NOOK Book App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Barnes & Noble
  • Updated: May, 27 2010
  • Version: 3.4.5
  • Size: 23.95 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Barnes&Noble

• Fixed crash while reading after resuming app
• Fixed white line issue on iOS 5 & 6 devices
• Additional bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
70 Ratings
All Versions:
41138 Ratings


Get the most incredible reading experience for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch®. Access over 3 million books—including 1 million FREE titles—plus magazines, newspapers, comics, and more. Sample NOOK books FREE and try any newspaper or magazine FREE for 14 days.*

Shop the NOOK Store and find titles tailored to your interests with ultra-personalized recommendations we know you'll love. Then, enjoy an amazing, highly optimized reading experience with your NOOK app™ wherever you go. Start reading on one device and continue on another.

NOOK Everywhere - the top-rated app for readers.

“One of the best reading apps” – Gizmodo

• Massive selection of over 3 million books, magazines, newspapers, comics, and kids books - most $9.99 or less.
• Sample NOOK books FREE. Explore the best of fiction, sci-fi, mystery, romance and more.
• Choose from over 1,000 magazines and newspapers. Try any title FREE for 14 days.
• Adjustable font sizes and styles, line spacing, margins, and screen brightness for more comfortable reading. Select Night Mode for easier bedtime reading.
• Syncs your last page, bookmarks, and notes so you can pick up where you left off.
• Read NOOK Books™ on your NOOK® HD, NOOK® HD+, NOOK Tablet™, NOOK Color™, NOOK Simple Touch™, NOOK Simple Touch™ with GlowLight™, PC, Mac, Android-based devices and Windows 8-based devices.
• Search inside the book and look up words with the downloadable in-app dictionary.
• Add notes, bookmarks and highlights as you read.
• Customize background and text colors. Use themes or create your own.
• Read in portrait or landscape mode.
• Easily transfer EPUB and PDF files.
• Language support for British English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
• Accessible to blind and low vision users leveraging Apple assistive technology, including screen magnification and VoiceOver.
• Shop for books, magazines & newspapers and manage your account by visiting the NOOK Store.

• Romance: The Search, Dream Eyes, The Duke is Mine, Rainshadow Road, Lover At Last
• Fiction: Private Berlin, Safe Haven, Gone Girl, The Racketeer, The Forgotten
• Mystery: Blindsighted, Kisscut, Notorious Nineteen, A Faint Cold Fear, To Have and To Kill
• Books for Teens: Beautiful Creatures, Reached, Divergent #1, The Fault in Our Stars, The Maze Runner
• Books for Young Readers: Beautiful Creatures series: Beautiful Darkness, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #7 – The Third Wheel, Heroes of Olympus series, #3 – The Mark of Athena, I Funny: A Middle School Story, The Lightning Thief
• Science-Fiction & Fantasy: The Hobbit, Ever After, A Game of Thrones, Chosen, A Memory of Light

• James Patterson
• Gillian Flynn
• Janet Evanovich
• Nicholas Sparks
• Nora Roberts

• OK! Magazine, Star
• Cosmopolitan
• Us Weekly
• National Geographic
• Food Network Magazine
• Weight Watchers Magazine

• USA Today
• The Washington Post
• The Onion
• New York Daily News
• Los Angeles Times

• DC: Batman, Superman, Sandman, Watchmen
• Image: The Walking Dead, Chew, Invincible
• Marvel: Invincible Iron Man, World War Hulk, Astonishing X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man
• Dark Horse Comics: Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Conan, Frank Miller’s Sin City, Star Wars
• Archie Comics: Life With Archie, Betty & Veronica, Kevin Keller
• Dynamite Entertainment: Vampirella, Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein, Green Hornet
• IDW: Locke & Key, The Rocketeer, G.I. Joe, Doctor Who
• Top Shelf: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Owly
• VIZ Media: Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece
• Yen Press: Twilight, Maximum Ride, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Selection shown above for U.S. users only; selection and price of e-books and e-periodicals may vary by country

* NOOK account and credit card registration required.

Customer Reviews

  • iPad app. For nook comparing to Kindle !

    by dragonladyzz

    I just was online looking at a book , it gave the option to buy for Kindle, They have the OPTION to switch from reading to having it read to them at ANYTIME ! I ❤️Nook but HELLO ! Why don't I have this option on my Nook iPad app. ? ? I would love this option ! I spend a lot of $$ on my Nook , & this doesn't make sense that we don't have this option .

  • Great but two things

    by Graphlover

    What the auto grouping of books and can you make the pages more like iBook apps that would be lovely

  • No issues

    by Obiebook32

    I have a nook color. I also use my Ipod touch to read books I have in process because it's smaller and easier to take on the go. The IPod app works well for reading your current library. The only possible negative is, you can't purchase books from the app.

  • Nook

    by MrsRuffEnuff


  • Great app

    by CookiePussBabe

    No problems. Seamless page turns. Books synced to my iPhone with ease.

  • If only...

    by Ccrhuarc

    I've had no issues at all opening o reading any of the books. I just wish I could buy books from the app. I get tired of having to buy them from the app on my phone then going back to my iPad.

  • Great!

    by Ginapaige412

    I use this app on my iPhone 5 it works perfect. I love it

  • Mrs.

    by Xenethia

    The Nook App is easy to navigate to read any downloaded book from Barnes and Noble. Only I don't recommend reading for long periods. I am thrilled to be able to read on my iPhone4.

  • Like it

    by lzaha

    Has been very convenient and easy to use!

  • Hard to get started but love it

    by Firerescue325

    Had a hard time figuring it out but after some google searches. I'm a pro. Love having books with me all the time!

  • Great

    by Dalekphobia


  • iPad app. For nook

    by dragonladyzz

    I have read some of the reviews, & I am so glad I don't have most of these issues . If my iPad does move around it goes back to previous pages sometimes. . . It used to close but that was fixed on the last upgrade. They need to make it easier to find un-archived books. ( i have a lot of books ) . . . I would also ❤️ It if they found a way so we could rate the books in our library or just somehow mark books as favorites, like maybe a highlighted heart on the book in the corner ? Something like how they flag it as a new book.

  • in store app

    by Shelby Tripp

    I haven't had any problems with my nook app on my tablet or my iPhone. however, on my tablet there's an in store app that's very convenient, so can't there be an in store app for the nook app on the iPhone?

  • Great App

    by Mr Baratone

    So happy I got this App! It always works smoothly and has been as reliable as an actual book!

  • Hi

    by Ssha91

    I have been using the nook app for a couple of years and I have no complaints.


    by 184856(6


  • Love Nook.

    by skh6663

    Had some problems but the tech support always help!

  • Love it

    by Person #4

    I'm surprised that other people have issues. I use it on my iPad and phone and love that I can read on either device!! Love the NOOK

  • Agree not Great

    by Jennifer Cornell

    I have to agree with most of you. I have had to many problems with the force close of books, needing to sync again, white lines, promoting to go to a page that is older than the one I am on, not cataloging some of the books in a series but it does others or just problems with the download (I have some books that didn't fully download) and I do NOT like B&N Mobile. However I am not familiar with the Kendal and the nook app is better than some.

  • roheet

    by Roheet maharjan

    superb app.. i feel like i m carrying books on my pocket..

  • I used to love this app.

    by Katniss+Peeta=love

    I've used this app for about 2 years now, and at first it was okay. But now it crashes every single time I try and load a book. I am also very frustrated with the fact that there is no button to take you straight to the Barnes and noble store, or even a built in store! I am very disappointed because this could have been a great opportunity for Barnes and Noble to get back on its feet. As a book lover I would not recommend this app.

  • Crashes R Us!!

    by RSA2559

    What in the world happened? This app went from great to garbage in the time it took to download the latest update. It simply doesn't work. It continually crashes! I even deleted and/or archived books thinking I had too much content and that that was the problem, but that didn't help the situation at all. If it doesn't work, why bother to have it on my I-phone. An update should make things better. Not worse. Please fix this as up til now I have loved this app.

  • Why

    by mmmmmmmmmmoooooooooooommmmmmmm

    Ok why do you need a stupid nook account

  • Just a bit of advice!

    by Skorpiontail

    I originally had the Nook. What I miss that this doesn't have is Bookshelves! ANYONE who reads books, reads series. With this app we have no way of seeing our series properly, quickly, & IN CORRECT READING ORDER! To do that I have to go to another app or go on the web. THIS HAS TO BE FIXED!! IT'S EMBARRASSING! Also please fix the problems I & everyone else suffer from....if u do that & add the Bookshelves you'll have a proper functioning app. -Force close of books. -Having to repeatedly sync. -Promoting to a page older than the current one your on. -Not cataloging all the books in the series. -Problems w/downloading. -Having to download repeatedly. Your not spending enough time w/your apps for nook, & if you don't START spending more time on them & putting more man power, money into fixing the problems, your going to lose A LOT MORE money from people being sick & tired of these issues & leaving. TRANSLATION: NO LONGER BUYING TONS OF E-BOOKS!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! (Just a bit of advice. Business person to business person.)

  • Can't make this app work

    by BobbieMcN

    I just downloaded this app just so I could use a gift card to buy an ebook. But I can't get either the nook app or the B&N web site to work. Maybe with some practice, but out the gate I'm very unhappy with it.

  • Inconveniant

    by Lakeman1300

    It would be a lot more convenient if I could purchase books while on the app.

  • Needs HUGE update!

    by KJ.Gtz

    I've bought some ebooks in the past and I was able to access them without a problem from my Nook iPad app. Today I'm trying to view one of my books and the app just closes and won't stay on, so I don't have the chance to even look at a cover of the books and magazines that I HAVE PAID FOR! B&N needs to do something about it ASAP! Otherwise, give me my ebooks so I can store them in my device and be able to read them directly from my iPad instead of having to go through an app that doesn't work! If I pay for something, I should be able to use it whenever I want!

  • Annoying

    by Thatonechick86

    I can't open it since the update! So annoying! I really want to read my book!!!

  • Nook hardware

    by skeeter6

    I have purchased both a nook and nook with glow light and have found both wanting.The type and lighting were adequate,but both developed problems and froze up about a year after I bought them.I am writing this and I read my nook library on an IPad.The downloading of books and some of the technicals are less convenient but I find the IPad more dependable.

  • Theme is stuck

    by TariP

    The theme is stuck on Day & I prefer Night. Can you fix that next, please?

  • Going downhill

    by carloscuper

    This app used to be stable but with recent versions the quality has taken a dive. It crashes frequently and when I'm using it, the phone heats up a lot, which means it's draining my battery... not good. To add insult to injury, there's no way to copy/paste a quote from a book. People, it's 2014, you should have that working by now.

  • really a pain

    by Carmar1213

    always having to shut down and reload. next fix please get it right

  • Now has problems

    by Bookie girl

    I liked the app before the update. I now cannot turn the page without closing app and going back in. This happens every time I need to turn a page in a book.

  • Wow

    by Boobah1237

    It won't even let me create an account

  • Get Kindle instead

    by Kmben

    I have had nothing but trouble with this app and with Nook period. I can't even read the books purchased through the B & N site online. So frustrated!

  • Help, please.

    by tiff har

    Why can't I open all the books that I have downloaded on my Nook on my iPad from this iPad app? The book shows up in my library but I get a message that says it can't be opened. Help!

  • Update HORRIBLE!

    by OhSoloMeO

    This has been my favorite app on my iPad for a couple of years. Since the update, My Files won't sync and I can't read anything but the books I have downloaded. So frustrating! Please fix!!!!

  • Prior versions were better

    by missjoy3

    Crashes constantly. Reverts to original margin/font settings after some of the crashes. Inconsistent. Right now, I can load the app and my book, read for a few pages, and then the content of the page blanks out. Seriously, this is amateur junk that was worked out long ago in prior versions and is just embarrassing.

  • Good and Bad

    by Amanda12:45

    Love this app when it works. After latest update, the pages won't turn

  • Keeps force closing

    by N Fernandez

    I can't even read my book without it force closing on some pages....FIX THIS!

  • Not the best

    by nashrocks13

    The Kindle app is much better than this one. I love B&N and bought the original Nook, but this app is a disappointment. Text selection/highlighting is horrible, books frequently disappear from the cache and have to re-download, and the sync (which Kindle does so well) is not very good either--it prompts me to change positions, sometimes sending me to an older position.

  • Thank you.

    by IslandPam

    Thank you for fixing the "white line issue". Not everyone had the problem, so thank you from the ones that did. Great app.

  • Enjoyable

    by Biker hen

    I'm not a techie. This app allows me to read wherever I am w/o having to carry a book around. I enjoy a "real" book, but it's great to be able to read whenever I'm waiting to meet someone, or in a doctor's waiting room, just by pulling out my iPhone.

  • Still No Store

    by Kimskies

    Would be 5 stars if it was in-app purchasing... B&N mobile website is not easily navigated and doesn't include synopsis. Not worth it if you can't buy new books. Add In-App Store please!


    by BajaManiac

    This app NEEDS textbook support.

  • Textbooks

    by Kayleigh421

    This app is ok, a lot better than some other reading apps, but I have to rent my text e-books through B&N and I can't read half of them on my tablet or phone.

  • Nook and iPad

    by efk0107

    Application works great. Can easily share books with my wife. Best way to read.

  • Love it but kne quick question

    by bigsister12

    Do I need internet to use this app

  • Great app

    by Swiped2

    Just what I needed

  • Love the app

    by Boobear727

    I miss being able to purchase books in the app though!


    by K-dog17

    First of all it wouldn't even let me start. Second of all it wouldn't give me a choice to sign up. Don't get this app. It is a huge waste of time. I deleted it right after in got it. Horrible!!

  • Nook

    by KB010021

    Disappointing app. Cant see purchases from my online account and functionality is very limited. No in app purchasing...seriously?? Worthless to have in my opinion.

  • Never will compare to real books.

    by TaynicLD

    Not saying anything bad about it, but I hope this nook thing goes away. I know it won't but I can always hope. It can never replace the feel or smell of a real physical book.

  • Could be better

    by Sharing Lunch

    It works good. It's functional in that you can actually read your books and PDFs with this app. What I like most is the highlighting feature, this is especially useful when studying. However, I rated the app three stars because it freezes a lot. If it didn't freeze it would be almost perfect. When they introduce a nook app that can highlight in different colors then that is when I'll rate it five stars.

  • Good, kinda buggy

    by Llamaman12340

    I like that Barnes and noble made cross-platform use easy. My only complaint is that the page-sync feature doesn't sync to the right page sometimes.

  • Love Nook

    by Read, read, and read some more

    I love the Nook. And my grandchildren love it also. I bought each of them one for their birthdays three years ago. They even use it to read books at school. I'm a Reading Specialist and when our district got iPads, I put the Nook app on them. So we have reading groups using Nook Books Also.

  • Not happy

    by .p.lhjf.!

    Just downloaded Nook for iPad.. After spending $72 on a ebook through Nook I find out that it only works on nook study... But wait it gets better there is no nook study app for iPad.. Very disappointed in Barnes & Noble and Nook... Bad advertisement Nook for iPad ...Yes you can read books on there but , Needs to better explain that text books won't work... When will this be Fixed!!!jjjj

  • Good, could be better

    by Live Acts29

    Most of my books are with nook, but to be honest it is the most expensive book app I use and it doesn't offer any better quality than kindle. The highlighter for nook is a pain. Much easier in Kindle. I keep trying to find a good reason to use it over kindle but the prices don't benefit me and the quality is so so to me. The highlighter could be fixed. Please do.

  • Losing a customer

    by Squeeblequeen

    While the app is pretty well laid out and aesthetically pleasing, there are a few very big flaws. One is that you cannot do anything from the app except read books you've already purchased. This is an oversight that I think turns a lot of people away from the app. The second problem is that text books aren't available for viewing on this app and there is no separate app for nook study. I'm a college student and I take my iPad everywhere and the fact that I have to lug my laptop around just to have a book makes buying the ebook pointless. I'm already regretting that I bought a textbook through b&n for nook and if this isn't changed I'll probably by the rest of my ebooks on kindle.

  • Nooker for life

    by Grammyforlife

    I got my 1st Nook for Mother's Day 2010. I am now on my 3rd one the Nook HD. I am an avid reader and love having access to so many books at my finger tips. The Nook is so easy to travel with and the features are also user friendly. Well on my way to a thousand books in my library. Whenever I see someone shopping for an ereader I can't help but putting my two cents and recommending this great product. V. Harris

  • Store problems

    by Anjessica Salazar

    Why can't I search books in the nook store

  • Good, but needs some updates.

    by waffle3333333

    The app is pretty good, but it needs a few improvements. First, I wish it had a way to purchase the books right from the app. Also, I often find that the book is stuck, or I can't exit the book to read a different one. Please make an update to make it easier to exit the books. Other than that, it's a pretty good app.

  • Cool nook

    by Mickey199618

    Truly awesome

  • Works Well-ish

    by David NW

    I've actually enjoyed the reader functionality of the app on iPhone. It works well and is fairly user friendly. Two key things are missing; 1. There's no ability to purchase from within the app. From a business perspective it seems to be a missed opportunity and from a user perspective it forces me to go to a browser, perform my transactions, then come back to the app to read. 2. The ability to organize your materials is poorly designed and not user friendly. It's that way on the Nook reader, online, and within this app.

  • Best reading app

    by Lark08

    While I wish you could buy books directly with the app, the nook is still my choice compared to iBook. I love the share option, and Barnes and noble just has a better selection of books.

  • Can't buy books

    by Angry in Ashtonville

    NEEDS shop added to it! I can't buy books from this app. Which is a major disappoint! 3 stars is the best I can give.

  • Nook

    by Nancy P Minnich

    I love my nook. A great price with many features.

  • Needs more options

    by AngeDavis01

    The nook allows you to purchase books w/o going to the website as well as see how many pages are left in the chapter. This app does neither. They need to put more emphasis on this options rather than animating a page turn.

  • Love the app...almost

    by Rayyyyyy-ray

    Getting lost in a book is easy with the nook app...that is, once you work through the process to purchase your read online and outside of the app. Really? You can do better that this BN. It is about time you solve the security issues that are restraining your evolving this app.

  • Very good

    by Borincana63

    I can read my books everywhere I go. Easy to use. I love it.

  • Nook

    by Timmbeee123

    Great app.

  • Love to read

    by Hockeyfan8706

    Love this app!!!!

  • eTextbooks

    by v1nsai

    Doesn't sync highlights between devices like it claims to. Support forums recommend uninstalling and reinstalling each time to force sync. No thanks, I'll just use kno or kindle or something that works.

  • Decent - but needs in-app purchases

    by Starkiller123

    I had the original NOOK app on my iTouch 2nd gen, and it offered in-app book purchases. I can still download it and use it - but it is awkward because it is not formatted for the iPhone 5s. This feature should be implemented (or, rather, re-implemented). It makes things so much easier to use. I also currently own the original NOOK 3G and the NOOK Simple Touch w/ Glowlight. If B&N are trying to goad people into buying the actual product (as some reviews have said), SOME OF US HAVE IT!

  • Horrible app

    by Tnjlock

    Latest version says it's "compatible" with iOS7 but define "compatible"? Frequently force closes, problems downloading books that you already have in your library, doesn't accurately bookmark pages.

  • Good app but could be Great

    by Bronwen Stormbrow

    Because I tend to be brand loyal, and I have always loved Barnes and noble, I naturally went with the nook when the e-readers first came out (and my bookshelves were bursting at the seams). And when my apple products allowed the nook app to sync everything up I was thrilled, especially when i purchased my ipad mini that fits right in my purse. When I'm reading, the app is great, and if I have pre purchased multiple books then I have no complaints. But I don't understand why you cannot purchase books directly from the app. Even though when you make a purchase it is instantly available with no effort, I wish I didn't have to go through the Barnes and noble website. I also wish you could organize the books manually and use the folders better because I have books from the same author that are spread all over the place with no way to put in a single library.

  • I don't get it

    by Skylargreyvevo

    How do u search for books someone please tell me then I'll give this 5 stars


    by poodie oodie

    What is up with the delay in turning pages? Who decided there needed to be a delay? It's making me insane! I can't skip through all the crap at the beginning, some pages only have one sentence, sometimes I need to go back to confirm I read something right. And I'm stuck because some idiot decided there should be a delay?! What is the point of a delay? GET RID OF IT!!!!!! Would also be so helpful if you would find a way to let us individually organize our books the way we want to! Without your built in parameters. Since your new "collections" update, only half of my books are lumped together. The series' are not in any particular order. How do I know which is book 3 & which is book 7 since you won't let me put them in order. Please, Please, Please do this for us - we've been asking for years!

  • Books are great but I wish I could buy them on the app

    by Littlebug55

    I love that I can carry all my books with me but it is annoying that I can't buy books on the app any more Please bring back the store on the app That was one of my favorite parts.

  • Nook

    by Shamrock Shores

    I like the nook app. It is not great but very good. I use it a lot and enjoy it. I also like the fact that it keeps improving. It is well worth it to have the nook on me I pad.

  • Effective app.

    by Crobbdmkr

    I use both my iPad and Nook for reading Nook books. I wish that I was able to use the shelves option on the iPad, and that my WHOLE Nook library showed on the iPad. My Nook library is getting large enough that it is getting cumbersome.

  • Who needs paper anymore?

    by LSBV

    Has definitely replaced 90% of my traditional books. Best reader...EVER!

  • Font size too big on iphone 5

    by hchea2

    The smallest font size is still too big on the screen. I think this was configured for iPad users without taking into consideration the iphone user. Please fix on the next release so that I can go back to reading on the nook. For now I'm a kindle fan.

  • nooktastic

    by CandyApp shopper

    Good balanced app rarely logouts good communication between devies

  • Crash city

    by Readonmyphone

    This app used to be pretty decent, but recently it crashes all the time

  • Good, but still needs work.

    by GordonKeehn

    I like the look of the nook reader on my iPad, but it needs a few tweaks. There should be a way to access the nook store from within the app. There should be a way to define shelves. (I could organize my books in shelves on my first nook years ago.) Finally, the app needs better synchronization with nook readers on other platforms.

  • Highlighter pain

    by JAButler

    Oh my gosh! Fix the highlighter feature so that you can just run your finger along the sentence as far as you want for highlight instead of ONE WORD AT A TIME. And keep my place in the book. Please!

  • I love my nook app! It's awesome!

    by LD from MN

    I just love the NOOK app. I read all of my books on my iPod Touch and my other Apple devices. I love being able to have a book the size of "War and Peace" fit right in my pocket and to be able to read it with only one hand! I also love being able to purchase books at all hours in just seconds! I can't be without it!

  • Love it still!

    by Mommio25

    Wish you could search and purchase from app

  • Reading note options

    by Oilcooler

    Love it , would be better if I could change highlight and underline my reading notes .

  • How do I buy books?

    by Silvereyes424

    I love that this syncs to my nook and I can read anywhere I go, but how do I but books on this app? I would give five stars if I can buy books on here.

  • Nooklover

    by Big Cee7

    I love my nook. Love reading on it. I also have the nook app on ,y ipad. Cant buy books, that is corny. Doesnt have enough features on this app. Phone nook app is cool though.

  • Nook on nook or iPad

    by Retired and playing

    4/2012 First I had an old nook reader, and the buttons broke because I used it so much. Then I got an iPad, which I love, installed nook and used a different email address so I could use both initially. Nook on iPad is pretty flawless. But I have lost all my previous books, as they would not let me transfer the books across from my old nook to my new ipad, because of my new email address. Even though the books were bought in the same name and physical address, using the same credit card. That was a waste of a lot of money. And I spent hours, talking to people in the Philippines and India, in the process of failing to make that happen. I am sure I am not alone in this. 1/2014 It is great to be able to archive and unarchive the books I presently own on my nook app. I read so much more than I used to, because I can buy new books in seconds. It is getting expensive! And so convenient to travel with a thin device, my iPad, when I travel, instead of a suitcase part filled with books. Yay for ereaders!

  • Love it

    by Mary j syron

    It lets me pack my books in my purse without all the extra weight

  • Love this app

    by M. Bass

    Read from my Nook app everyday. I never have any issues with it.

  • Nook

    by Alotatrot

    My life changed when I figured out I could get my nook books on my i phone and read them any where I want. Love my nook

  • Can't turn more than 1 page

    by Hcdupont

    I used to love using this app on my iPad, but after updating to the latest version I can only turn one page. If I want to turn a second page I have to close and then reopen the app. Frustrating!!

  • Annoying

    by Lexikaye

    Why can't you buy or search new books through the app? That's ultra frustrating

  • Frustrating

    by Desire to lose

    I cannot buy materials from the app!

  • 10thAnniversary

    by Cyn0603

    Terrible app for iPad ... Could not open the book. I want my money back!

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