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Make cards for special occasions (birthday, Christmas, anniversary, graduation, etc...) at home instead of buying them from the store.
Get a set of clippers and learn how to cut your hair at home. You can learn how to cut hair from many YouTube videos.
Dry cleaning can get expensive over time. You can buy a home dry cleaning product or buy wrinkle-free clothes that don't require dry cleaning.
If you can bike or walk to work or school, do so. It can save you a lot of money on gas and help you get in good shape too.
Don't buy new electronic gadgets just because your friends have the latest and greatest. If your old cell phone still works, keep using it.
Swap clothes with your friends. You get the benefit of saving money and being able to wear new clothes.
If you like a certain theme park and go there frequently, consider buying a season's pass or a membership for unlimited admissions.
Learn how to cook, so you can make your own meals at home and not have to spend money on eating out all the time.
Take studio style pictures at home instead of going to a photography studio. All you need is some good lighting and a camera.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome way to save money

    by Miracle906

    Hey people this is a great way to save money if your broke and to those who don't care get up and read you can use these tips no matter if your rich or not. Ok so I know you all have your own way of making money but this might help you a lot or at least a little bit but you follow these amazing tips I'm sure you'll be saving and making money in no time. Now if your still reading you might be board but still this amazing app can really brighten up your savings account so all of you people who are reading this right now might say you hate it but still give this app a try so I hope all of you become millionaires one day wish you all good luck bye!

  • Smart Tips

    by Gypsy Gemini

    Already do most of these but have also read some tips I had not thought of . Very useful app. This Is one everyone can benefit from. Thank you to the developer for offering this free.

  • Nice savings advice!

    by Gq4u21bc

    Awesome thanks for the savings!


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