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Seller: EZ Apps, Inc.

- iOS 4 Saved state support

- Bug Fixes

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Get forecasts, radars, conditions, warnings, maps & more for any location in the world with All Weather!

*All Weather Has Been Officially endorsed by the Good Folks At Weather Underground*

√ All Weather provides you with ALL your weather needs direct from Weather Underground. All data is formatted in a friendly iPhone/iPod Touch format for fast loading, even on edge. View conditions, forecasts, radar and maps for ANY location in the world. Also, get the latest forecast tracks and advisories on any Tropical Storm/Hurricane. Stay on top of the weather easily, know whats going on around and your friends any family who might live elsewhere.

❄ All Weather will find your forecast based on your device's location

❄ Current Weather Conditions for any city in the world

❄ Access to Local and Regional animated radar

❄ 5 Day forecast from the National Weather Service for any location

❄ Watches and Warnings for your area from the National Weather Service

❄ Area Forecast Discussion from a National Weather Service Meteorologist

❄ 15+ Weather maps for all continents

❄ U.S. Severe weather map

❄ Hurricane/Tropical storm maps and information for ALL Oceans

❄ Weather Blog from Dr. Jeff Masters

❄ All Data is also viewable in landscape mode


*All Weather Pro (iPad)
*Hurricane Tracker for iPad

*Just search the app store!




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Customer Reviews


    by Holguinero


  • Please fix

    by azuwhr

    Every time I go into the app it says I have no connection. This happens no matter if I have wifi or 3G.

  • Good maps for your city

    by jerpal1

    This app is an alright app. It's boy the best but is rank up in the top ten.


    by howie-t

    I have been waiting for this app, well... since the iphone. FINALLY, the app is here. I have used for about 5 years. This app is much faster than the web on EDGE network. Would like the conditions to be updated more often than 1 hour. Radar is updated about every 5-6 min though. (On the website.)

  • Best Weather app

    by maddawg12

    Great simple straight forward app. I've been using the webapp until I found this. Perfect 5 for simple yet sophisticated design

  • Awsome app!


    The best weather app for iPhone!!! The only thing that would make it better is to have it update more often. And also when your looking at your local radar can you put a scale on the bottom to show what the colors mean. And "push notification" with badge alerts!!!!!

  • Better than Weather Bug

    by The Swiftman

    The Good: It's fast It's easy It works The Bad: Not all of the icons along the bottom match what they say (Flag=Tropics?) Overall: Good app at a good price.

  • It's good

    by Supermac059

    This app is good. I consider it better than the weather channel app. I got this app for free because I won a contest. I think it would still be worth my $0.99. You should give it a try!!

  • Good App

    by SterlingPaul

    This app seems to do what I need most which is local radar that's clear and current. One thing to suggest - can the bars above and below the radar window be removed with a tap of a button? There's not much screen left since there are allready bars at the top and bottom. Overall pretty good

  • The best and i really mean it!

    by Chase0608

    This app has more weather than any other app out there even weather channel, weatherbug, and accuweather. And ITS ACCURATE!!! I love it!!!

  • Not at all nag

    by Exstasique

    Pretty good overall. Lots of data and world coverage. So definitely worth the 99 cents. But the map is NOT expanda ble would benefit from resizability.

  • Jul 30, 2009

    by HNickM

    I believe this to be close to the perfect weather app. Previous reviewers have dinged the app for asking each time to use your location - that appears to be the design of the app - for people who travel, although it does provide a list of previous locations and, in my case, always asks to use current location. This same developer has a series of apps for fixed location users - EZ Weather (city name). As for the app, it is one of only two (the other being Nav Clock) that gives both the barometric pressure AND the trend. It also provides a 'cleaned up' radar image (clutter removed), like Accuweather, and gives a 'zoomed-in' (local) view. It also provides direct access to NOAA marine weather (with a much more readable typeface than NOAA uses) and has links to the nearest NOAA weather radio stations. The app collects a bunch of disparate sources and puts them in one place for simple access. It is a quite comprehensive collection of weather data.

  • I should have read the reviews

    by Mikewm

    Ads in a paid app, and not at the bottom but in the prime space. The useful info is poorly laid out as a result. Deleting the app. 99 cents waisted.

  • Adds

    by awagner109

    I paid for this app why are their adds showing up. Adds are for FREE apps not paid ones.....

  • A lot of things not good

    by Dotpsc

    I only got this app because it shows both F and C at the same time but other than that it is really bad. It does have a looooot of wether related information but the structure is just very cluttered. And there are still adds even though this is a paying app. You also cant view 2 places at the same time it seems. I think I'll stick to using 2 different for C and one for F

  • Great weather data, bad interface

    by agavephoto

    This has the weather data so want and trust from lots of experience in more remote locations that some apps & websites don't get right . . . but the interface is seriously lacking. Too much tries to load at once, ads in a paid app, and it loads from a generic starting point each time instead of the last location or the location from the GPS. Please update and fix the interface!

  • Excellent Weather, Bad App

    by Wooster

    Where to begin… as far as getting my forecasts, I prefer; Considering this app gets the weather updates from this site, I'm happy with regards to getting the current stats and the forecast. What I don't like about this app is that it's constructed like a bad webpage instead of an application. You can't just go to the forecast area when launching the application. It takes you to a directory. There's no local managing of locations. There are Ads all over the application. I wouldn't mind so much if the ads were in an 'about this application' section but they're all over. I don't consider this appropriate for a paid app. Free yes. Paid no. People are complaining about the application's speed. This is both a fair and unfair judgement. The app appears to be webkit powered so the whole page structure is just loading a HTML file. This means there's no in app structure or cache. The developer appears to have tried to worked around that by making the entire forecast load in stacked DIVs as opposed to dedicated tabs. This makes the forecast, once it is loaded, all there. On the other hand, this method is really inefficient and is responsible for the poor load times. This application really should be rewritten as an actual application and not a webapp. To sum up, the weather content is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, the environment on the other hand is terrible. I would recommend waiting until the next version before purchase. The widget they provide on the other hand for OSX is an amazing product. I can't figure out how the transition can be made from something so competent so something lacking. I would keep my eye on this product for the future, for the present, no.

  • Ok

    by EarlLewis33

    Good content but the UI is cluttered and hard to use. I'd recommend TWC app over this one.

  • This App Would Be Sorry If It Were Free

    by Jon Doh

    This app is not worth a free price let alone 99 cents. The graphics are so so and rather crude on the maps compared to other similar programs. But my biggest complaint is how slow this thing is. It is excruciatingly slow to load and slow to bring up your selected city. I thought the program didn't work at first because all I got was a blank screen. After a long time it finally showed me the selection to enter my city. Another complaint is that if I'm paying for a program I don't expect to see ads on the screen. I have removed this program and regret buying it. I wish there were a way to get refunds from dud programs or a way to have a 10 day try before you buy opportunity like there is with other smart phones. If there were vendors like this one would soon disappear from the market.

  • To many ads...

    by dee19760000000

    Remove the ads and this app would be awesome.. Keep your personal default settings... Able to delete any locations you don't want and not pay 10.00 to get what they advertise for .99

  • Still lacking

    by BR01

    Seems to be a good app but there are things other apps have that this does not. For example, I would like to see the forecast by the hour. It would also be nice to see the 5-7 day forcast in summary form like the high/low for the day and then tap on it to get more detail. Another good addition would be if the app stored the latest info in memory so that you can view it when you are offline. Besides this, the application gives you alot of useful information.

  • Weatherbuff

    by mkjzna

    I like the amount of information, but every time I open the app It asks me if it can use my location and I have to click no. Then it doesn't default to my location for the forcast, I have to manually tap it. I use Wunderground a lot, but I would rather use TWC than this app right now.

  • Not bad

    by HAMsmoke

    Execution is fine, but if you are accustomed to navigating the Weather Underground from Safari already, you will find it offers nothing more.

  • What a joke

    by MikeMpls

    Why are there so many glowing reviews for this app?? They all seem so fake. More importantly - why would you pay money for this app - the IDENTICAL information can be had from the iPhone formatted website FOR FREE - which is where the info for this app comes from.

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