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** Fix for out of memory crash on the devices.
** All new framework with more features and multiple viewing options. View whole pages, individual sketches, or a combination of both.

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"A Collection of Art" Hound Comics, Inc. Sketch Book Volume 1 features sketches from the personal collections of some of Hound Comics' popular artists.

Artists included are:
Sajad Shah - Lead penciler of 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds'
Thiago Castro - Lead Colorist of 'Brimstone and The Borderhounds', 'Border-Pups' and Artist on Necrocide
Terry Naughton - 17 year Walt Disney Animator and Artist of 'My Favorite Giant'
Theresa Finnelli - Lead Illustrator of 'Border-Pups'
Mina Sanwald - Artist of 'Big Book of Luscious Chicken' & 'Jaguar House'

Please visit us at http://www.HoundComics.com

Customer Reviews

  • Great art!

    by Randall96

    I love this app. I love to see great comic art work.

  • great views into the process

    by Kagestudio

    This is a great app. It's always nice to see roughs of artwork that is well known.

  • Great stuff!

    by Peanizles

    Just love seeing behind the scenes peeks if artists!

  • Funny pumpkins face

    by Star firer

    L love this app

  • Awesome work.

    by CantTouchRogue

    It's great to see the in between work from Hound's fantastic artists.

  • Amazing art.

    by Lokein Lyesmith

    Great preview of artists. Great art. Never heard of them before this, but definitely checking them out now!

  • Great Artwork! Great App!

    by Elena Carnevali

    I love the artwork. And this was such a creative way to show off the work of these great artists. The app was well designed too and it was easy to navigate. And the best part was that it was FREE!! I want volume 2!!

  • Cool

    by MinaAino

    Love Sajad's art.

  • Top notch art!!

    by Nolak

    What a great compliment piece. The book not only has fantastic art but can be used to collect autographs from the artists at conventions! Plus the art isn't just limited to the comic book characters but of a variety of figure sketches from each artist. A must have!

  • Awesome

    by Steve7654632974

    This has some incredible art

  • Showing only bottom 1/4 the page

    by CommonBlok

    I'm using 3rd gen ipad with iOS 6 and the pages are shown in the top right corner with 3/4 of the page off of the leaving only the bottom left corner visible. With that being said, the sketches that I can see are great and I really look forward to the bug being fixed!

  • Doesn't work right!

    by djr3232468

    Only shows on 1/4 of the screen....not sure what you can do with that :(

  • What a waste of time!

    by LeopARTnik

    App did not even come up on the screen correctly... Just saw 1/4 of the slides. I wish i could add a screenshot. Such a waste of time... Restart of the app did not help by the way.

  • Had to delete.. Only 1/4 showing ...

    by RonniHall

    No matter what I tried I couldn't see more than I/4 of this... I'm not the only one... Disappointing..

  • Same issue as previous review

    by Crowcallermike

    Only displays bottom quarter , controls don't work please fix.

  • Fix this for iPad 3

    by Quantum Magnetics

    Displaying only 1/4 of each image in upper right hand corner of my iPad 3 iOS 6.0 please fix , looks interesting what I can see.

  • Can't see the whole images

    by Lawr3nc3 m

    I'm not sure if its an error or if its for iPhone...but all the art work is of in the corner...looks good but d like to see the whole drawing. Not just a 4th or 1/3 of em

  • Fails on my ipad3

    by DarkWolfHybrid

    Displays on 1/4 of screen. Tried rotating screen. No luck. No menu options visible.

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