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World Radar - For the best and most accurate radar forecast! For many countries in the world!

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World Weather Radar is the most complete, reliable, and stunning weather radar app available.

Use World Weather Radar to see NOAA doppler radar of the USA and many other countries worldwide: CANADA, CARIBBEAN, MEXICO, EUROPE: FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, SPAIN, PORTUGAL, NETHERLANDS, SWITZERLAND, NORWAY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, DENMARK, APAC: JAPAN, HONG KONG, KOREA, TAIWAN & AUSTRALIA! One look tells you the current weather condition, accurate forecast and how it could impact you.

This is the first application in the world that calculates accurate rainfall radar forecasts worldwide one hour ahead!

Stay on top of the hurricane’s development, it’s predicted path (and changes of such), how it can affect you, wind speed, wind quadrants, and much more. And the best part? All of this is visual!

World Weather Radar displays NOAA's weather warnings graphically on maps. This makes them easy to see.

A unique Daily and Hourly weather forecasts for all locations worldwide. See accurate weather forecasts for the next hour, and five hours from now, all on the same screen.

World Weather Radar provides you with accurate charts concerning the development of the most important key weather-related values in any location you wish, and lets you zoom in to see how they could impact you. This gives you a clear view of: Temperature, Precipitation, Wind, Pressure, and UV… and these charts can run anywhere from hourly to 10 days in the future.

Very usable for a detailed weather forecast of a certain location. Just search for the city, and add it to your list. This gives you worldwide Doppler Radar information in the palm of your hand.

All of the above sounds complicated, but it’s not. World Weather Radar combines all of that information into a very elegant (and logical) interface. This app is easy to use.

World Weather Radar is the fastest, easiest-to-use, and most up-to-date worldwide weather radar application available now. One look shows you the current weather condition, accurate forecast, and how it could impact you. And, of course, it shows you the moving map.
Whether it is your location or some other preferred location worldwide, World Weather Radar has you covered. Rain, clouds, fog, hurricanes, tropical storms, thunderstorms, tornados, flooding, temperatures… it’s all there in one screen. And detailed current conditions, daily and hourly forecasts, forecast charts and motioned radar images are one tap away. It’s a must-have.

Customer Reviews

  • So far so good

    by lisajean

    But I literally just downloaded it and I'm being asked to review it?

  • Weather

    by JSF35

    Very good service - thank you - Awesome!!!!!!!

  • Good app

    by grunt1out

    Good app. Not great but good.

  • Great app

    by T/K Fitz

    Glad I have this app, works great and is accurate.

  • Great

    by Quickstepchris

    This is one of the best weather apps on the market. I travel for a living. Having an accurate weather forecast is an important part of my travel plans. I would recommend this app for anyone who needs to know what Mother Nature has in store.

  • by Mattsdad97

  • Inaccurate locations

    by Rp1026

    I don't know how accurate the weather information is, but this app shows my location as over 3 miles from my actual location, on all views, although GPS, find my iPhone, and Google map apps get it right. I would not trust this app to give accurate info if location is critical-- such as tornado locations.

  • SlayerJG

    by SlayerJG

    Awesome works great never had a problem.

  • Pretty Good

    by Drummitis

    This is a pretty good app. I use it to place way points on a planned trip. That way I can see what I will be getting into along my route. But, beware, the upgrade isn't really. It just gets rid of ads. Thought I would be getting more predictive power. Enjoy.

  • Great app

    by MNave2

    I bought the premium app to get rid of the adds. It works great so far, I use it for my location and my husbands hometown

  • Timely & great

    by WinSue

    While traveling on the water or highways this is our constant companion for what to expect. Love it ! Better than most other weather predictors.

  • CP Hefti Stephens City,Va,

    by JennaYoung

    I question the accuracy. The winds are howling outside and the app says 5mph with gust to 10mph. It's got to be 25 to 30 with gusts to 40mph...

  • Que pasa

    by Vojkas

    Muchos natachïöś

  • Awesome

    by Try again, greatness


  • Pretty much the perfect radar app

    by TLKoontz

    Well done!

  • Overall good

    by Chadwick762

    This is a good clean app. The only problem I see is when I know I am in a noaa issued warning area, I don't see it on the map...I click the "email support" button and nothing happens. Therefore, I can't report it. Having said's a good app.

  • Very useful for travelers

    by 99uniform

    About to start holiday in Europe and putting a few apps together for the trip. Found this to be helpful weather-wise. Wish list item: how about incorporating a tidal forecast for travelers headed for by-the-water locations? That would get the 5th star from me.

  • Leder1

    by LifeBuddy

    Great app!!! Crisp UI, with multiples of views and helps. Best overall app for weather presentation and accuracy. Very detailed and appealing.

  • A fabulous weather app!

    by jinglealltheway

    My favorite weather App! This App does it all, accurately and with the weather items that you want. Thank you developers, for the best!

  • Wish it picked up more sites.

    by NicknamesRsilly

    App works ok. Just needs to pick up more sites.

  • Strange

    by THYMIUS

    There's a window with the current temp that sits right over the city where you're trying to see the radar. It's just the worst design. Can't get rid of it. Crazy.

  • Radar doesn't work

    by Artnick8

    This app is fine but the whole reason I bought it was for world wide radar and it doesn't work! Trash! Ripped Again!

  • App does not work in Europe !

    by Sammysimmonsssssssss

    App does not display European radar. It says enable in settings, tried both the app and phone settings with no success, theres simply not an option. Email support also doesn't work. App is full of bugs and unclear as to what regions it covers. I want my money back !!!

  • Slow updating

    by ZoomanDon

    I just purchased this app today, for updates on the Philippine Typhoon. For 4 hours the system has not been able to show me the position or track of the typhoon. The purchase was useless. I cannot check to see if the storm has or will go over my province.

  • Not for Latam

    by pedrodelpriore

    Seems to be a good app. Although the company was not clear enough about what regions get storm radar. Brazil doesn't. So I lost my money.

  • Most excellent app

    by Not Pam

    Easy to use, informative, very detailed.

  • Good app

    by Atkpilot1

    Purchased this app, which I rarely do based on the great reviews of the radar images.

  • Missing most of the world!

    by RoMa2009

    Not sure calling this "world radar" is accurate. No radar in South America, Africia and missing most of Asia.

  • So far so good

    by Figuetron

    Very usedul app

  • So far so good

    by Figuetron

    Very usedul app

  • Useful app

    by Xenoblatta

    Good graphics, charts, and setup.

  • MUY BUENO!!!

    by Marvin “ The Marvinator"

    Es una aplicación veraz y completo, me encanta este app

  • Really nice

    by Cortig

    The best weather app I've found so far. I really like the feature set of this application and its user interface!

  • Great one stop weather app

    by Tony&Toniann

    I travel a lot and this weather app covers all areas. Very nice layout/ format - easy to navigate. Just wished the map could have a gray background to enhance the radar colors. Overall, excellent.

  • Excellent Weather App

    by mattgraf58

    Well organized. Multiple location weather monitoring and forecasting - current radar and conditions, 3 or 10 day forecast of temp, precipitation, wind, etc.. Worth the price.

  • International weather

    by KRUMS Tunes

    I am station in Japan, went through a few apps looking for the right app for international weather, after I configured for my liking I am tracking all weather typhoons and up and coming weather issues. Best weather app so far

  • Glad I have the ap!

    by geeberhopper

    Although I have tried numerous weather aps, I keep coming back to this one. It has what we need and is dependable. We travel a great deal and have used this ap in many countries via iPads and iPhones. After a couple of years, I decided it was time for me to write a review. I am done looking at other weather aps. We'll stick with this one. Thanks, developers, for a great ap!

  • Weather

    by Peggy6080

    Excellent App very informative.

  • Perfect

    by MikeGeller

    Brilliant app! The best radar I found

  • K7GDM

    by K7gdm

    I own several weather programs and very much like this one. It has many options without eating up memory like a Great Dane.

  • Best WX App

    by gmcmanus

    This has become my favorite app for weather forecasts and information. One request if possible change the name of the app as it displays on the home screen to simply "Weather" instead of "World Radar" it would look much more uniform and accurate considering it's not just a radar app.

  • Excellent weather app

    by Uroth54

    One of the best weather app,is buy it no regret.

  • Great weather app

    by Nicetivjs

    I live in South Korea and this works great here, for a little extra I bought the hurricane tracker, which also works great here as I'm currently tracking a typhoon heading towards Korea.

  • World weather radar?

    by Edhatfield

    It only covers the USA and territories. Can I get my money back?

  • Great but not perfect.

    by Novaside

    South America radar doesn't work. I want to see rain in Colombia!

  • Great Australian Radar

    by tnagy

    This is the nicest display of Australian radar that I can find. It looks much better than the BoM graphics. Requests for enhancement: 1. Add ability to turn on GPS and show the flashing blue dot of my location 2. Allow animation to be turned off by default and show current radar only.

  • No Spain or Portugal

    by Qualitythyme

    Radar is not worldwide. Very limited. No Spain or Portugal. That's what I needed it for. Waste of 2 bucks.

  • The World is Smaller Than I Remember

    by bajadaddy

    Bought this app so I could see wx radar features globally, but all I can see is the UK and Western Europe. Lately, North and South America's radars have been shut off (?). Until this is updated, the app does not deliver on the promise of its name.

  • Good app, needs some tweaks

    by Kythz

    I really like the features in this app but: its very slow to load on iPhone 5. And the forecast does not work often.

  • Fabulous

    by Pickmeaname

    This app does everything I need and want! Thanx

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