Audiobooks from Audible Book App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Book
  • Publisher: Audible, Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 10 2010
  • Version: 2.0.11
  • Size: 24.94 MB

Languages: English, French, German

Seller: Audible, Inc.

Now you can view full cover art from the iPhone player screen. Tap on the center of the cover to dismiss the player controls that are obstructing the art, and tap on it again to bring the controls back. In particular, this is good news for our children's books with synchronized images.

Listeners can view book info and mark their title as "finished" directly from the library. To access both these features, tap and hold on the book in the library, and a new menu will pop up with these two options.

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Not enough time for all the books you want to enjoy? Download the app by Audible, an Amazon company, to listen to books on the go.

Immerse yourself in a great story anytime, anywhere, by downloading from a breathtaking range of 150,000+ titles to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad—from best sellers to classics, and everything in-between.

Now you can turn on a good book even when you can’t pick one up—on your way to work, at the gym, while folding laundry, or any other time your eyes and hands are busy.

• Transfer books to your device over wi-fi
• Chapter navigation, bookmarking, sleep mode, variable narration speed, button-free mode
• Multitasking for background downloading and listening
• Earn badges and keep track of your listening habits
• NEW! Switch between reading and listening with Whispersync for Voice (compatible Kindle app or device required)
• Connect to Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know what you’re listening to
• Get insider information about author events and more with the Audible Newsfeed

Supports,,,, and

Listening with Audible is always time well spent. Download the free app now and discover a smarter way to use your smartphone.

Let us help you at or get in touch on Twitter @audible_com

Customer Reviews

  • Perfect!

    by VoltaireVoltaire

    Simply put....Perfect!

  • Love it

    by Jlk93000

    Wish that I could still connect to the site through the app, But I have never have a problem with this app. I like that I have access to my books without it taking up too much memory space on my iPhone/iTunes.

  • Can't live without Audible!

    by 1Dlovertillforever615

    I love this App, it makes my 40 mile commute to work bearable.

  • Love it

    by Jackstar14

    Great great service. Love audible.

  • Great to listen to while walking

    by LBNDN

    Great to listen to while walking or other exercise.

  • Daily Companion

    by bbeckd

    The one app I could not live without.

  • Love

    by Owlinatree

    Makes my life better

  • Great to be able to speed up playback of audiobooks

    by engineer3003

    Would be nice organization within an Audiobook (chapters / sections...) was presented in a visually clearer way.

  • The best keeps getting better

    by ironbinder

    Been using the app for years. Keeps audio in sync across multiple devices and now keeps reading in sync between ebook kindle app and audio. Truly amazing.

  • Marvelous

    by TheCoolHand

    I use it often, no problems.

  • Love

    by jessa-lea

    Love this app. I use it daily!

  • Great for listening

    by Shellenator

    This is a great app to listen to the books you buy through audible but it's annoying that you can't buy books through the app.

  • Jamrock_breeze

    by Beliziana


  • Love this App!

    by vicki5664

    I have tried many audiobook Apps but this is by far the best! Audiobooks has great customer service and the app never let's me down.

  • Great app

    by Abcdhd

    I've heard some fabulous books (Hunger Games series, The Help, Charlain Harris stuff, Carl Hiassen) and some wonderful readers (I am a super-fan of Jim Dale). Lots of books available. This great app works for me.

  • Give your self a break. Try a book.

    by Pampain

    I love this! For you who don't read so well this is for you. Don't hope a movie is made of that book you may like. With this you can hear what you want while doing what you have to.keep your mind busy,this may also help with depression . Give your self something wonderful to think about and let go of some of that stress you live with every day!

  • D

    by Yohnny90

    I LOVED this app on my kindle fire but on my iPhone I do not have the ability to browse and search for new books which completely nerfed the app as far as I'm concerned. To clarify, the "more books" tab in the iPhone app does nothing but tell you that has a large selection of books... LAME

  • Awesome app

    by Jenny4urthought

    Remembers where I am from iPhone to iPad, works exactly as you'd expect. Great for long trips or just kicking back and enjoying being read to every once in awhile.

  • Great and I hope it improves

    by Chicamarx

    This app is great but could use some updates like the ability to skip forward or back 30 sec from the lock screen instead of a whole chapter. Also, I wish I could buy books from the app.

  • Better than the desktop

    by Teh Shoesta

    The above

  • Won't open

    by Mari bug

    The app won't even load completely, I've tried shutting it down and reopening it and turning off and on my iPad but nothing, I've even deleted the app and downloaded it again. I was really looking forward to it but I've had no luck.

  • Won't open; only crashes

    by th3st

    This app fails to open properly and crashes to the home screen every time. I have forced quit and reset my iPhone 5 many times to no avail. Needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • Crashes can't open current version

    by CraftyYoginiMama

    Usually love audible but I can't even open my app with the current version

  • Crashed

    by Jamie92837465

    App crashed or froze constantly. Could barely even log into it. Very disappointing

  • Crash

    by pjleonard

    Crashes at app launch, will not open

  • Love it.

    by No Sequel Fightwear

    I listen to audio books all day long while I print shirts. I love this app. I get hundreds of dollars worth of books at a fraction of the cost!!

  • Great to take on runs with me!

    by Cw4562

    I love hitting the road for a long run and getting to listen to my favorite books while I'll out there. It makes the time fly by.

  • Great app and great content

    by urbanastro

    Very solid functional app. I like The Great Courses, and the Audible selection is excellent.

  • Love it!

    by Dude person who likes this app

    I love Audible, it's a great app. Easy to use and great choices of books! I do wish they did more testing to clear up glitches before releasing new versions. Sometimes the bugs are bad and I can't wait for a new release to correct them. It is generally a great app!

  • Love it!

    by Dude person who likes this app

    I love Audible, it's a great app. Easy to use and great choices of books! I do wish they did more testing to clear up glitches before releasing new versions. Sometimes the bugs are bad and I can't wait for a new release to correct them. It is generally a great app!

  • Simple awesome

    by Just a another tech guy

    This is a great app - that's all u need to say

  • Excellent

    by DrivingQueen

    I drive about 50k miles a year and this app keeps me sane (and a much safer driver). When listening to audiobooks I stay off my phone - no texting or checking Facebook because I'm bored or trying to stay awake. There are so many great titles to choose from. I highly suggest Audible!

  • My #1 used ap!

    by Grlnlve

    As a working wife of 1 mother of 3 who loves to read, this app is perfect! I listen while I work, clean, drive, work out. It is so nice to be able to still "read" books when you don't have time to just sit and read a book. Some books are hard to get through because of the narrator, but I've also read books and/or authors that I never would have read simply because of a narrator.

  • Love it!

    by CR01234566789

    Great product, good selection.

  • Audible

    by rawest2063

    Terrific app

  • Love it

    by K9smuggler

    No problems and love the app!

  • A better audio book app

    by Beginning Entreprenuer

    Audible provides not only quality ebooks, but it is in sync with the needs of the user. It's just a smarter audiobook app.

  • Handy

    by J REINKE

    Love this app for when I just need to relax, it's great to be able to go through a good book without straining my eyes. Absolutely recommend this app

  • Great app

    by Person of interest Q


  • Company for my commute

    by 2SimplyTheresa

    Works great and fills the commuter silence in the car with tall tales and historical wonders. Thanks, Audible.

  • Wow

    by WTUZMan

    Very easy to listen to a book. Download not difficult to figure out. Has really helped my wife pass the time during her time in the hospital.

  • Awesome Improvements

    by Jlipschitz

    This app has gotten much better since it first came out. Increasing the play/pause button made it much harder to accidentally lose your place. Update: The App no longer runs in the background, which is quite annoying.

  • I don't leave home without it.

    by Jerry Cox

    One of my most used apps. Easy navigation and I like being able to scroll through all of my titles. 30 second rewind button is also very handy.

  • Great new GUI

    by Glennc29

    Before I would find myself accidentally changing chapters and taking forever trying to get back to the right place. Keep up the good work!

  • Excellent!

    by Ryan Matthews

    Love and love the app. Does what it's supposed to do!

  • Search Doesn't Work

    by Cuwdnificif

    The search feature doesn't work at all! Complete piece of crap!!!

  • D^{#%**amn reminders

    by The Neez

    D^{#%**amn rating reminders Otherwise ok app.

  • Great app

    by Inkypete29

    Really enjoy using the app. Would like to be able to password lock certain books so it is more 'family' sharing friendly; but otherwise a great app!

  • Great!

    by Violinknitter

    Love this app and use it constantly! It keeps me company while driving, cleaning, cooking, crafting. Easy to use. My only problems have been that occasionally it will loose a bookmark I've placed. Otherwise, I love the functionality & ease of use.

  • I <3 Audible

    by SharonKBD

    I love listening to recorded books! I have an in home business with little time to curl up with a good book, but with Audible I can listen in my studio while I work. Also a great way to make household chores much less tedious, not to mention long trips in the car. Books download quickly and are performed wonderfully. On the rare occasion I haven't liked my book choice it was easily returned for another.

  • Perfect for me!

    by Mrs. Berry7 allows me to consume wisdom at a greater speed than sitting down with a physical book during my down time. I'm able to listen to books while cooking, cleaning, and driving. I love it!

  • Top Marks!

    by Ninjac8

    This is a wonderful app and is a must for any audio book consumer. I'm especially happy that they have British radio programs available as well as their book selections.

  • Best application out there

    by Cotransplant

    Audible is simple to use and a value price. I have gone through 24 books in the last 6 months and listen to it more than the radio while driving on short errands or long trips.

  • Only one flaw

    by BfNJd

    In general, I like the app, but when listening to books stored in iTunes, it loses the place.

  • This app is no good now

    by Flow bot bot

    I got a updated version of this app and now I can't buy new books at least I can access my old books. I have an iPhone s

  • Great app!

    by Drewz21

    Really enjoy accessing my account from within the app.

  • Great for Studying and Pleasure Reading

    by HappyBanking

    Absolutely wonderful! Great for course preparation, personal development, pleasure reading and staying current with news events. Member for life.

  • Audible is perfect for commuters

    by Brichne

    Before getting Audible, I was Reading 1 book or less every year. Now, I am listening to at least one book a month. Audible is an excellent option for people like me who don't have the time or the desire to read. Audible has allowed me to read a book while doing my usual daily activities. Audible is a great idea for long commutes.

  • Great App

    by 3101sajb

    I love that my Kindle, iPad, and iPhone all correlate and the app lets me pick up at last location no matter what device I am using. It works perfect and is easy to use.

  • Amazing

    by Gamer since 1985

    I love this app!

  • What are you listening to?

    by Daniel Mendelson

    Audible allows me to fully participate in my book club when I don't have time to read. I am a natural multitasker and Audible lets me do at least 2 things at once. Love this App. Keeps getting easier to use.

  • Great app!

    by gravityone

    This is now the only way I ingest audio books.

  • Amazing

    by Bitzidarlene

    I hate working out. Would do anything not to. That has all changed with Audible. I get lost in the books and time flies!!!!

  • Whole new level of story telling

    by Ruffusesm31

    I use audible when I am driving or cleaning or working. This way I can still listen to my book, and when I have time I can just pick up my tablet and read where audible left off because of the amazing wispersynch.

  • Soooo good!!!!!!!

    by Jme jam

    I love it

  • Audible is great

    by Outlawwoman

    Finally I can enjoy books, I used to try to read but after awhile I'd get a headache always so I have up reading. Now I can enjoy an entire book without having to stop because of a headache . Thank you for providing me with audible! :-)

  • Crashes instantly. Completely unusable.

    by Mike Conelly

    This app used to work but now crashes instantly 100% of the time on iPhone 5s. Nuts.

  • Awesome

    by mpow84

    Great ap!

  • For note-taking, it needs improvements

    by BillSF

    I mostly read non-fiction, and I like to take notes. It certainly does a great job for basic functionality, but here are my areas for improvement. 1) The button for jumping back is set at 30 seconds - which I think is too long. Either make that configurable, or allow for different jump-back times (as some other apps allow). This is particularly frustrating when you use this feature frequently. 2) I love the bookmark feature that allows you to write notes associated with a passage, but the audio is turned off while you write. For example, I want to use the feature that lets me slow down the audio, bookmark a passage, and then write notes while I’m listening to the audio. (a feature other apps have). 3) I would love a feature that lets me export my book notes.

  • Great app for books!

    by BBS900B

    I am audible obsessed! The 1.25 speed works great to get through books faster.

  • Audible on my iPhone

    by RJK-cd

    I absolutely love it!!! Don't know how I managed before this app.

  • Great app!

    by ddearie

    I listen to audio books all day!!! I love that this one tracks across all my devices. It really has a great interface and a sleep mode. What more can you ask for!!!

  • Companion to my commute

    by bigbluesj

    Listening to books makes my commute tolerable. I choose to use this app over using iTunes loaded audiobooks because of the extra features available in the app - chapters, details, ability to remove, etc.

  • Loving Audible on my iPhone!

    by sheljoy

    I have had Audible on my Kindle for some time now, but only recently added it to my phone. The devices keep track of where I am in a book and ask if I want to start where I left off. This must be the Whispersync at work, but I don't own the ebooks of my audiobooks. It is much easier to listen on my phone than the kindle due to portability. The downside is that I have to take calls when they come in. 2/10/14-Still love my Audible on my iPhone. The awards tracker is not giving me credit for listening 90 + days and doesn't seem to acknowledge continuous listening if a call comes in or a call needs to be made, but that's just a fun little extra to the app.

  • I read more

    by ninkyphx

    This is such a useful tool for me, I have a hard time reading books and listening is so much easier.

  • A great way to enjoy books

    by Tomt47

    I have been using Audible for several years. I use this app on long commutes and it's a feat way to listen to old favorites as we'll as explore new books. If you love books the selection is immense. Plus I can have a huge library that doesn't take up that mug room.

  • easy to use

    by jurupa55

    works great. easy to use, although I would greatly appreciate an automatic bookmark each time I stop. If the app is in the foreground, it's easy to pocket dial it to a completely different chapter.

  • Great app

    by Scoop57

    Everything the commercial said it would be


    by Sudoku crazy

    This is a wonderful app. I read all the time, now I can do my walks, or housework and listen to my book. I find Myself listening all the time. The narrators are great!!! I find getting so caught up in these books, I can't stop listening. Thank you !!! Maryann

  • Great read of sorts

    by AldaenHylian

    This is a wonderful audio book program and source i'd give it a 5/5 but im only complaint is not being able to shop for books from the app or have a shop app

  • Perfect for frequent listener.

    by d~brown

    I struggled with this app and was nervous to use it. I learned it didn't use up much storage on my phone and I spoke with an audible customer service person and now I love it. I had an issue downloading at first but got all the kinks worked out. It's works great!

  • Great app

    by Jhonny.vvv

    Awesome app for people who love books but are always on the go.

  • User Friendly

    by 2CatzTV

    It's a simple app that has just enough features to not leave you wanting. There are a number of options, You can jump back. I enjoy the ease at which I can find chapters and set custom bookmarks.

  • 3 thumbs up!!!

    by Mommaslug

    Pretty dang awesome!

  • I love it!!

    by Dedivah

    Awesome app! I love being able to listen to my book while I'm exercising or working.

  • Ever better player!

    by Shadoe62

    Just wish it recognized and synced with the Audible library already on the iTouch

  • Love this app!

    by Delson Veign

    Wow. The previous review I gave awhile back asked the developers to add features that have since been added. Awesome!

  • Worthless features

    by Mike cbgt

    I want to get new books from my phone but the "get more books" button in the app dosnt let you do that. Also the way the books are broken into sections is terrible why would the chapters start back at 1 in the next section?? There are many simple fixes with this app that need to take place.

  • love love

    by Nitenitemd

    Many recent updates have made this app wonderful. Use it everyday...for hours!

  • Can't buy more books..?

    by SashOK3186

    I think the app is nice, but I don't get how come the tab with the title "More Books" has nothing there? I was hoping to be able to use the app to browse through all their titles, view the reviews, listen to previews, add them to my wish list, purchase, download, and listen afterwords. All I see after logging in is the titles I have purchased... Disappointing, considering I LOVE this company and visit their web page all the time looking for new books to purchase. Improve please!

  • Love it but have only one complaint!

    by Krizia M.

    This app is great! My only complaint is that this version crashes too often which can be annoying. It'll close while I am listening to book and well, that's not very convenient.

  • Great books great app

    by cjbran

    I use this app every day and just love it! I couldn't travel without it. It's the best!

  • Most used app on my phone!

    by Aaharve

    Works wonderfully! I use it on my phone, kindle, and Mac. I love being able to read even when I'm able to pick up a book.

  • Most used app on my phone!

    by Aaharve

    Works wonderfully! I use it on my phone, kindle, and Mac. I love being able to read even when I'm able to pick up a book.

  • Simple and easy to use.

    by Needs the Workout

    I enjoy the simplicity of the app. Integrates well with the store. A daily use for me.

  • More availability

    by Azulleo

    I love audible, however, I think it would be great if you could view library directly from app versus having to go onto internet. Now that would be awesome!

  • Get A Grip

    by Tasform

    Solid story of execution techniques.

  • Great functionality, but could use a redesign

    by Justin Norman

    Perhaps I'm just succumbing to the iOS7 hype, but I'm really loving the look of newer apps that are taking advantage of the new look and functionality. This app is great is as it is though. The badges are nice, the playback speed options...I wish I could browse the Audible catalogue through the app and buy more, but that's about all I'm missing.

  • Not easy to use

    by KB1234567

    I've never had an issue with an app in my life like this! I just want to use it, ugh.

  • Fab App

    by Rebpat21666

    Listen to all books through audible. Wifi downloads are the best; no more syncing with the computer. They have made the process quick and easy. Thumbs up!!

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