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Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Chinese

Seller: Huang Huawei

APP crash bug fixes

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Desktop Weather: Make your life more elegant
Main functions:
-Six-day forecast
-24 hours weather report
-world clock
-perpetual calendar
-music player
-alarm clock
-well-designed background images
-Support switch the screen anyway, retina screen

Detailed features:

1.Weather forecast resources from authoritative observatory;Provide weather reports for cities from 255 countries and districts in the world;Detailed weather reports including weather


2.Provide detailed weather messages for every hour in a day,so you can always get the weather conditions easily.

3.Provide weather forecast for the next six days,make your week schedule easier.

4.Exquisite flip clock and analog clock to provide you accurate local time of cities worldwidely,making it no longer a problem to figure out time difference.

5.Elegant perpetual calendar to hlep you make your schedule.

6.Music player supports local music,you can enjoy wonderful music as well as the beautiful design.

7.An alarm clock to remind you of important things.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool app

    by Lavilai

    Cool and friendly app

  • Tim

    by Gold happy

    I like this app because it does the job attractively

  • Fine

    by Gorky girl w

    I like it but you have to change a lot of settings and you have to pick all of your locations but it's a good app. Also I like that it only requires the 4.3 version and I can't figure out how to update my iPad and almost everything requires something higher now 

  • Mr

    by P Luk

    Very good app,love it

  • Desktop Application

    by Janice Wolfe

    Useful program for instant information regarding times, weather, etc.

  • nice

    by Dolphan17

    Nice app

  • Desktop weather

    by dugalug2000

    This a very good app. It has some nice options. I will recommend this app to all.

  • Favorite

    by Autumnmydoggie

    I really like the different features this app has I would recommend this one to anybody

  • Great app


    Works great

  • Pretty sweet weather ap

    by Fudge swirl

    There are nice beautiful background pictures as you look at the 5 day weather with a 24 hour forecast for the current day. You can choose Celsius or Fahrenheit, 12 or 24 hour clock for 3 countries on the screen and - listen to your favorite music and - it has a calendar. So 1st window is the weather, swipe left on it to get the world clock and swipe left again for the calendar. Swipe on the background to see the next background picture, currently there are 13 beautiful pictures. Quite a good app although I would like it even more if it could have a 36 hour forecast like the weather channel on my once windows phone thanks :)

  • Goodd

    by Audy1980


  • Brilliant app......

    by She dealer

    Love this app. temperatures from all over the world... Yes 5 stars!!!! Thanks.

  • Love it!

    by Nicktosh

    I Love this app it's one of the best apps I have and I use it everyday!(:

  • Simple to use

    by Ymiser24

    I love it because it's easy to use. It's creative as we'll.

  • So far, so good.

    by Erroylmcg

    It works well and looks good. No glitches or crashes at all.

  • Saweeeet!!

    by Ripp3drick

    Very cool app!! :-) Works great, very accurate.

  • Perfect!

    by Vladimir1969

    Super app

  • Can't have freezing rain in Costa Rica

    by bruce278

    You show allot that in San Isidro Del General, Costa Rica freezing rain. The temperature never falls below 60 degrees, and that would make freezing rain impossible.

  • Nice app!

    by SweetP46

    Nice app...tells everything you need to know. Accurate.

  • Weather app

    by Susan Gilbert

    Great App. It gives me all the information.

  • Not great

    by Soundman428

    Comes on, stays on until you do anything besides look at it, then CRASH. I have a feeling if you upgrade to the no adds version, all will work well. How convenient.

  • It doesnt work well

    by J11004

    It doesnt start well and freezes the ipad. Not recommended.


    by Babbchuck

    It Hijacked my ipad and iphone, they both started playing music at full volume. Closing the app won't stop it- music just keeps playing! (yes, I know about multitasking and truly closing an app). Am uninstalling immediately, and will never download it again!

  • Didn't work

    by Fallmusic

    I couldn't even get this to open on my ipad. Just kept closing before it would let me see anything.

  • Alarm fail

    by Boringoldguy

    The alarm didn't go off until the backup I set (clock app, set for 30 min later) went off. I won't be relying on this app. Oh, and the alarm sounds available are terrible.

  • ...

    by Erhjcdjkngdsdbbmhdvvsgj

    Don't like at all. Weather is all wrong!

  • Anmar

    by Anmar1

    I like it

  • Weather clock

    by Sawngs

    Great look and feel. Alarm didn't work but maybe I didn't set it right. Would like to see more cities for clocks, more backgrounds, and have the weather with each clock. Thank you.

  • This is real

    by WillTonia

    I don't usually do review. After 8 years in the USMC Wartime Wounded Veteran I felt I had to share that this is the only weather add I will use from now on. I had 5 of them and now just one. It is very accurate, user friendly, and so simple even my son took it for show and tell at his school. If you are not using this app then you are not serious about weather.

  • Boss

    by Daveman5

    Great app. Love it

  • Needs work!!!

    by Lame updates

    Crashes when I switch locations, doesn't change the time on the weather part to the new locations time ex: Denver time but Kabul weather. Don't get that.

  • Desktop weather


    Exlnt after you set your location,,,,

  • Weather

    by Zivamaye2

    This is the most inaccurate epiction of the weather I have ever seen on the computer. Nothing is right. Go home people!

  • Desk top weather app

    by Cannot figure one out

    I love this app. Very easy to use and insert locations I'm interested in.

  • Don't work

    by Rabbit109

    Can't change from C to F. Alarm not working.

  • Desktop Weather

    by Axemblue44

    I have tried many weather apps, some were too busy looking, others were too simple. This one has the correct balance of function and form. And it has the extras I was looking for: weather presentation, three world clocks, a calendar and an alarm. Perfect.

  • Animation needs work

    by Chetola

    The weather itself seems accurate. Twice the animation showed freezing rain when the temperature was 79 degrees. Once the program crashed and the animation was gone completely I did buy this program for my wife as the important info is accurate and she loves the backgrounds.

  • Ha

    by Yayaqqqq


  • Actualizarlo

    by Normancast

    Este widge necesita ser actualizado, pues no,permite poner Los husos horarios de cada paid.

  • Ruled by ads at top of screen

    by CandlelightGirl

    Wrecks the entire experience. Shows you have created this just to make money. Disappointing.

  • Beautiful Weather

    by Stevens Aunt

    I really enjoy this weather app, nice scenes to choose from. I find the forecasts to be fairly accurate. Now all we need is music. Thank You.

  • No way!!!

    by Nickname not 100

    The weather could not be more wrong!!!

  • Desktop Weather Free

    by noraperl

    Displays time and weather on an attractive variety of backgrounds. Alarm works splendidly. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it doesn't include a battery.

  • Awesome

    by Ghghhfjbv

    Love everything! Except for that I can't get off of the 24 time.... Even tho I have my settings on 12 hours. Please help. Otherwise luv it! I'm getting the pro version!

  • Owner

    by Radonman Ky

    Awesome app. It is a tool for my business!

  • Mojo design

    by No n n

    Pretty design. Well thought out. I like seeing several days weather and temps. Problem is that two feet away I can hardly see the clock on my I pad let alone read any other small print. There is enough room to enlarge it all. I hope they do.

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