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New fix for live video bar crash, plus all previous fixes for weather bookmarks, time stamps and comments.

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Take this WLWT News app with you wherever you go and connect to Tri-State news. This app provides you with real-time access to breaking news,weather, Cincinnati news, national, politics, sports, traffic, entertainment stories and more. Watch live breaking news when it happens and get live updates. Be the first to know of breaking news with push notifications. Plus submit news tips or email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom and it could be featured on air. Features: - Breaking news push notifications. - Watch live streaming breaking news when it happens. - Submit breaking news, news tips and email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom and it could be featured on air. - Comment on stories that matter to you and share stories with email or on your social media pages. - Check out current weather conditions, hourly and 7 day forecasts wherever you might be. - Our interactive radar lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see more weather activity like snow, lightning, and major storms. - See weather alerts, school and business closings and watch daily videocasts from your favorite meteorologist.

Customer Reviews

  • Accurate, up to date.

    by nc1l

    Works well. Easy to get weather, school closings.

  • Love the app-hate the log in to comment

    by Steven Ledingham

    Love the app-hate the log in to comment. I must have tried 20 times to create an account to comment. I just read the news. Forget commenting.

  • So far so good

    by Codeeeeeeettxwyg

    Works fine for what I need, school closings and weather

  • App

    by Robert Grisby Jr.

    Great news app

  • Almost perfect

    by Ashkiller

    The app itself I enjoy, the slide shows are ridiculous and stupid. It would much better to have things listed rather than waste time flipping through.

  • Love it

    by Beth Loehr

    Can't stop playing

  • Weather

    by The realstyx

    I use apps for weather since I work outside. There's room for improvement here

  • Slow on alerts and crashes.

    by Mosiasa

    A lot slower on pop up alerts of bad traffic and closed roads than the Ch 9 WCPO app. That's the biggest con. You wanna know BEFORE you get caught in it. Often, when starting the app up, it crashes. I have to start it a few times before it stays open. But easy to use and comes in handy. I still like it and regularly use it.

  • wlwt

    by Not Ted Hendricks

    Very good, like alot

  • Good

    by W0WADD1CT


  • Great !!!!!!!!

    by Gtdk243

    Great app. Easy to navigate

  • News

    by HoneyBebis

    I love the up to the minute news alerts

  • Great app

    by Gratefuldeadicated

    Love it

  • Good, not great yet

    by Njoy11

    Good app w potential to be great. Love the traffic feature, wish it gave more info and loaded faster. It would be nice to read news in app instead of opening browser.

  • A+

    by TCDW

    nuff said.

  • good

    by Zhiwei he hagavbhh

    Looks good

  • Good

    by tomcincinnati

    I get most of my local news from this. This is a good App, I like the way it's laid out.

  • WLWT

    by Jonsey774

    Great App.

  • Great App

    by JusFisch

    I get Newsgasms from this app. Fantastic. You should see the dreck they give us in Providence. I miss you OHIO but due to this app I can actually see how messed up Cincinnati is from 877 miles away. Right on!

  • Better

    by Gamer45224

    The streaming video doesn't work all the time. Most of the content is pretty good. Still a few glitches to be worked out.

  • Often app will not even open

    by Chef Sue

    The app is extremely frustrating as much of the time the opening screen freezes and I can't even get to the news. I tried reloading the app without luck. From reading the other reviews I see that I am not alone with this problem. Please fix it!

  • Ugh

    by @JakeCash1

    Can't even see my girl Sharee on it she is their best newsperson and by far the best in the city and I cannot even see her on this app they should have a virtual Sharee it would be awesome

  • Dislike

    by 112OAKS


  • Weather inaccurate.

    by FlyChris13

    Bad weather man. Not the most accurate forecast in the city. Too bad!! :(

  • Crashes, forces you out of app and into a browser

    by Music70x7

    Too many times lately the app has closed unexpectedly. I also get frustrated with being directed to a web page to read certain articles instead of staying within the app. Another frustration is that the links to other articles from within an article do not work. You have to go to the headline page, and the article you were interested in is often not there.

  • Forced Rating

    by RipTide5

    Every time this ap opens it asks me to rate it. So, while there are some things I like about it, it is still unstable at times, takes 4G to run properly, is a resource hog and takes too long to open- it basically does give me the headlines and the radar map when I ask for it.

  • Horrible update!!!

    by Jcndrake30

    I have been using this app for over a year and now with the new update it will not even open !!!

  • Good

    by Noles5491

    Very good app for news

  • Great weather

    by InspectorK100

    Great weather

  • Frustrating

    by usmc2655

    It's absolutely frustrating to have to open a browser when reading some articles. Why can't it all be in the app?!

  • Review channel 5 app

    by Wondering Through

    This app is up to date. Accurate and precise!

  • Best for local news!!

    by ohio arseneau

    For Cinci news this is THE app!!

  • Give me all I need to know

    by Mrsiphone

    Great app. Great information. Easy to navigate!

  • On Your Side!!!

    by Troken

    The only local news apps I use. GREAT JOB,same as TV.

  • Great app

    by oshea8338


  • Tristate news

    by Legend50

    Could be better it just hate the comments that you guys ok to put on the site most time the are racial and wrong made by stupid people I think you do this to stir the pot

  • Five news iPhone app

    by Wolfe291

    It's where I get ninety percent of my news!

  • Back to the drawing board

    by Hitlength

    Pictures can't be clicked on to view even tho it says u can. Stories with only links to the website version are annoying.

  • Format stinks!

    by Too cool Nana

    News stories stay posted way too long. Especially insignificant ones. Post most recent news stories at top and so on in descending order. Times and dates when stories are posted would be nice. Proof reading the stories for grammatical errors would be a plus. This app leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Thank you!

    by jovial_71

    Update: Appears to be fixed. Yea! Thank you!! **************** No app errors & I appreciate 5's local news quality, compared with the other local news apps (who struggle even more with quality.) I agree with other reviewer, many of the breaking news notices are absurd, but all news outlets struggle with this problem. Would be nice if breaking news had a clear legal definition, like, "only use breaking report if the sky is falling." An example of wasteful: NBC (national) has notified of crap like a sports figure has done, "x, y or z." I don't find that to qualify as breaking, so I just disable the notifications feature, and read the news on my own terms.

  • Alerts are sooooo annoying

    by Cincyskd

    Who ever is in charge of the alerts should be fired. Meaningless "alerts" at 6am are NOT necessary. App removed. Download WCPO app instead.

  • Awesome app!

    by Nateforlife

    Well-organized and informative app! Thanks!

  • Yay!

    by Just19Kat

    App works again!

  • Ok app

    by Hammer03

    I think they fired their editor, I see more errors in the articles than I do in most of my students papers. Also, most of the time you click on a headline to read, they just give you another link to click on and don't bother giving you anything about the headline.

  • WLWT 5

    by Pumpkin646

    Was great, last update can even open open. Shut phone down & restarted, no help. Has to delete app!

  • Update beware

    by Hope Evette

    Most recent update has made this app USELESS!! Can't open it and its disappointing because I used it all the time and used to be great :(

  • Useless update

    by Rich D3

    Update will not work

  • App doesn't open

    by Pinterest lova

    App crashes immediately since the update.

  • Don't get ap

    by AJ41276

    Horrible, won't load. Worked great until upgrade. Now it won't even open.

  • Don't Download!!!

    by Capital70

    Well like everyone else I am having the same issue! They should have tested it before they released it! Won't even open!!!!!

  • ?!?

    by FeelnLocky

    App was working fine until update. Now it crashes before even opening!

  • WLWT Channel 5

    by Whoever ky

    Updated app and now can't get it to open. Have deleted and reinstalled still not working. I do get notifications.

  • Bad Update

    by Chrissy8192000

    This was one of my favorite apps until the last update. The weather & radar aspect was fantastic. Now it won't even open so I had to delete it.

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