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Simple yet powerful app that tells you how much it's going to snow in the next couple of days in precisely *your* neighborhood, instead of a forecast generalized to your whole city or larger area. Ideal for figuring out school snow days, for snow plow operators, for cities managing salt supplies, and for ski and snow resorts. If your winter livelihood involves snow, you need this app!

Shows NOAA's detailed and hourly updated snowfall forecast projections in inches on a highly responsive interactive map. Plus get NOAA warning boxes and general weather forecast on the same screen!

User Review - "The only snow prediction app that I trust with Michigan's crazy winter weather. Very accurate, and reliable!" - thefinerlife

- Install and go, no complex setup
- Animated snowfall overlay on map with 6 hourly snowfall amounts for next 2 days
- Check the detailed point snow forecast for any location on the map.
- NOAA warning boxes on the map for severe weather alerts
- Check the current weather + forecast for any point on the map
- Bookmark locations for quick access
- Fast Loading
- Intuitive Play/pause/manual modes for moving between frames.
- Select opacity of overlay to your taste
- Portrait/Landscape
- Send screenshots from within the app
- Get fast support from within the app

Coverage: This app is only useful for users in the contiguous lower 48 US states and Alaska's populated coastal regions.

Customer Reviews

  • Best App so far for this too snowy Midwest winter

    by felinely

    Yet again we are in the middle of another Midwest snowstorm. This has been the most accurate for snow prediction out of many weather apps. Too bad that I've had to use it almost daily since 6 Dec.

  • Unique App

    by Zen men

    Accurate, easy to use and provides a unique interface to view all relevant details pertaining to a snow event. No complaints.

  • great app!!

    by Silky jazz

    I really like this app. Very accurate, no unnecessary ornaments but lots of solid info. The learning curve is moderate, and the FAQ is comprehensive. Really great.

  • Great App

    by Jolene.55

    Finally, an App that estimates snow predictions.

  • Most accurate snowfall predictions

    by CrimsonEcon

    I use both the Weather Channel and Accuweather apps and like them both for overall weather information and forecasts. But this app, which is based on NOAA forecasts, has proven to be the most accurate this winter in New England when the one thing I want to know is how much snow we'll be receiving in my neighborhood over the next 6-24 hours. It's been great at telling me how much snow I'll be dealing with.

  • NOAA weather app

    by Happycampahs

    I love this! I rely on the app more than my local weatherman. Thank you for making this app available to us! Great job!

  • by GNB62v

  • Nice

    by OdinsJoke

    Nice app....especially this winter.

  • User

    by Bay goat

    Pretty well dead on both with times and amounts. Easy to use. My winter Go-To.

  • Works!

    by lmbrjck

    Seems to be very accurate

  • Excellent!

    by Blondayngl

    Best snow forecasting, better than the local news!!

  • Fantastic

    by Haze773

    Pretty accurate. Easy to use. Totally worth it.

  • Great app.

    by Jobsearcher

    Just what i need to know

  • Great app

    by Broniss

    I drive between Salt lake and Portland. Way more up to date then other weather apps I have had.

  • Awesome weather app.

    by danddk

    Very helpful planning for bad weather. And when traveling.

  • Snow forecast very valuable app

    by Lfsstvhh

    The snow report app is a quick way to determine whether snow is on the way for your location. Its very good,

  • Snow Forecast

    by Dr. Rett

    Whatever information you want about winter weather, you can get it here. This is the most thorough weather app I have seen.

  • Love this app.


    I have several weather apps but use this most. It has been ideal this winter for planning ahead when snow is coming.

  • Top app

    by charesepel

    Has been very accurate for me

  • NOAA snow forecast the best!

    by Hyd8

    Very accurate!

  • Great app

    by Mike23b

    Simple, accurate and informative.

  • Accurate

    by Ken_5

    Amazing app! Totals are usually very accurate, updates often if needed.

  • This App is great

    by ColoradoBen

    Not only does the App work well, but the data shared us the most reliable I've used. Really depend on this in WY and CO in backcountry areas.

  • Very good but interface needs streamlining

    by Ascegan

    Excellent weather data but app lacks landscape mode, whichever would make map manipulation easier. Interface selecting map points takes a few steps, and many options are complicated to navigate.

  • Very good but interface needs streamlining

    by Ascegan

    Excellent weather data but app lacks landscape mode, whichever would make map manipulation easier. Interface selecting map points takes a few steps, and many options are complicated to navigate.

  • Great app

    by Upstate Steve

    This app has just enough detail to be really useful yet almost never wrong. A rare and welcome combination.

  • Snowman

    by Deal-icious

    I'm hooked. What will I do in the summer?

  • Terrific app!

    by Confladragon

    Accurate and easy to use. Absolutely necessary. J. W. Feb. 16, 2014

  • Great App!

    by Baloo80526

    Great app! It's my 'go to' for planning high-country winter and spring travel in the Rockies. Definitely worth the money!

  • Great job!

    by cra-z reader

    This winter, I've really used this app!

  • Inaccurate for me...

    by Michael630

    For me it was totally inaccurate. Said to expect 3inches of snow on the most recent storm. Got 5.5inches. So not even close.

  • Spot On Info

    by CrimsonCrow

    I've been using this all winter and it has been spot on. Highly recommend.

  • Awesome app.

    by EliteSeal

    Very helpful.

  • Snow forecast

    by Farmgnome

    Great app!

  • Accurate snow predictions

    by OCSoccermum

    Just moved back east and have found this is app is more accurate than the weather channel app in terms of timing and amount of snow. Glad I found this app!

  • Most Accurate Weather App

    by Brisco 1983

    This app is amazing! I work outside and use these apps on a daily basis. There is no need to watch the weather channel. With this app I can let my coworkers know what is coming and approximately how long it will last. NOAA has done a great job with this app.

  • Great App

    by Old lawdog

    Works very well. Great for travel as you can plan ahead in bad weather. One of the few apps that works right of the box .

  • Perfect

    by oseanski


  • Great App. Very accurate in predicting snow accumulations.

    by Superdog234

    Very accurate in predicting snow accumulations.

  • Great App. Very accurate in predicting snow accumulations.

    by Superdog234

    Very accurate in predicting snow accumulations.

  • Very, very accurate!!

    by edo870

    I can bank on the forecasts within a 48 hour window. Been extremely helpful this year.

  • Awesomeness

    by Chipchipersonn

    Amazing app

  • Very accurate!

    by Flutekat

    I rely on this app, lining on a mountain in NH to give my the snow forecast and it does!

  • Great app!

    by KH itunes 2010

    This is my GO-TO snow forecast. So far, it's always been accurate.

  • Much use this winter!

    by fetacheese61

    Jersey is having a rough winter this year so this app is coming in very handy..I use it everyday and it is very reliable & accurate. Get it!

  • Stay abreast of the winter weather.

    by Airship Accident

    Easy access to accurate and detailed snow forecasts.

  • Djs

    by Djswig

    Not a very user-friendly app there are much better ones out

  • Great for snowfall predictions

    by Kolya7

    Like this app a lot. Updates itself quickly and has been very accurate so far, better than local weather.


    by Marty's Genius

    OUTSTANDING snow and weather app!!!! BEST I own (and I own about 15 weather apps). PERFECTION in every way!!!! Thrilled to own this app!!!

  • Use it a lot so far

    by Donita splendita

    But haven't had it long enough to attest to accuracy, or expand much.

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