iMap Weather Radio -NWS Weather Alerts like a NOAA Weather Radio & Radar Weather App Review (iOS, $9.99)


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Seller: Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.

- Fixes a crash when using Voice Over functionality.
- Better handling of missing data in the weather display.
- Fixes an issue with test messages not showing when app is open.

Previous changes in 2.7.0
- Updated look and feel for iOS 7
- Fixes issues with intermittent current location and background refresh issue.
- Fixes issues for users using voice over features.
- Fixes issues with audio playback sometimes causing the app to crash.
- Various other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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4 Ratings
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1068 Ratings


With iMap Weather Radio you will receive critical alerts via voice and push notification regarding life-threatening weather events. Your iPhone will “wake up” with alerts and also track your location to warn you wherever you go. Listen to local weather forecasts while you are on the move. Enjoy the power of a NOAA Weather Radio, with all the convenience and precision of a smart phone.

***Winner of MediaPost's Appy Award in the weather category, second place in the CTIA E-Tech Awards.***

***Please note, IF YOU DO NOT have a media partner in your city the application WILL STILL WORK as intended and provide all alerts you select. ***

2014 brings a completely renovated app. We have made significant improvements to the app based on your reviews, feedback, and support inquiries. We appreciate your involvement!


• More Precise Alerts: iMap Weather Radio provides more accurate alerts than those offered by typical consumer alerting services. Most of these services will alert you to severe weather if you are in a county only partially covered by a watch or warning, even if you are not actually directly within the watch/warning. iMap Weather Radio ensures you receive an alert only if your device or saved locations fall inside a watch/warning box. That means you aren’t disturbed by alarms not relevant to your location. You also have complete control over what types of alerts you receive through your app. Pick just the type of alerts you want from a list. For example, select only tornado warnings or just winter weather warnings.

• Follow Me: Follow me is a critical feature if you are on the go. Imagine you are driving through an area of adverse weather. This app will alert you if you are in an area when a watch/warning is issued, without you having to do anything. You don’t have to stop and add a new location or query your device.

• Friends and Family: iMap Weather Radio can also save FIVE fixed locations in addition to your current position. This means you can make sure friends and family, at school, out of state, at a ballgame, etc., are safe.

• Battery Management: iMapWeather Radio uses iOS Location Services to strike a balance between location accuracy and battery usage. Background tracking will have some effect on overall battery life. You can control how much accuracy you want the application to use for your location and thus impact the battery management. You may turn off background tracking for battery conservation in the app settings. In this mode iMap Weather Radio will only utilize the GPS when the app is open.

• Audio: iMap Weather Radio provides audio alerts in the form of beeps followed by a brief description of the alert type. The audio could wake you in the middle of the night, or give you information you need when you can’t stop to look at the phone. Furthermore, you can listen to the alerts and forecasts for your area at any time.

• Video: In markets where local media partners participate, you can view streaming video of severe weather coverage for up-to-the-minute information.

Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. is a weather content and technology partner for many major weather brands in the U.S. Weather is our business and weather safety is our passion. To round out your weather app collection, ensure you download our sister application, RadarScope, the most advanced Nexrad radar application in the App Store.

Learn more about iMapWeather Radio and receive update notifications and information.

Visit our support page for FAQs and questions.

Customer Reviews

  • Support is helpful!

    by Wxwatcher

    Nice update for iOS 7! App is great for precise and timely alerts. Highly recommended, esp. if you do not have any other alert source. Got my tornado warnings as I was closely watching the storms.

  • 2.7.0 is Broken!

    by Frozen

    Updated to 2.7.0 and now all I get is error reports. Luckily, iTunes still had 2.6 in it. Reverted and everything works again. Great when it works, wish they’d test these things before releasing them. Sometimes your life can depend on it.

  • Since the update

    by Storm-chaser

    Just FYI ...No radar, no daily forecast.... Alerts still work. Just glitches with the update. A 5 star app in my opinion.

  • Pretty good

    by greywolf243

    Smooth interface, needs a small update for iOS 7. And I noticed that another app in the App Store called "Storm Shield" has the exact same interface. But it isn't made by you. I just thought I'd point that out.

  • Informative and Accurate

    by stiger72

    It's nice to know when there is a warning or watch wherever you are. Would be nice to see an iOS 7 update, icon badge showing number of watches/warnings and also replete alerts with a silence button.

  • Alerts need to get serious!

    by NWOhioDave

    In spite of what some have said, it works fine for me and seems to be accurate. I'm generally happy with it. BUT, I have a major problem with the alerts. They're anemic.In anything but a quiet room I can't even hear them. This app needs alerts that get your attention - after all that's why we need alerts! It would be great if there were several levels of alerts that the user could choose from, setting the loudness as desired. For example, I don't need a screaming alert for a thunderstorm watch, but I do for a tornado warning. I used to use another weather app that had this ability, so I know it can be done.

  • I love this app!

    by Jaglass

    I have been using this app for about 2 years, and it has become a staple to my vacation plans. I adjust the locations to where we are traveling so that I always have a weather radio with me. I also add locations along the route if we are traveling a long distance. When I'm at home, I set the other locations to where my family is at so that I always know if they are having bad weather. Thank you, WDT, for all the work you do!

  • Great App

    by metro3947

    This really gives you realtime weather alerts based on your location. Had location turned off for app for first month... Turned it on and haven't noticed any difference in battery life. Accurate weather too.

  • Great app

    by Sean Ragsdale

    Great but can it have iPad optimization?

  • National Weather Service Skywarn Storm Spotter

    by Fu Li

    I'm a National Weather Service trained Skywarn Storm Spotter and this is the primary radar I use for my storm spotting. This app does a great job of updating every time new radar data is taken. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is simply looking to keep and eye on the weather, or a seasoned storm spotter.

  • Essential app

    by AJO7846

    Great update!! If u don't want to killed by a tornado, this app is for you. No other apps i'm aware function as an emergency alert weather radio. I tried several - tried this one last because of the $10, but it's worth it. Big benefit when traveling, not knowing exactly where u are, and the skies are getting dark. This app has my back. Love all the added details for people who want more than just temp and chance of precip. love that it doesnt try to be flashy - just functional. It has become my go to weather app, plus it has not failed to alert me to a weather warning yet. Grateful for this app.

  • Love the Animated Maps

    by swar35

    I love the animated satellite maps. They are by far the most accurate that I've seen of any weather app that I currently use or have tried. I've been using the app for over a year. The audio weather alerts are nice as well. Hopefully they'll expand on current/future conditions data so this can be the only weather app I'd need to look at.

  • Yea!

    by Pandabear62

    Love the update! This is now my go-to weather app for the day! It doesn't have all the glitzy photos the other weather apps have but it has what you need-more info!

  • Test alert??

    by Polcat1979

    Can not find the test alert.

  • A great app but I can no longer set which alerts I want to hear using voice over

    by MrHudson

    This will be back to a five star review once the voiceover issues are corrected. You've done a very nice job with this application. Could you simply fix the control panel where I am allowed to set which alerts I hear? It used to work perfectly with voice over before this latest release.

  • Solid App

    by SinatraMac

    I've had this on my iPhone for about a month and sure enough it works very well! Life saving frankly. I can see how this can come in very handy when camping, on the water, golfing, etc. My only request would be to make the alarm louder like a true weather radio. The alarm is quiet and I'd be afraid it wouldn't truly rattle someone out of bed if a pending storm was about to hit.

  • Great app - hard on the ears

    by Allmixedup331

    The app is really useful and informational, however I just about went deaf after 4 alerts went off simultaneously while I was talking on the phone. The alert tone and voice just went over my phone call and I had to wait for it to stop before carrying on with the conversation. It would be really great for a setting or option to vibrate instead or something similar during phone calls.

  • Oklahoma Weather

    by Terry159

    This is app is wonderful! Setup the alarms and notifications. When people are involved in severe weather this app saves lives. Thank you NOAA. Terry, Oklahoma City

  • Great app!

    by The Blind Acorn

    Alerts are fast and accurate. Usually alerts right after NOAA radio at home! And prior to local media alerts!

  • GREAT APP!!!

    by Mattf025

    This app is the best weather app available. It's easy to use. I like having the weather alerts and it has the best radar.

  • App disrespects notification settings

    by BiblePilot

    I deleted this app because the notification programming is buggy. Despite turning notifications OFF for this app, it continues to push notifications. Additionally, it pushes double notifications.

  • Still crashing

    by Miguel ord3

    The app crashes when I hit play on the forecast button

  • Needs one major tweak

    by milesoftrane

    This is a great app with only one significant flaw. But it is a major one. There is no setting to make the sound alarm repeat itself. It sounds once then stops, and if you are asleep or away from your device momentarily you'll probably miss the sound alert, which is the most important feature of the app. Once this is fixed then five stars.

  • Update Broke The App

    by App User_4

    Your recent update gives me error messages all the time now - thanks.

  • Ignores muting on warnings

    by Sonoma wine country

    Reasonable app, but if I open the phone when an alert is present the spoken alert ignores if I have the phone muted. This has woken my family or interrupted a meeting more than once.

  • No iOS 7!

    by whitmcghee

    Where is an iOS 7 update?! I tried contacting the developer and got no reply. Looks like they've abandoned the app. Enjoy my ten dollars, you crooks!

  • Ipad

    by Beach.Time

    Is there a problem with the iPad version? FAQ suggested I delete and reload. Deleted it and now will not allow me to reload. What's wrong?

  • Buyer Beware

    by Shonda71

    Not worth the money!! The alerts don't come through hafe the time! Find another app and save your money! Very disappointed!

  • Not accurate -horrible support

    by DeborahBetty

    Live in hurricane zone. Weather reports come from area that would not affect me. Support tells me it's correct. Suggest they check with NOAA and satellite Not worth it.

  • Disappointed

    by WeatherRob

    Disappointing interface. "NOAA-like" audio it isn't. Certainly not worth $10. With no sample or trial period you pays your money and takes your chances. Buyer beware.

  • Server mix up?

    by Jezzy M.D.

    I'm been getting "Flash flood" Warning close to my area but their none or no rain since the past week!!! I already check the weather channel, accuweather and a few other without any flood or rain storm :/ You're server or database needs a fix or updated patch!!! Itouch 4 gen. iOS 5.1.1 IPhone 4s iOS 6.1.3

  • Nearly perfect...

    by Bswartz95

    Love the up-to-date radar and the customizations when it comes to notifications. One feature that is lacking is the ability to tap on a warming/watch box and read the details. This would make it a 5-star. Hope to see an update!

  • The best

    by KF4HFN

    Love the way it follows you! Perfect app for traveling and outdoor activity. The robo voice originates from NWS. The NWS is very open to understandability reports and will tweak their voice software for better pronunciation. It trips on town names at times. Just goto the NWS website to enter suggestions. The voice has come a long way from where it was a few years ago.

  • Unreliable

    by NSDoug

    I have this app, the weather channel app and a home NOAA weather radio. I got a thunderstorm watch on all three but when the severe warnings came out on my NOAA weather radio and my weather channel app twice, this app never alerted. So I logged into it to see what it showed and the other alerts were not there. Working once in a while is not good enough for the safety of my family.

  • The Platinum Standard.

    by Bill Somethingorother

    Your local news station may have a modified version of this app, but this is the one to get. It does pretty much everything, it doesn't have a bunch of needless things you can get with a link to your local media's website, and the forecasts from NWS generally don't have the scare factor your local TV weather people (or the folks from TWC) like to put into the forecast.

  • Would like SPC Outlook map

    by You rider

    Easily 5 star rating if we could have the maps

  • Good but...

    by Joekinnett

    This app is great, but it would be nice if there were a setting allowing it to repeat the alert or sound a loud alarm until you manually cancel it. Sometimes, I don't wake up to my phone without a loud alarm, and sometimes the alarm has to be persistent. If this option were added for those of us who are heavy sleepers, it would be 5 stars.

  • Didn't warn me.

    by Gabeman6007

    I have had this app for a long time now and after the last update, it didn't warn me of a tornado warning. I heard the sirens first. And yes, I do have it set to warn me of tornadoes. Writing this at 11:45 pm from the basement.

  • Great but need ipad version

    by KansasBob

    This is a super ap but wish they would have a version for iPad. Great support and allows you to be alerted to alerts in 5 different areas.

  • Very fast

    by kd0dwu

    This app is faster then my whether radio and I also like that when I travel it alerts me where ever I am. it is worth the 10$

  • Lifesaver App!

    by deb4earth

    I have had this app since it's beginning and I feel it is THE most important app on my iPhone. Living in the midwest it is critical to be alerted to incoming severe weather - esp tornadic storms. It has alerted me often BEFORE my local news channels! I love being able to alert other family members as well - the app allows you to monitor more than one location. Thank you for this great app!!!

  • Love the text alerts!

    by DevPeter

    Out of all the weather apps that have push notification for severe weather, this one seem to alert me first. It took me a couple days until I realized I had to tap on the current condition to get detail weather. Since the price was reduce to $5 a couple days ago, I should have waited.

  • Lame

    by Rockonmanpleaseifucan

    There is nothing special about this app don't waste your money

  • A Must Have!

    by Gatorade0509

    If you live anywhere near an area that sees bad weather, this is a great app. Gives excellent advanced warning when you need it. Well worth the price!

  • Not pleased at all!! What a joke!

    by B2100XLG

    I read each review before deciding to purchase this app. I paid close attention to the how the app was "supposed" to perform. I set it up exactly as directed. This stupid app can't even locate my home with my GPS turned on! Not even close. I am told I can drag the pin to "adjust it to my location." NO... I CAN NOT! This was a waste of money. I want a refund now!!'

  • Amazing app!

    by Snoopchic

    We live in OK, and have severe weather often...I love that it actually alerts me even if we are asleep! It is user friendly and easy to customize!! Love this app and it's one of only a hope that I recommend to everyone!!

  • Bugs???

    by Happyhrj

    This has been a great app up until lately. It is CONSTANTLY bringing up wrong warnings. I just got a warning that told me I am currently in a flood warning (despite that it is perfectly sunny) and the warning is for three days from now. I'm about to delete this app because I am getting false warnings several times a day.

  • Good App, But Battery Drain

    by Fallman236

    Had this app for a long time now and it's been awesome up until lately. For some reason, it is constantly detecting location lately and it's killing my battery. The setting is still as low as possible (as I've always had it set), but it's using it all the time. If that problem is fixed, this would be a great app!

  • Great

    by sgsztagrl

    I love this app, especially the alerts!

  • Location

    by Chi44

    My saved locations are gone and it won't save any locations when I hit save

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