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Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Earth Networks, Inc.

• 2.6 million supported locations worldwide
• Push notification for severe weather alerts
• Photo submission and sharing
• Featured photo albums
• Portuguese language support
• New Cold & Flu section
• Several stability/performance enhancements

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737 Ratings
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143099 Ratings


Download WeatherBug to Know Before™. Access the world’s largest network of weather and lightning sensors for the best forecasts, the fastest alerts and more.

Our data is real-time, which means more accurate, pinpoint forecasts out to 10 days. And only we measure “Total Lightning” so you get exclusive Spark lightning proximity alerts and advanced alerts to severe weather. Stay safer with WeatherBug.

Enjoy and share photos, live weather cams, rich radar maps and much more. No wonder we were awarded “Best App Ever”! Download WeatherBug and see for yourself!

Enjoy these unique features:

• NEW Real-Time Enhanced Pin-Point Forecasts for 2.6 Million Locations Worldwide – The industry’s most accurate current, extended and hourly weather forecasts for your neighborhood and beyond. With 25% more accurate forecasts for the next 24 hours (when compared to other weather apps), Know Before™ you head out!

• NEW Photo Section & Albums – We’ve collected magnificent photography from our users for your viewing pleasure. Now categorized into albums, finding awesome photos has never been quicker or easier! Come see what others are sharing and enjoy the scenery!

• NEW Photo Submission & Sharing – Snap, send & share. Send us your best photos and share your moments with millions of WeatherBug users.

• NEW Push Notifications – Get severe weather warnings and exclusive Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts pushed directly to your mobile device! Safeguard yourself from tornados, severe thunderstorms, flash-floods and more.

• NEW Portuguese Language Support – WeatherBug fala Português! Get forecasts and alerts in Portuguese and saber antes!

• NEW Cold & Flu section – Stay updated on the cold and flu season! Find out where and when you'll need to be extra careful, along with useful facts on how you can minimize your risk.

• Extended 10-Day Forecast – Weather happens. Get the most accurate extended forecast and Know Before™ 10 days ahead.

• Exclusive DTAs & Severe Weather Alerts – Minutes Matter. Our Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs) provide you 50% faster warnings to severe weather than the competition. Plus, you get National Weather Service (NWS) warnings and watches to stay informed of severe weather conditions at all your current and saved locations.

• Spark Alerts – Spark, an exclusive feature of WeatherBug, turns your smartphone into a personal lightning detector. Get minute-by-minute, mile-by-mile Spark lightning monitoring, in real-time, from the WeatherBug total lightning detection network!

• Enhanced Interactive Maps – Enjoy our enhanced maps with multiple layers such as Doppler radar, humidity, pressure, wind speed, high/low forecast, traffic, satellite imaging and more!

• Live Weather Cams – View live images from over 2,000 weather cameras across the U.S. to get a better picture (pun intended) of the weather at destinations near and far.

• Spotlight section – Get “News of the Day” and other breaking weather stories from the WeatherBug Meteorology team to stay up-to-date on the weather around you.

• Hurricane Center – Get the latest news on hurricanes, investigate past hurricanes and track current hurricanes as they happen! Our Hurricane Center is your go-to resource for these violent storms, giving valuable information so you Know Before™!

• Spanish Language Support – ¿Hablas español? Sí? Well, WeatherBug does now too. Get forecasts and alerts for your neighborhood in Spanish!

• Lifestyle Forecasts – Do I run outside or go to the gym? Should I cancel tomorrow's picnic? Our new Lifestyle Forecasts identify and analyze specific weather parameters to advise you on how best to stay comfortable and have fun!

• Multiple Saved Locations – Save all your locations without any restrictions.

Be prepared. Know Before™. Download the app used and loved by millions, voted the “Best Weather App Ever” and trusted as a “Best App for Moms”, WeatherBug!

Customer Reviews

  • Love this weather app. It is the only one I use. I really love the detail and hourly feature.

    by Kingcupcake

    Recommend to anyone who likes to know hourly and 10 day forecast.

  • Excellent

    by DoneWorkin

    I've finally had it The Weather Channel app. It was so slow that I sometimes felt like I could take a nap waiting for it to load. I found Weather Bug and have been completely satisfied. I use it several times a day.

  • What's the weather like?

    by sbrinley79

    This app will tell you...and pretty accurately too

  • App!

    by Solo Cristo

    Works good, always use it

  • GREAT !!!

    by Tasha999

    Accurate, Reliable and Easy to use- not much more to ask for here!

  • Good

    by Darlene Woods

    Works well and provides pretty accurate info.

  • Personal Weather Announcer

    by CooCooBirdSing

    Who needs Al Roker when you have Weather Bug! This is my go-to app for breaking weather news worldwide. The Weather Channel is a thing of the past. From SandboxPal

  • First choice weather app

    by Rylyshar

    Fast, informative, local, detailed. This is my go-to weather app. I find the forecasts are often more accurate than TWC, too. But it's the speed that makes it the best.

  • Very Accurate

    by Sergeantmark

    Best weather app by far. Very accurate.

  • Weather bug

    by Skihotty

    This is a great weather app. Have not been able to find a better one. Love the hourly feature.

  • Love this Bug

    by RedFoxBrushhog

    The only weather app, that doesn't mess up. I love it....

  • Love it!!

    by Tigerbait6980

    Maybe our local forecasters can get this app since they can't predict if it's gunna be wet if they fell out of a boat! Lol

  • Just great

    by El Toro25

    Awesome app

  • Better Than Weather Channel

    by SpeakSend

    Better Than Weather Channel. Loads faster too.

  • Love WeatherBug

    by Embmimi

    Best weather app I've seen!

  • A Weather App That Won't Leave You Out in the Cold

    by Sjohns37

    Weatherbug is a robust app that is relatively well laid out. You can look at hourly forecasts, today's, and 10-day as well as my personal favorite feature: the radar.

  • Obnoxious ads

    by GEOPIX

    A version with no distracting ads, please. I'll gladly pay for this product. We hate intrusive, always-on ads in constant motion. I for one will NOT do business with companies that use in-your-face ads, so tell your advertisers! Oh, I just did. I do like the weather cams though.

  • Weather Bug

    by BrandhisB

    Accurate, up to date with early warnings that keep you informed. Would recommend to anyone that needs current weather conditions.

  • Weather Bug

    by Gary-CC

    Of all the weather apps, the Weather Bug is the most consistent in the market.

  • weatherbug rocks!

    by Joe the 567890

    Packed full of content and useful features. The most accurate and local.

  • Sad

    by nmejd

    This was my favorite weather app till most recent update. Can no longer pay to get rid of ads, and the ones it has are particularly intrusive. Spoils it for me.

  • Inaccurate/unreliable radar and forecasts

    by Ashmoore1

    This app looks much prettier than the Weather channel app, but the forecasts are really bad - next to useless. Comparing the either the forecasts or the radar to other sources shows how bad the data really is. This morning the radar told me there was a huge blanket of freezing rain - none of the other weather sources showed that. In reality there was almost no rain, freezing or otherwise. Summary - nice to use, but zero use as a weather application.

  • Not accurate

    by Stefcoleman

    This alp is not accurate. The temp is grossly wrong the map does not show current conditions. Weather summary is vague.

  • Not cool

    by Doubleonegative

    I'm so ticked off, I paid $5 for this app as to not have advertisements and now you redesign the app without the option to disable the ads. Not cool, very shady and borderline illegal. I consider it theft, there needs to be laws against you developers from doing this.

  • Overall good

    by Tennis_Shoe

    But one small problem...when adding locations for overseas the time displayed is displaying incorrectly. Please fix.

  • Great app

    by Hammer-1

    Hardly ever crashes, exactly on target for accurate weather. Only issue is it doesn't have local city until closet city is selected.

  • liked the old one better

    by Mema2000

    I know there appears to be more information on the new colorful app but personally I prefer the older version that is no longer available - the radar is much bigger and all the same information is available. There is also an opt out for ads which is great as it increases the size of the screen without the ads. I paid for this but am getting ads on the newer app which also looks like all the other weather apps now. I guess progress is a requirement but why spoil a perfect app.

  • Weather

    by Johnny Ball

    Use this app daily and it is a good one.

  • Works Great

    by TomTom1492

    Works great it my favorite App!

  • Excellent app

    by Aguero4567

    Excellent weather app. I will never leave home without checking it for the day's weather.

  • Great app

    by Cherylslilly

    Use it daily!

  • Very useful!

    by Benson Farms

    I like the sensitivity of Weatherbug, staying on top of our area's many microclimate issues with location data. The 10 day forecast feature is terrific.

  • Like it

    by andizta

    Very accurate.

  • I've already paid twice to remove adds

    by Marshallf4

    I've used Weatherbug since the first iPhone version. It's great, but I've paid to remove adds twice already and with this new version there are adds again and no option to remove them. This is frustrating. I don't mind upgrades for new features because then you have a choice. Please just add an option to remove adds. I'll pay the five bucks again.

  • Love my bug

    by Japz12

    Always helpful and acurate

  • How Do I Know Whether It's Safe to Turn on Computers On a Stormy Day?

    by Drivingforfun365

    Get WeatherBug (and go to 'Sparks')! 5 stars for WeatherBug!

  • Better than the weather channel!

    by SumioNish

    Anytime I want to know what weather is coming, it is right at my fingertips. In the summer, I especially like knowing how far away lightning is while I am mowing the lawn! This is a great app that everyone should have.

  • Pretty frustrating

    by Nowayeverynicknameistaken

    This app, and others, are consistently off by 5-10 degrees when you look at the temp under now and under hourly for the same timeframe. Not sure how that can be but I don't think the forecast is terribly accurate.

  • Great app

    by drann

    Totally reliable

  • Fun App!

    by bingaling55

    Pretty easy to use. Accurate. Love it.

  • Love this Bug!!!

    by Sweeteyes2005

    This application is very useful and comes handy all the time. Thank you so much.

  • Great app typically accurate

    by Tobermis

    Great app, typically accurate, use it in all the cities I travel to!

  • Good Bug

    by Susisan

    But not really very reliable

  • Great ap

    by Krishff

    Great weather ap

  • Was reliable, now not so much

    by J Michael Evans

    Current conditions are wrong. It says sunny when cloudy, cloudy when pouring, and rain when there's snow. Also, radar is terribly inaccurate. By your radar, it's been snowing in my area for 3 hours but in reality, it hasn't started yet. I'm going to look for something more accurate

  • Weather Bug

    by Destin 1

    Love this weather site, lets you know what happening as you are on the go

  • Good app

    by Steveoturner

    Works great

  • Best weather app now

    by BC Survivor

    It's my go to and beats my other 5weather apps. Thanks for the improvements.

  • C Smart

    by Atillasmart

    Enjoy this app. Very accurate I use this the most

  • School closing?

    by Gamer12345678049

    There's no school closing! Other than that it's good!

  • Good Apps

    by Feranlove

    Nice apps

  • Great!

    by TammHamm

    WeatherBug is my favorite weather app! It is easy to understand; it mostly uses words rather than (too many) symbols like other weather apps do.

  • Best of Weather Apps

    by RobertUNH

    Has all the angles on weather that you need (hourly, daily, etc.) although sometimes was inaccurate on super cold days.

  • Great 24hr forecast. But as with any weather app 5 to 10 day forecast not very accurate.

    by Masingale

    Only weather I trust

  • Great app

    by Bohica361

    Great app

  • Weather at your fingertip!

    by MSF RC

    This is the best weather app I've used. It has customized settings for adding extra cities or countries. It appears to be quite accurate with detailed information. I highly recommend it for anybody who wants to know the weather

  • Outstanding

    by SE29926

    Great job

  • Useful App

    by Tteebbiii

    Overall, a good app. Being able to email a forecast would be a big improvement

  • Tn & Mi shout out

    by Help need cheap house

    I like the app, so far so good, I had another Radar mapping app that I got used to so it just take a little bit to get used to this one and I will make another review, but yes this has other features the other app did not and laid out different and I seem to like what this app offers, the layer thing I have to figure out better but so far so good, very good app

  • Great App

    by Steven in Lakeland, FL

    WeatherBug is awesome. I tried Weather Channel. Wasn't impressed. WeatherBug is far better...hands down.

  • Easy to use and helpful

    by Jillybean77590

    Having weather at your fingertips is so helpful when you live in a hurricane zone. I have always used WeatherBug for desktop; I am enjoying this app for iPad as well.

  • Great app

    by Chis6

    Very reliable and accurate

  • Awesome!

    by Vingrdner

    I use it every day to get accurate reports and forecasts close to where I live.

  • Fantastic App!

    by SAchian

    Ma boys tell me to use "Weather Channel"....that it's more accurate...know what I say to that....faaaaack that. Weatherbug is the most accurate, extremely detailed, and you can get all the info you need quickly, without fancy graphics that just make things more complicated. Winningg

  • Great

    by Redspaw

    Love this app

  • Perfect weather app

    by Vegmom02

    Love the tidiness, organization, details, and ease of use.

  • Very helpful!

    by Jzents

    This app usually works well and gives me a good indication of the weather, and the forecast for several sites in my area. It is very helpful in planning my commutes to work and such.

  • Weather

    by Gregory Moore

    Great weather app.

  • Feels like doesn't show

    by manygenres

    For a while, the app gave me the temperature and what it feels like, but the app stopped giving me the feels like temperature. Would be awesome if I can get that back

  • Love it

    by normlbeyer

    Loads fast, finds me for local wx. Theb I can specify other locations.

  • Great Weather Info

    by Kzhdhjzj

    Always accurate weather forecasts no matter where you are!

  • Great Weather App

    by 1988 Mudslut

    Love it works better than weather channel app very accurate easy to use would recommend to friends.

  • Favorite Weather App

    by JazzTunes

    Use it every day. Love it! Best weather app.

  • The best one yet!?

    by Digitalfeat

    Best coverage of all, especially when traveling, includes radar and doesn't eat up system resources.

  • Great for quick glance

    by Anderm

    Weather Bug is nicely organized that makes it easy to find what you want when you're in a hurry. But all the details are there too when needed. Great app!!!

  • Slow sometimes

    by Tn bell

    On my ipod touch its a little funky at times. It might be slow but it also closes itself also. I still find the info more pertinent than the Weather Channel App. Tn is hard to predict.

  • Great App

    by Blane Thompson

    It's easy to use, it's accurate and looks nice.

  • Very useful

    by DoloopTX

    Easy to use. I like to see weather conditions in several locations -- my current location at home or on vacation in U. S. or abroad. Very helpful to have the hourly forecast and the 10 day forecast at the tap of a finger.

  • Looks like they screwed us again!

    by reNickname

    Ads are back for those that purchased IAP to remove ads. Been through the latest update backwards and forwards, restore purchase is gone. I'm sure a future update will give the opportunity to purchase no ads, again. Thieves!

  • Most efficient weather

    by KYEddie

    This new version makes checking the weather easy and complete. I love the ability to have many different cities by one stroke. The information has been re- organized to be clear and easy to read. Great update.

  • Great app

    by momnopp

    Easy to use.

  • Great App

    by atty79

    Works well and provides weather information in an easy to use and informative manner.

  • Easy to use

    by Holly Golightly2

    This weather app is packed full of timely information and very easy to access.

  • Ohio

    by Amy bug

    Always accurate!! When I need to know the weather or temp I just look here!!

  • Very Good Weather App

    by BigAlCburg

    I have tried a number of weather apps, but I found this one to be the best. It is accurate enough that I downloaded a version of it for my desktop computer. I downgraded it one star because I would like to have access to Doppler radar on the same screen as the day's weather and would like to be able to see days in advance if a prediction of snow will result in an accumulation or not. gold was ideal in that sense. Unfortunately, it no longer exists. That said, this app has proven to be reliable and stable over the last three months, and I have no difficulty recommending it.

  • King of the clouds

    by 6 kids

    Very dependable

  • WeatherBug

    by Robert Wagner

    I use this every day to see what the weather has in store for me at home and when I travel. Great App!

  • Love weatherbug.

    by Dragon-FB-Coach


  • A good one

    by bmwguy24

    Overall a great app. Mostly accurate and a smooth platform. My only complaint is the 10 day forecast is kind of a joke...not accurate after 5 all

  • Not Too Bad

    by ButterMyPancakes

    This isn't a bad app but it is not without flaws either. In terms of substance, this app is hard to beat. But as to style, the app could use some work. Yahoo and its progeny makes an absolutely gorgeous weather interface, marrying sleek weather-esq images with beautiful pictures and a slick, simple interface. WeatherBug would go along way in that direction, and mix the best of both worlds, by streamlining the interface in that manner and placing the crucial and various option buttons at the bottom rather than the top - a more efficient location for most I would gather. Because, as we all must appreciate, efficiency is the very essence of owning a fancy phone.

  • Me

    by GwendolynAngel83

    Very useful for camping trip planning.

  • Excellent

    by Zo1077

    Love this app! Very informative.

  • Love it

    by TDUB5150

    So much fun

  • Very nice app

    by fly6387

    I need accurate weather and this app does the job.

  • Great App & Very Useful

    by WilliamRay48

    Really enjoy this app & use it a lot. It's much better then other apps I've tried. I travel some & it's been very helpful in planning trips - especially this winter when we've been able to route according to weather predictions.

  • WxBugRvw

    by Dkhefner

    Best weather app I've put on my phone. Allows me to quickly and accurately get forecast and see conditions at areas of interest. Has become my "go-to" wx app.

  • Weather Bug

    by Ignornace<3

    Nice App

  • Best Weather App

    by Richard1380

    Best weather app ever. Have used it on my computer for last 10 years. First app I looked for when I got my iPhone!

  • scam

    by Custoumer

    i paid for the non-ad version and these scoundrels got rid of the pay version and now i have ads. classic bait and switch. scum

  • Great app

    by Thorandloki

    This is a good app. It has really helped me when needed! Thanks.

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