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Seller: Global Security Systems Technology LLC

- Updated look and feel for iOS 7
- Fixes issues with intermittent current location and background refresh issue.
- Fixes issues for users using voice over features.
- Fixes issues with audio playback sometimes causing the app to crash.
- Various other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

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Most weather apps available today just give you the forecast for a select city or cities. The ALERT FM App can possibly help save your life.

The ALERT FM App integrates the critically acclaimed iMap Weather Radio with the reliability of ALERT FM’s state and local citizen notification. Before, during, and after a critical event receive timely localized emergency information- everything from weather alerts to available shelter locations- delivered right to your mobile device.

ALERT FM is used by a rapidly growing number of state and local officials to notify their citizens about emergency situations. The ALERT FM App provides users with weather forecasts, current conditions, radar updated every 5 minutes, and advisories/ watches/ warnings for both your preset and current locations across the United States. Additionally, you can receive information from federal, state and local emergency officials such as storm precautions and evacuations, hazardous chemical spills, major accidents, Amber Alerts, and more.

The ALERT FM App is free to download. The emergency alerting and basic weather functionality is available for free and there are In-App Purchase options for upgraded weather functionality.

What you get for Free?

*Emergency information sent from federal and state sources for the jurisdiction that you registered for when you downloaded the app- are received on your phone through push notifications (alerts sent to your phone even when the app is closed) and appear under “Text Alerts” in the app.

*Over 100 types of weather advisories, watches, and warnings plus forecasts and radar updated every 5 minutes are available for up to 5 saved locations and your current location using your phone’s GPS.

*Weather advisories, watches, and warnings are available by opening the app and clicking on the badge next to the selected location (push notifications for weather are available for $9.99 - see below).

*A badge indicates you have an active alert. The number next to the badge indicates how many alerts are in effect.

NOTE: Custom Alerts, found under SETTINGS, can only be selected for Push Notifications. This setting allows you to select what advisories, watches, or warnings that you want pushed to your phone. Although the alerts read "disabled" with the free features, you will receive all advisories, watches, and warnings for your saved and current locations as stated above.

Upgrade to a Weather Radio for $9.99 and receive…

*Push Notifications (alerts sent to your phone even when the app is closed) for weather advisories, watches, and warnings.

*Voice Audio- spoken weather forecasts, watches and warnings.

*Map Overlay- additional display layers on the radar map, including warnings/watches, hurricane tracks, and more.

* The $9.99 is a one time charge


*National Weather Service data and alerting available for the United States only

*Continued use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

******Canadian Users*******
The weather RADAR and weather alerts are US-based. ALERT FM does not yet include Canadian RADAR or Canadian- issued weather alerts.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs an EAS Test Option

    by Ivan R. Loock

    Annoying as Emergency Alert System tests are, the OPTION to enable receipt of EAS tests should at least be available. Otherwise, how would one ever know that the App is truly enabled, working, and most importantly of all, "listening?" Also, sometimes the Emergency Alert System is utilized in emergency preparedness drills, sanctioned by National, state and local emergency management agencies. As such, some EAS tests are used in conjunction with sanctioned drills. Hence, being able to enable the App to "listen" for EAS test broadcasts would be of great help to such coordinated drill efforts. As the App currently functions, no such feature exists. It is therefore, difficult to place any real degree of trust in the App, especially for the price of the required, "in-App purchases." Otherwise, the App at least APPEARS to be useful. - Fire Chief Ivan Loock, N7PRM (USDHS/FEMA COM-T

  • Will cost more

    by Drkforc

    While it is a good app, it will cost you $10 or more to unlock all of the features in the app

  • Cool App

    by Nenee73

    This is a very cool app. I can get all my weather information right on my phone.

  • Great App

    by Horseshowprincess

    I really like this app to help me stay informed of the weather in my area.

  • Love the map overlay radar

    by Collette1983

    I love the within 5 min radar found on this app. The map overlay allows me to see exactly where warnings are in my area and helps me plan my day.

  • Alert Fm

    by Jlkehrer

    I found this app to be very user friendly!!! I use it daily when planning fishing trips and hunting trips!!!! I live in Lafayette, La and I think this app is so much better than ANY local weather station!!!

  • Amazing App

    by JCK198755

    The Doppler radar makes this app a must have. Great user-friendly app.

  • Love the app

    by Ouburke

    Great app. Helped save my car from a hail storm. No ads...

  • Just works

    by BruceAAJr

    Very satisfied. Cheaper than a weather radio. Actually announces NOAA weather warnings+push notification. Enhanced radar and push notifications are cheaper than equivalent weather apps.

  • Tremendous alerting app

    by 1st responder and engineer

    I love all of the features this app provides. I have found 0 glitches in this app. Not only is it useful for first responders like myself any average joe can use this app. It uses your current locations and will send push alerts for any natural disaster like flooding, fires, tornadoes you name it. I guess apps like weather bug are in the past this app sends me alerts and I am also able to view the weather via radar and satellite imagery ( which definitely helps for when I am preparing for my business trips. Again I found zero glitches. This will be not only my weather app but my main app for all major alerts.. A+++ Try it out yourself you will not be upset.

  • Great way to stay informed during a crisis

    by BMabile

    This app will be really handy during Hurricane season. The ability to get push alerts for any location is great when the power is out.

  • New Orleans native

    by NolaLex11

    I downloaded the app for free, added a location for alerts (alerts were visible within the app), radar was beautiful, weather was accurate. Made an in-app purchase for voice notifications, push-notifications, and 3 locations (to monitor weather and emergencies for other loved ones). Went into settings to choose which alerts I wanted (there are many). At this point, the app was still cheaper than many alternative emergency apps. When we had a strong cold front the other night in South Louisiana, the app woke me up with a Tornado warning and voice (great for the visually impaired) for my area. Just like a weather radio, but better! It's only a few bucks vs. $29.99-$49.99 for a weather radio that may or may not work. Apparently my state also has the ability for emergency managers to publish non-weather related emergencies to this app. I am more than satisfied.

  • Just wrong.

    by Fix it please ...

    It is dishonorable to charge such fees for the simple concept of trying to ensure people's safety in natural disasters. I can't believe this is allowed. By the way, the 5 star ratings that have been posted are suspiciously similar to one another. Hmm...

  • Very expensive app

    by RichBWood

    I bought the $3.99 upgrade, then the voice addition for .99 cents. I thought the on screen ads would disappear. They're still there. My area has no zip code service prividers. The GPS part works. Everything wants more money.

  • User

    by Rph1956 18

    Doesn't seem to be able to do much for you unless you purchase several extras at up to 3.99 each. My first impression is that this is just a money grab.

  • Did not work for me

    by Bill-Roy

    No service in SW Florida

  • Okay

    by Saidepuss

    It messed up a bit but some things still work u know!

  • Crap!

    by Hannakuah

    Great concern about human beings! Can't track or do crap on here.... Oh yeah.... Unless you give us more money every time you want to add something!!

  • Downloading

    by Primetanker

    Started download, then read reviews, then stopped download and deleted. What a joke to charge for life.

  • Junk app

    by Shamanistic1

    This is horrible. Every feature is an additional fee. Downloaded and paid one 4 dollar fee only to find it didn't even show the tornado watch we were under. Do not waste your time or money.

  • Don't download!!!

    by mrPaleRyderX

    All I wanted was tornado warning alerts, but to get that feature u have to pay $3.99!

  • Incomplete and unoriginal

    by Goviefresh

    Does what numerous other alert and weather apps do, but with a less native interface. The graphics look badly scaled for iPad, like they made it for the iPhone and then slapped iPad readiness after the fact. Also doesn't auto-rotate. On top of it all they nickel and dime you for features that should just be included. Avoid this app and just use something like Weatherbug.

  • No local stations

    by Fire77222

    Found no local station

  • Don't use

    by Uh60m

    You can't do anything with the free app

  • Stupid

    by Hardcandy6386

    You can't really do anything on the free app, you have to pay to get most of the alerts, I deleted it. Waste of space on my phone.

  • dont use

    by eleat4

    it is just a big ad for a dlc add on just don't bother getting this app

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