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Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Slava Barouline

# Minor bug fixes.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
40 Ratings
All Versions:
132 Ratings


# MOST POWERFUL Earthquake App in the App Store!
# Reached TOP 10 in Weather Category in More Than 60 countries!

# FREE Push Notifications for Multiple Locations!
# BEST Integration with Social Networks!

# Recent VOLCANIC Activity!

How is Oz Quake different?

# We keep improving Oz Quake all the time, so you get more and more features.

We have just added iOS 7 support and with your feedback we are making Oz Quake the best earthquake app in the world!

# You can register many places of interest to receive FREE push notifications for the selected locations and not for all the earthquakes in the world.

You will always stay on top of all the earthquake activity you are interested in and will not get overloaded with the alerts you do not need. You can add locations by searching them by name on Add My Place screen or by touching and holding the map.

# The only app in the App Store to display volcanic activity. Display active volcanoes by turning on this option on Map Options screen.

There is a connection between earthquakes and volcanoes, we would like our users to be aware of not only seismic, but also volcanic activity in their region.

# App uses not one, but multiple datasets:

- US Geological Survey (USGS),
- European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC),
- GeoScience Australia,
- GeoNet (NZ),
- Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (GFZ),
- Natural Resources Canada (NRC),
- British Geological Survey (BGS).

Rest assured that no matter where you live or what locations of interest you chose there will be an up-to-date earthquake data sent to you.

# App supports multiple languages

If your native language is not English, but Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, French or Russian, we have translated the app so you can navigate it with ease.

# iPhone 5 and iPad support

If your have an iPhone 5 or iPad we made our app work on these devices for you to have a bigger map so you can see more earthquakes at once.

# Seamless SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter integration

Be social - let other people know about earthquakes! You can comment on an event, share it or mark it as "Felt" to let your friends and relatives know about any earthquakes in the world.

# Standard, Satellite and Hybrid maps

You can switch between Standard, Satellite and Hybrid maps to see where exactly the earthquake epicentre was.

# The list and the map of all noticeable (magnitude 4.0 and above) earthquakes for the whole world and of any earthquake activity for your locations of interest.

If you missed an alert you will be able to see one week of earthquake activity for the whole world and for your specified locations.

# You can customize search filter or alert settings (available via in-app-purchase) to make the app even more useful.

If you do not want to see too many earthquakes or receive too many alerts you can easily change this.

# You can sort the list of recent earthquakes by Date, Magnitude, Distance or Depth.

If you do want to look at the strongest or the closest earthquakes for the past week - you can easily do it!

# You can look at last 12 months of earthquake activity (available via in-app-purchase) by changing Period End Date in Custom Filter section.

You can go back in time and look at the earthquakes that happened in the past (at the moment data is limited to last 12 months).

User Reviews

"The BEST app to see what's shakin!"

"Great quick reference and shows location on the map fast also."

"I love this app. I had no idea there were so many earthquakes going on everywhere! I don't feel so bad now, living in California."

"You'll be amazed at how much quake activity is happening all around the world at any given moment."

Download Oz Quake app now and see for yourself!

Customer Reviews

  • Buena

    by Florence444

    Muy buena app, fácil de manejar; pero traté de bajarla en el ipad y tengo que volver a comprarla???! No debe ser así, las demás app si las compré las puedo bajar en el iphone o ipad.....

  • Awesome

    by Jay Muller

    Like a lot

  • Quakes

    by Vanegali

    It's excelent. To know whats going on with quakes Where I live and around The world. I always check.

  • TrueSeeker!

    by MamaXicta

    Best and honest reporting on quakes!

  • Great

    by Sarah4085

    Best earthquake app!

  • Mr.

    by InSDcarter


  • Who knew there were so many earthquakes!

    by TexasCarolyn

    I have family members around the world, and some are in earthquake prone regions. It is good to be able to easily see if an earthquake I have heard about is actually near where a family member lives. For example, my brother is in Japan, but I don't know much about the different areas in Japan so I can use this app to see exactly where a quake occurred in relation to where he lives.

  • Exito

    by Jdperez2163

    Una exelente herramienta de trabajo

  • OZ Earthquake

    by JtheDutchman

    This ap shows the comprehensive and cooperative state of earthquakes around the world including plates configuration. Great AP THANKS

  • Great app

    by John Peurifoy

    This is a great app.

  • Helpful

    by RVerEG

    There have been recent earthquakes in TX and it is nice being able to see how big they are and where they are.

  • Great app.

    by Myca123456789

    I really find this interesting. It takes feeds from many different agencies so that is better than other phone ones. the USGS software has changed and the website is no longer valuable. THEY decided people didn't need to know the lower mag. Earthquakes so they just stopped showing them. (Government response to people worried about fracking? ) I increased my area coverage to most of So Cal you can see the quakes along San Andreas and other local faults. You can turn off the sound to the notifications which is good. When I think about it I might buy the upgrade.

  • Excelente App

    by Betsy Rivera

    Buenísima.. Me gusta!

  • Buena

    by Jessytdv

    Muy buena aplicacion

  • Evalúa

    by Pedrovader

    Good 100%

  • Good little app

    by @dm1n1str@t0r

    Works well on my iPads, even my old gen 1 running 5.0.1. The app helps you to see that our planet really is in constant, albeit, slow motion.

  • Great for Southern California

    by ChameleonLizard

    I love the notifications which can be set for a particular area.

  • Verifico si es cierto q sentí moverse

    by makatron2008

    Con esta App es fácil verificar si tembló antes q salga en noticiero.

  • Good

    by Elie jomar


  • Earthquake Map

    by juliecoleman76

    I love learning where everything is located around the World. I use it for my own personal safety and education. I enjoy both Earthquake and Volcano apps. Thank you very much.

  • CRASH on Launch w iOS 4.3.5

    by lw-

    App STILL does NOT launch on my iPod Touch 4th Gen running iOS 4.3.5, even after the latest update on 1/3/14. I hope you will be able to fix this and continue to support iOS 4.3.5. Thank you!

  • Love the notifications

    by Hackman-777

    We get a lot more earthquakes in Oklahoma now than we used to get. We find ourselves asking ourselves, "Was that a quake?" With the automatic notifications, now we can know for sure!

  • Love the notifications

    by Hackman-777

    We get a lot more earthquakes in Oklahoma now than we used to get. We find ourselves asking ourselves, "Was that a quake?" With the automatic notifications, now we can know for sure!

  • Tracking a trend

    by CHAZ-40

    Love this APP! Living in an active quake & tidal wave zone makes this APP super relevant to our lives here on the Northern California beach line!

  • Perfect for my needs

    by Mdol1973

    Exactly what I need. Multiple sources, works beautifully.

  • Very cool app

    by ed argen

    Amazing to see all the activity all around the world.

  • I like it!!

    by MrScience22

    Love that I can be up to date with what's happening in areas the news will not report on...

  • Texas

    by Ukiahgal

    Don't get many here in Texas but it's nice to know about 'em

  • Gracias!!

    by Omi 005

    Me mantiene alerta...

  • Enathe7

    by Enatbe3

    Great app. Could use a few more features but it does the job.

  • Great app

    by SAM62&ron

    I refer to this app for earthquake activity & always reliable.

  • Great

    by Yukon Nugget

    Fantastic app!

  • Awesome, works great.

    by LibbyLimaBean

    Have had this app for six weeks now, no problems and keeps me up to date!

  • Keeps you up to date about Earthquakes

    by FilmMusicPro

    This is a great app for knowing where there are earthquakes in the world. The nearby earthquake indications alert and the "felt it" button are great features. Thanks.

  • 2 bad apps in a row

    by Jarbuckle

    I just got done downloading one app that gave me pop ups and all kinds of stuff for advertisement and push junkmail and then I download this one and you can't customize anything unless you pay $.99 what the hell

  • 2 bad apps in a row

    by Jarbuckle

    I just got done downloading one app that gave me pop ups and all kinds of stuff for advertisement and push junkmail and then I download this one and you can't customize anything unless you pay $.99 what the hell

  • 2 bad apps in a row

    by Jarbuckle

    I just got done downloading one app that gave me pop ups and all kinds of stuff for advertisement and push junkmail and then I download this one and you can't customize anything unless you pay $.99 what the hell

  • Nice app

    by Dhhhfggg

    Nice app

  • Oz Quake

    by Azmuth:45

    I like the app I just wish you could filter out Quakes with a magnitude less than 2.5 or 3

  • Really informative

    by Kiwibegg

    Big like !!!

  • The Best if the Best!

    by Rachaelc115

    Very informative information. Glad to have it. No problems with the app. Just wish there was not such a delay.

  • V

    by Ritu8860

    Very use tool. Keeps you updated

  • Great

    by Michael Sigmon

    Really good App

  • Nice app

    by Nita1976

    Maintain the people update about the earthquake on their region and the world. Good App!!

  • Oz earthquake

    by Bengie 23596

    Es muy buena, lo único es queso le pudieran añadir o combinar con alertas de Tsunami sería espectacular.

  • Amazing app! Best eq app ever

    by NomoreAds237

    This app is very good!

  • Like this app

    by lovleybabe


  • Great app!

    by SusyBHoney

    Good way to see what is going on locally, as well as around the globe.

  • Great app

    by lady1953

    I just love this app very useful

  • Kahniken

    by Kahniken

    Great ap! It works, immediately after an earthquake in our rural central California area it showed up on this ap. Epicenter accurately pinpointed. Plus it's amazing to see how many earthquakes happen every hour all over earth. Fun in a weird way!

  • Accurate

    by Cbme82


  • Great App

    by ML5350

    If you're an earthquake fan this is it.

  • Great app

    by Cayenna31

    Love this app!!

  • Australia

    by Kangaroo Catcher

    Great app! It's amazing to watch such a geologically active world and almost in real time. App works well.

  • Weather apps

    by mrupndown

    I have several weather apps but this one has become my "go to" app I like the temperature highlighted in read when the app is closed, the overall look of the app is appealing and I like that it changes to your current location. Great job!

  • Thanks for this informative app.

    by aRuthF

    Today my niece wore a humorous "Stop Plate Tectonics" t shirt. So much happens here beyond our control and even beyond our awareness. Always more to learn...and marvel at the Creator's kindness in preserving mankind despite the destruction man has caused through the millennia. I appreciate being able to know where and what's currently shaking and how strong. Nice work.

  • Helpful app!

    by Carahi

    It has the information right away.

  • Just like having it

    by Quiltsnob

    Info on earthquakes all over the world especially Alaska where I live.

  • Very Informative

    by RaiderGirl1977

    Lots of information; easy to access and read.

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