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Florida Radars delivers 8 animated radars from around Florida in One Application. Always know quickly where the bad weather is! Also check out "Florida Radars" HD for the iPad!

*Note: To access all radars, just slide the icons to the left!


√ Florida Radars gives you ANIMATED radar coverage for ALL of Florida direct from the National Weather Service. Why buy a radar application with a bunch of radars you don't need and that's complicated to use, get Florida Radars now for your area! Just press a button and there's your radar!


√ When the application first loads you get a ANIMATED RADAR of Florida. Then just simply touch the slide-able icons to load the Florida Radar you want. The radars are listed alphabetically by city to help you find a radar fast. Press the "Delete Radar" button to delete any radar you do not want in the application! Press that button again to end editing.

√ Simply SHAKE your device while viewing any radar to make it your default radar

√ View Radars in FULL SCREEN when your device is in landscape mode!


√ You are also able to pinch and zoom in for a really close look at the storms. Any Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm warnings that are issued, are overlaid on top of the radar echos.

√ These radars are fully featured and are powered by the National Weather Service. All radars load up fast on any type of connection - even EDGE! Now you can see what storms are headed towards you - even on the go! If your power goes out, you still have Florida Radars! Easily get away from the hail storm that might be coming your way!

Great For:

√ Checking local animated radar quickly and on the go! Also will be great for tracking tropical storms/hurricanes should any threaten the Florida coast.

√ This is a great app to have if you live or travel a lot to Florida. All radars are high quality and are powered by The National Weather Service. Turn the device into landscape mode to see the radars in FULL SCREEN!

ALL the NWS Florida Radars are Included in this Application:

√ Jacksonville, Key West, Miami (Covers Ft. Lauderdale & West Palm Beach), Orlando, Pensacola, Tallahassee & Tampa


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Customer Reviews

  • Fix the Miami map!

    by MDegnon

    Fix the link for the Miami map and you'll get 5 stars!! This has been an issue for almost a month now and thought maybe it would get fixed! I do t want to use the Orlando map to see Palm Beach County! Thanx!

  • Fast and reliable

    by Rich**B

    Like others have written..... It does what it claims. No menus, no waiting. Good price. Thanx Steve. Would you work on prog charts and/or station models. Ya can't beat seeing isobars for good decision making.

  • Nice quick access, but

    by restackhouse

    Nice app. Quick access to radars, but i use iweathr.com too. It only has one map -- many are provided. Would be nice to see you able to swipe to move to the other maps that NOAA provides

  • Radar

    by Loxahatchee73

    Quick simple application to check radar. Great for fishing and boating. A little better zooming feature would make it even better.

  • Not bad but could be a lot better...

    by My 2¢

    Gives a great overall radar view, but needs a better zoom. Living in FL, it is very important to have a close up of thunderstorms, especially this time of year. The app, AS IS, is good for seeing a big picture to travel through the state or will be good during hurricane season. It is not very good to use on a daily basis to see how the storms are moving to make decisions locally. Please add a better zoom to compete with other weather apps and possibly one that will include the tropics for hurricane season. Also, as I think someone else mentioned, Ft. Myers is between radars and hard to see.

  • Great App

    by Dadof2Girls


  • Great App!

    by Gatorfrank80

    I have been looking for a local animated radar app. This works great!

  • Nice App

    by be_favre

    Very easy to use Could zoom in a little more other than than very nice.

  • Well done

    by smittyBarnes

    Does what it says, easy to use!!!

  • Pretty good

    by Jcb954

    They only give you a few major cities in Florida. Would be a better app if you could specify ANY city as the center of the radar.

  • Paul

    by Freedomful

    Great quick app for local pilots

  • Florida Radar

    by Zampponi

    Works great for me. I do wish it had a zoom feature.

  • Good Regional, not so good zoomed

    by CCMiami

    It gives a good regional radar picture. However, if you are trying to judge if that rainstorm is going to wipe out your soccer practice, it can't provide that type of local detail.

  • Wow, much better!

    by FloridaFlyBoy

    I humbly withdraw my previous review. After deleting and re-installing, this app works better than it ever did! The latest updates are awesome. Best .99 cents I've spent. Simple, elegant, and it works.

  • They address problems quickly

    by Dive Chronicles

    The Developer address problems quickly and makes things work.

  • Works great, best radar app!

    by flyinbyu20

    I love the fact I can zoom in on the radar map to see the cells and their movement. I am a pilot, and I use this app ALOT. I even get pretty good coverage in the air (most of the time) and can pull up the live radar. I think it would be nice to be able to switch the mode to velocity, like you can on the NOAA web radar site. Besides that, I say it worth the 99 cents. I use it 10 x more than my weatherbug elite for radar.

  • Handy radar

    by ILUVAZ

    Nice radar screens - love the zoom - the statewide radar even lets you see weather in GA which interests me. Very handy to pick up and click and get instant weather without having to log into a website.

  • Just one thing missing ...

    by JCD Jr

    I'd give it 5 stars if my default radar could automatically display in zoom mode. I use the darned thing all the time. I work inside at a computer, so rather than look out the window, I just call up the app and see if it's going to rain. Seriously, I do. Even when I'm outside and see storms, I check the app to see which way they are moving. I actually plan local trips around the information. I can tell if I've got enough time to make it to the supermarket and back by gauging the movement of the storms on the animated radar. I also have RadarScope but don't use it much because this loads faster and has the animation. This is simple and does the job efficiently.

  • Good for Tracking Space Shuttle Launch Weather

    by EkLekTek

    I was using news and weather programs to track the weather while waiting for STS-128 to launch. The problem was navigating too many screens to get weather radar updates (animated for trending)--drill down, reenter city, zoom, click animate, wait. All this extra clicking was killing my low battery (long launch waits, impatient me). This program fits the bill--just FL and fast to start the radar animation. Features I would like: button for weather centered on Kennedy Space Center pads 39a/b, better zoom in, longer animation (e.g. Compare with yesterday same time), get rid of city buttons and make that a setting to reclaim screen area.

  • Worst paid app

    by Barbatr

    This app don't worth your money. No any usable radar it shows.

  • OK

    by Capt Steve Ft.Myers

    Like app except needs to zoom in closer and need Fort Myers radar added.

  • Not bad

    by jrush07r1

    Not as good as TWC radar.

  • iPhone 4

    by John User 43

    Not working with my iPhone 4 fails to start

  • Florida Radars

    by John from Jacksonville

    Radar shows alot of ground clutter even on calm, clear days. It does not show any detail as radar shows cities from a very high altitude. Not worth the money. A better app is the Weather Channel. This app is basically useless.

  • Poor interface and limited radars

    by sabr0sa

    The interface is bad. They have a bar across the top that reads "Florida Radars" as well as a bar across the bottom that also reads "Florida Radars" just in case you forgot the name of the app. There is also a bar that is used to navigate the different radar locations, each of which has a big ugly icon and "FL" on it taking up valuable screen space. Roughly 40% of the screen is used up on needless things. I want to see the radar, not all of that crap. The application icon is also bad; but I could live with that if the app was decent. If you search the App Store you'll find that there is a much better "Weather Radar" app available for 99 cents that has a better interface and radar coverage of the entire country.

  • Problems with mine also

    by Larry - Hobe Sound, Fl

    I do not have Tampa or any other cities other than the ones that came with the app on installiation. The reason is the "slide bar" does not work. I am using an iPod with the latest software.

  • And here we, Go!

    by Spaniard D

    Map is bare with hardly any detail what so ever, not even the major highways are marked. On the up side the animation is cool. I suggest to add more highways, label the major attractions and parks like Disney and South Beach for example..... Use different colors for each, give them a legend. That along with the zoom you already put in, this app would be a must have for anyone In FL Now if you wanted to market it to everyone find some out door cameras to some of those major locations we talked about and take the ability to see current conditions to the next level, who wouldn't want a live feed of the beach, the bay, perhaps a highway for traffic conditions? It could be a add on for those who already have the app......….…what do u think?

  • This thing is garbage

    by jiggaboo2

    Miami doesn't work and neither does Tampa don't buy this crap

  • Quick and easy

    by DeeMaster

    I like how this app opens and shows the whole state of FL... then you simply click the button for your city. Very fast and I use it daily. No problems whatsoever and I highly recommend it if you like anywhere in Florida

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