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Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: The Weather Channel

- USER INTERFACE UPDATE with cleaner design for faster navigation to your live radar and maps, the latest videos, and local pollen levels
- EXPECT RAIN tab on your Now screen. If snow, rain or thunderstorms start or change in the next 6 hours the EXPECT RAIN tab appears to let you know
- New video player with enhanced viewing experience
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements
- Improved severe WEATHER™ alerts

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443 Ratings
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Want the best WEATHER™ app, without the ads? With over 200 meteorologists and our ultra-local TruPoint(sm) forecasting technology, The Weather Channel® MAX helps you plan the best day possible in an ad free environment.

Our Favorite Features:
- Expect Rain tab on your Now screen
- Customizable radar maps (past & FUTURE radar)
- Detailed WEATHER™ conditions and 15-minute forecasts
- Severe WEATHER™ push alerts & badges
- Swipe between your favorite locations
- Choose from our beautiful, dynamic WEATHER™ backgrounds OR upload your own photos (under settings)

Easy-to-use buttons:
- Refresh icon
- Search icon
- “Find Me Now” helps you get the WEATHER™ for your TruPoint(sm) location (found next to the search box)
- Settings icon

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Customer Reviews

  • Great Apps

    by LanaMu

    The Weather Channel Max is an AWESOME APP! Love the feature that U can see what direction the storm or bad weather will take when you touch "Future" on the Radar Screen. It is accurate in its weather predictions much more than it is off!!! We DEPEND ON ITS PREDICTIONS! Thx for such a GREAT APP!!!

  • Very easy

    by Jaxytotx

    We have traveled a lot this last year. Having this ap has been so very helpful. We have more than once used it to avoid getting caught in very bad weather. It is so easy to add another location so we know what is happening where we are but we can also check on things back home with just a swipe of the finger. It has been one of the aps I have used most.

  • Very useful app

    by Palmetto Birder

    Helps me avoid crappy weather!

  • Review

    by SteveReviewer1000

    This application is good, however I would like the option of turning off the three screens at the bottom of the page.

  • Ms

    by LPN La

    Very good app

  • Weather bug

    by Bubbie. 56

    Works ok like the ten day future cast radar jumps hard to tell what it doing sometimes

  • TWC App

    by Zo34&

    Awesome !

  • My "go to" for weather!

    by teaguetiffany

    Great app! Use it everyday! Convenient and easy to use!

  • Pretty good

    by edk012

    Decent app. Not a great interface, but decent.

  • Not a fan of the new UI

    by pblast

    Was looking for a better weather app than the default. This definitely provides more data, but over time the UI has become less user firefly and I see less data than what I actually want. Since this is a paid app, I'm surprised at how much content it tries to throw at me. I don't want to see charming TWC videos, I want to see the forecast and current weather!

  • Great weather app

    by Will-2002

    Has all the best features among weather apps. Just needs appearances redesigned to be fresh, new, and ios visually improved.

  • Decent

    by Ejaazi

    The new UI doesn't bother me. The app works well, it's fast and easy to use. If you really want to out the old version back on, that's really simple. Drag the old version out of the trash and back to "apps" in itunes. It'll ask you if you want to replace the current version and hit yes. The old one will go back on and the update will reappear. But this version is fine by me and the most accurate so far. Update: 5.3.1 is a sleeker look. Yes, they do need another update to do the entire UI all over again. They really need to at least hide the screens at the bottom. But I have been comparing WCM to Weather Underground and Accu Weather and WCM is more accurate and that is what matters most.

  • Good

    by Aidan

    We need the ios 7 ready update and the a new look

  • Spot on

    by Austral Moon

    Spot on data. Most accurate weather app there is.

  • Outstanding app

    by Jim0525

    This app is great! I wish that this version was compatible with my iPad also. Great functionality and ease of use without the bothersome advertising. We'll worth the small price!

  • Weather

    by juliecoleman76

    I love everything on the Weather Channel Max. Thank you.

  • City banner on radar annoying!

    by margew

    The app still crashes on a regular basis. But that location banner on the radar is so annoying! It used to go away with a tap of the finger and now it just stays and is in the way.

  • I don't think it's so bad

    by Funkmaster356795790

    It's definitely a utilitarian design, but if you prefer style over substance there's plenty of other choices. I'm not saying it couldn't be improved, but I reserve 1 star ratings for apps with poor functionality and this app works great.

  • Good app


    I'm not sure what everyone's problem is with this app, but it works great on my phone.

  • Livestream

    by Brochrisb

    It would be great to have live stream of the broadcasts on the app. When power is out or if out and about. The convience of getting information would helpful and lifesaving

  • FIx the Bug, PLEASE

    by twhditto

    I would give a higher rating but doggone it, the app continually goes back to "C" instead of "F." To change the stupid thing back, I have to go to settings, units, choose hybrid, then choose US. Other wise, it will not change to "F." Then it works only as long as the app is open. Come on, fix the thing... I have asked about this issue before. Did I waste my money???

  • UI

    by jm711

    The UI is long overdue for an update please organize the home page it feels dated. Also in the watch now part of the app have the video automatically adjust when the phone is in landscape mode. Lastly can you add a live feed from the weather channel tv station. Thank You

  • Interface is too busy and confusing

    by Nick none

    The only thing going for the paid version is no adds to consume batterylife and bandwidth. Needs a lot work to take it back to the usable version from 3 or 4 years ago.

  • Swing and a Miss

    by Starchild22

    Despite the prevailing viewpoint, not all change is good. My mantra for the last 6 years has been "change it back." It applies to this latest update. Not well thought out at all which is surprising considering how good this app has been. Inaccurate data at times and crappy ui--hopefully all will be corrected because just a few modifications could make this the best weather app available.

  • Looks great, but who cares when it doesn't work!

    by crusso9

    Overall layout of this app is nice. Pleasing to the eye and easy to use. Now if it only has accurate weather, I may give it more stars. Blizzard is on the way and it says 'up to an inch of snow'. What a #FAIL. This is the paid version in using. Please have current data!

  • Won't pull anything up

    by Football8888

    Every time I try to use this app it won't work. My home page weather will never pull up and just says "label". I can't even find other locations because it's to busy "trying" to pull the home page. It's really starting to not be worth having in my phone!!!

  • Please update

    by Coilette's Brother

    I deleted this app when you put those huge tiles at the bottom of features I NEVER use. AND you moved all the features I regularly use to the top. The bottom of the screen is easier to quickly touch with your thumb. Please restore this app. I wish I could get a refund since I no longer like or use this app.

  • Looks horrible even without ads

    by Inspector generalette

    Looks horrible on ipad mini- big clunky what gives?

  • Crap

    by SRD-01

    Does not work at all on my ipad air.... I want my money back.... Fraudulent description....

  • Update

    by Bellooz

    Hate the update. Paid for TWC Max for no ads. Now there is a ticker tape ad at the top?!!!! Also, my locations are gone and you are no longer taken immediately to your current location. Finding it impossible to ad my current location. Will be switching to a different weather app unless these are corrected. Sad.

  • Ok overall

    by ~Vi4ka~

    Weather Works good normally, but I haven't been able to update "watch now" videos in weeks, fix it please.

  • Still?


    Once again, the ad-laced version gets an update while the paid version has to wait. Gave Max a chance once more, only to find that severe weather push alerts still do not work, and radar update intervals are still 20-30 mins apart. NOT helpful during the recent winter weather.

  • Bad

    by ---Joe---

    Radar broken, notifications hardly ever work, and no support. Devs obviously don't put any time into making this app better.


    by Allen Carter


  • Horrible radar!

    by abc18

    Why is the radar 40 min behind, and will not show up until you adjust the distance? Very frustrating. There has got to be a better app! Not to mention the radar doesn't work. You would think being "the official weather channel" app it would be the best and most relable....WRONG!!! Come on guys, fix this mess!

  • Slow UI, slow updates

    by AmazinglySmooth

    Please work on this app. It needs significant work on responsiveness. Clicking the gear and then clicking done is so slow that I often push it too many times and oscillate between screens. Also, the data refresh is sometimes too slow.

  • Trash!!!

    by TClymer

    I have had this app for a couple of years now and I can't get the radar to work properly. I get alerts from the local news gurus and Intellicast before I ever them from TWC...if ever. I do not recommend this app. If you pay for it after reading the reviews, you deserve what you get.


    by Lions fan 09

    I've had an IPhone for a couple years and never had an app that crashes. This app is always crashing! It's great if and when it's working. PLEASE FIX IT!

  • Crap on iPad air

    by Psycho Trucker

    I just got a new iPad air and this app is horrible on there. It won't let me access the settings at all. Screen won't rotate and part of it is 'cut off' as if it won't fit on the screen. However my iPhone 4 which doesn't have the new iOS software due to too little memory, runs the app great. If I could, I'd give it 0 stars.

  • Radar, radar, radar

    by tampabaycruisin

    Just when you think it can't get any worse...please give the option to remove the annoying location/zipcode banner that blocks the view of the radar map. Also if the radar is showing rain then perhaps it would be a good idea to not describe my location as "sunny"!

  • Terrible!!! It keeps crashing!

    by musiklover34

    I paid for this app, it used to be great, now I can not open it. Once I try to open the app, it crashes and does not open...very unsatisfied customer.

  • Weather Channel Max hits new low

    by Flormic

    Can't change color of alphanumerics. Can't delete home location without APP crash. You used to be top weather dog for over 20 years... TV & APP. Now I use other sources. What happened to you folks???

  • Bad segmented control placement

    by Nekotron

    Put the segmented control at the bottom. It looks better there and is more functional there. Why are you splitting up the app controls between top and bottom? This is a utility app and should be designed like one. I can understand the settings being up at the top by themselves, but the segmented control belongs on bottom with what used to be a tab bar controller. Speaking of which, bring back the tab bar controller. These pictures are distracting and make the screen look more cluttered. Even better, give us the option to choose between a cleaner looking interface and your busy looking interface. I don't want to see a mini map on a screen showing current weather info. I want to see that on a screen for the map.

  • Doesn't meet my expectations

    by Bruce Wieland

    I would like to say that it needs a sleek re-design, optimized for iOS7. I would really enjoy it if the graphics were very much alike as the new local on the 8's are for specific local areas on cable providers such as Charter Communications. Very little to do on the app, as weatherbug elite surpasses my expectations.

  • Deleted

    by MGD718

    Deleted, waste of $4. Can't believe people keep buying this lousy app. 3/4 of a year with no update!!

  • Worst app I have.

    by Redbeard2012

    The radar on this app never works right. It freezes up and won't show anything most of the time. I have to zoom in and out just to get it to show up. Terrible app.

  • Just deleted the AP

    by Bullseye chaser

    After this last update the AP works worse than ever. It would no longer update. The "today" was still 3 days ago.

  • Upgrade is awful

    by Andy#65

    Latest upgrade is horrible, wiped out all my saved locations, interface is awkward and impossible to navigate. I've used this app for weather for three years, I'll find something else now.

  • Awful

    by ethernet13

    Give some attention to your paying customers. This app hasn't been updated in forever.

  • Do not purchase

    by Bswartz95

    The radar hasn't updated properly in over a year. I left the app for a few months & came back to check it; radar is still 20-30 minutes behind. Customer support never responds. Don't waste your money.

  • Worthless Unreliable

    by GMAGSLP

    Piece of XXXX. Don't waste your time.

  • Disaster

    by appalcarp

    This app is junk, crashes, rendered almost inoperable today, updates are weak. Surprising given the nature of TWC itself.

  • What happened?

    by riceball76

    This app used to work...I used it everyday for almost 2 years. Today it stopped working - even after I tried reinstalling it. Weather just lost a loyal customer. It's a good thing there are better apps out there.

  • Not working! At all

    by jay ramsey

    Can't get any cites at all won't update or anything. Videos work fine but I am more interested in the weather forecast, kinda why I bought the app in the first place. I am getting "label" and "null"

  • Too Many Bugs

    by Sullen Skies

    The location services will never work.. Sometimes it won't search locations at all and the severe weather button in the settings causes the app to crash..

  • Disappointing

    by FlopsyGoose

    Kinda bummed I paid for this, but I’m holding out hope that one day, it will finally get updated. Thing is, if I go to the mobile site in Safari, it actually looks BETTER than this app and is more logically organized, so why not copy that lead? Thing is, for my location, the weather is usually pretty accurate and I have no issues with the data provided, but the presentation and navigation is poor, like the three boxes at the bottom that haven’t changed in eons and don’t really offer any context until you click into them. There’s great app here under the surface dying to be unleashed, but the way its organized means it stays off my device until a major iOS 7 update arrives and it’s rethought a bit. Shame, because it has a lot of potential.

  • Bugs!

    by object52

    When I open up the app a video will start playing even if I'm not on that tab. When I go to check the weather by opening up the app, it automatically starts to play a video. This seams to happen on the weather page after I have opened the app. I would watch a video, pause it, check the weather, close out of the app, and hours later recheck the weather. That's when the video will start playing in the background. I like this app and the cool videos, but the app now runs slow and the location services don't turn on and off quick enough. Sometime it'll stay on which drains that battery. Please fix. Please find ways to keep us coming back to this app. It seems to be loosing momentum.

  • mr

    by wqrty678

    i want my money back.

  • Radar blanks out the whole area around our town

    by MDK Elgin IL

    You look to see how close the rain or snow us to our town, and it's like the clouds stop at a wall all around the area your interested in.

  • Burned by the radar

    by crizoo

    Whys this radar so inaccurate? Many times I've looked at the app radar, went out side, and been rained on. Weather Bug seems to have a much more sensitive radar.

  • What happened?

    by Austin Warr

    This app used to be amazing, and then the developers let go of it… bring it back! iOS 7 UI change, stability and other improvements, please!

  • App of lies

    by guero00

    their forecasts are lousy always fail and make you lose plans, and leave that job and find real experts are selling this app robbery

  • Weather Channel Max Fails With User Interface

    by MarkyMark11111

    The weather channel needs to look at Yahoo Weather to see how to do UI for weather information on the iPhone! How Yahoo can present the weather better than a outfit who's only job is supposedly is the weather, is flat out shocking!!!!

  • Cannot change units

    by Tara MT

    Generally, I like the app. As of a couple days ago it changed from Imperial to Metric Units all in its own and when I try to change them back in the settings, my changes are not saved. This is incredibly frustrating....

  • Junk

    by Appsucks101

    Waste of money and time. Would not recommend. Radar never works right.

  • Inaccurate waste of money

    by GpnJules

    Radar is rarely accurate. Radar will show no storm while it is thundering in my area. Very frustrating. I downloaded the noaa hi-def radar and it is much more reliable and accurate. Wish I hadn't wasted my money.

  • Slow!

    by Thomb51

    Opens so slowly that it went from my favorite weather app to my least favorite.

  • Needs Serious Work

    by JoanLS

    Why do you have a graphic from May for the Pacific and nothing current? Are you people living on this planet?

  • Always wrong

    by ctc1825

    The forecast is always wrong for the Cincinnati area. The WeatherBug app is much better.

  • No updates

    by Huger82

    Still no update lol. Why make a paid version when it's never updated?

  • Not getting push notifications

    by DrewCrank

    Not getting severe weather push notifications

  • A mess

    by north1250

    Apparently NOT for the iPad. Big white border along left side, shoves other controls off screen. How hard is this to JUST REMOVE THE ADS after we pay $3.99!!

  • Great app with flaws

    by D. Krouse

    Best weather app I've found. It loads quickly and had a radar map. However, the map often stalls when loading (without a way to refresh) and can be off up to a few hours.

  • Since The Update....

    by Misthesea

    The new update has slowed the radar way down. This app is no longer time efficient. Also, only 2% of the time, I can remove the labels.

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