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New to version 1.2

7 day & 48 hour snowfall forecast charts

Simply rotate your device to landscape mode and as long as your resort supports weather forecasts, the resort snowfall chart will be displayed. If you touch the chart it will toggle from 7 day to 48 hour. To move to another resort simply swipe left/right on the chart.

Graphical Snowfall Maps

Added to the maps/photos screen on the main toolbar is 'snow map'. The snowfall map shows forecasted snowfall in colored bands.
Use iPhones pinch to zoom.

More Information

Go to Settings - More information to see hints and tips, screen shots and your photos.


Our sincere apologies go out to our European customers with regards to the snow updates for some of our European resorts. The season started with poor reports from our data supplier, but they seem to have listened to our complaints and the data has been improving. Please let us know if you continue to have issues.

Customer Ratings

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447 Ratings
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487 Ratings


Fizz Snow is your ultimate winter sports friend. With detailed resort information you will always know which slopes have the freshest snow and the most number of open lifts and trails. See all your favorite resorts at a glance and then see detailed information about each of them, including full 5 and 2 day weather forecasts. Also included are hundreds of trail maps so you can plan your day and always know where you are. Resort and web cam images, updated during the season, complete the ultimate snow report package.

With support for over 1000 resorts worldwide and regional weather forecasts for over 500 of those.

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Customer Reviews

  • Works incredibly well if the resort is open

    by Tellustuff

    This app works great it has everything a skier could ever want. Trail maps, weather support, snow info, all information about a resort can be found using this app. But, this app will only be useful to you if the resort you want to recieve information about is open and operating, because it seemed the snow report and other info was only updated if the resort is open. Other wise a great app, I highly recommend it.

  • Very concise all in one app.

    by kchamp46

    I'll be utilizing this app alot on my upcoming ski trip. Snow, weather forecast and trail maps in one spot. Sure beats pulling out a paper map in 30 mph winds.

  • Needs work

    by Gary gross 83

    Looks good weather needs to work otherwise it's useless.

  • Perfect

    by Eugene Jenkins

    Exactly what I was looking for, simply amazing. Has everything I need weather, trails open, lifts open, new snow, trail maps. You guys got it right. Telluride here I come!

  • Good for the most part

    by FrontierPolice

    I really like this app, and it's really getting me excited about the upcomming ski season. I would like to see a few more resorts on the list, also the app seems to crash when going to the "Weather" section. Perhaps also add a few more weather features into the app like maps etc. Being able to see storm fronts is key to deciding if you are going to hit the slopes each day or not.

  • Very good app!

    by FebruaryXVI

    I have been waiting for an app like this. Currently all my resorts ate bookmarked in safari which takes a while to access. The interface is very slick, my only problem is the app is very boring because all the sierra resorts are currently closed. This app will defenatly come in handy with my Homewood season pass!

  • Good stuff

    by Miller357

    Great app. Like the favorites feature, got all my Tahoe resorts and Mammoth loaded up. I would like to see current weather conditions eventhough it's not quite winter yet and higher resolution on the trail maps so you can zoom in and browse the resorts. Overall a solid app worth the money.

  • Very cool, But...

    by SteveC858

    Love the quick access to critical decision making info. Love the photo(s) - when they exist, but terribly dissapointed that Vail and Beaver Creek aren't listed. Which was why I bought the app.

  • Possibly the BEST APP IN APPSTORE

    by andrew.barba

    I could not believe howmany resorts this app has! And the best part... i have eleven different mountains stored in the app, all in different parts of the USA, and an interactive trail map loads on everyone of them!!!!!!! By far the most usefull and best puttogether app ever made!!


    by lcfr822

    Immediately upon opening this app I was able to use it, not to mention understand it like the first app that came out. All my resorts were listed (I do not go to all three, but mostly Squaw). Truly a great app you can keep lists, have forcasts, TRAILMAPS, photos, etc. This is definetly worth $2.99! I recommend this to travelers as well!

  • This app is great!

    by Eckelberry

    I am really happy with this app. I knew that with the upcoming ski season there would be an app for us skiiers. I live in Denver, and have a house in Breckenridge. With the rising cost of gas, etc it's great to know whether to go up or not. Setup was easy and it found the major resorts pretty quick. The trail maps and live mountain cams are sick too. Apart from a (really) stupid name, this app is WAY worth the money - only if you ski/board of course.

  • Great app but a few mountains missing

    by NEKNIM

    I really do like this app. It shows maps, weather, and lifts open. However the one mountain I always ski at is missing. Please add Sno Mountain in moosic, PA.

  • Awsome

    by ZzdeadlysinzZ

    Great app must get I use it every time I go to the mountain.......very acutate about the weather

  • Very Nice App.

    by Herman D

    I bought this because I already had their Fizz Weather app. This thing is endlessly useful for skiers and snowboarders. I think I only have one criticism (hence the 4 stars)... The trail maps... not high enough resolution. I can't see the trail names which kind of makes the trail map feature useless.

  • Great app

    by Gatorfan505

    Good app, but it doesn't have my resort, beaver creek colorodo. Also it needs to have a monthly weather option.

  • nice organization

    by Bob(OH)

    The authors get off to a good start the first time you load the app, with a clear splash screen explaining the basic controls to get you started. The overview gives the key features (base depth & new snow) for your selected resorts. The resort screen gives more info and hours. 4 day weather forecast, it's there as well. The only item that's a bit lacking is the maps, which are typically large, and suffer from the iPhone's limit on the amount a picture can be enlarged. I was hoping to tilt sideways and see more but that takes me into a forecast graph. Maybe keep the map/graph functions separate, and break the maps down into sections at logical intervals? Overall, very clean!

  • Great app!

    by Snwbun

    Definately the best snow report!! worth it! It's super simple to use and easy to add or remove resorts...easy to read and flip through information. .also the informations is updated quite frequently-- Very good app!

  • Pretty good

    by Skaterboy1260

    Great get it while its free though

  • Great snow report application.

    by Wells123

    I have used this app various times, since I am a great fan of snowboarding. This application lets you choose from many different mountains, and has very accurate reports + conditions. Great application!

  • Best snow app out there!

    by WanderlustTraveler

    I've tried others but Fizz is the best. All the info I need weather/snow report/ trail maps. All the info is available at a glance, easy to navigate too.

  • Update not working

    by ovidiu7

    Since the last update that is supposed to provide high definition pictures of the trails, the app crashes every time I go to the Maps/Photos tab.

  • Use Snow Reports or Safari instead

    by imabanana

    The first winter storms are approaching the US West Coast today and this app reports "No Weather Information" for any resorts (e.g. Alta, Telluride, Kirkwood, Squaw Valley...). Very disappointing. With a weather feature which does not work, and a set of fuzzy trail maps, it is not worth paying for. There is another app called Snow Reports which costs less and and which DOES have weather information. Surfing to one of the many ski condition web sites using Safari is also better. Update (a few days later): More than a foot of snow fell in California. The ski resorts are reporting base. So are the other iPhone apps, but not this one! Still no weather either.

  • Does not work!

    by mike.griffin

    Do not buy, app does not work. On Mammoth's web site it shows a 5 inch base, app says no weather info???

  • No worth buying right now

    by NOdie11

    The lay out is nice. Everything else needs work. The trail maps are fuzzy and hard to read. There is no weather information for any of the larger western US/Canada resorts (except Whistler/Blackcomb) even though a storm system is moving through right now. This app "Fizzles" compared similar ones available at this point.

  • Good looking app...but not accurate

    by VailFolk

    Where is Beaver Creek? How can this app not pull data for the #8 resort in the country? Not timely data either. I live in Beaver Creek and have noticed that data is at least 24 hours old! Much better app is CO Snow. Timely, complete, and accurate.

  • Okay, but not worth the price

    by az_runner

    The information is all there, it's just not layed out well. The UI is a bit confusing to me. They clearly couldn't decide whether to make this app like the normal weather app or to make it like the iPod app where there are many different tabs. Needs some work and not worth the price, especially when you can get all this information for free on your Safari Browser.

  • The most useless application on my phone

    by Turmoyl

    While the UI and maps are serviceable the data it presents is wholly dependent on a nearly worthless 3rd party web site: only reports on resorts during their operating hours so if you are trying to quickly figure out where to go early on a morning you are out of luck. They also often present data that does not coincide with what a resort's own reporting shows. As most resorts already tend to present embellished reports any further deviance does nothing but add to the confusion. You are better off simply bookmarking the snow reports of your favorite resorts in a browser.

  • Best snow report app so far!

    by RPNtys

    I've tried several, and this one's the best. Accurate data, very nice interface. Keeps previous data for off-line viewing. Would love to see better zoomable maps and GPS location feature. Resorts need to be uptated. Beaver Creek, CO is missing!

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