Effing Weather - Funny Local Current Weather Forecast and Temperature for Today and Tomorrow Weather App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Kevin Blakeley

** There is now a preview screen that will show you a list of the phrases you can buy from the Effing Store

** Miscellaneous bug fixes

** Push Notifications to announce new phrase packs for Effing Weather

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
235 Ratings
All Versions:
482 Ratings


Over 100 + Effing Weather Phrases that tell you the
current weather. "It's Effing Hot Out There". Share with your friends. Free Download Now!

With phrases such as:
- Are you Effing kidding me?
- Why don't you tell your friends on Facebook how Effing hot it is
- For today's Effing forecast, look outside

We also have an option to turn on the explicit version of all of the phrases.

When you find a phrase you like, share it with your friends using our built in
social sharing features. You can easily share the Effing Weather with your friends
on Facebook and your Followers on Twitter.

Effing Weather Features:

- Current and 3 day weather forecasts for 2.7 million locations

- Toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius

- Background color changes based on the current temperature

- Set the background in the app to any picture you want.

- Toggle between the word Effing and the more explicit alternative for
people who want to share how they really feel

- Many more features to come

Download Effing Weather now for the iPhone!

Customer Reviews

  • Effing Fun

    by ShaggyKDM

    Love this app! Makes me laugh!

  • I love it!

    by anaccm

    Makes me laugh every time

  • OMEffingG!!

    by ARCAPT153

    I just downloaded this app!! This app is great!! Funny chit!!! Im telling all my friends about this Effing app!! I've been laughing so Effing hard!!!

  • Effing hilarious!!!

    by Paul Lewis

    More info than the WC - and a lot less political commentary/news/general b.s.

  • App

    by Dreone101

    Love this app

  • Funny

    by Eeeriddler08

    This is a funny weather app. Makes you excited to check the weather.

  • Hilarious!!

    by abbi.allen

    I love this app. It's definitely the best one I've downloaded in a while. Good job!

  • Liking the effing weather

    by Great Learning tool


  • Love this app

    by El Cabrito

    Cracks me up! Only problem is if you turn on explicit it doesn't change "an" to "a" when followed by f******* and I'm OCD so that bugs me. Otherwise it's awesome

  • Effing Fabulous

    by Ballcapboy

    This app effing rocks!

  • Best app ever

    by Browns159

    It's effing great!

  • Love this app!

    by Kimberlina09

    It's not the best weather app I've used it is however the funniest! I check the "forecast" several times a day, makes me laugh every time

  • Funny

    by Chutesnladders08

    This app makes me laugh!

  • Love it

    by Tesseract257

    You weather news will finally wake you up in the morning.

  • Love it!

    by Me and the dogs

    When typing a new phrase, using the ipad, you can't see what you're typing. The keyboard covers everything up! You're probably getting lots of typos in submissions.

  • cool

    by Mark Staiti

    Very fun app

  • Awesome

    by justin alger

    This app is awesome but I do have on complaint and that is that you can't add other places to it so you can see what's up in other places. Other than that it is lovely

  • Not accurate

    by Julialiu90

    The most important function of this app is weather reporting, being funny is just a plus. It doesn't provide detailed information about forecast. Funny phases will run out after a short period of time. Then you will keep seeing dupicate sentences.

  • Finally a Fun & Factual Weather App

    by Just Jamie

    Just wish the forecast wasn't so effing cold!

  • Love it!

    by Me and the dogs

    Submitting phrases is funner than anything!

  • Effinghellyes

    by Dointhangs87

    Loved this app until it bought more phrases and they never showed up. DONT BUY EXTRA PHRASES!!!

  • Eff yeah!!

    by hellpellet

    Just as advertised. Gives you the temperature & a funny comment. Great addition to my weather dork favorite, The Weather Channel app.

  • Awesome!

    by Taytee

    I effing love it.

  • Best Weather App

    by Earl's Muse

    Simple and clear. Exactly what you're thinking about the weather. Love it.

  • Helarious!

    by Laughsonlaughs

    Cracks me up every time I open it!

  • Cute!

    by Nan8788

    A pithy review of the weather.

  • Effin Awesome

    by cayce ryder

    Gives me temps, conditions, & speaks to me in a language I understand. Enough said.

  • Effing Amazing App

    by SupdawggieD0ggg

    I love this weather app it's just what I need for this crazy weather

  • Funny as hello

    by Xapharai

    Love it

  • Eff Yeah

    by lycanthrope900

    It's effing hot outside but at least this app is awesome.

  • Effing weather app

    by Katpenn

    Cool app. Something different!!

  • Effing great

    by Effingbadass

    It's Effing cool

  • Funny!

    by BuiltInPain

    Everyone needs to laugh everyday... Good weather or bad weather!

  • I like it.

    by OmfgThisISmynickname!

    It's entertaining.

  • Great

    by Kcco drew

    Funny app!!!

  • Love it

    by Nishy71

    Makes me laugh and is a weather app!

  • Yay!

    by Perks wallflower

    This app is f%#king funny Correct weather forecast too! x(:

  • Hilarious!

    by Britempe

    This app kills me! With the record lows lately, it's nice to have an app that says it like it is: It's f$&@ing cold!

  • Great effing app

    by Yz 666

    I really like this app because it has a good sense of humor to it and it allows the user to easily see the current weather.it is also very easy to use and does not require a lot of time to get what you want to know. I would highly recommend this app to any one having a rainy day

  • Effing weather

    by mad357

    I like it, wish it was a bit more detailed and could be a main weather app, there's just not enough there. I don't care much for the icon

  • Superb!

    by Braaaaaaaaaaains

    This is my new favourite app! Amazing and at the low cost of $ Fr.ee, you can't go wrong!

  • Cool alternative

    by Gohardgreg

    Very humorous alternative to the same boring subject: weather. Can have a little bit more information to completely be my go-to app for weather.

  • Great App

    by Angel_Eyes79

    Cracks me up. I love it!!

  • Effing Groovy!

    by The Mitcher


  • Hilarious

    by BrandiJofivestars


  • Awesome

    by Reed75

    It's a pretty fun way to get the weather.

  • Meh

    by TechKnowGalPal

    Make it a bit mor functional with options that don't cost and it would definitely be worth taking up bits on my Or make an ipad version?!

  • Great app

    by Jaunty_Guy

    Makes depressing conditions funny

  • It was cool, but...

    by reganily

    Now it just keeps using the same three phrases and it's not even funny anymore. :/

  • Love

    by Hoopppopp14364

    It's so funny!

  • I love this.

    by Jacordan

    Too perfect.

  • Awesome!!

    by Wsav94

    This app is hilario

  • Awesome

    by Samdaman162

    Hilarious app

  • Pretty effing cool

    by Zinga.t

    I like it

  • Effing love this ap

    by Beaver eater 69

    Best effing ap since sliced bread.

  • COOL

    by Lucy 65

    Good for smile every morning

  • The best!! Must have

    by Circlefilms

    Crack me up!!!

  • Great

    by Buddah111

    Cool app!

  • Great fun app!

    by Tosh D

    Excellent app, surly put a smile on a face!

  • Hilarious

    by tnrsurf

    Very entertaining

  • helpful

    by J.E.Palmer

    helpful and fun

  • Perfect.

    by BlueberryTheCherry

    Perfect app. It perfectly describes my life.

  • Amazing app!

    by afortin88

    I definitely recommend this app, it has quirky sayings and even though it isn't always accurate it's still pretty funny.

  • Effin' Awesome!

    by LoverNotAFighter888

    Love this app so much fun and easy to use!

  • Love!

    by Christina_M66

    This app makes my day!

  • Makes my day

    by Toufree

    Super funny. The phrases always make me smile.

  • Great spin on a weather app

    by DBo Enterprises

    Makes checking the weather fun and much more interesting! Love it

  • Killer app

    by rattlebone23

    Super simple weather app, but with fun phrases

  • Effing Awesome

    by MobileAppChat.com

    No more boring weather updates. This is a hilarious app.

  • Effing awesome

    by Karuzo

    Love it!!!

  • Great!!

    by EightyEstrada

    Love this app!! Love the humor!!

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