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- EZ Radar PA gives you ANIMATED radar coverage for all of Pennsylvania from the National Weather Service. Why buy a radar application with a bunch of radars you don't need and that's complicated to use, get EZ Radar now for your area! Users love EZ Radar!


- When the application first loads you get a static radar shot of the region. Then just simply touch on the buttons within the application for animated radars of each region/city. You are also able to pinch and zoom in for a really close look at the storms. Any Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm warnings that are issued, are overlaid on top of the radar echos. These radars are fully featured and are powered by the National Weather Service. All radars load up fast on any type of connection - even EDGE! Now you can see what storms are headed towards you - even on the go! Easily get away from the hail storm that might be coming your way!

Great For:

- Checking local animated radar quickly and on the go!

Radars Included in this Application:

- Greater Philadelphia Area, Greater Pittsburgh Area & Central Pennsylvania

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Customer Reviews

  • Sorry, Steve NOT the BEST Radar App

    by PyroMD

    While it is not the best and most complete NEXRAD product for the IPhone, it is simple to use, easy to interpret, and graphically nice. This product is particularly useful for those that travel and work in PA. A national region scout view opens the program and a simple three button system allows you to select one of the three NEXRAD sites in PA. The maps also will show motion, useful in estimating storm movement. While there are other free apps available with NOAA radar images, this app is a good value at $0.99. This is just radar and quicker to use than other apps. It is my favorite 'goto' quick view of summary regional precipitation data in PA. Also, warning boxes are displayed on the images. The server interfaces can be slow, especially during active wx events. If you are looking for a solid NOAA radar product for precipitation in PA, this is your app. No meteorology background or knowledge necessary to use this one.


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