Dynamic Wea HD Free Weather App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: feng min
  • Updated: Sep, 14 2011
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 28.76 MB

Languages: English

Seller: feng min

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On the screen of this software, you can see dandelions flying in the sky when it is sunny, drizzles falling on the screen when it is raining, snows dancing over the sky when it is snowy!

Yes, this is exactly what we want to bring you by this software! This is an application which can truly and vividly display the current weather condition. It can show you animate images of snow, rain, sun, fog, etc., so that you can get to know the weather information at a simple glance.

Moreover, this is an extremely cool software for it has remarkably beautiful display effects as well as magnificent visual impacts!

While presenting you the most stunning weather effect, more importantly we guarantee the accuracy of weather information and the ease of use. The weather data are collected by Yahoo weather API so they are of perfect accuracy and you can check them anytime you want. There are as many as 48 kinds of weather types, 40 kinds of weather backgrounds and dynamic display of various weather conditions like drizzle, heavy rain, thunderstorm, sun, cloud, fog, snow, heavy snow, etc. By all these, you can clearly feel the unique charm of weather forecast application!

Customer Reviews

  • Love this app

    by Trina Vincell

    The graphics are great.

  • Shelah

    by Shelah4

    Very nice works very well

  • Good, easy and usefull.

    by VMCNR

    I liked, cover my needs

  • Prishtina

    by Amiri542


  • Terry

    by T-BONEOUR#1

    Great app

  • Very cool app! The first time I used it I heard a strange noise and saw rain on the screen.

    by Hbenb

    I saw rain on the screen and heard a strange noise. So I looked outside and it WAS raining.

  • Snow?

    by Eyed Loay

    It's good app. But the background always snowy that's thing make this app bad I like real wea but I updated it then I get dynamic then I can't download real wea again. Real wea was the 1st. Weather in the app store please I want go back to the last update but I don't know. Please fix

  • Pretty good

    by iliviu

    Start up time is good but not great. Also the memory usage is good. Great backgrounds, accurate info but pretty limited. Snowing background is always ON in the free version regardless the actual weather condition. Flakes are too dense and interferre with the small letters in the weather info. Im affraid of buying the app due to the lack's mentioned above.

  • HD Weather

    by DeeDee God's Angel

    Great App. Keep up the good work.

  • Charming!

    by Sadie-

    Very attractive!

  • Useless

    by Ekuiz

    Can't navigate to other cities where I'd like to check the weather. Guessed wrong about where I am I guess because it's telling me that the high here today is 31 degrees, but in fact it's 63 here today. How can I delete this trash?

  • Crap app

    by mukluk

    Again as someone already wrote "not so good" great sound effects but little to no information.

  • Not good

    by The nené


  • Wea

    by Nausii


  • Background photo

    by Liliana Bringolf

    It's strange to see the back ground photo "snowing" when it's a hot sunning day! Lol I don't like that

  • Odd

    by K8terate

    Always shows snowing. Isn't it supposed to reflect the weather for your current location? Just because it is 23 deg doesn't mean it is snowing.

  • Snow??

    by Doggielover1234565

    It's 85 degrees out and snowing??? Please fix

  • Snow?

    by brucem142

    It's 64 degrees and snowing? Don't think so.

  • always snowing...???

    by anabelrose

    Seems like it could be a nice app, but the background is always snowing, doesn't match what's happening outside. Only tried free version and I would think of purchasing it until fixed. Too bad, looks promising.

  • Ugh

    by omg it's nana

    It's telling me its 72 degrees right now and also snowing outside. One star for the idea of animated weather. Would have really liked to use app. Fix the bugs.

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