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Very easy and quick aviation abbreviation search:

The Aviation Abbreviation is a very simple and quick aviation abbreviations search application developed by an experienced pilot.

Good for aviation industry:

If you are a pilot or working in airlines and aviation industry, you may found yourself facing loads of abbreviations everyday in Charts, NOTAM, NOTOC, TELEX, Weather report. It is hard to remember all of those. Looking for terms that abbreviations stand for from various references take you too much time. The Aviation Abbreviation is definitely suitable for you to safe your time and enhance your work.

Nearly complete aviation abbreviations you may look for:

Aviation Abbreviation contains over 8000 terms for very quick reference. More terms will come in the upcoming free update.

Most terms can be completely displayed within main screen. For some terms that are too long to display in main screen, you can simply touch at the term to see it in the detail screen.

It also provides additional airport and IFR list containing over 6000 codes.

Total 14000+ abbreviations and codes.

Customer Reviews

  • Useful

    by Cloudnut

    Would appreciate an update for those who do not want to "upgrade" to iOS 6.

  • Useful

    by MBJustice

    Useful program when you need to look up an aviation term or decode an acronym. The airport directory is also useful, but only contains public airports.

  • Basic, no frills

    by Bigbllu

    Very useful and handy. It will save you a lot of time from digging through a notap.

  • Finally

    by Blue Av8tr

    Had this app before but went away!!!! Now it's back. Love it!!!

  • AviationABB

    by Nuxah

    Major disappointment.

  • Aviation BS

    by sasquatch2

    It does not provide catagories. It is just a big list at best. Tried to search some weather and flight plan contractions and they were not in the list despite there everyday use in METAR and TAF reports along with PIREPS.

  • Great App!!!

    by Muscledennis

    I have been a pilot for a while and sometimes forget some of the notam abbreviations. This has been an excellent app to help remind me. Can't go wrong with this.

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