NOAA Weather Alerts - Severe Weather Push Notifications & Warnings Weather App Review (iOS, $3.99)


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Seller: WeatherSphere

- Besides current location, alert on multiple saved locations!
- For current location, easily turn-off background updates to conserve battery life

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Simple, no-nonsense app for quickly notifying you of severe weather alerts in a chosen radius from your current location (and/or upto 20 saved locations!), including Snow Storms, Frost Advisories, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Flood/Fire Warnings and hundreds more. Alerts you with sound even when the phone is lying unused with screen off!

User reviews:
"Greatest weather app I've ever used. Also this thing will wake the dead if a tornado warning is issued. It's incredible." - DE Hallman

"This app has saved my wife's garden more than once from hail." - rudy_z1

"I love that I get wether alerts before my wether radio goes off and I get alerts even when I'm out running around." - loopfish

Important: When you install and launch for the first time, the app will ask to turn on push-notifications and location services. Please choose YES to avoid the hassle of having to manually enable them later. Alerts will not work without either of these.

- Browse current advisories on a map
- Get a push-notification whenever an alert is issued within a distance you have specified. You can choose anywhere upto 3 miles only or all the way upto 100 miles.
- Choose type/severity of events you want to receive, including Tornado warnings
- Check the current weather + forecast for any spot on the map
- Your phone will make a siren sound when there is a Tornado Warning nearby!
- Will automatically transition to your new location as you travel, no need to reconfigure anything.
- National UV Alert map and Radar map.
- We have worked very hard to make the system as accurate as possible. The system will not miss an alert issued by the NWS, will not deliver a false alert, and will not deliver duplicate alerts.
- Alerts marked as "Severe" or "Urgent" by the NWS are prioritized by the system for faster delivery to end-users.
- Even though defaults have been tested to be appropriate, you can configure maximum alert frequency to your taste, or turn them off altogether.

Once you setup and put the app in the background, most likely you will never have to open the app again.

Note that if you have *any* question whatsoever while using the app, you can send a quick message to support from within the app, and we *will* respond very fast.

- This app is useful for users in the US only.

Customer Reviews

  • Great weather app

    by Jespainc

    I downloaded this for travel, and love all the features of this app. I like how one can save multiple locations for weather advisories & forecasts. All information needed about weather forecasts and advisories is at your fingertips in this app. I also like that it includes radar, and one can customize the alert settings. I feel safer traveling having this app. The app is easy to navigate once it is learned, but I would add a tutorial; currently the only way to learn how it works is to tap on things to figure it out. They do have a FAQ section which is helpful, just think a tutorial or instruction page would make it a faster learning curve. Other than that, this is an excellent functioning weather app with very useful current data provided and excellent functionality. Highly recommend.

  • Very useful!

    by Ger999

    Never misses an alert!

  • Great weather alert app!!

    by tveilleux

    Simply wonderful.

  • Does the job

    by rainah2017

    Can't ask for more

  • Love it!

    by Angiemarie1971

    Great app! Love how it updates based on current location - great for travel away from home!

  • Best Weather app I've used yet!!!

    by Reneasolomon

    Love it!

  • Great

    by Titan326

    Would be nice if it had colors and more detail and special tone alert but works for what I use it for. Waiting for the update with these features.

  • Just what I need

    by Willie Fast

    I got this app after a tornado swept through our town. I'm grateful to have an app that can give me such valuable in alerts

  • Bradford the Cold Spot!

    by Janissong

    This app is a lifesaver

  • Usefull

    by marjamr

    Great app. Use it every day.

  • Handy

    by Movin' Mamma

    This is a handy app to have in my collection.

  • Great!

    by Ohiopherks

    Quickest way to get advisories!

  • Love it!

    by Bodhi Sage

    A staple app for everyone's phone.

  • Don't let a tornado sneak up on you - get this app!

    by Bronstersaurus

    This app is refreshingly thorough. So much so that some users may feel bogged down by its level of detail. Just read the directions and then get to enjoying the app! I feel safer knowing it will wake me up if a twister is coming my way! UPDATE - I was out and about when this app let me know a storm was nearby. I hightailed it home and ducked into the basement just as baseball-sized hail started smashing out car windows. Some people in my city were killed by wind and lightning that day. Get the app. It could save your life.

  • In and Out

    by Remix Enthusiast

    One thing that would make this app very useful is replacing the Zoom In and Zoom Out functions on the main map screen. This is the only one thing I would change. Aside from that, this is an amazing application. PLEASE UPDATE SOON.

  • Great, Reliable App

    by Guy2135

    Customizable to your preferences and provides reliable alerts for more than weather!

  • Love it

    by Cal74053

    Helps when tornadoes are in the area. Very helpful!

  • Very useful

    by LuckyS!@r

    Works well , good to have anytime anywhere, provides fast updates on weather warnings.

  • Best app ever!!!

    by James M. Scott

    Best way to keep your family safe with all dangers. I recommend this app and the radar app with it. KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE!!!

  • Es una buena aplicación!

    by Maruegare

    No tengo problemas con la aplicación.

  • Not for use outside of America

    by Msfv65

    While within the America's (north, central) this app woks fine. They need to let people know this app is useless outside of the America's.

  • Alert app does not alert

    by Timearthur

    Expected an audible of some sort during recent storms, but only had capability to read about them. These were tornado warnings. No audible noise of any kind.

  • UPDATE: Was "Annoyed" - Now "Useless"

    by johnnaryry

    Apparently, the developer is now more interested in pimping their other product than informing me about the weather. The apps icon displays badges, yet opening it yields now new weather updates - and the only way to clear the badges is to click on the highlighted items on the product page. Nice! I'm quite annoyed with the recent trend of developers adding "rate me" and "review me" pop-up nags in their apps. Make excellent stuff and you shall receive excellent ratings and reviews! Do NOT throw a fraking pop-up roadblock at me when I've opened the app to get something done! Well YOU asked for it and, so, here it is...

  • Doesn't save alert info and locations.

    by bts 09

    For being the main reason I bought this app I am very displeased with this app. Every time I have to redo my alert settings and saved locations. I love the extensiveness of this app, but this is a huge bug and needs to be fixed. For how much this app cost I expected better stability.

  • Poor Execution

    by MacZville

    Settings don't provide for adequate control of posts -- no way to clear an unwanted post from distant locations.

  • Useful

    by Goodguythree

    Very useful & informative - great to have.

  • Does not work

    by Akmcl31

    I have everything turned on on my phone and in the app to allow notifications and I'm not getting ANY. This does not work, I would like my money back.

  • Great

    by Sweets dear


  • Great App

    by Before I go to sleep

    Love this app

  • dasbrewer

    by soing

    Great app! Use it all the time ! Thx!

  • Good app

    by safowler1964

    Have not had this app long, but it seems to work fine.

  • Terrific app

    by JU2008KLB

    Love this app and how i can adjust it to the area of town I live in and work in as well as my extended family. I know whats happening and have interactive maps. Love it!

  • Great App

    by Allthegoodnamesgone0853570

    Love it so far. Works smooth and as detailed.

  • First alert!

    by Animlover81

    This has been and continues to be a very useful app.

  • Great app!

    by jimb361

    Very dependable. Go to app in bad weather.

  • Does the job.

    by Bremen069

    This app works as advertised. My complaint is that many of the controls are unnecessary, not intuitive, and most should be scrapped. The app may have great functionality, but can be difficult to use. Simplify the controls, please.

  • Maw

    by DJ S K B

    I like getting weather watches and warnings to help keep my family safe!

  • Thank you for updating.

    by Tyler Lutz

    New update fixes all iOS 7 issues and adds 4-inch screen support. Thank you! The app works as advertised.

  • Awesome update!

    by bcgunnut

    Great update. Works good on iOS 7. Good job!

  • Love this app

    by kaplan62


  • I have ALL the leading (and some not-so leading) Weather Apps

    by LosAngeles90631

    Evidently, IO 7 (for some reason) caught them by TOTAL SURPRISE and the app is useless now. Customer support promised a very quick update. Months later. Nothing. They literally STOLE peoples money, especially those who purchased it days prior to IO 7 being released.

  • A really great app.

    by Lettuceleaf1888

    It's reassuring to know I will always get an advance warning of severe weather! It really works no matter where I am.

  • WeatherAlerts

    by Ztrade

    This app is awesome- anytime you're on the go, you know what the weather is going to do.

  • Not working

    by SuzySSP

    Does not work at all on my iPhone 5. Don't waste your time money.

  • Gardener's Friend

    by Kitorobot

    Perfect for a gardener. Warned me of first frost and hard rain. Well done!

  • Great

    by Agimpels

    Timely alerts

  • Works ok

    by WindSweptPlains

    Generally works ok. Not that accurate the other times. UI could use lots of improvements.

  • Weather

    by Conniemck

    It's ok I always get it to late.

  • Ok, but I still use other info

    by DJ Logike

    This cannot be the only thing to be relied on

  • Great Alerting

    by DesertMaus

    I had an older app from a couple years back that went belly-up. The developer/admin couldn't keep his systems online. I found this app and read reviews which sounded great. I then went to the developers site and could immediately tell this was going to be a great weather alerting app, so far all has been great. Only thing I would recommend to the developer is having the option to input a zip code so that the gps receiver doesn't have to constantly listen for X mile radius to improve battery life. The radius option is great especially if you are mobile all the time it keeps watch but if you are static most of the time, enter your zip so the server backend can push when a WX alert is in that zipcode. Not rebuilt for iPhone 5 screen size. Would be nice to get a bit more using full screen.

  • Ok

    by Blackdragon11613

    Stopped working

  • Alerts

    by Burbahe

    I love the weather alerts!

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