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Seller: EZ Apps, Inc.

- this update address an issue that was causing radars not to load

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**Push Notifications are HERE! When bad weather is on the way, EZ Radar will now alert you with a pop up to keep you instantly updated and safe**


√ EZ Radar AL/GA gives you ANIMATED radar coverage for ALL of Alabama and Georgia direct from the National Weather Service. Why buy a radar application with a bunch of radars you don't need and that's complicated to use, get EZ Radar now for your area! Don't forget to pick up EZ Radar HD - AL/GA for the iPad!


√ When the application first loads you get a animated radar shot of the region. Then just simply touch on the buttons within the application for animated radars of each region/city. You are also able to pinch and zoom in for a really close look at the storms. Any Tornado or Severe Thunderstorm warnings that are issued, are overlaid on top of the radar echos. These radars are fully featured and are powered by the National Weather Service. All radars load up fast on any type of connection - even EDGE! Now you can see what storms are headed towards you - even on the go! If your power goes out, you still have EZ Radar AL/GA! Easily get away from the hail storm that might be coming your way!

Great For:

√ Checking local animated radar quickly and on the go!

Radars Included in this Application:

- Southeast Regional, Birmingham, East AL, Huntsville, Mobile, NW AL, Atlanta, Central GA, NE GA, Southern GA and SE GA


Web: www.ezappsinc.com

Email: support@ezappsinc.com

Twitter: @ezappzinc

Thank you for your interest in our iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad & Mac Apps!

~ EZ Apps, Inc.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice App

    by Pgmaawh

    Just what I wanted! What good is the forecast without the real-time Doppler? To me it doesn't need anything except more states. Did crash the iPod once but a good uninstall/reload cleared the problem.

  • 5stars

    by JasonCox

    Best radar app I have found.

  • Exe

    by Willisj61

    Works good for me. Just what I was looking for

  • Good

    by drchaos48

    Love iy

  • Good App

    by EllijayBeerDude

    Considering it was a free app, it works very well. I can see when storms are headed my way. You can't see individual neighborhoods, but for free it does what I expected.

  • EZ Radars

    by RampartSafety

    Because of my business I travel in several states. I have the EZRs for several areas and have found them all to be very useful and accurate. Thanks for the five star work!!

  • Physician/ surgeon

    by CAPT Brent

    The GREAT LAKE, EZ weather saved my life last summer, on LAKE MICHIGAN. Because of the radar, I got off the lake and tied up my 36 ft sailboat, before the obvious storm system hit. Unfortunately, 2 people were killed in the CHICAGO- MACKINAW RACE, 10 mile from where I tied up. For some reason, this specific choice is no longer available to new customers I highly recommend it to. I highly suggest you offer it, at any cost, to the thousands of summer boaters who need it, in THE GREAT LAKES. Thanks. Dr Brent

  • Weather raidar

    by joefrugal

    Excellent! I can see what's coming!

  • It's Great!

    by Whalen315

    Very nice app.

  • Great app

    by Gymbob

    This APP is alsome very specific!!!!!!

  • 1

    by spd357

    Good app

  • Good app.

    by G-tunes

    Like it.

  • The best for Georgia

    by Lots of weather apps

    This app gives me everything I need for the SE. Everything in Bama is coming our way! I have several weather apps and this is the first I go to. Thanks

  • Go to site

    by AndyPar

    A must have for those areas of the county prone to severe weather. Néed an iPad version However. And sharper radars

  • Good APP

    by Elberta john

    Glad the shake to set home radar is gone. Wish it would come on with home state selected radar rather than regional radar.

  • Myreview

    by Billy Beaver

    I have only had this app a few weeks but it has been great on the storms we have had in our area. It is the only one I am using and depend on it for weather warnings and radar data. It is very good 7/30/11. Like I very much.

  • Radar

    by jtmtpt

    I would like to see the default be the home state.

  • Fair

    by MarathonRye

    GA radar works half the time.

  • Radar

    by Pipertec


  • Nice job

    by plumdog

    Easy and simple. What you want and need in one touch. One of my "go to" weather apps.

  • The app is never up!

    by Inspector205

    Used to be a good app that I used all the time. Now it ALWAYS says "This site has stepped out for a bit." Again, it would be 5 stars but it never works. FIX IT PLEASE!!!

  • User error?

    by mrs. gregg

    Maybe I did something wrong but while my local weather siren was going off this app was silent. Currently under a tornado warning, thanks for notifying me...

  • Rating: fair to okay

    by Bob1943

    Good for big picture - closeup needs improvement

  • Radar

    by Basspro48

    Have had trouble loading al and ga radars, but other then that, its prettty good.

  • Al

    by Cptharold

    Don't buy complete waste of money

  • Doesn't work

    by BjamKelly

    I've never been able to get the GA radar to come up. I'm wishing I had not purchased this app. I hope my mind gets changed. Soon.

  • Pretty cool

    by Snowangel81


  • Disappointed

    by Disappointed

    Disappointed this doesn't send Push Notifications as previously advertised. No different than any other weather app. I need something that "alerts" you when any bad weather is approaching. I was blessed to have survived these recent tornadoes, I want better notifications, might save more lives.

  • What I Think

    by Garomotz

    A little pricey for it's detail, this radar is too vague with movement difficult to track. Graphics could b bumped up, also. Seems slightly less innovative than others available.

  • Not as good as previous version

    by JD Mackey

    Liked previous version just fine. This version now loads all of AL GA when I really need my local radar. Have set local radar as default but still have to select one or two radars to get my default. Am I missing something?

  • Batter

    by Ronors

    A great program one I use now will not be disappointed of you purchase


    by roysnutt

    Great product

  • Not great

    by Boronmorons

    I was hoping for notifications of storms but don't receive any. I have been notified we will be having pleasant, sunny weather though. The radars also don't zoom in enough to see my area and how close the storms really are.

  • Cool Updates

    by Alagbrzt

    Very good, simple radar, and seems to be real time.

  • Excellent weather map app.

    by Burrkilla

    Was looking for a good map app since the weather channel maps were always 30 min behind. Found this one which actually uses the NOAA NWS radars which I totally like.

  • bamatider1

    by Bama Music Man

    Great wx app! On TOP of th' wx 24 hrs each day!! Let's you know what to expect and is right on.

  • Love it!

    by Paradise found

    Great app for showing accurate radar!

  • Review

    by Drspecktater

    Great app

  • Love this app

    by Alabama gang

    Great app. Easy to use and gives accurate information that is real time

  • Great App!!!

    by Maggie Beth 00

    Updates are very helpful!!

  • Nice App

    by Wy/erp

    Very helpful for a quick peak at where the nasty storms are. Not always accurate though. My area may show as clear, yet I'm looking out at the rain.

  • Excellent.

    by Brent 10

    Totally excellent radar.

  • E Z Radar

    by Adaris

    Very handy for the iPhone format. Good job.

  • Doesn't work

    by Scot2011

    Doesn't work at all for Georgia radars. Shows broken image links in iPhone4 with IOS 4.3 very frustrating.

  • Very good app!

    by tosmith1

    Just me but I wish it would start on my default state screen. Otherwise nice and clean information.

  • Great app

    by Herochaoboy

    Great app

  • Totatlly'

    by Yingyangz


  • Awesome

    by Adrussell


  • Good view of regional weather

    by Notsosmart

    I have and use several weather apps. The range of the radar is perfect to see what's coming in the next 12 hours or so. You can make the other apps do that too, but this one gives you that view right when you open it. I like the weather updates that it sends, the others don't do that.

  • Great app

    by 1Smoov

    I like the updates on the weather

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