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- EZ Radar KS/MO gives you ANIMATED radar coverage for ALL of Kansas and Missouri direct from the National Weather Service. Why buy a radar application with a bunch of radars you don't need and that's complicated to use, get EZ Radar now for your area! Users love EZ Radar!


- When the application first loads you get a static radar shot of the region. Then just simply touch on the buttons within the application for animated radars of each region/city. You are also able to pinch and zoom in for a really close look at the storms. Any Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm warnings that are issued, are overlaid on top of the radar echos. These radars are fully featured and are powered by the National Weather Service. All radars load up fast on any type of connection - even EDGE! Now you can see what storms are headed towards you - even on the go! Easily get away from the hail storm that might be coming your way!

Great For:

- Checking local animated radar quickly and on the go!

Radars Included in this Application:

- Greater Kansas City Area, Wichita, Dodge City, Goodland, St. Louis & Springfield

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Customer Reviews

  • Srowe54

    by Srowe54


  • ;-)

    by Candee007

    Very easy to use. I am pleased that I can look at the weather radar during a storm whenever I want in a storm instead of waiting for the weatherperson from the news to come on the television to show me. This app is wonderful and easy to use.

  • Good App For The Money

    by marsradio

    Earlier, I wrote that I could not zoom. Sorry, it was my fault as I had not perfected the "pinch-zoom" technique. So, I would like to retract that complaint - the zoom works just fine, and I can get in close to my county area. All-in-all, I am very satisfied with this app. As an outdoors person in an area that has frequent thunderstorms, I often like to check the radar - especially when I'm on the water. This app makes it very easy and quick to get exactly what I want. I can get the same by opening up Safari and navigating to the NWS mobile site, and so can you. However, this app makes it very convenient and easy, and, when you're out on a boat with family and a dozen other things to distract and occupy you, this app makes really pays for itself. For the money, if you want instant NWS radar, I recommend it. And, from now on, I'll learn how to use my iPhone before I make comments out here. :~)

  • Weather Radar

    by BigCameltoe

    Impressed with weather radar, low cost & good program for the money. Only drawback is it is a bit hard to see even when enlarged.

  • Needs More Cities

    by MrWeather

    More Cities

  • well

    by hopinit

    Being in Alaska well i will know whats going on other places and i hope other citys are on the waynot to happy being that i only was reading i will get one free app so now i am stuck but i hope its good and more citys on the was being that theri more countrys other than what on this rader did i say more city yes i did so lets hope so

  • Radar

    by Wjb66208

    Very disappointing application. Very unstable and buggy.

  • None

    by Delayedalot

    Dosent work 80% of the time.

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