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Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Fizz Software Ltd.

- iPhone 5 support
- Dew-point added
- Minor bug fixes

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All new Fizz Weather for iPhone brings the award winning Fizz Weather onto your iPhone in glorious high definition. Fizz Weather provides detailed weather information for over 78,000 cities worldwide.

See detailed weather reports for up to 15 days, with wind speed, visibility, barometer reading, humidity, UV levels and sunrise/sunset times too.

Global forecast maps are provided with animated radar loops and animated satellite maps (radar is US only at the moment). View a map of your chosen location with weather superimposed. Pinch and zoom maps for a more detailed view.

Detailed charts are available to show you temperature, precipitation probability, rainfall, humidity and wind speed all for differing durations, including hourly for 12hrs and 48hours and for the next 15 days too.

US weather warnings will show you detailed information about alerts and warnings in your region.

Information provided includes high and low temperatures (C or F), wind speed and direction (km, miles, knots, m/s or beaufort), precipitation probability, comfort level, humidity, visibility, UV levels and the barometer reading (Millibars or Inches). Touch the i to add cities or change your settings.

Now you can choose your background picture too! Have a classic black background, or choose any picture from your albums.

Share your weather with your friends! Now you can share the weather with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Localised in 8 languages.
Fizz Weather is your ultimate weather application.

Customer Reviews

  • This one abides...

    by MVF AZ

    A classic, clean, easy design -- minimalist if you will -- that ably complements the iPhone form factor. It abides among a genre of too-much, crammed into too little space with too many tabs, scrolls, controls and views. One can liken this to the well-laid out dash of a true sports car: it easily informs of current conditions while allowing the driver to deal with the road ahead.

  • Finally iPhone 5 support

    by Scotty Dizzle

    I've always thought this was one of the better weather apps with tons of info available. Some of my favorite features are the prediction graphs for temperature and precipitation and the satellite maps. I also like the way everything is presented.

  • Only Airports!

    by Tokyo Jim

    The biggest problem I have with Fizz Weather is that for most locations, their only reporting stations are airports. I have found so many places where the reported current weather was very wrong, and then I noticed that it was using the closest airport, which is often in a completely different climate. I don't know why Fizz does not have access to the municipal weather stations that others use.

  • Nice update

    by Iswap987654

    Very good, love the update!

  • The Best

    by OpChiasm

    By far, this is my favorite weather app. A little complicated to get used to, but awesome when you do.

  • Much better than v2

    by panos_ip

    The new UI (v2) is not a good change for the app is much better than v2. Custom backrounds,app runs smoother, bigger letters. And only 0.99c Finally fizz weather is my favorite weather app again!

  • Finally fixed.

    by V- NY

    Well it took two updates and fizz is finally somewhat back on track.

  • By Far best weather app

    by Mighy Mark

    I have been using this since day one and the upgrades ameliorate the app just keeps getting better....keep up the goodwork

  • by Momiosa

    I don't understand the reviews, it's fabulous AND there are warnings that don't show up on other apps.

  • Much needed update!!

    by mobilemod

    This weather app was decent before, but after the latest update is the best weather app I've found! The animations and retina display make this app beautiful, and the sliding menus for maps and locations is really handy and efficient. Def buy this app if you want a great looking, fast, and informative weather app!!!

  • FABULOUS new interface, but . . .

    by L_S

    The new interface is fabulous, a real demo for what the iPhone can do. Unfortunately, whatever source the app uses for the actual weather data is second tier. It often disagrees with the NWS forecast which means that it is often wrong. A real shame.

  • I like the app.

    by Bill@live

    I did not have the early version of this app so I can't compare. However after I installed the new version, I did not fully understand how the app worked. I felt I wasted my money. After using fizz weather for awhile, I began to realize all the capabilities of the app. I really like the fizz app now. The app has all I need or want. This app is very under rated by most of the reviews. By reading the reviews, I don't think the people realized all the capabilities this app has.

  • Spectacular new interface makes best weather app even better

    by Scott Shuster

    Fizz Weather has been the best app for complete weather information in the iPhone/iPod touch for a long time. Now, with the new update and an altogether new iPad app, Fizz Weather is also the most beautiful weather app -- closing the final gap and achieving truly ultimate excellence in weather information for Apple devices. Smart AND beautiful, Fizz is the Supermodel of weather apps. I love the new "Touch to Expand" and "Touch to Hide" features that enable me to see only those weather facts I am interested in seeing -- and to see those special items in maximum detail, hour-by-hour and weeks into the future. For example, I care a lot about the relative humidity and the barometric pressure, as these can cause me to suffer sudden headaches. Well no app comes close to Fizz Weather in providing this information in the detail I need. But if you don't want that, and just want a gorgeous and accurate weather app with the basic info, you can set Fizz to be only that for you, too. And then when the severe weather strikes you can just touch here, touch there and see all the detail that you want on those special days. It's global, it's fast, it's beautiful, it's complete. Fizz Weather and Fizz Weather HD (iPad) are the best weather apps.

  • LOVE The New Interface!!

    by RobinLee

    I have always loved Fizz Weather! The new interface has improved what I thought was perfect,,,,,THANKS!

  • Nice

    by dpFlair

    I actually like the update.

  • New interface is make it readable.

    by iHappy iPhone User

    NEW INTERFACE: I see where the developer is going in trying to compete with the new weather apps that are all about the graphics. Nothing against cool graphics but solid/accurate weather data for multiple locations is what it's all about. With this new version, the same great detailed info is available and you can pick your weather reporting station for each location like before. No other weather app gives you this choice! And now, the weather can be shared thru Facebook, Twitter or email. The daily forecasts are now a popup option which causes the detail to fade. I WANT to see it all even when the popup is there. There is plenty of space for both. You can customize the background pic for each location from a few stock choices or from your photo library. Other than solid black, the alternate backgrounds or pictures make it almost impossible to read. Also, if we're going to choose a picture background, I think the sun/cloud/rain graphic in upper right-hand corner should be optional. It would be helpful to differentiate some of the detail or put emphasis on certain ones thru font variations or bold. Make the reporting station clearly separate from the other detail thru color or move it down a couple lines. Bold the sunrise/sunset info. Bold and enlarge the current temp. The swiping between locations has better responsiveness than older version. However, customized backgrounds causes a slight hesitation. The charts have never been useful to me, unless it could be a comparison to last year. I agree the font is small and hard to read. I emailed the developer and got a response within 10 min saying that an update is in the works for optional font size and color. Should be out in a couple weeks. Cool! Any chance this can become a universal app for the iPad? I'm excited that my favorite weather app is evolving with the times. **************************************************************************** I've been using this for almost a year now. It has a great look to it with most of the information I need for any location all on one page. I like the airport information, the radar, the severe weather alert and LOVE the sunrise/sunset information eliminating the need for a separate application. CURRENT CONDITIONS AND GIVING CHOICE IN REPORTING STATIONS IS GREAT!!! EASY TO CHOOSE AND RESPONSIVE!!!

  • Don't miss ur chance to get it for .99!!!

    by Haox

    I've been trying many weather forecast apps, this one is the best so far! Keep using it since I bought the new iPhone 4! The graphic is good after the lasted update, but it seems slow down the loading speed a lot and sometimes stops responsing!

  • Was great, now soso, bad choices made

    by h00ligan

    The new design is love or hate for fine with it, especially after the updates. But it is a bit confusing at first for some I guess. Still there's a lot of data present. Double charge rant ------ I think it was a huge mistake to make a second app (considering people paid more previously) for the iPad, especially when we know updates are painfully slow to arrive..and with iOS 5 on the horizon most people will get what they need from the built in weather. I'm ok with multiple versions of apps in principle, but not in this's virtually a scaled version of the iPhone app, and doesn't warrant paying twice, especially with the support issue. Nothing about the hd app looks different and considering this app was not always a buck, meh. Now that said I do enjoy it on the iPhone. So I'm happy with it in that regard.

  • go back

    by hallmark_s

    this used to be the best weather app out there... with a simple, easy, readable, user interface.. Now (IMO) to get what I want to see off of it is like solving a rubiks cube with a magnifying glass! Go back a couple of revs.. like a year or so ago, and leave the best alone.. every time this gets upgraded it gets less usable. I know it is always my option to upgrade or not, and by now I should have learned the simple truth.. if it's working, just leave it alone. At one time I was sure I would never be interested in another weather app... now I am looking sorry, hallmark

  • Recent Changes are not good ones

    by iAladdin

    I wish you had kept the old design and simply made it for Retina. I find the new layout to be confusing and not really "flowing" correctly. There was nothing wrong with the old design, except you failed to keep on top of the updates and not taking advantage in Retna. I am very disappointed that I lost my favorite weather app. Please revert back to the old design, this one is uselss to me.

  • poor UI

    by rdkaz

    There was nothing wrong with the old interface. Always nice when something good can get better, but this overhaul is a big step backwards. Very non-intuitive, small type, slower. Please go back to simpler interface. I've used Fizz for years since Windows 2.0 phone and was my favorite weather app. I'm now considering deleting entirely.

  • Wizard

    by the fize

    Poor!! Old version was my standard will delete till u upgrade...... Maybe regress to previous! Looks like u had too much time on ur hands

  • New UI is Terrible

    by mrmarco

    Pretty icons convey very little useful information. If you need tiny buttons to move mode to mode, then the UI is not very intuitive. Far too much tapping to find out what the weather will be for the next few days. Looking for another weather app until this mess gets sorted.

  • Terrible Update

    by tmoody1958

    The newest application update is absolutely terrible. The previous version had a fabulous user interface. The new user interface has much to be desired. I strongly suggest the developer bring back the original user interface and version and release this version of the application as a new application with a new name.

  • USED TO BE Top Notch - Now a Disaster

    by McQ14

    UPDATED REVIEW 5-13-11: This was the best weather app in the app store and my favorite. It's now a joke app. I agree with reviewer Vincent Carbone. Pinch to zoom is pathetic. I wrote to the developers about the tiny font, and the pinch to zoom is what they came up with. It's still too small. There's an enormous amount of screen space available that is totally unused. The opening page of the screen for this app ought to give you the weather at a glance. Now I have to put on reading glasses to see it, even with the minimal zoom. The tabs at the bottom of the screen are microscopic and they DON'T ZOOM. Do not buy this app when there are plenty of other weather apps that give you the weather at a glance! If the developers would listen to their customers they'd have a four star app or better. PREVIOUS REVIEW: What were the developers thinking when they updated this? Good grief, you have to have Superman vision to see the tiny font now! Most of the main screen is now empty space and the pertinent weather data is in the tiniest font I've seen on the iPhone yet. It should be much larger so we can get a quick check of the weather rather than have to go out and find reading glasses. Interface was perfect. Why mess with it? Again, tiny tabs at the bottom to switch to charts, etc. Tiny font again. Please correct these massively bad changes and I'll change back to a five star rating! ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've had my iPhone since November and only now added this weather app. I can't believe how much better this is than the FOUR others I've used! I want to kick myself for not putting Fizz on my iPhone first. This is so much better and more comprehensive than the others I used, which I will leave unnamed to save them embarrassment! The layout, UI, maps, updates and all the little details in this are exactly what are needed. Well done on this app!

  • Terrible New Design :-( GET BACK TO OLD GUI - PLEASE!!!

    by Carlos André

    GUYS AT FIZZ, WHAT IS GOING ON?!? SORRY but the new design is NOT functional and TERRIBLE to navigate. Looks like it's now more complicate to have the information!!! WHERE IS THE AIRPORT DELAY DETAILS BY THE WAY?!? - GUYS, PLEASE GET THE OLD USER INTERFACE BACK!!! JUST READY THE REVIEWS HERE!!! WHAT'S HAPPENING AT FIZZ SOFTWARE?!? AND TAKE THE AIRPORT INFORMATION BACK AS WELL. Please do something about that (as SOON as possible) at next update, I can't use this new GUI for more than a day, but I still need the information from the software so PLEASE CHANGE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Sorry!!!

  • No weather update

    by JBinPDX

    I was almost willing to overlook the terrible new interface. Then I realized that the current conditions have not changed since the last update, rendering the app totally useless as a source of current weather info. Way to go! Best weather app is now the worst.

  • This new update is terrible!!

    by A Wolfe

    The user interface is a pain to navigate now, and the emergency alerts are too small to read. They won't enlarge using pinch and zoom. I would not purchase this app. I have never written a review before, but this new version warranted one! This used to be my favorite weather app before they butchered it. I prefer Weather Bug now. It is so much easier to use and the graphics are superior.

  • Over It

    by BDime

    Used to be my favorite weather app. It was probably my single favorite, and definitely most used, app. With the latest version I was forced to delete it completely and go elsewhere. It is now un-useable. It's too heavy, complex and illogical. I cannot comprehend how something so useful could be so quickly and thoroughly ruined.

  • Poor UI

    by Claytonpc

    Totally disappointed by the new UI. Too small, poor use of a 3.5 in screen. If it the UI doesn't get fixed on the next update, it's getting deleted.

  • Horrible update!

    by MehMeh

    This app will certainly be deleted if the old interface (or one similar) isn't brought back. Too many clicks to get to useful data, unreadable text and icons, and a weird disparity of some screens being way too information dense to others being so empty that the app looks broken. From 5 stars to 1. Please bring the old Fizz back.

  • No...

    by LenochekPuma

    I dont like the new design.

  • Hate hate hate

    by cenotaph

    I hate the new design. It is not intuitive and is a pain to use on the iPhone with such tiny controls. I hate having all the information I was used to buried behind horrid buttons.

  • Updates are not always good

    by Bear1637384

    Loved the old interface. Hate the new. Wrote to designers with my suggestions. No reply. Time for a new weather app.

  • v2.0 is step back for this app

    by mulkweiser

    I have to agree with the other users on this one, this version is worthless. First version had great interface and was simple to use.

  • Bugged text?

    by TalonInTx

    According to the screen shot the information text is suppose to be white and easily read. However, in the app the info text is a dark unreadable grey. Also, please fix the Alert icon as it is too tiny compared to the 1.x version.

  • Why did you do this (again)?!?!

    by bmk5140

    New interface = garbage.

  • New interface is horrible

    by Blake Helms

    I loved the old UI but the new one is a travesty! It's been needlessly complicated with extra clicks, tiny thumbnails with no labels for maps and a ton of wasted space. I'm all for rethinking interface but don't just change for the sake of change.

  • dreadful update

    by msidoric

    Gone are the simple, attractive, useful interface. In it's place is inconsistent needless navigation, obscure chart legends and mind-boggling layout decisions. If you own the previous version which was near-perfect -- don't upgrade. If you're considering a purchase, WAIT. This version is Lady Gaga on acid. Hopefully the developers reconsider their wacked 'impricements'.

  • Best weather App available...I tried around 10 diff apps

    by grze

    and this one is the best. [update for 2.0] Fix the speed. It used to be quick and smooth app... Now it's so laaaaggy even on iphone 4... I actually got another weather app for now... Hopefully you can fix this one or at least give us an option to go back to previous version Also make buttons slightly bigger! I'd like it to be faster when you change between the cities, but other than that it has the best design, info etc. 4.0: please update the iphone 4 graphics!!!!!!

  • Yikes...

    by duplicate_id

    Have to agree, for once, with the peanut gallery here. The app used to be great - if, for some reason, you own the app, haven't upgraded, and are reading this, don't upgrade, or make a copy of the old version first. You'll likely hate v.2. A big portion of the main screen is reserved for a pretty picture to represent the city in question. There are three problems here: (1) if you live or frequent somewhere (generally why you'd save the location), you don't care about the picture, because you're looking at the real place now, or will be soon. (2) even if you like the feature for some reason, if you don't live in a major city, no picture for you! (3) half the screen is wasted, and the fonts displaying the info you care about are tiny, and the pictures frequently make it even harder to read (I'm in NYC, and the details unreadable except under ideal indoor conditions). On the plus side, I do like the slide-out tiles for the charts. The controls for those are clunky, but considering the other UI sins, that's survivable.

  • Too pretty not useful

    by Mbierman

    Too much ficus on graphics. The information is barely readable. Disappointing.


    by Howesew

    I reverted back to the prior version as this update ruined the usability.

  • Upgrade not practical

    by SPPassion

    I understand dev put lot of effort upgrading this app. During the process they totally ignored the practicality of this app. I absolutely dislike upgrade that I deleted this app and bought another one. What a shame to kill a nice app for the sake of an upgrade. If it ain't broke, don,t bother to fix it!

  • Poor upgrade

    by Michel de B

    I don't like the new layout of this new release. More clicks to get info and readability is poor. Please give back the old layout. There is also a switch F./Celsius bug.

  • Go Back!!!

    by JimiPhoto

    New version stinks!!! What were you developers thinking?

  • V2 is a mess

    by DEJ-II

    Despite getting dates amusingly wrong (e.g., February 30th and April 31st) version 1 was a great app. UI and graphics were well thought out. V2 is very poor by comparison. A huge amount of the screen is blank, and the text is very VERY small. Multi-day graphics now weight eye candy over information. Dropping rating to 2 stars. Generous at that.

  • Was a great app, now not-so-much

    by Tucker Ryan

    This app was really fantastic - I used it every single day. They could've left the UI alone and just upgraded it to high-rez and it would've been fine. If they can come back with a version that is like the original while also utilizing the advantages of high resolution screens, I'll be very happy. Until then, I'm going to have to find another weather app because this one has essentially been rendered useless.

  • Ouch!

    by GeoJ

    My favorite weather app just took a bad turn! Too dark, tiny fonts and buttons, and the sunrise/sunset times are wrong. Quick, Fizz, need .1 update before the search is on for another app.

  • Mediocre program with bad update

    by Saa001

    Program was mediocre. With recent update it has become the worst app for weather that I have seen. Don't buy. Get some other app. New interface is the worst

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