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New fix for live video bar crash, plus all previous fixes for weather bookmarks, timestamps and comments.

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Take this WMUR News 9 app with you every where you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in New Hampshire and New England. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WMUR News 9 app for free today. Features: - Be alerted to breaking news with push notifications. - Watch live streaming breaking news when it happens and get live updates from our reporters. - Submit breaking news, news tips and email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom and it could be featured on air. - Comment on stories that matter to you and share stories with email or on your social media pages. - Check out current weather conditions, hourly and 7 day forecasts wherever you might be. - Our interactive radar lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity. - See weather alerts, school and business closings and watch daily videocasts from your favorite meteorologist.

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Gr8tma

    Great app keeps me informed when something happens and I'm not near a tv I can still keep up with up to the minute news

  • WMUR App

    by AngerySea

    Great app

  • Great app

    by captain-nice

    I like it!

  • Works as its supposed to

    by IbJoeC

    Not too many popup updates like other news apps. Thumbs up.

  • Informative

    by MrSmackurface

    I use the app for weather updates. Works great. As for these loud videos these clowns complain about and rate it 1 star, if you know it's like that, mute your phone or just turn down the volume you knuckleheads!!!

  • Live report

    by Pat Mack

    Like the updates keep up the great work

  • Love it!

    by Broadway Diva 24601

    I love this app! It keeps me well informed of current events. However, I had to take a star off as I don't like all the forced ads.

  • Wonderful app

    by Bo R Bear

    Luv the app and site.

  • Very helpful

    by Master Ugwe

    The weather radar feature is the most used feature for me. The discussion blogs at the end of news stories are a never ending source of entertainment .

  • ✅✅✅✅✅

    by Randomnicknameofsorts

    I use this app usually during the winter to see if we have any school closings or delays and or hasn't failed me yet!

  • Great app!!!

    by Flordecanela

    I Love this app-- i Love the convenience of having the news and Weather at the push of a button. Thanks!!

  • Love it!

    by Rickster0

    Awesome! I love the convenience of having my local news & weather in the palm of my hands.

  • ...

    by ThtJstHappn3d

    Pretty awesome app, but should be able to favorite any towns, cities and school districts so you can get notifications for school closings. Please....

  • Ok but crashes

    by JuliaFoster

    The app is ok. Wish there was more news.

  • Good app for on the run!

    by Drunkn Irishmin

    Helpful for when I'm on the road, only problem is some stories have to be viewed instead of reading

  • WMUR

    by Ceabel

    The app is better than the website.

  • Good app

    by Rhyolight

    You can't get something for nothing, and the WMUR app gives you news, weather, and radar fast with an easy interface. TV ads are much more annoying and last longer.

  • Love the WMUR app!

    by ejd3cc

    This is my source for NH weather and travel info during ski season. I enjoy going to it all year long makes me feel like I am back in NH!

  • Review of WMUR ap

    by Sean J. Chadwick

    Great ap, excellent news & weather reports.

  • Great App!!!

    by Katm0381

    Very informative.

  • Terrible, but less terrible than their website

    by YourAppSucksBigTime

    Forced ads, too much content, poor navigation. I'm deleting the app as soon as I finish this review!

  • Used to be good

    by BlckDragn

    What's with the forced video ads? On a game app that makes sense, but on a news app? The Fox News app doesn't even do that. What about an iOS 7 update?

  • Ads

    by Vwtekjw

    Sends push notifications that don't show in breaking news feeds, You had better have time to sit through video ads if you want to check in on more than a few things. Used to be a good app. Not turning to crap like the rest

  • Used to love this app

    by Cara Wallace-Lee

    New full screen video adds when changing between news, weather, etc make this app unbearable to use. What a huge waste of time.

  • Horrible update

    by Jeff Liscouski

    You have killed this app with the video ads. It is no longer useful as the ads are very intrusive.

  • Video ads are unacceptable

    by Viajeras

    I can't sit and read news without being forced to sit through a very loud and disruptive video ad? Makes it impossible to have a quiet reading experience - I can't read late at night in bed or in waiting rooms without worrying about one of those ads coming up out of nowhere and disrupting things. I'll have to try and find a better local news app.

  • Way to ruin a great app!

    by Loud phone in a public place

    Ok so this is how it is. This WAS a 5 star app and one I used to use all the time. I would open it everywhere just to check out the news. Now I can't because a LOUD blasting video comes on . It makes this app impossible to open anywhere you don't want your phone to suddenly start yelling , which is basically everywhere. This is the first and only review I've written but I think people should not get this app until this is fixed. It's totally fine for say a DJ who works with blasting music because then the loud videos won't interrupt anything or be noticed but if you're like the rest of us who would rather not get glared at for opening up a news app , then don't get it. Tonight for example I couldn't sleep so I was reading things on my phone . I clicked on the WMUR app and BLLLAAAAAASTTTT a video blaring ! Woke everyone up. Ugh. Ok you get the point. Rethink this video thing please WMUR ! Don't ruin what was a good thing :(

  • Less ads please

    by Zombie man!

    So many ads, almost everyone I switch from one heading to another there's a pop up ad. I'm deleting the app after I write this review. It would be nice with less ads on the main screen. The actual usable screen space seems small. The weather section is great, it's what I used to use the most.

  • New version, now with too many ads

    by Bill47884357

    Don't bother with this, the ads are too intrusive. They should spend more time fixing bugs instead of stopping you from getting to the news.

  • Horrible!!!

    by Izzybdog

    Pop up ads make it unusable with full screen LOUD ads

  • WMUR

    by Sh1tty

    Only use it as last resort. Too many ads and difficult to find exactly what your looking for.

  • Obtrusive video ads

    by Paulinthetrees

    Unfortunately, the video ads are that were recently added, are the reason I'm uninstalling this app. They pop up, full screen, audio playing, how obnoxious! Unexpected video/audio playing while quietly accessing the app, is rude to others as well.

  • Video adds have ruined this app

    by sonofaseacook

    I'm very unhappy with the video adds. Would not recommend this app.

  • Wmurtv App

    by Jrhiker

    Great App

  • Awesome!

    by RizzoTrolls

    Keeps me up to date! Love it!

  • Pop-up ads ruined this app

    by HughsMom

    Recently pop-up ads have been interfering with the ability to quickly access news and weather information. WMUR, do away with those. Looks like it is time to find a better news source with less interference.

  • Pretty good app.

    by Liana G. in 603

    Good access to local news with just enough national coverage to keep up with what's going on. Nice to get alerts when a big story is breaking.

  • Bad idea

    by mn2nh

    This was formerly the app I relied on for NH news, but I am avoiding this app until the forced videos are gone. They are a very rude intrusion.

  • Ok app

    by NHMana

    Does the job

  • Good app

    by Zbw123

    This is my goto resource to find out what's going on in NH, I use It regularly.

  • by MaCinLi

  • Forced video ads

    by Alien245

    I barely use this app anymore since it has gotten so annoying with ads. I am fine with banner ads and even okay with video ads when I'm watching a video but to force me to watch a video ad when I am reading text is not acceptable

  • Handy

    by Kystyn

    A handy ap for brush up news. Like most news lately, tho, only partially complete, never following up. It is local. I like that. I would like more local good news.

  • WMUR

    by konstructikon

    Really like this app especially the weather. The only two things that are annoying are that with some stories I have to go through three pages of intro to get to the story. The other thing is the sound on the advertisements. I understand you need to advertise but it's hard to find what to close so I just shut the sound off altogether and I shouldn't have to do that.

  • WMUR

    by Dhall1979

    Grate app

  • Commenting works great now!

    by Angela Gagnon

    Thanks for fixing.

  • Ok

    by Inafot

    Enjoy the local access but needs work

  • Generally good

    by thestoren

    The information is good but the interface is cluttered. The notifications would be better with a better filter— too many trivial stories come through as emergency notifications. Basically good app that future upgrades can polish.

  • Not great

    by Ruthvaillan

    "News" is hardly news I would call the same slides how for the past 2 weeks a highlight headline news. Not a fan of the audio ads and there's no way to turn them off or silence them. Pretty much will never be able to use this app again because of them.

  • Great!

    by Alway Curious

    Very informative!

  • Amateurish

    by LongRifle100

    Buggy and crash prone. None of the pictures ever enlarges when you click them. Other aspects also poorly implemented.

  • Wmur

    by AggottC

    This app I hardly get push notifications when something happens. I never can leave comments even signed up for disqus.

  • Awesome

    by Augmomoftwo

    I love this app I love that I get notification alerts and I'm able to stay up to date on what's going on

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