Wea Pro Weather App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: feng min
  • Updated: Apr, 23 2011
  • Version: 3.2
  • Size: 16.55 MB

Languages: English

Seller: feng min

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For several weeks, Wea Pro is listed in the top 10 best-sellers category, with users' unanimous high praise.

Now Wea Pro 2.0 is officially released after we have made relative changes to it in response to the feedbacks of so many kind users. The weather styles and display effects are increased so this app becomes a perfect weather software!

New features:
1, use a new API--Yahoo weather API to improve the accuracy of weather forecast;
2, the weather type and display effects are increased to as many as 40, correspondent to Yahoo weather types;
3, accurate weather information for 4 days is available;
4, modify the display effects to make the interface more charming;
5, add detailed operations of adding cities to obtain easier man-machine operations;
6, add UV index in the details of weather.

Wea Pro is a professional weather forecast software. It can locate your present city automatically so you don't have to enter it by hand. This software can forecast the weather information for the next four days. Besides, its interface and background will change in accordance with the current weather conditions. The forecasting messages include the current weather, temperature, humidity, UV index, wind speed and wind direction. It is an essential software for travels!

By Wea Pro, you can add several cities and delete them easily in the Setting column. When you turn on the software at the first time, it will locate your current city automatically and will collect the current weather information of your city. In this way, you can get the weather information of your city for the very first time.

There are four photos built-in for each kind of weather respectively. When you see the background, you just know what the weather is like. In this way, you can know better and easier about the current weather.

This formal version of Wea Pro supports automatic positioning, weather forecasts for various cities, various backgrounds, and all these cost only $0.99!

Customer Reviews

  • App working again

    by kimikay

    Thanks for getting the app to work again. Really like the simplicity of this weather app, it's quick and clean, so glad to have it back!

  • Great app!

    by RMChief

    I'm a bike rider so keeping up with the weather is a must and this one keeps me up to date on the local weather. Once again "GREAT APP!"

  • Terrible, terrible!

    by jinglealltheway

    Will not accept certain cities and states, for some reason. New updates and it still doesn't work correctly! Oh we'll!

  • Weather HD

    by Connecticut Yankee

    Why hasn't this been fixed to allow more than 3 cities. I feel cheated!

  • Adding Cities

    by keebler01

    I bought this app thinking that I could add more cities. I was wrong! Don't waste your money because you can't add more than 3 cities! AND it's EXACTLY the same as the FREE version.

  • World Weather

    by fegutirivero

    it will be nice to have worldwide weather, not only US

  • save your money

    by njuoeks

    tried this on the ipad2- doesn't work- I upgraded from the free version because it stopped working. Crappy app

  • Weather pro

    by Bglaker

    Doesn't work anymore.

  • Doesn't work anymore

    by Me5150 dispatcher

    Got an update and now I have no weather information. Tried deleting my cities and re-entering them and now the program can't find any of them.

  • Wea pro

    by Nana19939

    Not working at all. No matter what city is entered msg appears Can't find weather for this city. Help please.

  • Weather Pro V 2.0

    by Mkentri

    This app is not working. Tried reinstalling and recycling iPad. No luck! No further information.

  • Weather app

    by Mickey10ten

    I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing! It does not work!

  • Money back

    by stoney77

    This doesn't work at all and I want my money back noooooooowwwww

  • Does not work

    by El Fer

    Had the lite version and it worked fine until I was forced to do the upgrade and pay. Now it freezes and it does not work.

  • This is crap

    by Lollylollipopsreview

    I hate it it's terrible it didn't work the first time I tried don't buy it. It's crap!!!

  • Not happy

    by Hanoowner

    Worked well for two days, and now I can't open the application. I cannot connect the sever to solve the problem. Help please

  • Unable to access!!!

    by Veroniquel

    Very frustrating app. I have never been able to use it! Keeps telling me "fail to detect network" and my network connection is just working perfect!!!! Don t buy!

  • Worst App Ever

    by iPad2Usr

    Apple should prevent this kind of lame app from appearing in the store. It's worthless

  • Beta release?

    by Tinglehb

    This app seems to be still in beta and not ready for the market.

  • Error

    by Barry1967

    Nothing works yet please fix it or refund $

  • Need a refund

    by Pj Stone

    I bought this app today but getting a parsing error and would like a refund unless you can fix the error.

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