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  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: comiXology
  • Updated: Jul, 23 2009
  • Version: 3.5
  • Size: 14.03 MB

Languages: English, French

Seller: comiXology

New in 3.5:

*Wish List! One of our most requested features makes it to the big time. Yes! Just tap on the Wish List button to save a book for later.

*MFF! Manga Fixed Format is a dedicated right-to-left full-page manga reading experience. Note: only available for certain books

*Fixes! Another pass at improving Guided View stability on the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display. Things are looking buttery. Digital butter.

Customer Ratings

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20 Ratings
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29744 Ratings


Top 20 Grossing iPad App for 2011, 2012 and 2013!
"[Comixology] is like the iTunes of comic books." – The New York Times
Villains plotting. Vixens seducing. And heroes saving the day. For Marvel fanatics, DC devotees and comics newbies, Comixology instantly offers more than 40,000 digital comics and graphic novels with a simple click. Or tap. Click it, tap it, lick it…whatever you want, it’s your device. Whether you’re hooked on caped crusaders, zombie slayers or inter-galactic love affairs, you will experience and enjoy comics like never before.

Optimized for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and restyled to compliment iOS 7’s new clean and simple design, Comixology’s free app offers:

-A vivid, cinematic reading experience with Guided View technology that lets you easily scan, zoom and flip pages (two pages at a time on iPad!)
-Digital first titles you won’t get anywhere else
-Same day as print releases
-Freebies every week
-A massive collection of foreign language comics and classics
-A buy once, read everywhere cloud-based platform with automatic sync across all of your devices
-News, reviews, podcasts and reader recommendations from the obsessive staff at

Comixology's 45,000+ strong library includes:
Marvel Comics: The Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Daredevil, Captain America, The Hulk, The Fantastic Four, Thor, Wolverine and more…
DC Comics: Batman, Justice League, Superman, Man of Steel, Green Lantern, Smallville, The Dark Knight, Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Sandman and more…
Image Comics: The Walking Dead, Saga, The Adventures of Spawn, and more…
IDW: Star Trek, Doctor Who, Judge Dredd, G.I. Joe, Angel, Transformers, Bloom County, My Little Pony, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more…
Disney: Mickey Mouse, Cars, Toy Story, Donald Duck, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Monsters, Inc., Tron, Epic Mickey and more…

You’ll also find titles like Dilbert, Doonesbury, The Simpsons Comics, Red Sonja, The Green Hornet, Vampirella, Adventure Time, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Atomic Robo and (you guessed it) many more!
Purchases made at will sync across all of your supported iOS devices automatically. So there’s no superpower necessary for you to be a superfan. Just download Comixology, and get ready to take comics further.

"Comixology is changing how comics are read." – TIME Magazine
"Solves the problem of reading comics on the small screen." – Wired Magazine
"Best comic reader in the world!” – Our favorite (uncompensated) fan

Twitter: @comixology

Customer Reviews

  • Another update glitch

    by Scotty mn45

    In general, I really like this app. But their updates tend to be buggy. Latest problem is download failure for no reason. Tech thinks they fixed this twice, but still won't work. Now they suggest delete and reinstall, but I have a feeling they're just guessing and hoping. And why can't it display multiple issues of a title in numerical order? Can't it count? 1,14,15,2,3?? 1,2,22,3,4?!? Come on!

  • It is what it says it is

    by Lord John the Greatest

    It does it well. "It's buttery. Digital butter"

  • Best comic app

    by Anttgod

    This is a great comic app, I mostly use it for the iPad .love it

  • Please fix the download bug

    by D.E.T.II

    It's a great app but I wish that I didn't upgrade it now because I can't see what I'm typing in the search bar now and the fact that it won't let me download my comics, it keeps showing error no matter how good this wifi is or the cellular signal. Again please fix those soon along what the others that other customers have pointed out.

  • Two Steps Forward One Step Back

    by PhotonEater

    "Wish list" is an excellent new feature, one I've been hoping would be added for a while. But my search box is now unreadable and "fit-to-width", by far my favorite update, is not functioning.

  • Comics!!!

    by Musky84

    This app is amazing I just hope they do another Batman 101 Sale so I can by the legend of the dark knight comics for a buck again

  • Quota for my wish

    by Donnie Zuo

    Seriously, only 50 comics can be added to the wishlist at most?! The laters will squeeze out the firstly added. And the search function is still problematic.

  • Wonderful

    by TGizzLE

    Love this app and the companion app for my kids. Love getting digital download codes with my paper comics too. Love bundles, and love having my collection with me at all times.

  • Search

    by Project13

    I can't see what I'm typing in the search field. The don't color is the same as the background

  • Finally!

    by BatLadyMia

    Finally wish-lists have been added! The Achilles-heel of this app for me is fixed!

  • Update I have been waiting for...

    by Cgumprecht

    So let me start by saying that I have been buying all of my comics digitally for the last two years. It's not that I don't like print books, I just don't have a lot of extra space since I live in downtown of a major city. I also travel about 50% of the time. I LOVE getting my books digitally. I spend around $100 a week on new books. I have been WAITING for the new wishlist feature. I love that I can now finally manage all the extra books I don't get around to purchasing immediately. I can get rid of the separate list I keep to remind myself. I'd give this update 5 starts, however, it does introduce a few new bugs. Not the end of the world. I do love this app though. Definitely my most used app.

  • Good app, but…

    by Jernell Rosenthal

    Good app, but needs a wish list function so I can make a list of buy-later items. Also, needs the ability for comic makers to submit to 'Comixology Submit' directly from the app.

  • Laggy

    by Timlaird

    I really love this app, but after the recent update, the app runs very laggy on my ipad. Scrolling, opening new pages, etc. Just stutters. At least it doesn't crash, but I wish I could downgrade to an earlier version that was stable.

  • Wifi keeps disconnecting

    by baglador

    On my iPad air, I notice that if I use the app for 10 minutes or so, the wifi gets disconnected. Other than that, it's decent.

  • Great customer service!!

    by Tardis-Sauce

    A comic I recently bought had issues downloading. I contacted customer support and got prompt, courteous and helpful support! My comic has now downloaded!

  • Awesome but

    by Ultrajbat

    I like this app but you don't have Star Wars comics. Can you please add them to this app.

  • Awesome app

    by CristinaMiller.93

    There are plenty books to read, good app.

  • Fantastic!

    by afeaton

    This app is great. Huge selection, great recommendations, easy to use. I had an issue with a purchase, it was resolved in under a half an hour. Also, I have the app on my kindle, and I can purchase on my phone and read on the tablet. So great.

  • Best comic app

    by Anttgod

    This is a great comic app, I mostly use it for the iPad .love it

  • Great App

    by JOHNC821

    All in all it is an amazing app for comics I just wish it was available to download for my nook!

  • Download error

    by Ph380323

    Please make a new update I wasted my money for nothing

  • Not compatable with existing accounts

    by Sadness13542

    Cannot use your existing account on your iPad if you opened an account on a non apple product. Must repurchase using your apple account. Oh yes you do have the option of using your existing account but comixology will not validate the information and redirects you to set up a new account. Customer service was unresponsive.

  • Beware

    by Mhook222

    Download error with no help from support. Asked for refund and was told they don't refund iTunes purchases. Down $18 with no solution in sight.

  • A perfectly fine app…ruined by a pointless update.

    by Darth Gorman

    This is my go-too app for buying and reading comics. I haven't bought a paper comic in years thanks to this. HD display of a very wide array of comics from countless publishers (except Dark Horse, sadly). It worked smoothly and nothing was wrong with it. But they tried to "update" the comic, anyway, and now I cannot download comics! Guys, if it isn't broken, don't fix it!!

  • Help..?

    by ThorkiSpideypool

    I get on this app for the first time and I get and account and look up my comic I wanted. It won't let me buy it with my iTunes account.. Something about a sandbox error? Any help?

  • Constantly crashing

    by Nyc comix

    At least once during every use this app crashes and my ipad has to restart, totally annoying. And when was the last time this app was never! Hardly seems worth it.

  • Mostly good

    by jaycg

    I'd like to be able to custom-organize the comics in "My Books." My collection is getting a bit clogged. Would be nice to create a couple folders to smash books I've read but don't want to delete.

  • Crashes

    by JoeStranger2113

    This app has been causing my iPad to crash lately. No other app is doing it, just this one. I'll be in the middle of a guided view transition and my iPad will shut off and turn itself back on. Needs to be fixed!!!

  • Great App!

    by Designer Joe

    I really, really love this app. It makes it so easy to buy and read my favorite comics. I especially love the panel zoom feature allowing you to move panel by panel smoothly. I don't always use it, but it's great when I do. There are only a couple of improvements I would like to see made: Wishlist - There doesn't seem to be a way to access my wish list from the iPad. I have a lot of items in my list. When I'm done reading a book, I would like to access my list so I can make my next purchase without having to remember what I wanted. Organization - The only way it organizes is by alphabetizing. It would be great to see some additional filtering here. Bottom line - Great app. Just needs a few minor tweeks to make it spectacular.

  • Awesome

    by Queens Finest

    The only thing that could make this app better is cheaper prices on the comics. Otherwise it's uber awesome. An update to my previous review: Please get background updating integrated into this app. There also seems to be some bugs that needs to be either worked out for the ipad air or ios7. Since I've been using my new ipad the app crashes (never did before) and also the guided view has been iffy at times (usually amazing). Thanks!

  • You don’t own your own comic!

    by phinzfan72

    I recently found out that Image comics is now allowing you to download comics you purchase from them, to your computer. Check out their website. I enjoy comics but hate the fact that we cannot download them and create a digital library. What happens when Comixology, Marvel or DC no longer offers their content digitally? You lose them forever. I will be purchasing my Image comics through Image from now on. Hopefully, every other company will follow suit.

  • Cool but...

    by JNcomix

    Usually a good app but I've been trying to update recent purchases by hitting "Restore" and I'm stuck in an endless cycle of logging into my Apple account.

  • Really nice

    by jeffc76

    Love the full-page-or-guided-view concept of the reader. Lovely image quality. I've had zero problems with digital purchases. Love that they're stored in the cloud till I want to read them so it doesn't fill up my iPad. Lost a star for 2 things: 1. Wish I could delete "test freebies" (or any title really) from my account, they show up in my Collection and I don't want them. 2. They are a bit aggressive with emails but I don't mind so far.

  • Not bad

    by JoeKoder

    As noted elsewhere, organization could use some improvement, but things are organized a little different in the store than on the device, and one or the other is generally workable. The problem is locating recent purchases when there are too many to fit in the 'new' list. The big problem is a recent (?) improvement that makes loading a comic brutally slow. It does not seem to matter if the comic is on the device or online. It seems like there is time to brew a fresh cup of coffee while waiting for an issue to load. Annoying!

  • Pages Not Loading - Cannot connect to store

    by علي أ م

    Every time the app opens it loads some pages, then after a few minutes it shows the message "Cannot connect to store"; no search results and no pages load after that. Again, this happens every single time !

  • Finding Current Version Very unstable

    by The Real Thelonious Mac

    As I change pages, it becomes jittery, sometimes I wind up in places I did not expect like samples from another book, or it just crashes. I’m on an iPad Air, version iOS 7.0.4

  • Terrible app

    by Spingrinder

    The app keeps crashing my iPad repeatedly. I mean not a little, EVERY TIME. If you don't swipe "far" enough to change the page of the comic you are reading, it crashes and reboots the iPad.

  • Sale fail.

    by Beantownbatman

    The app is good, except I just bought a comic for $6.00 and it didn't download while saying "downloading error" even after my credit card being charged. Anyone know how I would get my money back?

  • Best App Ever

    by Cagekicker69

    This is probably the best thing to come along since I got my iPad. Only down side is that there are too many comics at hand to read.

  • Great Reader, No Organizational Options

    by Kjg05

    Greatest reading experience out there, however organization is non-existent. Can't group titles by franchise (X-Men, Batman etc). Can't reorganize crossovers together. Or worse, can't place purchased collections in issue order. My collected All-New X-Men #6-#10 sits at the top of the list while individual issues are listed after with a gap where that collection should be. I'm OCD, I know but I just want to be able to organize this like I would a bookshelf, a music collection or a longbox. Although the reading experience is not as good ComicZeal has a FAR SUPERIOR sandbox experience.

  • Annoying first impression!

    by Ed6686

    Downloaded app, created account, completed first purchase (account has been charged), and the product could not be downloaded because of site error.

  • Sad

    by Notoriety

    In-app purchases are broken. When I go to their mobile site to pay there instead, a bug redirects me in the middle of checkout. I can't pay them no matter how hard I try.

  • wont download

    by why no download

    i bought a comic, but it wont download, it has been about 4 days and hasnt even reached to 1%. good app, but wont download

  • Great app

    by James Genova

    Would really like a "Wish List" feature. Great app otherwise.

  • Best digital comic app

    by Theoseraph1985

    Timely releases, digitized golden oldies, it really gets no better than this.

  • Spam

    by fullerc

    Great app for buying and reading comics. Love guided view. Completely turned off by *spam* notifications trying to sell me comics I care nothing about. Went to the settings in the app, there's apparently a toggle for that, but I still get the spam with hit set to off. This is unacceptable behavior for any app and I'm surprised they haven't been threatened for removal from the App Store until they fix it.

  • Best Comic reader/store going.

    by MacWaffler

    Killer selection, easy to browse store, decent library management. Stable, good looking and well supported.

  • Just Okay!

    by Sharpfinger

    Search is lacking. Search by creator: It tells you there is one issue by said artist, in the whole series but, you don't know which issue it is. If there are dozens of issues in the series it gets frustrating!

  • not the best

    by boredumb

    I can't compare this to other comic apps, as I haven't tried them. But I _can_ say that, as far as ease of use and purchase, this is the among the worst 3 apps of any type I've ever used. After setting up my account, I attempted to purchase a volume of Lady Mechanika, and was asked repeatedly for sign-ins and passwords. After providing them, all I can access is "purchased but not downloaded". Well, thanks! So, after a ton of hassle, you have my money…but I don't have your file…splendid!

  • Good app but there are some problems.

    by Tommy Osif

    I really like this app. However, I bought a fables comic fir $7.00 and it didn't show up in my inventory. Please fix it.

  • In app purchases broken

    by davetron5000

    Looks like you have the test user or sandbox environment enabled. Can't buy anything :(

  • Best Comic Book App

    by ZombieChika

    Yes, like I said. Best comic book app out there. Highly recommend!

  • Too much lag

    by xhenim

    The scrolling issue is still there.

  • Amazing App!

    by Pancakeq

    Works well and stores all my comics!

  • Scrolling fix?

    by MikeJasko

    This was an intuitive application that worked very well. Since the latest updates, it's developed quirks. Whatever change was made to the scrolling function now scrolls too easily. When you reach the end of a book and you want to read/purchase the next in the series, it keeps sliding back to the last page. You have to "sneak up" on the "Read" button. Never had this issue before, but five or six attempts each time is getting irritating. Please fix this, and the other issues listed in the other reviews below.

  • No Good!

    by Keegun

    Won't open on iBook, even with most recent iOS Version. Waste of time! Please fix!

  • Great! :p ♥

    by BlueFlamingIce

    This app on the phone in only so-so. But one the iPad, this thing is AMAZING! So if you have an iPad and you LOVE comics, this is an AMAZING app to get! It's crisp, clean, and the pages of the books look so good you'd think they were real. Also, the comics you buy are shown on all you devices with the same account. No hassle with have to look for what you actually bought which is super nice! Such a great App! :p ♥

  • Diary of a wimpy kid

    by tr4s3r

    I love the book is called the "diary of a wimpy kid " because the book has many vol. like cabin fever,dog days and many more . Ok and that's all.

  • Crashes entire iPad

    by Rickenback

    Awful. Use to be great, now useless in guided view mode. Make it about half way through an issue before the iPad goes black and restarts. Only works in full screen mode. Deleted the app, reinstalled and the issue persisted. Please fix!!!!

  • Buggy app

    by Ferndy12345

    The guided view only works in portrait mode. Also, using the guided view causes the app to crash and reboot the iPad constantly. Needs more fixes.

  • What did you guys do to my favorite app?!?!?

    by samkerby99

    Woah, decided to sit down today and fire up the oil' iPad 3... Made the mistake of updating apps, then rebooted the iPad. Went to read my comics... And holy cow! Talk about crashing, and then once I got it running, scrolling is horrible!!! Even while looking thru today's new comics... Choppy and just horrible. What did you all do? Please fix soon. Unusable. Shouldn't have updated. :-/

  • Not working at all.

    by SouthEast Performer Magazine

    Blank white screen. App doesn't work.

  • Could use improvement

    by Davetheman1010

    Need to be able to organize my comics some of them are out of order and there is no way to rearrange them. Please update this or put them in correct order

  • Good but needs improving

    by TheLHZ

    Awesome app but has some bugs my screen crashes fairly often (iPad 3). The sales are pretty great on it, I've bought a lot of comics that way. One thing that would be nice is the ability to write short reviews of comics instead of just a 5 star rating.

  • Crashes a lot

    by grafix7777

    Constantly crashes my iPad and I have the newest one. Please fix dev team!

  • Subscriptions

    by Donny Irish

    Great app, use it all the time. Now that they have subscriptions on the web version it would be nice to have those I've subscribed to push to my iOS device. Also, some comics are only on the web not in the iOS versions store. Fix those issues and 5 stars.

  • Addition

    by /?/

    A feature I would like to see, forgive me if I just missed it, is a wish list or a save for later type of list for comic books/ graphic novels that I'd like to purchase at a later date.

  • Crashing and lag

    by Gravage

    I use this app every day. Since the last update, I get crashes and restarts on my ipad 3. Even on my ipad air, I'm getting some pretty horrible lag in guided reading mode.

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