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Seller: GenCode Systems, Inc.

Bug fixes, improvements in size and faster response times

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iHurricane Pro Is The Most Popular Hurricane Tracking App For iPhone/iPad and iTouch.

- From Developers of the most downloaded Hurricane Tracking App iHurricane this is a HD version of iHurricane that runs in native iPhone and NOW iPad screen resolutions.

- iHurricane HD is the only one that lets you use our app for free. The way InApp purchase works is if you like the app you can purchase the extra features of Push and extended content. Other apps make you purchase before you can even use the app. InApp purchase lets you really get to know the app your buying before you buy. Your purchase goes toward both the iPhone and iPad resolutions.

Theres more:

- Only Hurricane app that tracks Multiple (not just one at a time) Hurricanes on a interactive map!

- Only Hurricane app with PUSH!
(Push requires InApp Purchase)

- Only Hurricane app with email Alerts!
(Free to everyone!)

-Get distance between your location and EACH coordinate of the storm!

- Fully interactive map with clickable icons!

- Created by, developer of PC Computing Best Of The Net Award!

Fully interactive map, more images, and more features than the others.

iHurricane HD is a Hurricane Tracking System that integrates with's applications to give you the most up to-date and reliable hurricane coordinates data and high resolution maps. Using GeoLocation you will be able to tell how far an active storm is from you in miles at any moment, see satellite images of active storms. Get information such as wind-speed, millibars and much more.

Features :
- Latest coordinate active storm data
- Distance from your location to storms location in miles.
- Latest satellite information
- National Radar
- Historical data on this seasons past storms
- And Much More

Customer Reviews

  • 1st go to app

    by Seventhwave

    Nice, quick and stable for me. Good graphics and easy to use. Could have easier access to the actual hurricane center text warning info. All in all a very good app.

  • Like it

    by RD. Gator

    This app on an iPhone works great. Individual stats on storms, wind speed and direction are very informative. Also allows one to track several storms at the same time.

  • Great app. Keeps me updated on storms near my family in Tallahassee as well as near my home .

    by SIR..

    Home since I never thought we could get the strong wind damage as we did 5 years ago. I am thankful for the alerts and can be better prepared. Thanks!

  • The best

    by Jeff Hepburn

    I always get prompt info on all severe weather conditions in my area

  • Storms

    by React35

    Really Awesome. Thanks.

  • Average at best, droid version 4 stars, iPad ver 3 stars

    by G finder

    Can't see dates on iPad ver. Can't see larger picture images. Very limited useful info beyond basics.

  • Good app!

    by Va Joe

    Easy to use and no problems......thanks!

  • Quick, efficient and functional

    by Tangofox

    This app allows me to gain awareness of tropical storms with no more effort than a finger tap. Greater detail is there with just as much ease. Well designed!

  • Must Have for Coastal Residents

    by Whostl

    I live directly on the Gulf. Having lived through several tropical storms and two hurricanes, this is a valuable tool.

  • Excelente.....

    by Alberto J.

    Tras usarlo por más de un año, no tengo duda que es el mejor en su género. Veraz, claro, oportuno y con gráficos de primera.

  • Fast Graphic View

    by Mxyzqtlpzx

    The iHurricane HD gives a fast graphic view of current tropical storms, including the predicted path. You can find additional details like the barometric pressure history. The deep details super-geeks like is not there.

  • Hurricain tracker

    by Jerryddsdds

    Very good

  • Valuable App

    by Poaceae

    I live in Florida and know, first hand, the damage of a hurricane. It is really important to receive as much advance notice of the path as possible and the email notice provided by this App is great.

  • Awesome

    by Hurricane app lover

    Not only is this a great app for hurricanes and keeps u accurately informed, but it is also a great way to visit all the marvelous places of wonder around the world; Eiffel tower, mount everest, Easter island statues, pyramids in Egypt, Christ redeemer statue in rio de janero, ect.! I feel like I've been on a mini vacation by looking up all these places! Lol

  • It 's good.

    by the real cyclenut

    See title.

  • Great app!

    by Lionrabbit

    Love the satellite view!

  • Getting Even Better !

    by Ratso82

    Was a great app for past 2 yrs. Latest update makes it twice as great !

  • Great app that provides valuable info

    by FL_guy

    Unlike many apps this one does exactly what it says it does - and more. We have a beachfront home in Florida but spend summers in Colorado. We rely on this app for good, up to date info on storms that can affect us. If you need hurricane info get this app.

  • Does the job.

    by KPW4

    Very useful.

  • Great app

    by Grnmtnboy03

    I depend on this app to keep me posted on weather in carribbean to know how our property is.

  • Crashes

    by FlyUSN

    Downloaded, immediate crash when opened, deleted, reloaded still crashes when opened

  • Terrible

    by Captmarvelruss

    Used to be a favorite till updated. Now I wouldn't waist my time. It freezes when opened. Just awful.

  • Still buggy

    by SpeedTrap47

    Loads and crashes immediately

  • Crashes too much to rely upon

    by Inferno_T

    On my 4S, it crashes on opening constantly.

  • I don't like the new version

    by Eowyn99

    This WAS a good app. Not anymore.

  • Awesome

    by LILCAT30

    Love this app, I use regularly & it helps out with all the info on each storm.

  • Good app

    by BooCoat

    App works well. Great for tracking storms headed for Florida coast.

  • Live aboard

    by Lighthouse123

    We live on a boat and need to be very aware of weather

  • The best storm and hurricane tracking app

    by Iheshuah

    It is so much accurate, even better than waiting for radio or tv warnings. The information given keeps me aware of the possibilities in my area. Day and night, in my work, my home or on the road is a very reliable tool. And yet better, it's very easy to use. Keep up with our times and keep up the good work guys. Carlos

  • Great app

    by ellipticaltime

    It has so far given me all re information I need regarding hurricanes. I live in Tampa so this is important to me.

  • AWESOME!!!

    by TrueImage1017

    This is a great hurricane App - I LOVE the email alerts. Folks like me NEED a hurricane heads-up alert down here in the South...

  • KjunBkr

    by Kjnbkr

    Great app, easy to use.

  • Hurricane

    by Skip Barber

    I am in New Orleans and confined to a wheelchair 24/7 I highly recommend this app as a guide to help me make plans as to hurricanes in the area.

  • Love it great app

    by LI hwy

    I work for the hwy dept on Long Island and my dad has a seasonal business with large displays. With this app I was able to help my dad save his large stuff and at hwy dept some guys felt I was a meteorologist. Lol. I would give this app up love it Pw

  • Great app

    by Jluer

    Great app.

  • Great App

    by OPC_SC

    Great App. Looks good on IPAD.

  • Storm Tracker

    by chuckschro

    Being a first responder, this app is great.

  • Aplicación excelente

    by jairdeg17

    De verdad es una excelente aplicación del IPhone, muy precisa y cierta. Los felicito porque me ha servido mucho para mis viajes y precauciones a tomar.

  • Great app

    by Martyboy821

    Works great on iPad and iPhone- use it whenever a storm is coming

  • Love this app

    by Crawpappa

    Great hurricane tracker, and very useful for folks in L.A. (Lower Alabama).

  • Good

    by BoyMan1

    This app is excellent. Love the look.

  • Excellent App!

    by Cynthia Ann1218

    Easy to use.

  • iPad

    by James Smith

    Works great on my iPad,tried others and this is the best.

  • Great App

    by Gctbretinfo

    I look at it every night. Well worth it, no question.

  • Great Resource

    by Capt. P

    This is a terrific app to access easily and quickly to track storms.....I have found it to be the most accurate information available on storm tracking.

  • Very informative

    by seminolebear

    Gives the info I need since I live in a hurricane prone state. Easy to use and understand.

  • Wundermap

    by CDR215

    Good app- I use it to see what weather is coming up.

  • Good app

    by PTM60

    The thing works

  • Great on my Ipad

    by Gme111

    Very good and accurate information.

  • Efficient

    by The Florida Fisherman

    I live in Florida and it warns me well in advance when a storm is developing and gives me the data I need to prepare. Great app.

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