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- critical bug fixes

- fixed activity spinner

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Would you like the Hurricane Tracker app on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad or any other device? Visit

We are happy to announce that a portion of our current & future proceeds will go to the Red Cross to help out those in need. Get the best storm coverage & support those in need!

**Reviewed by CNN as the best Hurricane Tracking app available for iPhone!** GOOGLE: "cnn top hurricane app" to read the article! Now tracking Sandy

Get the most COMPREHENSIVE & popular Hurricane App! Complete tracking with Fast PUSH Alerts, Audio & Video Updates, Dozens of maps, Detailed Written Discussions, Real Time Live Updates - On the fly changes!

- No other app can MATCH! Delivering minute by minute information! Also, we've just added the 0Z & 12Z GFS/ECMWF/CMC/GFDL model runs (4 major models) so you can track storms like the pros do!

OK, so lets keep this description as short as possible because who reads an app description anyways?

WHAT DOES HT INCLUDE: Well, we are proud of our offerings and we can HONESTLY say no other Hurricane app gives you so much data! Complete tracking maps, everything from the NHC, exhaustive invest (Tropical Wave) info, NOAA Weather Radio, forecaster Audio/Video updates, real time feed (as it's happening) & detailed Push Alerts for: New storms, TS/Hurricane warnings & other changes. Storm history, checklists, over 65 images & animated maps and much more! Check for yourself, every other Hurricane app is not ANYWHERE near as comprehensive as Hurricane Tracker! Everything you need to track a storm is included (probably more than you need). Also, available for iPhone/iPod Touch!

You also get free access to our Hurricane Tracker Web app so you can log in and get updates from any device with a browser and internet connection

WHAT REGIONS ARE COVERED?: The Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean & Eastern Pacific. Our app does not cover Hawaii which is in the Central Pacific basin.

DISCLAIMER: Our unique forecasts & audio/video storm updates are NOT the official forecast and should not be used as such. Always follow official information from the NHC.



*Houston Press, 6/1/11: "Finally, there is Hurricane Tracker. This app may have the best interface of the bunch, with a sliding set of navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen. This one, unlike either of the others, has audio and video updates"

*Email from Customer Scott DeLacy, 7/31/11: "With the new maps under Outlook, you have SURPASSED everyone else out there...Hurricane Tracker is now British Virgin Islands Airways' primary tropical data source, No one comes close."

*Valued Customer Ray 007, 7/8/11: "As good a review as you can give a service!"

*Valued Customer Dale Gattis, 7/29/11: "I've been using this and Hurricane for the last two years and I have really come to rely on this app exclusively. Excellent!"


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Twitter: @ezappzinc @hurrtrackerapp (live, real time updates)

*Hurricane Tracker is an extremely data intensive application. A WIFI or strong 3G signal is recommended for the best experience.

Customer Reviews

  • Update

    by Cslinker

    Please update for iphone 5 screen. Otherwise great app, has sea temp maps, water vapor, satellite, outlooks, predictions, and more. Will be using it for 2014 hurricane season in florida.

  • Randomly good

    by hstnnn

    Clearly the best collection of hurricane information available in an application (I've tried the many options). I haven't figured out the order of items --there is a terrible chaos to the layout and structure of the topics, images, and sections. It would be very nice if the programmers would give some thought to the look and order of this assemblage of collected images that passes curiously well for a source of hurricane information. Right now it beats the others, but it could be a really excellent application with some work

  • Handy for Coastal dwellers!

    by Mullitover

    While I have other weather apps also on my iPhone, I find this more storm-focused app even more apt and helpful, especially for where I live. It helps me feel & be better prepared for big storms!

  • Great App

    by larrylef

    This is a great app. Have used it for a couple of years now. But still not updated for iPhone 5?

  • What happened to the videos?

    by Him, His, I, & Me oh and them!

    I love the app. The video updates started out great this year, but when the activity picked up they stopped.

  • Great app

    by Bob l 5962

    Performs as specified. I depend on it since I live on the gulf coast of florida

  • Late news

    by Dbeskan

    Not bad. Haven't used enough to really review. Do like the updates.

  • Great App

    by Naples Charlie

    A must for any coastal resident to prepare for Mother Nature.

  • GREAT!

    by the1000th1

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys out out every day to keep people like me informed of what's going on around me. I'm find this the most informal hurricane app ever! :) However, I would love to see this fit the iPhone 5, 4-inch retina display. Also crashes on launch on iOS 7, iPad version.

  • Great app

    by turmoilone

    I love this app it keep me inform when I needed it.

  • Hurricane Traker

    by NewsJack

    A formidable tool for those residing in any of the Caribbean islands. It is reliable, accurate and timely. Instrumental during the hurricane season.

  • #1

    by Bayouguy60

    My first choice when it comes to tracking hurricanes.

  • It's A Great App

    by Dixon88bggsdfchk

    For all your swell needs

  • Amazing

    by MattinIndy

    Nothing even comes close to this app for canes.. It's incredible!!! Period. Worth every penny and more!

  • Good but not iphone5 ready

    by nasukaren

    Nice app but doesn't support the iPhone5s stretched screen.

  • Hurricane Tracker!

    by TyJSi

    Love the daily podcast updates. Easy to use, easy to understand, all around great app!

  • Full of updated content

    by 7895($432'

    Very thorough and relevant.

  • Great app

    by wallydh62

    I've had app for 3 years and it just keeps getting better!! AweSome!!!

  • Hurricane Tracker

    by jms42101

    Awesome App! Well informative and best app ever!!!

  • Great.

    by 33Scout

    Love this app!

  • Awful

    by Llama10101010101011

    It freezes often and is not compatible for the iPhone 5

  • Slow

    by crowding_sail

    Lots of features, but loads and switches so slowly that it's virtually unusable.

  • Best weather app

    by Belizeanlow

    I love my weather app keeps me update of everything And been live in the tropics Belize city Central America this is very useful thanks guys keep up the good work

  • Okay so far

    by NMT03

    New to this app, okay so far

  • Hurricane Tracker

    by Christopher Cooper

    An excellent app for storm planning and disaster preparedness

  • Great app

    by Michael Trabtree

    Love it.

  • Accurate and informative

    by 1776NJ

    Alerts me when there is activity and provides all the information I need to evaluate it.

  • MrEncore

    by mrencore

    Great so far. Looking forward to the season.

  • !!! Best Hurricane App !!!

    by BULVY7

    My entire family and I use this app to monitor hurricane development and stay safe every monsoon season. Thank You!! for all the hard work providing the excellent detail and accurate information. If you dont have this App ... get it.

  • Great App

    by Uss Coral Sea

    Anyone who lives near the coastline should have this App.

  • Great App

    by WX4JCW

    Keeps me up to date here in Florida

  • I now have a new hobby

    by Scott Snot

    Love this app. My grandson is learning about maps and weather patterns

  • Life saver

    by Gina4577446

    This app is a lifesaver, easy to use and perfect on my iPhone screen. I'm picky too so that says a lot!

  • Great app

    by Frl7

    Easy to use. Tons of info

  • Great app

    by kvc-52

    My wife is a hurricane aficionado and this app is perfect for her avocation

  • Perfect

    by Coyotelineman10

    I use this app for my job in the electrical powerline industry. Great app & helps me a lot.

  • Great app

    by Rcdjones

    I live in southeast Louisiana, and this is just what I've been looking for. It provides all the info anyone needs to stay on top of tropical storm and hurricane conditions. Love it.

  • Great Hurricane Tracker!

    by wwbigal

    This is my go to app when it comes to tropical systems! Love it!

  • Comes in handy

    by Zombieturtle80

    This has come in handy when I wanna see what's going on!

  • Hurricane tracker


    Love the app. Now I have no reason to watch the news.

  • Over all

    by Chicsol94

    Wish it was easier to use and more appealing to the eye. Would be nice if when a storm is present in the tracking map it would state the category it is and projected category as it progresses through out projected path. Also that its absolute current location be more distinct on maps. Finally app does lag quite a bit!

  • Hurricane tracker

    by V 1.2.8

    Fantastic! Gives the late rest up to date info on any region with a variety of maps and info on any particular storm

  • Great app.

    by DoubleT-D

    Very comprehensive.

  • Needs update

    by Dunnky

    This app is great. Used it last year. It's time for an update. Update and get 5⭐.

  • Louisiana review'r here...

    by Stevenzworld

  • Tracker

    by Elissatoo

    This tracker is very up to date and accurate.

  • PaulW

    by PWearden

    I live in Houston TX. The alerts are great. The interface needs to be more user friendly.

  • Good, Powerful but Slow

    by JonSherwin

    Very impressive and powerful app but it seems to be sluggish sometimes (even when running on 4g network).

  • Great great

    by Long Island mike 2416

    Really good app to stay informed about the tropics and what's going on. The audio feed is excellent if you have a hard time reading maps. Definitely recommend

  • Very informative!

    by Howtwo

    I travel from Massachusetts to Florida quite frequently and this app keeps me informed of what to expect!

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