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Fast. Simple. Reliable. Hi-resolution. Predictive radar. Severe weather warnings. Snow/mixed precipitation display. Forecasts. As millions of our customers have discovered, NOAA RadarUS delivers everything you need in a app for viewing animated weather radar images.

Want more? Check out these unique features in our app:

• Choice of radar images with or without snow/freezing rain display
• Hourly predicted radar from NOAA weather models
• Choice of radar color schemes.
• Clutter control to suppress false radar echoes.
• Optional image smoothing that lets you either remove image pixellation or display the radar image as accurately as possible.
• Composite images of echo tops, composite reflectivity, and storm total precipitation.

Want the whole story? Here are all of the features:

• 7 day forecasts and current conditions -- just press and hold for a second on the radar map.
• Severe weather (flash flood, tornado, and severe thunderstorm) warnings. Tap on a warning box to display the full warning message from the National Weather Service. Note: these are *not* push alerts. The app must be open to view the warnings.
• Cloud cover and satellite imagery for the continental United States.
• Advanced radar layers (echo tops, composite reflectivity, and storm total precipitation).
• Play, pause, and step animations.
• Fast zoom in and zoom out.
• Choice of radar palettes.
• Multiple map styles (terrain, map, satellite, and hybrid).
• Displays time of radar image either as absolute time or relative to the current time.
• Full screen, portrait, and landscape views.
• GPS locator that finds and displays your current location.
• Adjust the transparency (opacity) of the radar or cloud cover overlays.
• Automatic refresh when new radar or cloud cover data is available.
• Set your location by zip code, city name, or address.
• Legend for radar and cloud cover overlays.
• Saves and restores your last location and zoom level.

Note: Radar coverage only includes the continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii, and other US controlled territories are not included.


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Customer Reviews

  • Great for watching the radar

    by JohnyKnoxvile

    This app is a great way to take a look at the radar.

  • GREAT APP!!!

    by Dawgtownrambler

    great app!!!

  • Good stuff

    by Jeff blanchard

    Great app....

  • Review

    by Okie Rebel

    It is simple and easy. It gives you a quick check of the weather. This is the best weather app that I have ever used.

  • Most accurate for precipitation and severity

    by GmanJohn

    Love the zoom in and loop so I can judge when the weather will hit. Works great and puts the power of real time radar in your hands.

  • Great App

    by Hamptonsguy

    Comes in handy.

  • Great app

    by carBIGSIS

    I use this on all my devices

  • Best radar I've used

    by Pfraynd

    Provides the mot accurate, up to date radar. The future radar is accurate too. Worth a couple bucks for someone In the snow industry

  • Very Useful

    by infinityends

    When I want to know what's actually out there, I turn to US Radar. Accurate, timely and fast.

  • Accurate real time information

    by ToroSucre

    Living in the high desert on the eastern Sierra Nevada weather can be critical if travel is needed. I feel confident that I am getting up to the minute information. Love it.

  • US Radar

    by Sporty Horn

    This is a great app. Thanks- Red

  • Awesome

    by D Light 3

    Great for tracking storms and making sure you and your family are safe. Download it today. Well worth it! I use it every day!

  • Works well

    by Happy customer 999

    Performs its intended purpose with efficiency and ease. I use it a lot to double check weather forecasts for rain

  • Best Radar App

    by Wacky1963

    As an airline pilot I've relied on this app countless times to give me the quickest, easiest and most accurate weather picture. Couldn't live without it.

  • Perfect

    by Emoney666

    I've had this app for a few years now and have never had a single problem. Normal app work to further its ability and everything else is expected. Brava'/Bravo

  • Great App

    by CTL920

    Love my NOAA

  • Solid for what it is/does

    by tenders

    I've been using this for about two years and find it to be a great complement to the Weather Channel or Yahoo Weather apps.

  • Play sports? Work outdoors? This app is a must.

    by The Dursk

    I found this app to be more beneficial than listening to those so called meteorologists on TV.

  • Works good

    by Lionoil

    I use this as my radar info. It works as good as any other radar site or app. It loads fast and is real close to real time. I wish it had an option for rainfall totals!

  • Great app

    by Jkb2004

    Great for anticipating weather on the fly while traveling.

  • Great

    by Who Am

    So simple and useful.

  • Works perfectly

    by Russ Gundlach

    I have an antique car that I take to shows and the weather reports are not very reliable so I always use the radar app to see local up to the minute radar which has helped me to go to shows I'd have other wise passed up because of weather reports and also let's me know if I should or shouldn't be worried if skies get overcast while at shows. Thanks

  • Radar US Review

    by Drummerfarm

    Excellent app! Accurate and up-to-the-minute timeliness. I rely on this app for outdoor planning. Great if you are a gardener or farmer. Keeps me one step ahead of storms and I can plan for watering. I have relied on this app for years and it has only gotten better: more detailed and precise.

  • Always accurate

    by Unhappy with purchase

    I live in north Florida and rely on this app for kayaking - it has always been accurate for me

  • Great app

    by Bud Mon

    When I want radar this is the one

  • RadarUS

    by Rodrigch

    Excellent app! Love it. I'm a pilot also and this app is one of my favorites!!

  • Best available

    by Mavanne

    Best available most reliable weather app I've found. Had to suffer thru 5 other useless apps until I found this. If u r serious about weather info this is the one.

  • Best I've used so far

    by Memewanda

    Has worked well each time I've used it!!! Way better than weather Chanel app!!!

  • Love it!

    by LaserLite

    Works great - up to date and is our go to weather radar no matter the season.

  • Hpage311

    by Hpage999999

    Great I love the location ability & that you can set it in motion

  • Fantastic

    by Bekochan

    I never bother with the radar in some other weather apps because this is a good radar. Good graphics and pretty straight forward.

  • !

    by MunjoyHill

    Great. Very up- to-date radar. I use it all the time.

  • Great Radar

    by Bounderdiesel

    Fantastic App, works all the time. A quality App. We have been on the road through Oregon, Washington , B.C. Canada, this app is what we depend on !!!!

  • Great App!!

    by josephg146

    On the money every time!!!

  • RadarUS

    by SigmaEngineer

    This app has very quick response times and exquisite explanations for video overlay choices. Bravo! Best on ease of use!

  • Good app

    by Midlocreeper

    Very well done app. Easy to use. Works well with I phone

  • Great tool

    by Sary2011

    I use it all the time, to complement other weather apps.

  • Radarus

    by Drchrome

    Works as advertised, thanks

  • RIPOFF!!!!

    by DCH1108

    NOT ENOUGH FEATURES FOR THE $$$. Multiple cities at one showing , weather report TOO SIMPLE. WAAY TO CRUDE AND SIMPLE PERIOD

  • Very good and accurate.

    by HondoCEH

    Living in se Colorado Springs, this map is on the money.

  • Best Radar I have

    by Dennis McCullough

    I use this to watch weather but even for finding locations that are not on all maps. Works great, and no bugs that I have encountered. If you see no clouds yet it is raining, adjust the opacity.

  • When your life depends on it.

    by Kayakcatmike

    As a serious adventure kayaker who has executed numerous open-water crossings with no land in sight, my life depends on exceptional tools - this is one of those exceptional tools & it has never let me down.

  • It works

    by Keckins

    It's a weather radar and it works. Not much to it, but it's helpful in a lot of ways.

  • Radar is great

    by Maddog1947

    The moment it rains I go to Radar US. I trust it

  • Mr.

    by Lee jam

    Great app. Very useful.

  • Themightymarkman

    by themightymarkman

    This is a great tool !makes me as good as the weather man

  • Excellent Radar

    by Brinkley22

    I use this everyday! I love being able to see what is coming our way and what is going around the rest of the country.

  • Great APP

    by Selina55 million gone

    Great app. Try it you'll love it

  • Great app

    by Codeman ct

    Graphics can be grainy, but very useful and reliable.

  • Weather radar

    by Jperko

    Great app; always relible First thing I look at in the morning

  • Best radar app

    by Rich Oberst

    This is the best radar app I have tried....

  • I just love this app!

    by Lily Rose 59936

    Best iPad weather app. Moreover, itiselegantly designed in addition to being wonderfully functional. Nothing else comes close as the weather app for me. (My smarter-than-I-amsoftware designer son agrees!)

  • Great app

    by CryoTim

    Live in Balt/Wash area and this app has been great for local and interstate travel plans!

  • Great app

    by thabish

    This is the best weather app that I have found. It is great on my iPhone and iPad. The radar is clear and accurate and the forecasts are more detailed than other web apps. Great find!

  • Very Helpful!

    by Cyrquix

    I've avoided getting drenched countless times thanks to this app, and I can often predict about how long rain will continue by watching the playback and plan accordingly.

  • Great tool

    by Me4333333

    Great tool

  • Tanglesail

    by Tanglegolf

    Simple & works very great!

  • Only radar app I have

    by Zurnvs

    I have used this app for about 1 1/2 years. I use several apps for weather but don't look at their radar, I go to this app.

  • Cruiser

    by Sailor Steven

    Let's me sail fast and safe, Predict weather to the minute and Find weather windows

  • Terrific

    by Gsgarland3

    Am a full time rv'er and count on this to keep us updated on weather issues. Has not failed us yet.

  • Great app

    by Dever Larson

    Great app does what it says it does..

  • Freds1

    by FredS9999

    Use it regularly and find it accurate; Chicago area.

  • Works

    by Kingfish72

    My favorite weather app by far.

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