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"NEW AND NOTABLE" - TOP 5 UK/GB & TOP 10 GLOBAL WEATHER APPS! Download now and see what all the fuss is about! Now with Celsius!
Do you need to know the weather, but you don't know where you are? This app is what you want. It tells you the weather. It looks cool. It works well. It uses GPS. It doesn't have any options. You want this app.

The built in weather app makes you type in manually the locations you want the weather for. But the iPhone doesn't even have a keyboard! That's when we gave up and instead spent HOURS developing a weather app that uses SECRET GOVERNMENT SATELITES (or GPS) to find out where you are, and then uses a special defense network known as the INTERNET to get real time information about what is going on outside. TRILLIONS of your tax dollars have been spent to get you this app for free, so you might as well use it every single day.

Download it before your friends do. Its the weather, with no need for zip codes or any of that junk.

Now with FREE JUNK! Want to know the humidity? Hit the info button. Want to know what humidity is? Download wikipedia instead.

..... Support for the Metric System!!!!!

We now support the choice of Fahrenheit of Celsius!

Customer Reviews

  • Brilliant app!

    by theodorerhall

    Absolutely Brilliant and super easy. Thanks.

  • Super Real!

    by joannmshunk

    I really like the app so far. It looks super Real and I just want to see the rest.

  • Thanks!

    by kathleenrwilson

    Great app. Thanks for sharing this amazing app.

  • Accurate!!

    by andrewasearcy

    One of the best app for iphone and iPad. Its helped me a lot. Thanks.

  • Unique App

    by joycejeddy

    A great app with so many unique and useful features which made this app different from others. Love it.

  • Superb

    by rhondaespencer

    One of the superb app to use. It is the most used app for me and I like every part of it.

  • Gem

    by emmafparish

    What could I say about it. In a word its just a GEM. I haven't used any apps like this, my new favorites.

  • Fantastic!!!

    by garycgordon

    Just another Awesome and fantastic app for my Ios devices. Like it.

  • Amazing!

    by jamallmagee

    Amazing and its actually works great!.

  • Awesome

    by jangfry

    This app is totally awesome. I love it so much. Great to use.

  • No idea

    by AlostCUSTOMER

    I decided to download this app (I was already on the fence about getting ANOTHER) based on the descriptions. Thanks for being honest and not trying to sugar coat the facts.

  • Best Weather App Available

    by SupaGerm

    This is the only weather app I use. It loads up, finds my location, and gives me the pertinent info without hassle. The best feature is the descriptive text of the forecasts. I wish I could delete the stupid built-in app, as this blows that garbage away.

  • Back up and working

    by Brj5454

    My favorite weather app... I was bummed when it stop working last year but it works better than ever now AWESOME WEATHER APP !!!

  • I've tried them all...

    by Cs2575

    I've tried all the weather apps and they all seem to be missing something. Tried this one last because of the prev ratings but it is by far the best. Everything I need in the app without having to go to a website. So happy I finally found a keeper! thx!

  • Excited

    by Pursesnatcher

    Very excited that my favorite weather app is working again. All the one stars below are from a time when this app wasn't updated to ios 5. Definitely worthwhile.

  • much better than builtin weather app

    by Xxotina

    first off the design is cute same basis as built-in weather app on iPhone and when u click on the "i" In lower right corner it let's u see the hourly forcast!

  • Finally!!!!

    by Walram

    Update the app and you'll find it works again; finally!!!!!

  • Help!

    by Onefidget

    This was always my favorite app, but it quit working, and I've deleted and reinstalled. I want my app back so you can keep your 5-star rating from me!

  • This app is now called...

    by Two ton anchor

    Don't Look Outside. Made by the same group (Wireless Worx), it is the EXACT same app, just under a different name. Why? WTH knows?

  • Great app but...

    by Theswimchic

    Like others have said, this is a great weather app but it hasn't worked for a few days now. But when it is working, it is really informative, especially the "scientific weather discussion". I really hope the creators will fix the bug soon.

  • Doesnt let you save your city

    by Bonami21

    Doesnt let you save your city when you are searching.

  • Ad Assault

    by Moses Ronald

    OMG, I've never been assaulted by ads like this. Full popups when I touch something?! Random popups?! Ads between every other piece of weather data?! I've only rated a few apps. This deserved the extra effort. This app alone will make Apple reconsider the zero rating.

  • Stops working

    by Co-MotionTandemRider

    Clunky interface Not intuitive Radar and forecast put up blank screen

  • Well...

    by Matney Family

    This app totally would have been a 5 star at first but after a little bit it wouldnt find my location no matter where I was. It would just say: location search failed even if I had full bars of wifi or whatever. So it was a really cool app but who cars if it is cool if you can't even use it. I even deleted it then reloaded it but I still didn't work. Please fix it so it will be just as awesome as it was.

  • Not worth it

    by R1112

    When I click on the app the whole screen turns black. Once in a while it says the location server is failed. Plz fix it when you can.

  • Bad

    by Cool:):)

    It's horrible!!!!

  • Pretty much..nothing special

    by Johnsonja8

    Certainly cant understand why its shown as a tip weather app

  • Didnt like it

    by Nikola78G

    The only good thing that this app has is a sattelite map view

  • Ughhhhhh!

    by Ljprizm

    Still doesn't work! Can't find my location.....please fix!

  • Doesn't work.

    by Mirand sharma

    It simply doesn't work. Doesn't load.

  • Was great, it stopped working

    by trhjohn

    The title says it all. I rated it at five stars but it stopped working back in December 2011. I used it every day but now it comes up with the advertisement but no information. It is completey useless.

  • Was a good app.

    by MarsRissa

    Quit working, 'Nuff said.

  • Broken App

    by Rossmostly

    Funny that this app doesn't work but the paid adds do. Cheap gimmick for getting paid advertising costs?

  • Stupid

    by Oneexcitedlittlecookie

    This app didn't even work. Waste of time.

  • :-(

    by Awlsomeabc1

    I can't get it to look up my location, and I have good wi-fi signal.

  • Human from planet Earth.

    by Jackflint

    Just tried the app to see if any updates were made since the latest reviews. The app still does not work.

  • I loved this ap

    by Ralpha2569

    Stopped working a couple of weeks ago. I used it every day. Sometimes twice a day. Will 5 star when it works again... If it works again.

  • Doesn't work

    by Terrible and disappointing

    Was great when it worked, now just a waste of space.

  • Stopped Working

    by NC Liftoff

    Starts to look for my location, then stops and says "internet connection failed." I used it every day before this happened. Was at least 4 stars. Please fix!

  • So disappointed!

    by will8205

    This was a great app, but quit working in the last few weeks. Get it fixed and I'd rate it 5-stars!

  • What Happened

    by Lilbitkansas1958

    This was my go to weather app but as others have said it has quit working. Sad! Used to be best one out there!

  • No longer works

    by LasloV

    Stopped working 2 weeks ago. "failed to connect". But it still knows your location and displays ads on the top. Just no weather. No further information is provided.

  • great app


    and provides all the info I need. I'm certain the developers will sort out the current bugs.

  • Where'd it go

    by Drbcru

    Aldo my fav weather and has stopped working. Was a 5 star

  • Don't bother

    by Crowded in the House

    Downloaded, won't load data, deleted. Couldn't be simpler

  • Was great, now stopped working

    by Shzinit

    Was my favorite weather app, but constantly says "Internet connection failed" now. So bummed, dang creators need to fix that bug so peeps can use it again.

  • Stopped working

    by Math guy201

    Was my favorite weather app but it just stopped working. Apparently can't connect to it's data source. I miss this app.

  • Stopped

    by michael.69

    Was a great app, now stopped working

  • Stopped working

    by geebys

    Used to be my favorite weather app, but stopped working a couple of days ago. No update or anything. Strange.

  • ( • )( • )

    by get back

    Was awesome but stopped wrking. NO update or even mention of the prob for too long! Doesn't connect when launched anymore. If it wrkd I'd give it 5 stars

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