Beautiful Weather: Accurate Forecasts Across the Globe Weather App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: The Beautiful Weather Corporation

• Beautiful Weather is finally available as a universal app for iPhone and iPad!
• 14 days of free personal weather reports sent as push notifications
• 14 days of free severe weather push notifications for up to 34 countries
• Premium customers have instant iPhone and iPad access

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A fantastic app that will put a smile on your face in all kinds of weather. With precise forecasts, intuitive displays and controls, and lots of extras such as the innovative panorama view, current severe weather warnings, and an interactive globe. Let the most beautiful weather app in the App Store amaze you! ".. as pretty as the name implies, with crisp and vibrant displays" "A new weather experience"

With this standard version, you can enjoy all the core features. We also offer a premium option for more finely grained forecasts, animation. You can subscribe anytime. Please check out the premium experience on Sundays, when all premium features are free for the day.

More about the standard version:

Daily Forecast
Accurate details about the current weather anywhere in the world – plus two intriguing historical events from ‘This Day in History.’ A unique innovation is our Panorama View, a landscape scene depicting how the weather will develop on a given day. See at a glance what weather awaits you in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Weekly forecast
Of course, Beautiful Weather also includes a Week View, providing a clear overview of the weather in the next seven days within a single screen. The weekly forecast data is updated regularly, keeping you informed of upcoming weather changes, in portrait or landscape mode.

World weather
A real highlight: the interactive, 3D view of the Earth, showing you the weather in the most beautiful places around the world. It’s our new take on the classic globe, which you can rotate and zoom. Caution: this feature may cause intense wanderlust.

Weather data
Accurate and reliable forecasts are indispensible for any serious weather app. Beautiful Weather consistently provides up-to-the-minute data from the world’s leading commercial and governmental weather institutes to provide you with high-quality forecasts that you can depend on.

Standard features:

• Innovative Panorama View: see today and tomorrow’s weather changes at a glance
• Day View: Wind direction and speed, humidity, rain, temperatures
• Day View: sunrise and sunset, moon phase
• Week View: 7-day forecast at a glance; portrait and landscape formats
• Forecast details: detailed temperatures for today and tomorrow (3 hour intervals)
• World View: interactive, zoomable 3D-globe featuring the weather in the world’s most beautiful destinations
• Soundtrack: original music composed especially for each weather condition
• This Day In History: two interesting events shown each day

Optional premium features:

• Panorama view: see not just today and tomorrow, but the next 7 days
• Panorama view: animated animals and other details enliven the landscape
• Weather animations enliven both the Panorama and detail views
• Week View: forecast details not just for today and tomorrow, but the next 7 days
• Forecast details: Even more detailed temperature forecasts (1 hour intervals)
• World View: live cloud animations; current satellite images of the Earth (updated monthly)
• World View: 3D globe can be customized with your favorite places

Our alert data is based on the following sources: EUMETNET – MeteoAlarm (Europe) & the National Weather Service (US).

Time delays between our app and the or websites are possible, for the most up to date information about alert levels as published by the participating National Meteorological Services please use and

Customer Reviews

  • Simple to use

    by Mh67coupe

    I like the simplicity of this app. I also like the little surprise animations. However, I wish it would look like the seasons that you are actually experiencing. I would also like to see a few more little animations added.

  • Weather

    by Me n u 2012

    Good weather channel

  • Love it

    by Melenita6

    Love animation and when wake up i got every morning My weather

  • Curtis


    First I never write reviews unless it is worthy of being reviewed and I use it everyday, and this is one of those apps. I have purchased many weather apps and this one is a front page go to app. (I went with the premium Service after testing it) Very accurate, if you stay with in two days. Also can see the weather for the next two days and be done with in 15 seconds and trust me I have put it to the test (very accurate). Alerts dead on ahead of most of the other apps I have. If I won't great details on the weather, barometric pressure, feel like, wind speeds, etc and I have the time I will go to another app. Again for me it is about time and Accuracy. Oh it is quite beautiful and peaceful to look at, really love the music.

  • Great app

    by Mc3 1

    We love this app, thank you.

  • Lovely

    by Stevens Aunt

    I really enjoy this weather app, I went through many of them and picked this one. I like the history on this day. I enjoy the clouds moving and the sun and moon and the music is very soothing although now I lost my sound. Really cute seeing the cow, birds and lamb. Thank You. Just wanted to say thank you for the lightening now if we could just get thunder we would be set. Just wanted to say thank you for the Christmas tree and for leaving it up for the right amount of time.

  • Beautiful Weather.

    by Hardijaye

    As a premium subscriber, I am very happy with this app. I'm impressed with the accuracy of the daily forecast which appears on my iPad, & I enjoy the touch of humor that often helps me start the day with a smile. The accompanying music is gentle & appropriate, This Day in History is always interesting, and I look forward to seeing the different animals which appear in landscape mode. All in all, it is an app which I would recommend to anyone. Di, Harare, Zimbabwe.

  • Fantastic

    by Skydiver1763

    All u need and more

  • Weather never looked so beautiful!

    by Mythie12

    So far I really love this app! Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but the information is quite thorough and presented in an easy to understand format. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  • Susanna

    by Susie faith.

    Great app! Love the colors and the history info, the one small problem I had with it was fixed due to the help of Thomas! Great people, great app. Love beautiful weather!!

  • Beautiful weather app!

    by FitnessOtter

    Sometimes it is not so useful, but it is really nice to look at!


    by Tre-Vor Robinson

    Everybody you must try this app ! I am Highly pleased with its performance ! My I Pad. tree' " )

  • Very good

    by خآإلد

  • I really like this app

    by Nuggins2

    Colorful, options, weather is accurate my favorite weather app

  • Best weather app I've used

    by Moford Fonefifty

    I've used many weather apps and this one beats them all

  • Cute

    by Dakota 72707

    This is a very nice app, cute with the animals and birds depending in the weather. Put on my home page favorites

  • Gorgeous App

    by RocK_sTaR 101

    I Love this's beautiful to look at, and I love the changing scenes..if you like looking at other parts of the world, get this App!

  • MLC

    by AAmoseAA

    Been good so far no complaints iPad and useful.

  • Ms

    by Veritu

    Me encanta esta aplicación pero me gustaría poder ponerla como fondo de pantalla pero no se puede aún así me encanta

  • Moonsh

    by KenMillRoch

    The emphasis seems to be on graphics. I'd like more detail than this site offers.

  • Not for me

    by Tconsultant

    The icon is indeed beautiful, however the app worked more like a pernicious virus on my iPad: it locked my home screen and even after deleting it, cause trouble for me. Not saying its a "bad" app, just that it has caused me more INconvenience than I would have preferred to experience.

  • Picture doesn't match season

    by LasVegasJenny

    The green summer-like background is pleasant, but doesn't make much sense in January.

  • A little bad

    by Shibuki Star

    Wow. A little bad.

  • bad accuracy and fair design

    by Buyerabc

    Temperature is 8° off of actual. Design is such that you have to turn your iPad to invokes certain functions. Some work with horizontal some work vertical. Non-intuitive to get detail.

  • Great

    by Thunder71R

    Nice App

  • Love the app and graphics

    by Black I

    Love the app and graphics

  • It's a Beautiful Weather app

    by $$Hawkeye$$

    I love this app with its easy-to-read titles, crisp, clean graphics, & easy-to-use interface. I've tried several other weather apps, but none come close to Beautiful Weather. Love the raindrops!


    by pick's picks

    Love this app, use it daily.

  • Visual feast

    by HardRockette

    Love the look and feel. Makes weather fun!

  • Unique!

    by Sistergmw

    I like the fact that several cities can be added and then one can watch the entire earth revolve with major cities' temperatures and the phase the moon is in. Good work!


    by Marty's Genius

    LOVED it once but now unusable...always crashes!!!!!

  • Review

    by Bori62

    Nice app!

  • Works good

    by 437essie

    Haven't ever had problems. Like seeing the weather in several places. Works good for me.

  • Great app

    by Coach Rob 72

    Really helpful and great looking

  • Constant upgrade harassment

    by Boo7333333

    It would be a great app but I haven't been able to get the upgrade pop up off the screen. So I would have to say the app stinks and I am dumping it. I wish I could give it a negative star rating -10 star

  • Love this

    by Weimwoman2

    So far most accurate weather app I have tried. Plus it's fun-visually! Have had no problems with it.

  • Beautiful app

    by Coopypoop

    Love this app. Crashed once but support person, Thomas, quickly rescued me. Nice features. Easy to use. Lots of info. No need to check the weather on T.V. Just get this app.

  • Favorite weather app

    by Terraswift

    Works great for me. Weather is accurate and I love the design. Excellent app!

  • Suddenly stopped working

    by tbao

    Crashes and closes itself on opening.

  • No way

    by Andrea Anglin-Huie

    Annoying app.... Freeze my iPad for hours!

  • Great App, but...

    by April In Paradise

    I fell in love with this app immediately, but it keeps crashing on me. I have had to reinstall it several times since I downloaded it two weeks ago and then had to put in all my previously saves cities. I also paid the $9.99 fee for a year subscription, which seems pricy for the overall experience. I hope the bug is fixed soon.

  • Weathher

    by usilleybob

    Wish you had a map satellite view with this. That would make you complete.

  • No transfer between devices

    by John Grooms

    After paying for the in app upgrade on my iPhone, the app proceeds to notify me that it "can't" go between my devices. ie. will work on my iPhone but not on my iPad. Huge FAIL IMHO.

  • Nice app but...

    by Gtk pilot

    Nice app overall. I give it 3 stars only due to the lack of radar and cloud features. In the premium features you can get cloud cover for the whole world, nice touch. $9.99 a year is a bit stiff. The music is a nice touch. The local weather appearance is thoughtfully put together, but again lacks radar.

  • Mediocrity

    by edthecat

    There are definitely better apps. The long range forecast is no better than a horoscope . Temperatures seem fairly accurate as we are 5 miles from measuring station. The premium features are great for those with more dollars than sense.

  • Awesome

    by Jo1555

    Beautiful graphics easy to use really nice app to have

  • Weather App

    by RaaBea

    Love it. Give me just the information I need.

  • Love this app

    by Jkcew

    I use it every day and enjoy the pictures and graphics. I watch the weather in several cities and it is very easy to check them out.

  • Waste of time on an iPad

    by fjpoblam

    Totally unresponsive to touch gestures. Doesn't rotate to landscape as described in the intro. Buffoonery at its best. Don't be fooled by its name. Should be "Ugly Whether".

  • Love it

    by RJ 360

    Love it!!!

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