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Languages: English

Seller: Purple Innovation, LLC

* fixed issue with ads reappearing after purchase
* ios7 compatibility fixes

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Get the latest weather stats quickly from this free and easy to use app!

Main Features:

* Outdoor temperature quickly determined by your location (Celsius and Fahrenheit supported)
* Current wind speed (mph and kpm)
* Humidity
* Summary report of weather (e.g. Partly Sunny, Rain, etc.)
* Refresh at any time for the latest data

Great for hiking, camping, outdoor activities, day at the beach, or just general curiosity

Note: you will need a data/internet connection. Data is obtained by using location based services/GPS.

Customer Reviews

  • Accurate

    by Basegrl67

    I think this app is more accurate then our weather people!!!

  • Don't bother upgrading

    by jsejre

    I paid for the upgrade and got unlimited locations but still have ads. Still waiting for their fix. Will give 5 stars if the ads ever go away

  • Awesome app

    by Bruce goosy

    It's nice to be able to see what the temperature is outside without leaving the comfort of your home if it's nasty outside

  • Weather app

    by Raz Ellis

    The App is just what I need at work ! I give it a 5 star , thank you very much !

  • Great app!

    by Ponlyvato

    Fast and accurate!

  • بسيط ويؤدي المطلوب

    by الأفق

    ممتاز جدا خصوصا في فصل الصيف للعناصر الأساسية للطقس

  • Nice and simple

    by James Marshall

    Cool app

  • Great

    by Lee-san 1

    Great for basics i use humidity and temp!

  • Weather or not.

    by Level headed dude

    Simple and precise and very nice

  • Ana

    by Ana Romano

    It's great

  • Digital weather

    by Gloriacobb1943

    I love it's accurate a must have!!!

  • iLike

    by Kool keyan

    Very Good weather update.

  • Nice simple temps

    by Stokeb

    This is a nice simple quick way to check the local temperature.

  • Great App!

    by Jentity57

    Never crashes and since I sweat so much in the summer it is good to have the humidity as well as weather.

  • I love this app

    by Gizziez

    I use it every day!

  • great app

    by bend over quick

    fast and simple the way apps should be

  • Weather

    by JER363

    Nice working report on temperature and general weather conditions. Works well. JP

  • Love accuracy and humidity

    by A Fazel

    This is a great little app is the most accurate with current temperature in your area and I love that it displays the humidity. Please update it for the iPhone 5 screen and fix it so the icon badge reflects the correct temperature without having to open the app. That would make upgrading definitely worthwhile.

  • Concise and accurate (enough): perfect for my needs

    by lilysquirrel

    I wanted an at-a-glance humidity gauge and this does the job, with bonus info and no eye-clogging bells and whistles. The ads are very minimal and unobtrusive. I have checked the temp, wind speed, and humidity against other apps and it's definitely aligned with them, if not matching. It's completely possible that they each pull from a different source and these measurements can easily vary slightly from one side of town to the other … at least where I am. I'm upgrading to the paid app so I can try other locations.

  • Great!!

    by Lee Melnikoff

    Good app, does what it says

  • Avoid

    by MrPestyCat

    Free version worked. Did in app upgrade to paid version and was billed. Now doesn't work stuck on 'acquiring'. Attempted to report via service button but service server crashes. Good app turned to garbage at my expense and can't get tech support. Junk. Avoid.

  • Keeps crashing

    by triscuitnyc

    On startup.

  • Liking it

    by Michie299

    I like knowing the humidity and this app gives it to you. The format is easy to read. I'd say that So far it's a good app that delivers

  • humidity not working correctly

    by bonez78

    no matter where i search, it always searched with the gps. and it never gives me the humidity. it just says 0.0%. being able to check the humidity is the only reason to even get this app. it worked once. then it never worked again. not even after doing a firmware update. do not waste your money on getting the added locations. it will never search them anyways. it only serches via gps location. i like the app, i just wish i could know the humidity. i work in a warehouse and knowing the realative humidity is very usefull, this is a let down. :-( :-( :-( it hasnt seen an update since July 2011....

  • Great except for hurricane ad

    by LZingle

    I like this app a lot...except EVERY time I open it it has a pop-up ad for a hurricane tracker. I should only have to say "no thanks" once. I don't mind the other ads since it's a free app but this one gets on my nerves. Without this pop-up ad it would get at least 4 stars.

  • Embedded Adware Beware!

    by Mapcheck

    After install asked if I wanted an earthquake detector.. then a little popup appeared advertising more apps. Uninstall is in progress

  • Humidity

    by Timekeeper67

    It seems to never get my location right, other than that I guess it's not bad if I want to know the humidity and weather 30 miles away!

  • Update

    by 007rm

    Enjoyed the app until I updated it. Now it has advertisements! Will uninstall

  • Cool but TWC is better.

    by Niosrule3456789012356780

    The title says it all. This is a warning for all people who write innapropriate reviews. I am an app policeman, employed to find and report innapropriate reviews and apps and to report them to a cyber offense prevention unit. (COPU) thank you.

  • Neatly done.

    by Disarc

    Think there might be barometric pressure and it's tendency in the future ? If so 5*. Best regards.

  • Demo

    by UNO free

    I liked that could see the current conditions at location. But I wondering why the Full version costs so much. There's really not much difference between the full version and the lite version.

  • Good for "Free"

    by HavnFunHere

    Good for free but SHOULD go to your location on start up of App. IF AND WHEN IT IS FIXED I WILL BUY IT AND RATE IT A 5 Star App.

  • Didnt work at all

    by X0R

    Tried it on my new iphone, but no luck for me

  • Not a half bad app for a free one

    by Kirkywoody

    This app is great because it really does a good accurate job with telling the weather outside but, it may not work in all areas. Overall a good app

  • Good app

    by Westtntrucker

    Works as promised. Thank you. For the folks that say it's off target, the app goes to the closest reporting station for the information. So if it does not say your location specifically, move out of Hicksville or go into town once in awhile. :)

  • excellent

    by yreme

    love the simplicity of free version but i see no reason to buy full version when it is exactly the same as free one

  • Awesome

    by SweetTeboho

    Simple, pretty close to the weather channel info & quick. Couldn't be better.

  • Great app

    by Yamaboy03

    Very good app but it would be better if it auto updated when you open it up.

  • Perfection in Simplicity!

    by Anal.Andy

    Keep it simple stupid? This app is so clean, good looking and accurate I purchased the upgrade immediately. This app is on my home page! LOVE IT!

  • Sigh

    by Mirror mirror hater

    This app should have an option to type in where u are. it gives the wrong location

  • Quick weather info.

    by Panzer315

    Nice app. Works as advertised.

  • Love it

    by yoyoyoandrew

    Love ittttt!! 

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