SimplyWeather Weather App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: homedevelop
  • Updated: Jun, 19 2013
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Size: 1.48 MB

Languages: English, Hungarian

Seller: filippo cesari


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Tired of using multiple apps to check the weather in your location ? Tired of weather apps full of ads?
Welcome to MySky the first minimalistic and fully featured ios app that brings you a very simple interface but with all the utilities you would expect from a expert weather app.
We support :
-local weather
-week forecast
-wind speed
-map information
-sun and UV info
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Customer Reviews

  • Nice but not enough

    by BrianFarn

    Good app and nice layout but there is no info other than temp and the next week's forecast. No radar, no maps, no wind, no humidity. It's essentially the native iOS weather but in a prettier format. UPDATE: this app has an ungodly amount of notifications...for absolutely no reason! Since installing yesterday I've had five notices (one of which woke me at 3:00am) to "check your weather." There were no weather alerts and the app showed nothing but the temperature, which didn't even update until I hit the refresh button. Deleted.

  • Terrible, bad, useless

    by Cordial Savage

    Few features, temp doesn't change. Fail.

  • Feels like a 1.0 App

    by Mr Toner

    I have 10 weather apps (and counting) and this one appears to be as accurate as those that I consider most reliable. However, there are some formatting issues: it seems the developer didn't take into account temperatures over 100 degrees expressed in Fahrenheit and as a result our current temps are being truncated. The display wasn't designed with the 4S in mind and the scrolling list is a little short: text is cut off at the bottom. There's a blank spot at the bottom of the settings screen. And you can drag the screens around and see an iAd below the viewable content. Also, the themes don't provide a lot of contrast and they are somewhat difficult to read. But what prompted me to lower my rating from two stars to one and delete the app is the periodic local notification (which cannot be disabled) to open the app to check the weather.

  • Thin on features and has ads

    by David Levine

    The app shows the weather and that's it. It also has ads at the bottom, which isn't mentioned in the description.

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