

· Rooms: Town, Dance Club, Clothes Shop, and Coffee Shop
· Safe Chat and Ultimate Safe Chat players can now access igloos and rooms
· Jump to any of your online App Friends
· Watch videos
· Mini games: Smoothie Smash and Pizzatron
· Recurring membership options
· Update required from previous versions of the app to v.1.3

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
925 Ratings
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5954 Ratings


The popular virtual world of Club Penguin comes alive on the go!

New this update – For the first time on iPad, hang out, chat*, and party with Club Penguin app friends in the Town, Dance Club, Clothes Shop, and Coffee Shop! (More rooms coming soon!)

Club Penguin recurring subscription cost real money which is charged to your iTunes account.

Play 10 games—including Pizzatron 3000, Smoothie Smash, Jetpack Boost, Bean Counters, and the multiplayer Card-Jitsu Snow. Plus, customize penguin looks and a unique igloo, unlock mobile exclusives, and stay connected to friends and the action at

The Club Penguin app is free to play. However, additional content is available in this app with a paid membership. Children should always seek their parent or guardian's permission to download and play.

HANG OUT with Club Penguin app friends in the Town, Dance Club, Clothes Shop & more
CUSTOMIZE a unique igloo with furniture items
CHAT* in igloos with friends on the Club Penguin app
JUMP to Club Penguin app friends
LIKE friends’ igloos to let 'em know they're cool
SHOP for styles, igloos & furniture in the Club Penguin app catalog
BUTT-SMASH fruit in the Smoothie Smash game
MAKE pizzas & unlock a secret mode in Pizzatron 3000
BATTLE with other ninjas to defeat enemies in Card-Jitsu Snow
EARN virtual coins to get new items & outfits
UNLOCK mobile exclusive items & styles
SYNC items & coins to use between the app & a account
SAVE puffles in danger in 27 levels of Puffle Rescue
GATHER up crazy puffles in Puffle Roundup
WATCH the newest videos & get sneak peeks on the What’s New Blog

*Restrictions Apply


In the virtual world of Club Penguin, players can personalize a penguin, shop for styles, join parties, play games, collect pet puffles, decorate igloos, and hang out with friends.

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Customer Reviews

  • Reviews

    by Sweethear27

    Overall good! Negatives it's not fair that the members gets Everything Non Members don't have it! Very Unfair not very happy I can't afford anything :( can't get puffles as well sad for non-members very sad thanks!

  • Amazing game!

    by sLacroze

    This game is great, I have played it since I was a child. And now, I love it even more! But, there are some minor (and big) flaws. 1. Playing and suddenly/RANDOMLY it says there was an error, it says I need to activate my account, and it takes me to another random blank screen which I cannot exit. 2. Sometimes crashes and makes me leave the game. 3. This is normal, and the parties sometimes last longer, which is a cool flaw! (Although, it was not fun in the Monsters University party.) There are some more flaws, which I have forgotten! ☺ Anyway, Club Penguin is a fun and great game, but it also connects a line with cyber bullying problem and saddly... It makes children around the world really sad that such a perfect game has a big problem. Even though, all games have that. Including Disney City Girl™. -Tirifina

  • Legit Review

    by Piedude 1379

    Pros 1. You can finally type and chat with ur friends 2. A great enjoyable game for kids! Cons 1. The members get everything and we get crappy stuff 2. A HUGE MONEY WASTER TO ADULTS! Overall by far 6.5/10

  • Don't get if your not a member already!

    by Jellybeanpandaluv

    I did not play club penguin before I got this app, so the first thing I had to do was sign up. Then, i had to wait for the email that says my account is official. Then, I had to wait two days for my username to change to letters from numbers. But the idea is cool,to play club penguin on my ipad.

  • Club...

    by Tracker2025

    Just got it

  • Good, but...

    by AwesomeMallow

    This game is really fun, but they could use a few changes. Firstly, puffles are really important, but they don't have them. Because if you don't take good care of your puffle, they will run away. Secondly, we need to be able to go more places, and have more games. This would make it more like the computer version. And lastly, we need to be able to be with the people online, especially if they are a friend. Thanks!

  • Good, but your still missing one more thing.

    by Salkee

    This game is awesome, but your still missing 1 thing: max update, it features full powered my penguin, making it not JUST my penguin, it makes it CLUB penguin. It even makes the computer come to the app, it would feature the puffles, club penguin high school, online parties, the club penguin pizza shop, the dojo and the mine shack, the pet shop, the puffle hotel, The stage, the boiler room, the arcade, club penguin times, the ski village, everyday phoning Facility, the elf, the ski mountain and lodge, the attic, extended games, the mine, the backyard for any puffles that will Innerfear with parties, the update must be here by...........February 10th, please?

  • Awesome!


    It is a very good app. Only you have to buy the membership. I would suggest to buy the year or 6 month because you save some money. Have fun!

  • It's all about the members...

    by Love insta although.....

    Only members can do a lot of stuff and buy a lot of things and if you can't be a member, then there's really no point in this game. I think a lot more people would enjoy the game better if there were an equal amount of things a member and nonmember could buy. PLEASE FIX THIS .

  • Good, but...

    by 1st review!!

    I like it but here are some things you might consider: Puffles More places Annual 1-day membership More non membership clothes Thanks!

  • Changes!!!!

    by Kaykay212121212121

    I want puffles and all games and places like online! Plus, allow all messages to be seen, some glitches!


    by Slsskksks

    I am a member in club penguin on the computer but in this version I am not.there are glitches when you want to go someplace but it shows your penguin account.

  • Great but....

    by Killer. 2

    You should put puffles but I think its a great game and my name is kenney123

  • Wheres my membership?

    by werqwefqekjnl'gerg

    I love the app but, i bought a 1 month membership in the app and im still not considered a 'member' do i have to activte it? or what?

  • Nice!

    by Bobthalobster

    I have more stuff then I ever had!Now if I could get those pets...

  • Thanks a million clubpenguin team!

    by Jsonic14

    Thanks CP team for all the amazing memories I had with CP! From Hydra fighting, blackout mysteries, defeating Herbert!, letting me shrink, amazing pet puffles, all these memories are endless! U guys are the best! I love u guys! And as what we used to say, Waddle On! -Old Clubpenguin Buddy

  • Crash

    by Jeejxcerc

    It crashes alot

  • Awesome!

    by Nickname.k.b

    This is a awesome app but we really need to be able to celebrate the events on this app and we need puffle a not trying to rush just saying

  • Add puffles

    by Awsome JakeC04

    I found a gold puffle but I can't have it on mobile add and I will do 5* rating

  • by Cheese aka salsa

    Love it u can get puffles and try and find the secrect lake :hint forest: It is awesome get it

  • Horrible

    by Rockingbox

    For a site who says they have filters on their chat and moderators every time I log on I see foul,offensive and downright nasty comments and nonstop bullying and cursing. This is not just an occasional thing but an every day thing. I'm 12 years old and I would be saddened for any of my younger cousins to experience the meanness of the people on this site so basically don't get it for your kids.

  • Horrible

    by Rockingbox

    I don't like it

  • Horrible app for children!

    by Rockingbox

    Most websites that include chat have nice chat filters blocking kids from saying inappropriate things but not club penguin! Don't let your child get ahold of this app! The other kids on this website say the foulest things and even curse at my child! Kids can say whatever they want on this site and just get away with it! I mean seriously at least you can report them but they can still see it before they get reported! I have had numerous people call my child a b**** and say f*** right to her! I cannot believe the app would let you even say f** at all! Horrible! More and more hideous,adult orientated,and inappropriate comments are showing up more and more and it just is time for me to delete this app! Also horribly beyond gross comments are being said! I think that the app should have a more safer chat filter!!!!

  • Horrible

    by Swarm12

    It's horrible I used my 4 year old cp account I left alone for 2 years and used it guess what it's worse then 2010 (when I was playing) I think Walt would hate this I still play this junk though I video tape it and make fun of it -swarm

  • Auto bill that is hard to get rid of

    by Techvet

    They auto bill you 7.99 every month, what a rip off. My kid played with this for about 10 minutes then deleted it and now they want money every month. Called to cancel and the office is closed and I am on hold. Do not install this software, shame on you Disney. Walt would be ashamed.

  • Hate It

    by Pinkexplosion

    The memberships gets anything they could desire but it doesn't last that long and you pay every month or every 6 months not fair the people who doesn't have the membership gets crappy stuff

  • Membership wrong

    by Tia McGill

    I like the game but if ur not a membership u get 7 clothes and that is it but if ur membership u get the whole shop to look at I feel it is unfair to those who can't get membership or can't afford it

  • Crashing

    by Boinkasnibbersnapper

    When I try to play a game it crashes please fix

  • Won't open

    by Joaquina Guevara

    I try at least twice a day to open app but doesn't work

  • Amazing App

    by Girl u rock

    It is a nice app. It could have some more areas and games.The sushi/coin bonus is a nice thing to have, though it would be nice to shop for puffles on the app. I hope they will add to iPhone It is still wonderful. Overall the app is fantastic! #Waddle on!

  • Add the plaza.

    by Cupcake pink 67

    Love this game cause you added places to go besides igloos but all that it's missing is the plaza. The plaza is my favorite place to go on club penguin. Can you add that? Also add the rooms in the mine. Why in the world did you put the mine in there if you can't go in any of the rooms?!

  • Really needs work

    by Cheedog

    This game I love but it needs a lot of work

  • I like it

    by Malena373737

    Love it but you can't have a pet.

  • Not good for mobile device users

    by Reviewer789475520

    Restricts you from being able to do the things you can do on the computer game. Not good for those who use mobile devices, but still want the normal club penguin experience. Please fix this.

  • Friends

    by Mewtwo3pic36

    I love the game and all but my friends arent working because when ever i click my friends it says loading but some other times it just shows zero please fix this :(

  • puffles

    by Jared Taala

    i love playing club penguin and i want puffles can u please hurry up and finish

  • I hate the app it doesn't, let you be your self I,ll give it 1star

    by Magicwizard29


  • Nice, but could improve

    by MR__MUNCHIE

    It is amazing that you made this like the computer version. The thing is, all the things people love is what you left out first. You left out the dojo, and other places. I know it takes time, but why not work on those ones first? And I haven't check yet, but can you charge monthly membership to your apple id?

  • Help!

    by Ruffy's Puppy

    Needs bug fixes when I try to log in it says I'm not connected to the internet but I am

  • 2 stars

    by Starfish110

    There is a lot of bugs that need to be fixed and it lose all my friends I had 30 friends now I only have 2

  • Thug penguin

    by ~•T•~

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD! WORST APP EVER! I hate it, you get banned for nothing and u can't even say poop. You definitely cannot say the f-bomb. This app is worth crap. Don't waste your storage on this crap (opps). DO NOT GET, TRUST ME. WORST APP EVER

  • Update

    by Celtics015

    I think this is awesome but I do think u need to add puffles and the EPF to this app

  • Epic

    by Camywamy

    This app is completely epic and awesome

  • Listen.. U need more

    by Abceci101

    Ok, so I tried playing on my PC, and I could do more. I got 2 red puffles, and played more games. Can u add this suff?

  • Irritatingly unable to use

    by Marie'sDad

    Even after complying with all the pestiferous create-a-character requirements, you can't play. You can't get in. You can't get recognized as having jumped through the hoops. Really unimpressive.

  • Awesome

    by Big bad bull

    Best app I've ever played!! It's great! I hope that the dojo, cove, and etc. can come out! Other then that it's great! The best!

  • I expected less!

    by Capricorn Dragon

    So yes. This app is very excellent, and it does everything it says it does, all without in-app purchases. That's a nice bonus.Also, I can still chat with my friends and go to their igloos, and I had no idea I could do that! This app pleases me so. One thing, PLEASE add PUFFLES. I just got a Gold Puffle and I want to see him on the app! Just one more thing: My friend went on my account and named my Puffle "Sporty" because he misheard me! Would you guys please be so kind to rename my puffle "Wishes"? Please the story Im telling is true! Please change my puffles name!!!

  • Amazing

    by Nojow

    This app is playable with the schools internet, it has good games. It is the best of both worlds

  • 3 stars

    by Starfish110

    There is a lot of bugs that need to be fixed

  • Great Product

    by Egdhchvhdh

    I like this app But can you add Puffles?

  • Loving this app

    by Reviewer 23467

    I love club penguin, I've loved playing it when I was young so I started to play again, but just one problem, sometimes I play club penguin on my laptop and I just got a puffle, but when I go on my IPad your puffle isn't there with you, you need to start working on that, that could be the next update for club penguin.

  • I love this game!!!

    by Cory Mickle

    I played this on my computer then I found out you can download it on a iPad so I downloaded it on my iPad it wasn't leggy just a few spike lags and some of the games in club penguin I couldn't play but I bought a new iPad Air and now it's 100% much better! :D Thanks

  • Listen.. U need more

    by Abceci101

    Cp is a good game,

  • Listen.. U need more

    by Abceci101

    Cp is a good game,

  • Memberships

    by Dan glacier16

    I love the game but u can't do hardly nothing without a membership so that ruins the game for me I wish u could just take that stupid membership off cuz I'm not giving so much money to the stupid thing for one month kinda ripoff >:(

  • Can u

    by Worst update in minecraft

    Why can't we go to dojo puffle shop and does,etc P.S.can u make membership at least 1 or 2 dollars less .please

  • It's O.K

    by Victor's Fan From YTF

    It's great but, when I tap on a penguin sometimes it doesn't work and I walk into them. Also, there are some other bugs that need to be fixed. Other than that... IT IS THE BOMB!

  • Mi vida pingüina

    by Ojo de lana

    Car jitsu me encanta porque es un juego en línea de Disney ojalá que pongan más juegos en línea

  • Stupid

    by Fluffy mixer

    I was already in CP but it let me log in again I didn't get what the heck happen?

  • Great game

    by Ayalover2009

    I love this game but fix the problem please

  • App issues

    by The jam 15

    Its a great app but the app needs an update because on my i pad it crashes plus I can't go to the town my igloo and other rooms

  • Won't work

    by Aiden/9@9

    Knowing the online version giving it a 5 it won't work on my ipad2 with ios7 still won't work

  • Very good app

    by YOUR REVIEW <3

    I am so happy that club penguin made an app for mobile users! This app is really great and fun to play!

  • Club penguin

    by Coaster Rama

    Love this app it's sooooo awesome I would recommend this to any one I play it every day love ing it

  • Good


    This is a good game but you can not go to every place on the map and can't play every game I would like them to fix that

  • Great!

    by CookieCaper

    It's a great app. I just with that we didn't look so realistic.

  • No puffles

    by Fluffy mixer

    It's awsome but there's no puffles also I got banned cus I sayed a bad word

  • Fun

    by KayleeandNiall

    I heard about this game so I had to get it! Can't wait to play it

  • Add

    by Mfkfhyfurvtdnsewhjiunijhouyrvg

    I want to see my puffle,read the news, shop at the costume shop and more clothes


    by Germar1

    You should add Puffles and make it available on more devices! But great job CP Team!

  • Can't wait for all places

    by Club Penquin Rocks

    I can't wait for all the places to come also puffles are coming soon!!!

  • I love it!!!

    by Plant Jack

    It's awesome, I finally have club penguin on my iPad. THANK YOU DISNEY!!!!!

  • MORE LOCATIONS!!!!!!!!!!


    Give me the rest of the locations PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Memberships

    by Koolkid151515

    You should be able to buy more stuff if you don't have a membership. You can't buy anything for your house or clothes or anything really

  • I love it but..

    by Weirdness alert

    It needs a new update where everyone is a member witch I would like a lot because only members get cooler outfits. I think they should have a new update where everyone is a member please.

  • It makes me mad

    by Ellastrawn

    It makes me mad because I don't like how you have to pay to be a member and get all the cool stuff

  • good and all

    by sweggyfangirl

    but why can't I go to the town with the pizzeria and the puffle shop :-(((((

  • Love this app

    by Disney App Reviewer

    Unlike a lot of the Disney apps I think this one is spot on!!! I love playing with my best friend in our igloos. I also love the exclusive igloo with the indoor pool

  • Please add more

    by Lllll1111

    This game is fun. I love Club Penguin. But you should make more like a police station where you can buy police outfits or a shopping mall. Other than that this game is so awesome I totally recommend.

  • Travling

    by Sebastian la cola

    I would like this app for you to travel to more places and be able to do more stuff than stay in same places like the PC version of club penguin.

  • Add

    by Aaronops2

    Add the secreat base and also the dojo plz thats all im asking and also put it on ipod and iphone if you can...thats all im asking.

  • Ok

    by ANONYMOUS 2647

    This game would be better if everyplace was unlocked. It gets boring just being in the same places. MAKE MORE PLACES AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!

  • Waddle on

    by Starburst swag

    I love this app and the game! You should so get it! Cant wait for the next party! :)

  • So stupid

    by Sarah Carlson

    DO NOT GET THIS!!!! It crashes all the time and it constantly freezes!!! And I know it's not my ipad because no other game crashes, and it is brand new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ahhh okay

    by SinisterCheerleading!

    I like the app but you can't hardly do anything.

  • Awesome

    by Lolol2408

    Club Penguin is the best app that that I have. I want to have more players because it is a lot of fun to play and nothing went wrong sense I opened this app

  • Great game

    by The Man 5979.

    I love the game they keep updating it so its always fun They have almost caught up with the computer version

  • Boring, slow, laggy, deleted.

    by thespaciousmind

    This app is lame. Social media for kids. Whoopi!! Gimme a break. There's practically nothing to do. Slow, boring games (and not very many). Laggy. Deleted this immediately. BOOOORING!!!

  • Bad

    by Ruby11346

    If you don't have a account on club penguin On the computer you can't play.

  • Awesome

    by Jhusnuhsuhs

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Just ok

    by Sissy luv

    I love club penguin..... But the app is not that great! You can't go to half the stuff on the map that you can on the computer! Also, you can't have your puffles. If you currently play club penguin online, and then try to play it on this app, it is a way different experience. You will be disappointed just like I was.

  • Disney future is here

    by Kimipies

    A few months ago I was wondering if someone would invent something that would let you play on a iPhone or ipad. That's multiplayer and almost exactly like a computer. This is exactly what it is!! You can play club penguin IS EXACTLY LIKE THE COMPUTER!! It's worth it and if you have a membership it can go on here too!!

  • Ok

    by Fvhzhb

    Needs to add all rooms and games

  • More

    by Avantai

    It's good but add more places that you can go please

  • This is amazing

    by Buffy.w

    I really like this game you can get friends and go to places you can play games but you have to buy a membership to buy stuff you can run clothes and stuff for your penguin


    by Clcocec,r


  • Great but there's problems


    I love Club penguin but it's not fair that non members only gets a few things and they should bring puffles in the iPad. You also should expand theres not much to do. It's super fun but there's problems.

  • Boring

    by Nard&4V's

    It is not letting me do enything without my email adreess

  • Fun

    by bobo is my name

    this app needs to be more updated and access to everywhere

  • Love it…but…


    Such a great app! I love it…but…has a lot bugs. All one bug is that doesn't save when u change clothes

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