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Seller: NW Communications of Texas, Inc.

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FOX 4 KDFW is proud to announce a full featured weather app for the iPhone and iPod touch platforms.


∙ Highly responsive interactive map optimized for 3G and WiFi performance
∙ Vertical and horizontal map display with looping
∙ NOWrad, the gold standard for radar in the weather industry
∙ Highest resolution satellite cloud imagery available
∙ Exclusive patent pending Road Weather Index
∙ Color coded weather alerts arranged by severity
∙ Fully integrated GPS for current location awareness
∙ Integrated compass overlay for 3GS models
∙ Most accurate 10 day forecasts with both daily and hourly detail
∙ Ability to easily save your favorite locations
∙ Full featured and user tested
∙ Earthquake plotting - tap on an earthquake to display its detail
∙ iOS 5 compatibility

Customer Reviews

  • Information on school closings

    by Jullie Bob

    I have a problem with being able to see the band at the bottom of the TV screen for school closings or delays. The text is the smallest of the bands, the color blue is hard to see. The words saying SCHOOL CLOSINGS is bold white, and some yellow text to the right. I would like to be able to see it in a brighter color please, and larger if possible. Tell Tim that's my two cents! Thank you, Jullie Gray Lake Worth West Tarrant County

  • Normally I would rate it a "5"

    by KCkute99

    However, the app will no longer show me the Current temperature or the Hourly forecast. Please fix ASAP! Thanks!

  • Display errors after update

    by Tripsand1

    Love, love, love the app. I refer to it daily. After the recent update, (2.7.7) the cities flicker on the map and the current temp won't display. Please fix!! Thanks

  • Good App but after update...

    by Mel C5

    This app used to be a favorite, but now after updating the app it does not alert with sound or badges anymore on both of my devices, which was especially helpful during tornado season. When I open the app, I see the red circle for Alert, but no sound, banners, or badges prior to opening the app. I checked the notification center and reconfirmed, alerts and sound were indeed on for the app. ( running ios 5.1 and ios 6) Hoping a update will bring back this feature.

  • Great App

    by Ttrdtuo

    Great App, I defiantly recommend it :)

  • Weather

    by Kktipping

    Best weather app there is! Very pleased!

  • Always accurate!!

    by Glooberblablah

    I run a business with horses that is based outside... I count on accuracy. This is the only app (I've tried many) that is accurate and that ACTUALLY refreshes its radar! LOVE it!! Highly recommend!!

  • Great App with Issues...

    by RescueFoot

    This app has some very great features. The weather radar is very helpful, along with the ability to see the past and future weather loops. I've noticed it's not always accurate, but that's ok. I found a bug with the app when running it on my iPhone 5. When you turn the iPhone on its side to be able to view the radar, you cannot click on the buttons to start the map in motion. You also cannot click on the future radar button. When the iPhone is upright, the buttons function properly.

  • Updated app

    by Reedra

    I just updated my wapp yesterday on my old war horse 3g and now it won't launch

  • Weather info

    by Mtvideo

    Best weather information hourly daily and weekly. Updates instantly to help plan your day. It is better than the one that comes installed in the phone. Alerts are helpful on the road.

  • Weather app

    by jack jumper

    I loved it, now it won't stay on when I press it what's up with that. Look in to it.

  • Great for Weather Alerts!!!

    by guehlstorf

    This app is great for weather alerts and shows a weather map with or without animation. Just click a button to see the animation. You can see a past and future map as well as a time stamp of the last updated map. You can also view all the details of active alerts, including aviation alerts. Just awesome!!!

  • I like this app but...

    by Cupcakelolabear

    I like this app but it keeps crashing very much so, when I hit the "future" button... This needs to be fixed.

  • Needs Improvement Bad!

    by 2012ALLEN

    I can't tell you how many times I have missed a motorcycle ride & other events! Just like today, it shows rain right now on top of my city, and GUESS WHAT? NOOOOOO RAAAIIIIIINNNN!!!!!! And then again, I've been out on the bike, because it showed no rain, and GuESS WHAT? Yep, it rained on me!!!!! I'm deleting this App! Until improvement.

  • Best DFW Weather

    by Texasnana50

    This is the best weather app for my area that I have found so far. Plenty of information including hourly, 10 day, & monthly forecast. Love it!!!

  • Push notifications

    by Bw3750

    Needs to be able to get push notifications when there is active alerts.

  • App crashes when "future" radar is selected

    by Mapesa

    App needs update to fix crash that occurs when you try to select "future".

  • Great app!

    by Mabank tx

    The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because every time I press the future forecast button it automatically crashes. Besides that, a great app especially with the storm trackers enabled. If you don't have it turned on, I highly suggest turning them on! I use it to keep myself and my family safe right along with the weather radio and news.

  • Change the color and font!!!

    by Brinkygirl

    I used to love this app...then the update came. Who is able to read those white letters in that shadow type font on the hourly page?!?! Please change them! ASAP!!! The radar is great. Love it. Mostly great for a free app.

  • One of the W-Apps out there, but..

    by KillerSharKid

    This used to be a great weather app, in fact one of the best free weather apps you could get! But upgrading to an iPod Touch 5 (from a 2G) REALLY made me reconsider.. First of all, I don't think the graphics were ever even updated to the old retina screen quality, that's pretty cruddy when you're using the new retina screen. -.- Anyways, I'm only giving this 5 stars so you can speed up for an update. I love Fox 4 News, especially their weather, but PLEASE if you're going to recommend this on your commercials (showing it on an iPhone 5) PLEEEEAAASSSE update it so it's optimized for the new iPhone/iPod Touch 5 screen!! Do that and make an option to chose your speed and transparency for the radar and you could EASILY beat the Weather Channel weather app. Thanks, and please update this app!!!

  • Has been

    by Bsg47

    This started its life as a great useful app. Now it is just a show of annoying animated banner ads. Too distracting to be of any use.

  • Question...

    by hollyface1975

    Is it just me or did the sound on the video just stop working a few months ago?

  • Bad update

    by Trigfish

    Updated and now it doesn't work;-(

  • What happened ?

    by The Texas reader

    This was Ny fav. Weather app, then a few days ago it called for an app update. It bow just kicks off when I touch it. Dang-it now I gotta go use the WPAP app

  • Just stopped being accurate

    by 3kw User

    Please correct whatever change your made. 94506 was very accurate then about 3 weeks ago became 10-15 degrees off. Great app otherwise

  • Wapp app

    by Muddawgs

    Great concept going but it's never updated to the latest weather info. I would be awesome if its updated with your station weather. So I'm going to give it a 2 star rating until y'all can figure out how to update it to y'all's weather. Until them have a great day

  • Weather app crashes

    by rebelsgirl

    Every time I click on the 'future' radar it crashes. Just started having this problem. Will give it more stars if its fixed.

  • Video forecast needs regular updating!

    by 3855312799432

    Why is the video forecast always multiple-days behind? It says "Latest forecast", but every time I watch it, it is from more than a day ago. Very annoying and a waste of time. Feel bad for the sponsors of this app...

  • Gerisan

    by Hashi G

    Worst app ever for weather!! Find yourself something else cuz this one isn't worth your time.

  • Only as good as their forecast, which needs drastic improvement.

    by Worst App Ever 23

    Not bad quality and functionality. Forecasts are really way off! Not useful for future weather more than an hour or so ahead. Well, at least it's colorful.

  • Horrible font choice

    by Atomikat55

    Font for the times on the Hourly forecast is unreadable. Not much attention to user friendliness. Used to love this app. Please change font back in next upgrade.

  • Really need to optimize

    by George229

    iPhone 5

  • App not fully compatible with iPhone 5

    by Jas9990

    When will app use the full screen on the iPhone 5?

  • BAD Fonts

    by msvwood

    Like the app but the fonts on the hourly page make it almost impossible to read. Who thought up the use of that? And worse, who approved it??

  • Hourly time font....

    by Bottomless pockets

    HATE the font you guys are using now for the time on the hourly report... Hard to read.... Other than that, good stuff!

  • Optimize

    by ObryanRiley

    You really need to optimize for the iPhone 5.

  • Upload !!!

    by Path fin

    It's bad when your trying to upload an app and it gets stuck in the middle of a download.

  • Love it, issue with the recent update

    by Optigroove

    They issued a recent update and now I can't read the times on the hourly Forecast page. I am using an iPhone 5 just so you know. If they fix that it will be great.

  • USED to be the best!

    by BuckFama WDE

    Not sure chest happened. But this weather app used to be the best. Now it crashes upon opening. Every. Single. Time. Now I've gone back to using Accuweather. Fox screwed it up with their "updates" and "improvements". I knew it wouldn't be long before they "fixed" what wasn't broken. Oh well...,

  • Excellent app

    by Guairdean

    Very well done with one exception. The times on the hourly report are unreadable.

  • Crowe

    by Belz802

    Love this WAPP! This is the app I primarily use for weather and related warnings. I really appreciate the addition of "Closings" with child in school. BUT , the hourly "TIME" is extremely difficult to read. I actually felt dizzy attempting to read it.

  • Crapp

    by dan bury


  • Hourly Times

    by pbr98873

    I love the app but you can't see the time anymore when viewing the hourly weather. The color is too light.

  • Hourly times

    by Millerlc

    Love the update, but the times are very hard to read on the hourly tab.

  • Not optimized for iPhone five

    by joe blow88766991

    So you issue an update on October 31 and you don't include optimize for iPhone 5? Duh.

  • Great weather app

    by Jen7o9

    Love the app (great maps, easy to see what info I want) but would be better if I could set my "current location" as my default location instead of having to change it from Dallas, TX every time I open the app.

  • Awesome!

    by Bobthegreatest

    The update was great.

  • Great app

    by Very small trees

    This is the best weather app I've used. Love the new features on the update!!

  • Love it

    by matt90915

    Good update!

  • Lousy

    by Mommyson11


  • Great app!!

    by Upgrade no good

    I like it much better than the weather info on the other Fox 4 app. It's much more detailed than I had anticipated. I will definitely use it a lot. Now Fox 4 need to create a traffic app! :-)

  • Not bad just a few major issues!

    by Longthompson

    It would be perfect if I could get the notification and warnings! It tells me to go to notifications and turn it on however the App does not show up under notifications! So frustrated with it! Yet it will give the aviation alerts!

  • Inaccurate

    by ilyouguysouther

    I used to be a big supporter of this app, but here lately they have been changing the forecast three and four times a day. Like today, I looked early in the morning and there was a 30% chance of rain. I looked a few hours later and only 10%. A few hours later and 30% again. Checked one more time, it was supposed to be a 30% chance at this hour and it's now a 0% chance. The radar is also inaccurate and it doesn't go along with the actual news. I'm very close to deleting.

  • Great graphics and info, but location unfriendly

    by Pqetygxfujnxduinkocaetj j

    I do like the graphics and the 'easy to get to info' but just like the other reviews, I can't get the notifications to even list WAPP. In the WAPP notifications, Severe weather is checked, but in the iPhone, there's no such animal. Also, I live in NW fort worth, I can add fort Worth and delete Dallas, but each time I turn on WAPP, it defaults to dallas, then I have to scroll to fort worth. My weather channel app can handle my edits, why can't WAPP? 3 stars until these somewhat fixes can AND SHOULD be made!

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