My-Cast Weather Radar Weather App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: Garmin DCI
  • Updated: Feb, 02 2010
  • Version: 1.6.2
  • Size: 14.59 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Digital Cyclone

Corrects issue finding current location for some devices

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The award-winning My-Cast app delivers comprehensive yet intuitive weather information specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Un-cluttered base maps display animated radar, clouds and StormWatch severe weather alerts allowing effortless interpretation of how the weather affects your day. As you check out the current weather, you may see drifting clouds or falling rain as My-Cast's distinctive weather themes come to life. Whether you are interested in weather for today, tomorrow or next week, My-Cast has you covered. When severe weather strikes, My-Cast transmits the latest alerts direct from the National Weather Service.

The new My-Cast Weather tropical outlook feature provides you with pertinent real-time tropical weather tracking information that you can animate and interact with, not just static images scraped from other websites. Built on Garmin’s My-Cast weather network, the My-Cast Weather tropical outlook delivers complete data for both the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific regions.

Features include:

• Real-time, animated radar
• Weather Map with conditions, temperatures, dew points, wind direction and wind speed overlays
• Animated Visible and Infrared Clouds
• Interactive StormWatch map with National Weather Service alerts
• Complete severe weather warnings, watches, and advisory alert text
• 7-day forecast with high/low temperatures and chance of precipitation
• Hourly forecast with temps, wind speed/direction and chance of precipitation
• Bing Base mapping system with imagery and terrain mapping
• Forecast graph including past, present and forecast wind, dew point, temperature, and sky conditions
• Save your favorite and recently viewed locations for anywhere in the U.S.
• Shake for live data refresh
• One-button push for GPS positioning
• Tropical Outlook - Interactive map and NHC bulletins
• Map Controls Fade - once selections have been made for basemap type, opacity and looping, those controls will fade away allowing an unobstructed view of the map
• Add Location by Map Touch - Simply tap the map at the desired location and My-Cast will add it to your saved locations list
• No ads!

Customer Reviews

  • ddhjbd99

    by ddhjbd99

    This is best weather app ever!! I work for the county highway dept and everyone asks me to look at the radar over our foreman who has accuweather and weatherbug.

  • Love App the but miss the graphics

    by TamCatG

    I love the app, but I miss the neat graphics that I have on my old Blackberrys version 7.0.14. I always loved the Special animations on the holidays and when Warnings and Watches were active. Champagne and Fireworks for New Year, large rolling waves for flood warnings, leprechaun for St. Patricks day. I really miss that on the IPhone/IPad versions. Can you Please add those to this otherwise Great Weather App.

  • Very accurate

    by Etsvbva

    This is by far the most accurate weather app out! Buy it. Garmin has hit it out of the park with this app.

  • Won't let me see the current conditions page

    by Grammy JoJo

    I have loved this app but in the last week or so it crashes when I tap the "conditions" tab. I can see the forecast, maps and alerts just fine. Help.

  • Really???

    by Scottftw

    We're in the middle of the worst ice storm to hit Texas in years and this app crashes? Really? Works fine ant other time. Just not when you really need it! Thanks Mycast! Glad I spent the money for the app... REALLY???

  • Good set of features

    by Dent De Leon

    Easy to see all the important weather information at a glance. Radar has been a bit flakey for the past 6 months, although it had been somewhat better on my 5s.

  • Great App

    by Love Pecan Pie

    I use this app daily to keep up with the weather. I especially like the map feature which zooms in or out to locate coming storms. It really comes in handy when traveling and used it frequently when recently visiting Quebec.

  • ru4usm2

    by ru4usm2

    Favorite weather app by far. Only bad thing I can say is it is not optimized for iPhone 5.

  • Best weather app

    by rcm431

    Please optimize for iphone 5!

  • Works great!

    by TomMedford

    I've been using this app for years.

  • Disappointing

    by Tuke Dude

    Why on earth does not this app fit the iphone 5 screen yet? Otherwise it's ok

  • The best

    by Ginmemphis

    This is the best weather app I've tried. Simple but with lots of info readily available. I especially like the graph when "Conditions" is turned horizontally and that the radar map is in motion -- I don't have to hit "play." I keep trying others simply because this does not have an iPad version.

  • Great app and service.


    I've been a Mycast user since I got my first smart phone so I naturally put it on my iPhone 5. Works great and I think the maps are better than any of the other apps I've seen. I subscribe to the severe weather primarily for the lightning reporting, which is great. When I upgraded to iOS 7 the severe weather did not come through due to a screw up I made when i set up my account. Two quick emails to Digital Cyclone and the issue was resolved AND my subscription was reset for a full year! Way to go! That is what I call excellent customer service! Highly reccomend this app.

  • Maintenance.

    by RCGiles

    This is a very nice app, worth the money. It would be nice if it had future-cast..!

  • iOS 7 support?

    by Khlemieux

    I love my MyCast! But I can't use it at all now that I have upgraded to iOS 7. I'd anyone else having that problem? I also just paid $9.99 for 1 year subscription for the alerts. If it never works again, I'd be very sad. But I'd also like my money back.

  • Would be 5 stars

    by lawgone

    Great weather app but as others have said, they gave up on it. No updates since Dec 2011. No iPhone 5 support.

  • Updates?

    by Jz103865

    Needs to be updated radar is still one of the best

  • Crap

    by Bighershey

    You pay for it now they won't update it!!!

  • Crash! Crash! Crash!

    by NoPlan4U

    Crash! Crash! Crash! It just keeps crashing. Old, still not updated for larger iphone screen. Was once my favorite weather app, now just a old outdated waste.

  • Absolutely Rodiculous

    by Funnyman37

    The radar feature quit working as well as all other animated features. Don't waste your money!

  • What happened?

    by Bummedinbedbugland

    Used to be a great app, but now it crashes all the time, barely works when it is running, and won't let me update my subscription. It's a shame. Moving on.

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Engelchen0411

    It's my preferred go-to app but now it keeps crashing. And why has it been 4 years since there was an update?

  • Ios

    by Michael Crimmins

    No ios 7 and iPad

  • Abandon ware. Avoid

    by Frederick Bauman

    No updates to match current hardware in two years. Skip this app and this company.

  • Crashes constantly, radar got bad and ugly

    by BKBKBK11215

    Yet another app that's been abandoned.

  • Used to be My favorite weather app

    by Mark3785

    It WAS a great app but unfortunately no iPad version ever materialized and it hasn’t seen an update since 2011 so it can’t even fill an iPhone 5 screen. Unless Garmin decides to provide an update soon, I think it would safe to assume that this app is now discontinued. Original 5 star review below============================== I've been using this app for years and so far it's the best weather app I've seen for the iPhone, and I've tried quite a few. I just wish there was an iPad specific version. I especially like how much information gets packed onto certain screens without cluttering the screen. I'm also very fond of the lightning notifications. They seem to be very accurate and very timely, although at times it can get interesting explaining why there are thunder sounds coming out of my pocket. $10 a year may seem a bit excessive, but I have friends who golf and absolutely love this feature. I'm running it on an iPhone 4S under iOS 6.0 and haven't had any problems. To anyone having problems I suggest deleting it and reinstalling it and making sure location services are enabled. All in all, a bargain at four dollars.

  • Will no longer load!

    by zjsurfer

    Loved this app 'till it stopped loading. Even tried deleting and re-downloading - still won't work as of this morning. Please fix!!!


    by Tracy Nix


  • Last update: 2011

    by Adam P

    This is my favorite weather app because I find it to be most accurate but the devs haven't updated it since 2011. No native iPhone 5 support. It's infuriating that devs give up on apps like this, especially since we paid for the thing.

  • This used to be my favorite weather app

    by BrokenPiece

    This used to be my favorite weather app but I have been very disappointed. I paid a lot of money for this before and then had to repay when it changed, not to mention, the maps take much longer to load now AND what happened to the lightning feature I paid extra for as the "pro" version?! Very unhappy which is a shame because I used to be a total advocate for this app as a meteorologist! I also HATE the bing basemap! What happened to my options to just the boundaries and cities? What happened to the themes for holidays? This app used to be the very best but now it's just a shell of what it used to be!


    by D6045

    2 years with no update is unacceptable when you charge people $9.99 to get the alerts. Now the app is useless with iOS 7. What a ripoff!!!! I demand a refund or an update that make this app function again!!!! I will be reporting Digital Cyclone to the BBB & WDACP!

  • My cast doesn't work with new update

    by Ironworker69

    Was great app, but doesn't work with the new iOS update!!

  • My cast doesn't work with new update

    by Ironworker69

    Was great app, but doesn't work with the new iOS update!!

  • Seriously?

    by west.side2k7

    This used to be an amazing app. Why has there been no update? I used to pay 2.99 per month for this app and it's features. I feel a refund is necessary with no current iphone 5 support. When this app is updated, it's a guaranteed 5 star

  • Last update 2011

    by K2dean

    I used this app all the time, years ago... Check out Intellicast weather app, it's the best

  • What happened?

    by Freesurf

    The app has really gone downhill with no updates. Radar crashes and I've had to reinstall several times due to black screen on iOS7. I rely on the weather for my work and have waited patiently for an update to fix bugs. Looks like I will be searching for an alternative. Don't waste your money.


    by Cmmonington

    I have been using this app since approx 2004. I started having issues over the past couple of months with the additional features ($9.99 yearly subscription) not working. I emailed the company because I thought maybe it was an issue with iOS 7. The company checked my user name and said my subscription expired and I had to repurchase. I could have sworn it charged my ATT bill so time to continue with no interruption - so I called ATT to confirm. Customer service at ATT told me that yes my account was charge and their system was showing my subscription was active. Luckily - they refunded it to me. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP! There are others out there that do the same things, are cheaper, and don't try and cheat you outta your money!!

  • *** APP NOT UPDATED SINCE 2011 ***

    by MediaPlex

    DO NOT PURCHASE!!! I dont even want to email the developer. If you havent updated your app since Dec 08 2011 then you're not going to care enough to listen to my email asking why you havent. IOS has been thru many updates since and the app just doesnt do what its supposed to, much like the previous app slowly stopped working over time. Then we had to PURCHASE the new app. Not this time. There is way too much competition out there now. Half of the features the app don't work in iOS 7. With IOS7 the conditions, forecast, and alerts icons are useless. They leave the user with a blank screen, at best. Who knows how long the map will work. Also: Select lightning then move and or resize the map. Bang. Crashes the app. OH.... In radar mode go from holding phone upright to sideways and then try to go back to upright.... Radar disappears and screen goes gray. App won't ever display a radar again unless its killed and restarted. OH, and its not "lightening" people.... You arent receiving "lightening" notifications. You are receiving LIGHTNING notifications. Lightening is something that happens to pregnant women.... unless you're paying 9.99 a year to get THOSE notifications as well.

  • Used to work great

    by Wr55138

    It was my go-to app for weather but it quit working and won't stay open anymore.

  • Crashing

    by zcarver

    When I view the lighting on the radar the app keeps crashing

  • Updates??

    by CharFromSc

    Hello? This REALLY needs an update for IOS7! It looks awful! You guys used to have the best weather app, but now it is just an outdated, sad looking app. I will change my rating once, if ever, it gets updated.

  • Beware! Non responsive developers

    by Great401235

    Steal your money! I paid to register this app. And renewed it the following year I liked it so much. Worked on my iPhone 4. Worked on my iPhone 5 until OS 7. Developers won't return email. They got my money, why bother, right?

  • No longer supported

    by Heftybags

    *CAN YOU GUYS STOP BEING DICKS AND UPDATE ALREADY?* No updates no Iphone 5 or iOS7 support. I just extended my subscription and got the 5s a few days later. Don't buy or extended subscription in app if you have or plan on getting a 5, 5c or 5s.

  • UPDATE!!!

    by Luxamor

    Totally irresponsible how this app has been ignored. The original designers nailed the design for a 5 star weather app. My-Cast WAS the model for what is possible. LOOK at the date of the most recent application update!!! As I write this we are in iOS 7. Garmin deserves credit for recognizing the beautiful simplicity of My-Cast, although I doubt that they care anymore. They also deserve credit and the wrath of loyal users for neglecting the genius it represents. Please update!!! What a shameful waste of good design and original effort!

  • Horrible

    by ML in GA

    To Mycast: Used to be the best now nothing works. Has never worked on iPhone 5.

  • Needs Update!!

    by armeaa

    This used to be my go to app. Now it crashes randomly under ios 7. It was a spectacular app until the current issues. Please fix. I don't want to renew weather alerts until it's fixed.

  • No development

    by W4JVC

    No update for iPhone 5 or the iPad and now nothing to support ios7. I'm looking elsewhere.

  • No Support for iPhone 5

    by Trism lover

    Do not download this update. The developers aren't updating. If you have a new iphone you will get a small screen. I pay for lightning alerts, but will not renew until they update this app.

  • Where has the support gone

    by Larry Pfeil

    I really like this app, but if y'all don't fix the use ability with iOS 7, I'm gonna have to find a new weather app. :-/

  • App stopped working...

    by ShortnBald

    This used to be my favorite weather app, bit since installing ios7, it just quit working. All I can get now is forecast, no alerts, no current conditions, and no lightning data (...that I paid extra for). Developers, PLEASE FIX! Once fixed, I'll edit this review to reflect the type of app it WAS...

  • Quit

    by Ski-Z

    I loved My Cast until I updates to iOS 7.0. Now it doesn't work.

  • Needs updated

    by Zimmdo23

    Please update to fill the screens on the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s models. You want people to buy your app but never update it.

  • My-Cast getting much worse

    by The Runaway Robot

    I, sadly, must agree with the negative comments of many customers in these Reviews. This was the premier weather app until Garmin took it over. Then quality declined. Customer service was testy before Garmin, but out of pride. Since Garmin they're simply indifferent. They do not respond to their customers & continue to bleed the product. The app is actually getting instead of better. Specifically, the IR cloud image used to be sharp. Now it's tiled and indistinct. The radar color used to be vivid. The other day it changed ~as I was looking at it!~ from a nice acrylic coloration to a pale watercolor. Right before my eyes! It remains such. And yesterday, with a storm approaching, I found the entire app broken. No function whatsoever for over 14 hours when I needed it most. No explanation. No apology. I've been using My-Cast since they started - online, even before "apps" - and remember their original, founding, idea of a forecast more specific to the user's locality. Their original idea was a forecast to within about 2.5 miles or less, than the NWS forecast. That idea seems to have been abandoned, too. My-Cast no longer claims this & appears to use the rip 'n read philosophy of most other weather apps. The same data & forecasts you get in dozens of other, cheaper, apps. It's always a shame to see a once-proud, useful & beautiful thing decline due to neglect, greed, lack of pride, incompetence, indifference, or a combination thereof, and My-Cast has, sadly, esp for long-time users, now joined that ash heap. Since it's obvious Garmin has no interest or pride in the app anymore, I wish they'd sell it to someone who does. I can't see shelling out annual renewals that exceed the one-time price of most other apps by 3-8 times to get an app that's actually getting worse and, now, actually not working, run by a company that not only doesn't care about their customers but seems to actively dislike them & brushes aside their earnest pleas to return to a function & beauty that loving & loyal long-time users know is possible in the right hands. Good-bye once wonderful My-Cast.

  • How about returning our money?

    by Landy Family

    How can a company just abandon an app? Just return our money!

  • worked fine till today

    by Del Russo

    my favorite as well but all of a sudden won't work. dumped and downloaded again and now it won't regiter hopefully these issues are temporary the website provided for help doesn't exist any more. Had i known it was Garmin i probably would have stayed way to start with

  • No good

    by Shogun420

    App worked good till ISO 7 update now I can't get It to load tells me I'm not connected to the net

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