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NOAA SuperRes Radar is the only app in the app store that offers access to stunningly beautiful super hi-resolution radar mosaics for the continental US. SuperRes radar has 4 times the resolution of typical weather radar products (250 meters vs 1000 meters), so you will be able to view storm features that can't be viewed in ordinary radar apps. No other app delivers radar mosaics with this kind of accuracy in such an easy to use package.

In addition to Level 2 radar, NOAA RadarUS+ offers access to hurricane tracks and water vapor imagery as well as all of the features of our best-selling NOAA RadarUS app:

- 3 and 6 day precipitation and pressure forecasts from NOAA weather models
- Temperature overlay
- Snow/mixed precipitation display (only on 1km base reflectivity radar layer)
- 7 day forecasts and current conditions -- just press and hold for a second on the radar map.
- Hourly predicted radar
- Severe weather (flash flood, tornado, and severe thunderstorm) warnings. Tap on a warning box to display the full warning message from the National Weather Service. Note: these are *not* push alerts. The app must be open to view the warnings.
- Cloud cover and satellite imagery for the continental United States
- Advanced radar layers (echo tops, composite reflectivity, and storm total precipitation).
- Play, pause, and step animations
- Fast zoom in and zoom out
- Choice of radar palettes
- Multiple map styles (terrain, map, satellite, and hybrid)
- Displays time of radar image either as absolute time or relative to the current time
- Full screen, portrait, and landscape views
- GPS locator that finds and displays your current location
- Adjust the transparency (opacity) of the radar or cloud cover overlays
- Radar clutter filtering and smoothing
- Automatic refresh when new radar or cloud cover data is available
- Search for a location by zip code, city name, or address
- Legend for radar and cloud cover overlays
- Saves and restores your last location and zoom level

Note: Radar coverage only includes the continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii, and other US controlled territories are not included.


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Customer Reviews

  • Radar US+

    by His Edness

    If our job is dependent on the days weather or effected by the weather. And you need an up-to date accurate weather map. This app is for you. Worth every cent I spent. Ed Joskow

  • Actually shows weather helpful info!

    by wayyytoomuchfun

    Radar mapping has really taken the educated guess-work out of the precipitation tracking business. Thanks very much for building this app! Works excellent! Loads of advanced features.

  • RadarUS+

    by G.I.Fly

    I drive big rigs and fly. Best app I've found for weather. Easy to use, great tool. A must have. Great value!!!!!

  • Excellent radar app

    by Osengz

    Better than the others I have tried so I have been staying with it for the last year.

  • A Must!

    by Axis Praxis

    The best radar to be had, a must have!!!

  • Great App for people who drive.

    by Kevin Clay

    Great app for people who drive. It gives a clear and concise picture of what you are driving into or around.

  • Super res radar!!

    by The ebb

    Use this app daily for changing weather conditions pertaining to job. Very accurate, detailed radar.

  • Couldn't be happier!

    by Luker]

    Totally Worth every penny. Better then all other radar apps!

  • Addicted

    by Seracfilms

    I love this app - kind of obsessed by it during storms. Really helps to see the nuances of precip.

  • Great app

    by J_C_P

    Best weather app I've found

  • Love it!!

    by Windy Britches

    I love this radar. I travel a lot & it makes a world of difference. Download will not be disappointed.

  • Great!

    by SS Diver

    Great radar app!

  • This is the one

    by Run in the mud

    User interface is fine. Responds smoothly to on-screen swiping. You can adjust for whatever type of info you want displayed. I've bought over a dozen weather apps. This is virtually the only one I use.

  • Mr

    by Storm Buster

    I really appreciate this app. It has helped me plan critical outdoor operations when the minute to minute weather was of great importance. Great app!

  • Mr

    by Bluebird Cardinal

    Great radar detail and accuracy. Would be a 5 if there was more detail in the forecasts.

  • Best Radar App

    by Electrical Witch

    I have several radar apps, and this is the most accurate and up to the minute. I use it all the time

  • Thanks

    by Richie 409

    It the best app you can get I love it !!!!!

  • Skip the hype

    by RDEinMichigan

    I use mine to skip the radio/tv hype. Great app.

  • Works great!

    by BigT3118

    Very thorough. Great quality graphics.

  • Excellent Application

    by owlowlowl

    Best Radar App that I'm aware of!

  • Again, it is pouring and the radar is crystal clear

    by BozemanEric

    It is a neat app when it works. The issue I have is looking out the window to a torrential downpour, looking at the radar, and the radar is 100% clear. This is happening right now. And it happens all the time. Not very accurate at all.

  • A disapointment

    by Pigflipper1

    This Radar app does not correctly display winter weather. We are currently experiencing winter storm Leon and this app is showing red and yellow thunder storms instead of sleet, snow, or freezing rain. We had to go back to the Weather Channel App radar and the NOAA Radar app to get an accurate depiction of the winter weather we are currently under. This app is a waste of money when it comes to winter storm radar.

  • Forget the others

    by Veterinary Usage Guy

    Don't bother with the other radar applications, I've tried all of them and this application far exceeds the other ones. Not only does this have many options it is also very quick to refresh and very responsive to input from the radar services. Worth if he will not be disappointed this application.

  • NOAA accurate

    by NO AA

    Tracking all this rain with accuracy through TN we're expecting to see NOAA's Ark any day now! NOAA is our go-to app when we need accurate depiction of precipitation and now temperature changes coming. Best we've found.

  • Great app

    by Pibbkid

    Works great

  • Racecardaddy

    by Racecardaddy

    Great app. Nice to be able to view incoming weather when I want, not on the news channel timeline..

  • great app

    by OGO-7

    the best one I have tried

  • No data for Hawaii

    by Archi12man

    As Hawaii is in the US I expected super res radar US to give forecasts for the islands. To my surprise, all data maps show clear skies, as I sit here in the rain. This should have been made clear in the app description, and I would not have wasted my money.

  • Love it!!!

    by K.Renfro

    Use it almost daily!!!

  • Super Great

    by MargieMarg

    Best. Use it every day.

  • Excellent!

    by VintageGuy

    This app is simply wonderful. I look at it every day to see both local weather and the weather in other parts of the country. It works very well on my iPad and my iPhone.

  • Frequent traveler

    by Hiker 22

    Excellent detail on high res radar

  • Best app yet

    by Ron RWR

    Gets better with every update!!! Best weather app out know "weather" it will rain or shine, sleet or snow, no matter where you go!!!

  • Best radar app I've ever used

    by T Rengel

    And I've tried a bunch. Almost real time and super granular. Many different radar options for your specific needs. Touch and hold anywhere to get forecast info for that point. I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

  • IDOT driver

    by 3573809mmteddybear

    I plow snow for the State of Illinois in the winter and found this app to be GREAT!

  • Excellent. Better than any I've used

    by Aawattsjr

    Very detailed and current info. A pleasure to use.

  • great !

    by Atpilot

    Excellent application, clean, fully functional, well organized, and above all, useful.

  • My Favorite Radar App

    by /-\ !_ 3 ><

    Very frequent updates and very accurate data. It's a front page icon on my phone and iPad.

  • Good app

    by Grey mom

    Like this app very much. Sometimes slow to load.

  • Perfect!

    by ^nkd^

    I'm a weather geek and this app is absolutely perfect. Updates regularly and the maps are super clear. Love it!

  • Sweet

    by Wintz1017

    Love it!!!

  • Excellent app

    by HHRIII


  • Great!

    by Medaiuy

    I use it all the time, every day.

  • Great App

    by Workout side

    Very useful.

  • Great app

    by Alexis9144

    I use this app daily and love it. It updates frequently and accurately.

  • Love it!

    by DeniseRH

    Now that I have figured out how to use this app.....just love it!

  • Excellent Weather App

    by DWSchneck

    Best radar app in store. Deleted all other radar apps and only use this one now.

  • Pilot

    by Kristensen41

    Nice picture use it every day

  • Best radar app by far

    by Teemus43

    I always go to this app when bad weather approaches. You need this app.

  • Awesome

    by Jngfiuyfkjgfjh

    Awesome - best I've ever used

  • Great App!

    by Dmat519

    Use this app all the time. Has decent Hi-res radar, always up to date.

  • Good but ads in a paid app?

    by RioNapo

    Irritating ads when you open the app . . . I thought I paid for it so I wouldn't be hassled by ads.

  • Best weather radar

    by Katalogher

    This is great, very fast & repeatedly useful.

  • Great app

    by Bglfmr

    This is the best radar app. It has multiple options and also has prediction mode. I check this app every time precipitation would matter to my day or plans. Great job!

  • Best radar

    by rwholly

    Radar is alway spot on, and that's not easy for Payson,AZ. I have six apps on my iPad and this is by far the Best!

  • Perfect

    by Gator2370


  • Review

    by "Super'Dávę"


  • Radar

    by Ollikut

    Excellent app. Very accurate.

  • Excellent Radar

    by ZKG25

    I own a farm and need dependable radar to make decisions regarding livestock. This app has accurate and up to date animated radar that doesn't seem to lag.

  • Very good am a spotter in Indiana and very happy wiith it

    by Nick196546

    And this apa has been very helpful to me with all the weather

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