Cars 2 World Grand Prix Read and Race Book App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Disney
  • Updated: Jul, 20 2011
  • Version: 2.5
  • Size: 206.86 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Disney Publishing Worldwide Applications

Minor fixes.

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****Read and race through the interactive world of Cars 2!
****Customize and drive your own team of racers!
****“… Disney Digital Books has done it again!” (

Start your engines! Read along as Lightning McQueen and the world’s top international racers power through the streets of Tokyo, Japan; Porto Corsa, Italy; London, England; and finally Radiator Springs in this original story!

Customize your own team of race cars at “Reader Pit Stops.” When you've completed the story, you'll earn the chance to compete against Lightning McQueen, Francesco Bernoulli and other superstars as you tilt your way around a real Cars 2 racecourse!

Featured Highlights:

• Stunning Disney/Pixar Cars 2 movie images and animation!
• Device-tilting racing technology and exciting tap-and-play interactivity!

• Multiple reading modes: Record Your Own Voice, Read to Me, Auto-Turn Pages and Early Reader Mode!
• Read-along text highlighting

• 3-D race car customization. Choose your car's color, engines, headlights, exhaust pipes, spoilers and tires!
• Custom car-saving feature allows you to save and email your favorite designs!

• Nine language options: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Swedish!
• Engaging narration, music and sound effects

“If you have a Cars lover in your family, this [App] is fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough.” (

If you are experiencing any technical issues, please don't hesitate to contact customer care at 877-662-3769 or

Customer Reviews

  • Ok

    by J man22

    This should be a .99 cent app we saw the movie 5,000 times read the book 5,000 y do we have to read

  • Sweet

    by Gdhbdhdjdhdudhdbvrvdvsydb


  • Korean pronounciation?

    by Charlie :-]

    The app is cool, my brother loves this! But when i heard korean language, it sounded really awkward...

  • "FIX IT!!!"???

    by angidazee

    Device info: iPhone 4S, 64GB, iOS 6.0.3, AT&T, latest app version to date 11-24-13: @Reviewers: Are you all kidding me? How in the world can you be so demanding and pretentious? It's not as if the dev INTENTIONALLY broke their own app!!! Has it ever occurred to you that these devs realize their app not working correctly, especially Disney, is a direct reflection on them and they WANT to get it fixed? Have you considered how many iOS versions, iDevices and versions, jailbroken, and an otherwise hodgepodge of different factors go into making these apps? I'm not even a dev, have never been, nor do I want to be, but it makes me so angry when I see people like this make these demanding statements, as if they paid $300 for the app and expect it to shoot gold rings out at their kids! Sometimes these things just happen. Have you considered that? You think that your demands to "fix it" are going to make them get right on the ball, because YOU said it, and now they think how serious a matter this must be? Have you put any of this into perspective AT ALL? I very highly doubt, that yours, nor any of the other demanding yo-yo's, demands here, are making these devs stop what they're doing right now and rush right out to fix it just to make you happy? Have you considered the fact that all these devs leave a comment, in the app descriptions, stating to contact them if anything is wrong with the app, so they can get other definitive information from you as to your device type, iOS version, etc. that may potentially affect this issue, for a reason? The way I see it, is if this app not working was such a high priority to you, as you seem to relay by your demanding and upset verbiage, you would all take the minute to contact the dev, maybe by sending them an email, and then you could aid them in solving the problem. BUT, as I highly doubt you've even bothered to do any of this, my guess is the dev feels it isn't the urgent matter to you, as you've made it seem, and they'll be much better aided to fix the app, when someone more helpful and willing, let's them know EXACTLY what the problem is, not just "there's no sound on iPad". Very helpful information, indeed. So tired of all these ridiculous, uninformative, NOT reviews at all, reviews in the AppStore. It's not a place to scream at the devs. The AppStore reviews are for other CUSTOMERS to see what others, who have already downloaded the app, may feel about the app's productivity, its features, the app description's integrity, and any other definitive information of the app might be. Mostly what I see is people yelling at the devs, though. Even when the AppStore first came out, I remember the devs requesting people to contact them directly, and, for a short while, it actually seemed to be happening. Now, just a lot of screaming AppStore reviews that don't help any others customers out in the least. Oh, and by the way, to the Disney devs, the app works perfectly fine on my device and my son loves it! I find it an amazing app to help me get him to do his reading homework! He's one of those that I haven't been able to get interested in reading? My other son, though? He loves reading, but the youngest is a tougher cookie to crack! Lol! This is a great way to incorporate learning and fun, and I think Disney coming up with this idea is amazing! I'm also very pleased with the selection of words that have been chosen for the children to read. A bit high for the K-2 grade maybe, but right on the mark for my 3rd grader, with just a few challenge words thrown in there to make him really use his noggin! Thanks for thinking of us, Disney!

  • I love it

    by cnave

    Its grat

  • Good funny interesting apps

    by Daniel Xing

    Good funny interesting apps

  • Entertaining!

    by Believenflying

    This app for gifted to my three special needs children and my kids enjoy it! They had fun creating their own cars and reading the story.

  • Neat

    by Gov8ter

    Not really what I thought it was. Good for kids though.

  • Crashes every time on my 1st generation iPad

    by cptnchuckles

    I'd love to rave about this game, but I can't even get past the second splash page on my 1st generation iPad. It claims to support iPad. You'd expect them to say that it fails miserably o n one of them. Anybody else having this problem? It's a shame to spend the $$$ and not get to even see the game.

  • It's good, but.....

    by Lizy Is chillin

    It's good it really's a total rip off!!!! should be cheaper

  • Fun to read and race!

    by CUannie

    Fun interactive story, loved the custom cars and race game at the end. My nephew, obsessed with all things Cars, loved it!

  • Interactive fun

    by Chxgadc

    Great storytelling for kids! It keeps them entertained while learning

  • Worked then crashed

    by Twarner817

    App worked perfectly the first time we used it. My 6-year-old loved it. The second time, he tried to add a customized car to favorites & it crashed. Can't get it to work again. How do you report a problem?? .

  • Makes you wish you were a kid

    by Turk Family

    Great work

  • Interactive Storytime

    by KatherineEmslie

    To see the story, the customized cars, and how they all come together with your favorite Disney Cars characters in a racing game, makes for good fun!

  • Best game in the world

    by Maalav95

    I am so very grateful to you for giving two new tracks.

  • Update caused crash

    by clear2me

    I updated this because there was an update, now the game on my 1st gen iPad doesn't work/ open. Otherwise my son loves this app. Please help! I am trying to delete and reinstall, but I won't hold my breath.

  • Draws kids into the story

    by Gschlumb

    My 7 year old nephew loved this app, especially how the car that he designed ended up in the race with other cars from the movie. He really lit up when he beat Lighting. It drew him into the story in a big way, and made for a surprisingly complementary experience.

  • Surprise ---> 9 Foreign Languages!

    by UndyBear

    Different than the other reviews, my daughter loved this app especially the deign-a-car and race it. Even though she is only 6, she started to pick up Chinese and Spanish...a surprising learning experience that I have not seen in other kid's apps. She played with Cars for more than an hour when we downloaded the update and it quickly became a favorite (another surprise because I always thought cars = boys).

  • Very disappointing

    by Lienadgg

    It is just a book. The "racing" is just read aloud to the child. Very very disappointing. Avoid.

  • This should be .99 app

    by Ignacj

    We seen the movie 1000 times, read the book 1000 times, why do we have to read this non-interactive book in order to get to race cars? No, there is no interactivity, no animations, just sound effects. By clicking on specific index page you can go straight to page that will race, but the process takes 4-5 precise clicks (easy to miss-click) that are for 3 yo too complicated. See Disney Planes book for how it should be done! You can read through book or go straight to flying! Oh and one more thing, you CANNOT race as McQueen of Francesco but have to crete custom noname car. "Daddy I want to race Lightning McQueen! Sorry kiddo, no go." We have one disappointed kid and wasted $5.

  • Not very good. There are way better pop up books.

    by thespaciousmind

    This book is lame. The racing is lame. The book itself has very little interaction. Why can't Disney make a legit Cars racing app? Or remake App Mates to use the usual way to steer and race using tilt or dpad?

  • No sound on iPad?!

    by Lhayes77

    My son was so excited when I downloaded this. Big disappointment that there is no sound. It seems like all of the Disney audio books are affected. Fix it!!

  • Horrible!

    by Tara })({


  • Ugh

    by Yunes14

    My son loves anything Cars related but its my least favorite Pixar movie. App reinforces the commercialism around this title.

  • Crash!!!

    by Dee227

    Crash crash crash! Gimme my dough back!

  • NO AUDIO.........

    by bsm423

    Dont buy....It doesn't work

  • No audio

    by 954815

    No audio what the heck

  • No audio ... I'd like money back

    by Pr0fit1

    Don't buy

  • Give me my money

    by Video the star

    It doesn't work that good and give me my money back

  • sad

    by Jean-Frederic Alam

    that cars not good . i hate this game !!!!! waste of money

  • Poor sound!

    by Mrs. Coffey

    The sound doesn't work! I want my money back :(

  • I hate it!

    by Qtmeow18

    Just bought it, paid 6.99, my son was excited. When we turned it on, guess freaking sound! And it's not my iPad setting coz we just got done playing curious George. I even reset my iPad but it still didn't work! I want my money back! Total BS!!!!

  • Does not work

    by Kpowning

    This app does not work. It keeps crashing I want my money back....

  • Cars2

    by Debweg

    My 4 year old loves it BUT...he wants to be Francesco Bernoulli. The app should give them the option to be Francesco or McQueen as well as custom cars. He gets sad every time Francesco loses, even if it's his car that wins.

  • Rip off!

    by Xuxu702123

    Bought it months ago, then updated my ipad and lost it. Had to pay for i again... Now im looking at n my purchased apps... Cant find it, does this mean i will have to puthcase this again when i update my ipad?

  • Crashes. How to get refund?

    by amysull

    I NEVER pay this much for an app and when I do it crashes immediately. How do I get refund? Help! Will not open at all. Do NOT get this app!!!!!!

  • Crashes before it even starts!

    by kchamaj

    Of the hundreds of apps I have bought/tried from iTunes this was the biggest waste of money ever! It crashes every time it starts. I have installed it and reinstalled it over and over again....nothing works. There needs to be a fix or I want my money back!

  • Terrible

    by Mo4073

    Although we requested the English version, that is not what we recieved. How do you say surprise to a 5 year old in a resturaunt like Cars in another language. Oh thank you NOT!!!

  • Crashes , poor design

    by Hlavinkas

    You have to go all the way through the story to race the cars... Seems like you should be able to unlock it then go straight to the car race. Worse, I went through the book 3 times trying to get to the race because my grandson lost interest in te slow story, I actually never got to the race because the app just quits after the book! I want my money back!

  • Crash

    by reds-skins

    Keeps crashing on iPad 1 please fix

  • Mimi

    by Hovpvhpcgo

    Does not work at all. I want my money back! How?

  • Stupidly rules


    Both worth 6.99

  • Crash

    by Kaipo'i

    Thing keeps crashing. Cants get pass the customize car section. I want my money back!!

  • Huge disappointment and a big waste of money

    by Naples Jules

    This is the worst app ever. Not user friendly at all. My son was frustrated and disappointed. We expected much more from Disney.

  • Disappointing!

    by Aling maria

    Got all excited for my 6 year old son after watching the movie. The storybook is almost as long as the movie and wont let you skip it to get to the race. You get to the race and angle of the view is like a seagull's in flight. Control is so sensitive you crash all the time. Poorly designed. My son didnt even finish a single game and wanted it deleted! BIG RIP OFF for $7.

  • Crashes on open with iOS5 and iPad 1

    by Eric Dagg


  • No longer opens

    by Finn3gan

    My grandson, age 4, loved the racing game at the end of this story. Since upgrading the ipad 1 to iOs 5, the app crashes upon opening, and we are not able to run it at all. I hope there will be an update to fix this unfortunate situation!

  • Not what you would expect...

    by mjamestx

    Very disappointing for a pixar app. ESPECIALLY for the price. It was so repetitive I actually found myself looking forward to the phrase "the end". There are virtually no animations - not even a single movie clip. There are a lot of incredible interactive books out there for half this price. I was actually so disappointed in this book that it prompted me to write my very first review ever.

  • This app is HORRIBLE

    by Distructo777

    All this is, is a book and racing game. Neither one of them is any good. I thought my son would've loved this but it's awful. Where is mater? I've used other disney apps similar to this one and they are way better. It's not like they can just update it to make it better because top to bottom it's bad. A better app would have been simply touching the pictures of characters in the movie and here quotes from the movie.

  • Not happy!

    by Sherrielynn73

    I just purchased this game for my daughter & it does not even make it past the opening screen before it crashes!!!! Fix please!!!!

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