Intellicast - Weather Radar, Storm Tracking, Precision Forecasts, and Maps Weather App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: WSI Corporation

** Fronts; Now display Fronts, Highs and Lows on the interactive map.

** Map Settings now highlights "New" layers

** Bug fixes

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Intellicast raises the bar for interactive real-time weather applications. Whether you’re checking the forecast for the next 10 days, the next 24 hours, tracking SEVERE storms using our advanced radar, or even plotting earthquakes in real-time, Intellicast is the only iPhone weather app you need.

** Stunning visualization of wind motion using state-of-the-art particle animation and computer modeling.

** NOWrad HD Radar; the most timely HIGH-DEFINITION interactive radar for the North America that also does real-time storm cell tracking and map based weather alerts.

** Future Radar using state of the art TruPoint(sm) technology. Now you can see not only where the rain or snow is but where it is expected to be.

** NWS Watch & Warning areas on the map

** Push Alert Notification; get time critical National Weather Service warnings for the United States as push alerts, even when you’re not in the Intellicast app. NOTE; for a list of critical alerts please see the in-app help.

** The Industry’s most accurate forecasts for over 50,000 locations around the world

** Optional Storm Tracker subscription package that includes near real-time high resolution NEXRAD, TDWR and Environment Canada radar, street level U.S. lightning plots, advanced Storm Tracking and analysis. **Removes all Ads**

** Optional Boating subscription package that includes the latest Marine Charts, Buoy/CMAN observations, NWS Coastal/Offshore forecasts, Tide times and Wave Height layer. **Removes all Ads**

++ For complete details and purchase, click on the Store Icon at the top of the app.


** Fronts, Lows & Highs
** Hurricane, Typhoon and Tropical Cyclone Tracking (Including Spaghetti/Model tracks)
** Extensive Radar coverage including N America, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, parts of the Caribbean, Mexico,
Europe and Australia
** Combined Radar and Satellite layer
** Global Satellite coverage
** Exclusive Road Weather Index shows weather related road hazards
** High-resolution temperature, wind speed and snow cover layers
** Real-time earthquake plotting
** Current condition Trends
** Temperature, Precipitation, UV Index and Wind Speed graphs
** Average and Record temperatures display
** Spanish Language support


+ 6-months Storm Tracker subscription
+ 6-months Boating subscription

Your subscription will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and will expire after 6 months. Subscriptions may not be cancelled during the active subscription period. You will be prompted to renew the subscription at the end of the 6 month period.

Customer Reviews

  • Best Weather App I've Tried

    by Annedrw

    Lots of information that is nicely formatted. Easy to use.

  • Smorya

    by Bpobas

    Great at tracking........wearher!

  • Excellent

    by Chase chase chase

    Generally the most accurate and understandable forecasts.

  • Intellicast review

    by "The Hat"

    This is the best weather app I've seen, with all the features that I need. It is accurate and quick. I refer to this app several times per day, and more often during severe weather. It helps me and the rest of my family, even though they are scattered throughout the united states. If you don't have this app, get it. You'll refer to it more than you think, and you'll like it as much as I do.

  • Love the accuracy and the alerts

    by LynneElf

    I'd already gotten familiar with intellicast through their website, noting that they were always more accurate than the built-in app on my device. So when I decided to get a new weather app this is the first I considered. I have not been disappointed. As I expected it's been more accurate. What I didn't expect was the notifications. When severe weather warnings came up this wonderful app let me know, so I could be prepared. I don't expect that bit I sure as heck appreciated it! :-) Outstanding!

  • Weather

    by TLE823

    Best of all the weather apps

  • App reviewing

    by DURAMAX21

    Awesome app!!! Love the text alerts and weather forcasting!! Always on my devices!

  • Can't save location

    by Nj pens

    I love this app but every time I reopen it my locations are gone. Seems to be a glitch since it happens when I get a message that says error connecting to server. Fix and I'll give 5 stars.

  • My favorite weather app

    by ijudy

    Need I say more?

  • Great app

    by Christmas_girl

    Nice weather app. Awesome map! Keep up the good work

  • Works

    by JMH54

    Gives me the information I need when I need it.

  • Great weather app!

    by userMobile/

    ...has all the important weather info in a convenient package, thanks!...

  • Pretty good app

    by oseanski

    This was my best weather app. I even purchased the 6 month extended subscription. However, the app doesn't keep your added locations any longer and I'm tired of adding them. They disappear within a week.

  • The only weather app I use

    by MMSpooner

    The detail of this app is extraordinary. The storm fronts and precipitation are nearly spot on the majority of the time. The warnings are good but sometimes vague for certain areas. It does give you a good sense for what is coming though.

  • Awesome app

    by WMDaq57

    Awesome app

  • Ok

    by Bub-ky

    This app has great radar, but the forecast sometimes isn't accurate. Good maps good Temp. readings great to check weather at your current location when traveling!

  • Nice

    by Cslinker

    Good to know where the current fronts are, and other general info.

  • Great but

    by adbitan

    Need to offer removal of advertisement. Not a subscription.

  • Great - but,..

    by CarlSven

    Please add ability to come up in hourly mode. Thats what i want to see first, and most of time only. Now I have to wait for satellite image to load first. Carl Stenquist

  • Intellicast review

    by Doug E Pooh

    Intellicast is the only source I use. The mobile app is good. For radar I sometimes still open my browser for Intellicast radar on my Internet browser of my phone. The mobile app radar does not always update fast enough when I change viewing area size so I can get a better idea of what is heading my way.

  • WHAT?!

    by jjt17439

    I had it on my I pod as it was AWSOME.but now I have it in my I phone and it won't even go in my phone and it doesn't let me open it in the App Store where it says open.,.plz fix it if you can

  • It's heading south!!

    by Yohannys

    I have the paid subscription and lately all it does it's crashes and unable to locate's being my favorite weather app for a while now and it's very disappointed to this happening....hope developers correct this issue ASAP ...

  • Not updating temps

    by capt996

    Not updating current and forecast temp and weather when app is opened. Used to be my goto weather app. Now you never know what days weather it will show.

  • Excellent app

    by David300

    Best weather app I have found.

  • Couldn't live without it!

    by CES1794

    Great weather website! Very comprehensive. Appreciate the graphic radar as well.

  • Great App

    by Bay View Guy

    After The Weather Channel nearly destroyed my deck during refinishing I knew it was time for accuracy (predicting a 0% chance of rain we second coated and watched 4 hours of rain - btw the app never showed more than 0% while it was raining). Intellicast is freakishly accurate, easy to use too.

  • Hands down!: best weather app in the apple store!

    by Holden L.

    Whether for the weather enthusiast or average person, this is the best weather app on the market! Interactive zoom radar and live current conditions and forecasts make this app superb to monitor weather conditions. Only thing is if the app had lightning strike indicator, but besides that great app recommend to anyone!

  • Use this app every day, I love it

    by Rhonda in GB

    I use this app at least once a day. I like the fact that I can save different cities and see what's going on elsewhere with the touch of a button. Love the detail and amount weather of weather presented. Great app for someone who wants the detail.

  • Pretty good overall

    by Coyote Wilee

    This is possibly the only weather app that has surface features that goes with the radar overlay. This gives me a "why" something is happening. Also the earthquake markers are also interesting to view. A couple of rare crashes with the app does happen (iOS 6.1.3). Will not go to iOS 7. And if the ad's could go away, that would be great-an annoyance, but I will still use the app.

  • Best Weather App!

    by JulieZed11614

    I work in ecoTourism, this means my everyday job is to be aware of the weather all the time and as accurately as possible-- I was told about intellicast by the coast guards that share our dock-- since then I use this App religiously! Best weather app out there!! Very reliable and has all the info I need to do my job efficiently.

  • Great app

    by WDH2

    Love it !!!!

  • NoTitle

    by CCA66

    Everything you need to know about your weather.

  • Finally an iPhone Version

    by mnritz

    Works great! Love the layers and wind direction. Ads? So what. They pay the bills!

  • Tremendous!

    by Thatdaddymrnatti

    Best weather app I have found! And I've had several. I definitely see where other reviewers are coming from regarding the ads. At least they have the option to turn your phone sideways to remove the ads. The only time they ever really bother me is viewing the radar, but I just view it in Panoramic and the ads are gone. So not that big of a deal for me. All in all, well constructed non-buggy app that does what it says. For sure five stars!

  • Brandau Builder (Dennis)

    by Adbrandau

    Never lets me down. Use more than any app

  • Finally a weather map with Fronts!!!

    by Triumph_racer001

    I've been trying to find an app with Fronts for years. I've always followed Intellicast Forecast models for surfing for years. They were the only interactive map online that had the L for Low pressure on the their Surface maps by region for the whole world. For surfing, the Fronts are the most important piece of information. That's pretty much the only way to determine if there will be waves or not.

  • Great app....but

    by cheesemass

    The ads are yet one more thing in my day I need to actively ignore...

  • Lots of information

    by 1silica

    Layers and overlays make this a visual feast. Wunderground is very good but this app has become my favorite weather app.

  • Intellicast iPhone app

    by jappseed

    The app is very well made. It is easy to use and it only takes a few seconds for the app to load up completely.

  • This is a great weather app!!

    by Angry 207

    Finally a weather app that is spot on every time. I couldn't be happier with it!

  • Best weather app.

    by Tim in NW Ia.

    Very good forecasts and weather info. Good app.

  • "Warming rapidly from -13 to between -25 and -30"

    by MedicGirl4911

    It's no secret that's it's freezing in Minnesota right now... I have to laugh when the current temperature is -13 and the app tells me that it is going to "warm rapidly to -25 to -30" in the next six hours.... Ummmm last I checked that would be getting colder, not warmer.

  • Weather App

    by Lbinx

    One of the best weather programs that I have seen. I had deleted all of the others that I had.

  • Perfection

    by Hdkie

    Living in Chicago, this is the best weather app I've ever used. Doesn't crash. Extended forecast. Updates kept up as often as Chicago weather changes its mind.

  • Love it!

    by pethberrycrunch

    I've tried a plethora of weather apps this is the best one so far.

  • The best comprehensive weather app there is

    by jrpettet

    For users of all levels and skill sets, intellicast's suite of tools and UI is designed to make weather data easy to access and understand. It's virtually the first app I open each day and I rely upon it for travel decisions and lifestyle plans, too.

  • My choice

    by Robert j k

    I have used the Intellicast apps for years and have found them to be easy to open and user friendly. It is my first choice for checking the weather.

  • Great App

    by Charlie196

    I use the paid version and it's great. Plan on renewing app, 1st app I check the weather.

  • Great

    by Flybyknight

    One of the few programs that still has cold and warm front lines. The moving graphic that combines those with wind/temp on a national/regional scale will tell you more in 90 seconds than all the weather guessers on TV combined. I have 8 paid weather apps on my phone because I am a professional pilot. This one gives the best "big picture" of any of them. It is one that I reference daily.

  • Highly functional

    by Biotech bill

    The ads aren't that bad. On the edges and easily ignored. You do click them every now and then but not a deal breaker. Has all the info I seek on local weather and other locales I have interest.

  • Great

    by Mecanique

    Great App! Love the surface winds.

  • Very good app.

    by NewHampshire

    This app is very good. Provides useful info in a concise format.

  • Great

    by Army pilot 15


  • Great app

    by mwnick01

    One of the best weather apps out there

  • Outstanding! Just keeps getting better!

    by Dailywalk

    Ads & bombs some. Best forecasting of weather & accurate assumptions can be made. Well named! Hands down winner!

  • I think.....

    by Rocatop

    It is a very sound, and accurate tool for weather forecasting. This app competes with the best. The maps and earthquake info is very timely. Thank you for all of the alerts that are available. I do appreciate your effort on this app. Vic

  • Ads

    by BenelliShotty

    Paid to remove ads on my iPad, still have ads on my phone. What gives?

  • My "go-to" weather app

    by Roblove65

    As a retired meteorologist, I find Intellicast's weather app the most intelligent and intuitive out there. In fact, I have used Intellicast on the computer over many other websites that I used professionally.

  • Nice app

    by Farmer Lee

    Not bad for radar, but not easy to get to forecasts. Use the iPad version much more...

  • Intellicast

    by Jay Frizzle

    The best and most accurate. No wonder why most airports use it ...

  • Fantastic App

    by proudamerican1944

    Would recommend this App to anyone interested in what's happening weather wise!

  • Great Wx app, but hate the ads

    by Twelve2 Tees

    Just what I was looking for in a weather app, but I'd like to buy the app and not the $4.99 six-month service.

  • New favorite

    by Shasty McNasty13

    I've always used the channel 3 WKYC app that wsi made and have always wanted them to make their own. Finally they have and so far I love it. I drive a plow truck in Ohio so I need very very detailed forecasts on the go and so far this winter this is the only app that has been around 90% accurate. The weather channel max accuweather weatherbug and even my noaa app have all missed the forecasts and their radars have been far from correct but this one is always spot on. Thanks for finally making a working weather app!

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