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Languages: English

Seller: Tobias Schneider

Dear Authentic Weather friends, we're very sorry for the issues you had on iPhone4, iPod and iPads. With this update we hope to fix all the remaining bugs.

- iPhone4 & iPod now displays Weather Phrases
- iPad not stuck on Welcome screen anymore
- White Screen on iPhone5 Camera Mode Issue fixed
- Fixed Forecast visuals bug on iPhone4

Enjoy the weather!

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Authentic Weather app is probably the most human & honest weather app out there. Look outside and let Authentic Weather tell you what it really things.

Authentic Weather helps you to express how you feel about the weather in the most authentic and boldest way possible. With the new Camera Mode it's even easier to share the weather with your friends, in the real, honest way.

Customer Reviews

  • so.

    by alilass

    it's really pretty to look at. and sometimes it's really funny. but it needs some updates because some of the sayings are getting old. please? xo authentic weather, I love you.

  • Great app but.....

    by Shellbell1010101010

    Why can't I check the weather in several cities or locations? Where is the drop down city list or zip search feature?

  • Good design

    by A4Alternative

    Looks and feels smooth. A unique weather app.

  • Great app!

    by PaulMcLaughlin

    I love it

  • Great app!!

    by DantasticDan

    When I check the weather, I do it with this f---ing app!

  • Very Funny

    by Marccat62

    Works every time on iPhone 5 with AT&T. Very funny. No a kids app.

  • Awesome

    by ChItalian1027

    Too funny!!

  • Not the same

    by NickGunz

    How come the galaxy s4 have biff one then the iPhone 4s?

  • Love this!

    by Christina_M66

    Fun App! Love all the phrases!!

  • Needs more variety and accuracy.

    by Caleb Cassler

    It's funny, but it's the same phrases over and over. Not much of a range either. I was in a tornado (literally) and it said it was "Cloudy with a chance of..."

  • Clever

    by Lisa Arce

    Pretty freaking clever.... I love it!

  • Love it! Love it!

    by AngryKittyCat

    I have been waiting on Apple to release this app forever. I love it. This always makes me laugh and I love the descriptions.

  • Unknown is getting old

    by Geminicling

    Funny, but it's annoying to see the same 3 phrases.

  • Fun, needs updating

    by Xxtalljimxx

    This app is kind of fun, but it just says same things over and over. Need to add some variety. Also it's annoying when it says unknown!

  • Love it!!

    by Jhasynne

    This app is hilarious - would like to see a 5 or 10 day forecast & be able to add a couple towns, as I commute. Overall, it is fantastic & I'm in love with it! Shake your phone for a funny surprise!!!!

  • Hilarious and Informative

    by Kfleck

    Makes weather fun!

  • Fun beautiful app!

    by Bobo Da Dog Boy

    This app is one of my favorites to show people. It gives you the weather straight and in a funny sarcastic way. I'm glad this was finally brought to the Apple App Store!

  • So funny!

    by lovemusic!!!

    This app is hilarious. However, I wish it showed me one screen with a 5 day forecast/made it easier to check what the weather will be like.

  • Simply Authentic

    by Hashtag Yolo Swag

    Fun app to pull up around friends. With the future forecast pull down menu, it'd be nice to get a blur on the back ground along with the dipping to 90% red/blue. The background elements can be a bit distracting. Love the app, entertaining and functional.

  • Accuracy improvements?

    by Danielle Wright

    Love most aspects of the update. Interface is much better but the biggest (and probably the most important part of the app) is that the location is WAY off. So it's never actually the weather for where I am. Maybe allow for a manual entry of location or just improve the accuracy. Love the app, but would love it more if it actually worked for where I am.

  • meh

    by Madame LaZonga

    Works well enough, but only for the location you are at--you can't check the temp on another city and all it really gives you in the temp and snarky comment about the weather. It has simple and clean graphics but relies to much on "the F-bomb." It needs a more clever writer. Tired of it after a few days and I wish I could get my dollar back.

  • Doesn't tell temp

    by † Δ †

    It does everything except tell you the temperature for today. Tell temp for tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that. But it doesn't tell you the temp for that day. How do you overlook that?


    by Kimn_n

    Great concept, never works. Fix it. Deleting until then.

  • Something's amiss

    by Shitcabobs4dinner

    Stuck on start screen but good humorous concept

  • Stopped working after update

    by NeuroYoga

    I loved this app! Now it just loads a blank screen. For a while I could get it to work if I closed it completely... But no more. Please fix!

  • Please fix the glitch!!!!!

    by Nuebis

    Great idea but it doesn't work!!! It works the first I use it but it won't start again!!

  • Won't go past the home screen

    by msilv88

    Please fix

  • Too glitchy

    by R109865

    It looks cool, but never functions properly. Keeps getting stuck on the home screen. I've deleted it and restarted it a bunch it did not solve the problem. Too bad.

  • Ugh

    by Cbaute

    Love this app but it never works properly. When I open it up it won't load so I have to close it out and restart it.

  • Ehhhh

    by Jason Lathrop

    Very attractive app but poor functionality.

  • Iffy

    by Ashto

    I love this app but now every time I'm at home the description doesn't show up and only the temperature works. It keeps saying that my location is "ukown"I'm not kidding; they miss spell Unknown.

  • It's broken

    by Kortiny

    I have tried refreshing for the past 3 days, it only says unknown. Well that's not very exciting.

  • Great Idea

    by AshleyPierced

    The app is hilarious, but the limited phrases and inaccurate forecast is not worth the dollar I had to pay. Update with more accuracy and phrase variety and the app would be 5 star.

  • Hire a writer!

    by Bremmert

    Funny app, but there are less than 10 options. This is a show a friend at the bar, not actually use it. I would use it more if it mad me laugh.

  • Keeps crashing on loading in iOS 7

    by apriendeau

    Expected more than it just saying it's fetching the weather.

  • It was funny at first...

    by Chrystalm214

    But now it just says the same things over and over again. It needs more variety.

  • Great App

    by Nompire

    Accurate, hilarious, and sleek UI. And for 99c, why not?

  • Funny but not helpful

    by Sek67

    I love witty descriptions and everything about it, but it doesn't show the current temperature. Maybe a tutorial when the app is first opened on how to work it and where everything is.

  • Fuc@&$& app

    by Hugo Albönete

    Its awesome app, great and simple idea.

  • Love it!

    by aurae

    Saw the app design on Behance and had to have it. Beautiful, clean design and funny. Love it :)

  • Best weather app ever

    by More like H. A. L. O.

    But it.

  • I never write reviews but...

    by penelope.

    ...I really like this app. It just has... A number of bugs to fix. The new update has made the interface much better and nicer, but it really bothers me how if I want to check the forecast for "the day after" and am currently seeing it for "tomorrow", the switch to "the day after" doesn't simply switch and show the forecast, but has to bounce down first. I love this app for its simplicity and the little bounce between forecasts doesn't help that. It honestly really bothers me and makes me want to just forget there's even an option to check the forecast for the next three days. But the biggest thing that led me to even writing a review is the location for the weather... It's completely off. It's saying I'm in another place miles and miles away where it's cloudy but it's sunny and perfect where I actually am. I know it's not my phone though because my iPhone's weather app works perfectly and has the correct location. I can't believe the humidity levels either since it's giving an unusually high percentage for it just being cloudy in California during the middle of September... (With a 0% chance of rain too?) Not sure about the "feels more like" option either because its just giving the actual temperature, so I don't know if it's counting in wind or sun or anything else either into that. But I really do love the interface, fonts, and icons. It's really beautiful. Once the bugs get fixed and the app is working properly, I would love to see updates every so often for new weather phrases so you don't get repeated ones over and over. Then eventually end up with so many phrases that the chance of seeing the same one again in a single day is very minimal. Maybe in the future there can be an option that can be turned on or off, where the icons of the weather move. For example, the sun's rays can turn in a circle around the sun, or the cloud(s) can move and blow gently across the top of the screen, or having clouds pouring rain in the background of the weather info. I can't wait to see this app develop further, but I really want it to stay true to it's simplicity.

  • Awesome app

    by Hollys13

    Great update, finally worth it

  • Love this app and the new updates!

    by artsymanda

    Will be making this my go to weather app for sure!

  • Great update!!

    by grayma0717

    The app name was fixed, more details (design and information-wise), it's more accurate, and it's much faster! There is not much more you could ask for. Great update to an already great app.

  • Inaccurate reportage

    by mary boyer

    Love the concept but accuracy not so much. There not a cloud in the sky today and I get a "grey skies" notice. Think this needs work. Fun tho.

  • Really cool app but...

    by Geloman

    Wish it had the option to view other cities like other weather apps as well as temperature forecasts. Please add those. It would be 5 stars with those features. Otherwise, a fun and clean minimalist app, which I really like.

  • Funny concept but terrible execution

    by Hipster Smurf

    The only result I ever get is "cloudy." When it's raining, sweltering, sunny it doesn't matter. It's always just cloudy. Not very helpful.

  • Worth buying an iDevice for

    by Yoda Mann

    May have to ditch my black iDevices and buy white ones now. Thanks.

  • Funny

    by randy brasof

    App is great so far. Please update to get the forecast to work.

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