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Reading stories to kids has never been as fun and easy as now. With the “Books for Kids” you have a book shelf with several interactive and educational stories and games!

From the classics of children’s literature to nowadays more practical educational stories it offers a wide variety of books that will make children associate learning with fun!

Children go through major developmental milestones and this app offers stories that will ease stress and encourage them to improve their communication skills by providing them new experiences. The read along, the interactivity as well as the games featured in the books will allow children to boost their confidence and improve their skills as they go along, one book at the time.

The "Books for Kids” enhances and stimulates children’s creativity at the same time as it provides them a better grasp of the fundamentals of language and more logical thinking skills.

It is a very useful tool for all people eager to provide to children great and varied content in order for them to acclaim new experiences and gain knowledge while having fun!

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