Earthquakes Weather App Review (iOS, $1.99)

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  • Publisher: Hamway
  • Updated: Jan, 18 2009
  • Version: 2.0
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Languages: English

Seller: Heather Yoes

Tons of improvements!
No more exiting the app. When you touch an event cell you will be asked if you would like to view the event at in"USGS site" or "Show Event in Maps". Yes that's right I said Maps. Neither will exit the app.
Once in Map View you can touch each pin to display data about that event.

Bug fixes.
XML Parsing fixed. no more 404 errors.
Faster loading times.

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Earthquakes +

With many more features and universal iOS support.

Earthquakes is a application that will display 50 of the most recent seismic events around the globe.

When you select an event, the application will ask you if you would like to view the details from (Web View), or if you would like to view the events location in (Map View).

Map View: Will go to the event selected and show basic information on the event, Location, Time, Date, and Magnitude.

Web View: Will take you to a web portal with all relevant information pertaining the selected event.

Version 2.0
No longer do you have to exit the app to view any data. It's all handled in-house.
Includes many new features, map view, internal web view, and many more features.

Each magnitude is represented in the correct magnitude color code. From
1.0 all the way up to 12.0(God forbid)
The highest I've been able to test is 8.0.

This application is great for students, teachers, seismologist, or any body with a curious mind.
Check it out.
A data connection is needed to run this application, Wi-Fi, 3G, or EDGE network.

We worked very hard to incorporate each request our users have mentioned. If you would like a feature added please contact us at.

Visit us at

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by luvapplegadgets

    Simple but good app. Does what it says in the description. So interesting to see how many earthquakes appear around the world.

  • It has been fixed (sometime after the original post in April)

    by Kilyroy9000

    The previous errors about the Error 404 Page Not Found message have been corrected. So, I give it the 5. A second minor issue (may still be present) is that many times it will fail on start-up, with an incorrect statement that the USGS is not currently available. What the application should do is retry a couple times first, to get a network connection spun-up. For example, If I try this application and it reports USGS not available, and I then close the application and instead Safari over to (anything that makes a network connection..).. and I then immediately retry this application, it will then suddenly connect fine. Still, one of my favorite little applications.

  • This is a good start

    by morganrennie

    This app has a lot of potential. Some suggestions: Locate you and tell you close by earthquakes World map that you can zoom in on. Like tilt sideways to view the map. Maybe a vibrate or message if an earthquake did happen near by but wasn't felt. Great app overall. 5 stars for price, potential, and a good start. I'm looking forward to using this app a lot

  • Great first impression. I am impressed.

    by Airmark1

    This is a very east to understand, very easy to use program. Tapping on each one of the quakes takes you to a USGS web site (not really formatted for the iPhone) that shows you all of the other details about the quake. A lot of information is available on that site. My one complaint is that there is not a 1-click access to the iPhone maps app via this earthquake app. You CAN take the link to the USGS site, click the maps tab and the click the google maps link. This takes you to the location on your Maps app on the iPhone. (huh?) yes that makes little sense to me too. But I think the program is well worth a buck. Edit: Also. Add ability to filter to certain geographic areas. Add refresh button to update quakes. Adding a world map with pin points would be very cool.

  • It's a good start

    by Lauran's iPhone

    I would like to have the ability to set this program to my area only. Living in the SF Bay Area, we get our fair share. It's not that I don't care about the rest of the world, but I'd rather just have CA earthquakes listed and there is no way to do that in this app. Will probably delete this and wait for something that can be set area specific. It's a nice start on something that *could* be a lot better.

  • Earthquakes

    by rjsmac

    This application never works. Always tells me USGS Host Not Available !!

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