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Fahrenheit - Temperature on your Home Screen!

- Fixes for new OS

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Fahrenheit displays the temperature on your Home Screen icon, Notification Center and Lock Screen.

- Apple: Staff Favorite & App Store Essentials - Plan Your Vacation!
- TUAW.com: The most feature-rich weather application!
- Macworld.com: A wealth of weather information
- Cult of Mac: Must have iOS app!

Try Fahrenheit Free now and enjoy a stunning new weather application that uses latest technology to show you the current temperature of any location right on your iPhone/iPad Home Screen! Beyond the real time temperature on the Home Screen, Fahrenheit also is the number one weather application giving you very detailed weather information of unlimited cities world wide, packed in a gorgeous design and easy-to-use user interface!

Upgrade to the full version for full functionality, all radar maps, a 10-day forecast and unlimited cities for your forecasting pleasure! The Free version has a trial period for the Push Notification icon temperature and you can add a limited number of cities.

Fahrenheit Free is backed by an online web server that uses Push Technology to push the current temperature of any location to your iDevice. This makes it possible to always automatically have the up-to-date temperature displayed in the red badge at the top-right of the Fahrenheit icon on your Home Screen. Fahrenheit supports all iOS Devices: iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs/3G, iPad 2, iPad and all iPod Touch devices!

Fahrenheit Free brings you all weather information available for every location in the world and a 4-day forecast. The full version supports a 10-day forecast. In addition to these powerful forecasting features, Fahrenheit provides more comprehensive weather information. This includes detailed information regarding cloud cover and rainfall totals. Fahrenheit also gives users information about sunrise and sunset times. Many users also enjoy the real time wind direction feature, which utilizes a display arrow on screen to indicate the wind direction at any time thanks to the built in magnetometer.

- Current temperature (Fahrenheit)
- Current conditions
- Current humidity
- Current pressure
- Current dew point temperature
- Current feels like temperature
- 3-hourly clouds radar (up to 2 days)
- 4 day forecast (Full version supports a 10 day forecast)
- Maximum and minimum temperature per day
- Wind direction per day
- Weather condition per day
- Precipitation per day
- Sunrise/sunset per day
- UV Index per day
- 3-hourly forecast for 4 day's
- 3-hourly condition and temperature for 4 day's

We have an upgrade available to add the following to the application:
- 10 day forecast
- Ad free application
- 3-hourly rain radar (up to 2 days)
- 3-hourly satellite maps (of the last 2 days)
- Wind speed maps

- Possibility to add unlimited cities
- Knows about any city in the world
- Possibility to change the distance unit
- Possibility to change several notification settings.
- Twitter integration
- Facebook Integration

Overall, Fahrenheit is practical and powerful, with basic weather information ready at a moment's notice. For more in depth weather needs, the app provides a detailed overview, with an impressive array of real time information from anywhere around the world. All this makes Fahrenheit one application that should be installed on every iPod, iPhone and iPad!

Customer Reviews

  • Fahrenheit

    by Oldredfish

    Great App

  • Lov it

    by Motor cycle babe

    I like it cause im a temp addict,, and iv found its accurate

  • Mind blowing!!

    by Sahilkiller007

    Just as I expected.

  • Love It!!

    by Nebraskagirl62

    This is a definite "MUST GET APP"! I've had it for almost 6 months and I really like it a lot and have Bon problems with the app. The only down fall is it would be nice if it would keep the current temp without having to go to the app for every time for an update on the temperature. But other then that it is a really good app.

  • Love it!!!

    by HollyPear

    Use it daily! Very useful

  • Nice app

    by jkhpb

    I like that it shows the temp without opening it.

  • No temp.

    by Paula E E

    I wanted the temp. On my screen. But it does not work. Otherwise it's okay. Updating my review it works now. Only if push notifications are on.

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Dreamer1224

    Just a great APP!!!!! :)love it!!!

  • Greatest Weather App !!!

    by Don,t stop

    I have been trying to find a app which I use everyday, and I finally find one. It has everything you need as scroll down and see it. By the way, It also has satellite view...I picked New York and Taipei. So go and download it...:)

  • Nice App..

    by Junitin

    Recommend it.. Very nice

  • Love the current temp feature!

    by Ron Hood

    This is a great weather app, well worth downloading.

  • Excellent

    by Jhiller

    Works as promised and very nice to have temp available at a glance.

  • Needs foreign cities

    by practical shopper

    Too restrictive.

  • Works

    by Draftsman 1

    I would like to swap places with the "F" and the temperature. I want the temperature BIG, and the F small.


    by Rose1620

    This app is amazing its easy to work and understand that's why Im rating it 5 stars

  • Weather App

    by Macwoodson

    I love this weather app

  • <3

    by RobRevis0975

    I love Fahrenheit because you don't even need go on the app to find out what the temp.. I've had 2 other weather apps before and this by far is my favorite.

  • Bubble doesn't show negative

    by NydBen

    Like the app and the bubble that let's you know current temp. Only downside is that the bubble doesn't show the negative when temps are below zero.

  • Eh...?

    by Brittany Moore

    This app isn't bad, but it's not great. It is pretty consistent, but unless you're buying the premium version, you're not getting anything but the weather (no big forecast, no multiple screens or options).

  • So far so good

    by Mrbeel

    Lots a great information and organized.

  • Not accurate

    by rrmpm

    Just downloaded today so I need to check it out a little more, but it is 10 degrees lower than reading at my house and Weather channel.

  • So Stylish That You Can't Read The Fonts

    by Joypebble

    Nice enough app but the pale grey skinny fonts are difficult to read. So difficult that we junked the app in the first 5 minutes. Life is hard enough without such elegant uselessness.

  • Wrote long bad review and it disappeared

    by ufriendly

    Never give correct temp like all othe weather apps. The home screen never updates even after making ALL changes suggested by help and deleting and reinstalling. Going back to weatherbug!!

  • Wrong temp

    by 13173838399293616

    Shows 11 when it's -11

  • Temp on my desktop

    by Sir Gooffeory

    I like to see the temperature on my desktop without having to open the app. It has been accurate.

  • Great app

    by Trooper pilot

    Just downloaded today, but playing around with it I have found it extremely easy to us. Would recommend it to anyone.

  • Great App

    by Buk58

    Really like the Red Bubble to see temp at a glance, but be nice if it showed negative temp.

  • Great App

    by Redbluff

    Very good app and content and information is good. Good layout on app

  • Excellent

    by Talavren

    Works as advertised. Highly Recommend.

  • Nice!

    by juls7

    I like the red bubble display by icon.

  • Luv this app!

    by Rolando Ray

    I love the ability to quickly check the temp at a glance without having to launch the app! When launched, the app has all relevant weather related data in a very easy to read format.

  • My ONLY Weather App

    by PAHPAW

    Works just like I want it to. ALL THE TIME.

  • Love!

    by Avbell

    I love that I don't even have to open the app to see the temperature outside. It's right there on my home screen. Just the weather app I've been looking for!

  • Download this one

    by Carla Hot

    Straight and simple to use. I check this app every day when getting dressed. Also I check areas around the world where I might travel so I will know what to pack.

  • Fahrenheit app

    by Dabomba64

    It's not a bad app, I would prefer if the push notification wouldn't expire :)

  • Does what it says it will

    by Gazingus

    Does what it says it will.


    by Jrkyaker

    Provides good basic weather information.

  • Fantastic

    by Treck52

    This app., is just what I was looking for. What I want when I want it. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  • Great app

    by Clutchmr

    Great app.

  • This app. is great!

    by Jemini617

    This app. is great to use, no guessing about the weather.

  • Great

    by Ksiege1

  • Amazingly simple

    by Ky runner

    If all you want it temps this app us great

  • Great app

    by Kejy

    I love this app. I like that the current temperature comes up on the icon on your screen. Overall seems relatively accurate.

  • Spot on

    by SteveK1953

    We live 20 miles out side of a main city and other apps I have use never seem to be even close with the temp because of not being in the main hub of things. This so far has not been perfect, but more accurate than any other.

  • Vital app!

    by Rubinov

    You need to know the temp. And with this beauty of an app it's always there. What a brilliant concept and it works flawlessly!

  • Ok

    by Tlrounds


  • 200 Followers on twitter!!

    by The_tommyD

    Click the link bit.ly/122-02

  • Love it

    by Mona Handa

    Very very acurate..

  • Good

    by rherro14

    This is a good app. The only thing. I wish it was able to switch between cities with more ease.

  • Fahrenheit

    by J3 o t w

    Gr8 app. Very nice. Very smooth. Accurate

  • Good app

    by Evs35

    Love that it gives the temp all the time and I don't have to open an app to c it

  • Great App

    by AmberDamon

    I use it all the time.

  • Weather

    by Will05bk

    So far so good

  • Love the home screen temperature

    by GamerJ2013

    See the temperature without opening the app, very innovative!

  • Works as advertised

    by andy graham

    Well designed and simple.

  • Great App

    by Austin Wayne

    This app is very accurate. Chock full of information

  • Nice app

    by MrPaiste

    Clean, easy to use interface. I like the temp feature.

  • Below zero

    by PollyannaSuzQ

    This app is not designed so it can show negative temperatures from the desktop. If it's -3, it displays as 3, etc. When you open the app, it displays the negative temperature. Also, if the temperature is 0, it does not display a temperature from the desktop, at all.

  • Just ok

    by FlexMarketMan

    I like the app but disappointed with the new icon.

  • Great app... ☀️⛅️☁️⚡️☔️❄️I use this as my stock weather a app.

    by Snake Eyes V2

    This app replaces my apple stock weather app. Great clean look and I don't even have to open it to see the temperature. This should be the stock iPhone weather app.

  • Kewl app

    by ThePantherman

    Another feasible application for my iPhone. It works nicely. Thanks!

  • Doesn't display negative temps

    by LtPeteO

    I really like that it displays the temperature without having to open the app, but we are experiencing some below zero weather here currently and the app isn't reflecting that.

  • Below zero!

    by Chris-IrishDeath

    Nice app but it can't show negative numbers on the home screen! Kind of useless in Minnesota!

  • Overall good

    by ajdlp1

    Overall it's a good app , it's off by a few degrees sometimes but it nice to have a quick view of the temp without having to go to a weather app ! Please try and work on having it on the lock screen !!!

  • Temperature notification

    by Okeithp

    this Ap places a temperature notification on the home screen. It works as promised, and is very reliable.

  • Farinheight

    by Bikerchickkim

    Haven't had the app long enough to completely rate it. So far so good. Not sure how accurate it is, but I don't have anything yet to compare it to,,

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