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Minor Bug Fixes to the weather display.

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"It’s fast, it’s clever, and it’s distinctive...You’re nuts if you don’t buy it." John Gruber,

"...a gorgeous interface with clean design and world-class fonts and icons."

Check the Weather is designed from the ground up to provide fast, clear and beautiful weather data. Rather than squashing features into a crowded interface Check the Weather provides a streamlined dashboard with easy access to advanced forecast details. Simply swipe left, right or up to see more. Up to the minute accuracy and speed are baked right in.

Displays current conditions, hazardous weather alerts, hourly and extended forecasts. For users within the United States it also shows a live doppler weather radar map and Dark Sky powered short term precipitation forecasts.

Customer Reviews

  • Terrific!


    Not a big fan of the default font, but switching to Avenir really made this app shine.

  • Helpful and Straightforward

    by Brian P. Jones

    Clean presentation of data makes it easy to get a sense of the conditions now, what trajectory conditions have been on, and what the rest of the week is going to look like. Additional layers of detail like radar imagery are available, but don’t get in the way when they’re not wanted. Use other products from this company and their support has always been very personable and helpful.

  • I've tried them all

    by ToddPDX

    I'm a weather junkie and have 20-25 weather apps. Check the Weather is on my Home Page and is used daily. Simple and full of information. Nice. The access to Dark Skies micro forecasts is gravy.

  • My primary weather app

    by adajos123

    It is clean and has almost everything I want and nothing I don't. My only criticism is that I hate the default font--but luckily there are several different good ones that you can use instead. Get this app, I fire it up multiple times per day here in frigid MN just so I can see exactly how miserable it feels outside!

  • Works great

    by David Levine

    Allows you to easily check the daily, hourly, and weekly forecasts without cluttering the interface. Also has Dark Sky integration to tell you if it's going to rain within the hour.

  • Clean as iOS7

    by BPC_44_Wow

    The best weather app I've yet seen. Climatologically speaking, probably all you need to absorb at a glance. And I love that it stresses the "feels like" temperature, as for humans that's mostly all that matters and it keeps you from having to mentally estimate your own by using the dew point (not displayed) for heat or wind speed for chill. Because it's so good at what it does I can't help but wish the weather warnings, radar request, and current location designs were the clean-and-amazing equivalent of everything else.

  • Looks Great

    by KellyTMiller

    For me, Check the Weather has the right balance of ease of use, clarity of design, and depth of information. It looks and works great on both iPhone and iPad.

  • Great Weather app

    by Julio_N

    Great design and glance able information. Prefer different font than the default, simple to change.

  • Stable, beautiful, useful

    by chaopoiesis

    The two festures I depend on most: the Dark Sky forecast, which I've used to time walks and drives around rainfall periods; and the text-based weather alerts, which provide detailed weather statements on wind and surf events that I need to keep track of.

  • Go to weather app

    by bradleychambers28

    This is my favorite weather app. Great fonts as well!!

  • Quick and easy.

    by 552HsB5k2K

    Though I miss the flickr stream from the first party app, the extra information is nicely presented and well formatted.

  • Good all around app

    by hbombx

    This is a hood app if a bit of the minimal side. That advantage to that is you get the overview very quickly. I love the accumulation forecast! That's a big help this time of year. I do wish it persisted on the iPad though. Animation controls for the radar would be a big help.

  • Nice design, love Dark Sky, but crummy data.

    by Roboticapostle

    The design of this app is great and the use of Dark Sky is wonderful but where the heck does the weather data come from? This is the only weather forecast calling for rain in DC, every other service said it was going to snow. Lo and behold it snowed. The data is still sticking to its guns and calling for rain. I'm sticking to mine and deleting this app. I'm going back to my old weather app.

  • Best of a LARGE Group

    by jnusm

    I am a weather nut, and I've tried a bunch, but I keep coming back to Check the Weather. It's now my go-to app. Fast, beautiful, and - most importantly - *accurate*. Can't recommend enough.

  • Almost there!

    by whitmcghee

    Really a nice and simple weather app with a surprisingly vast amount of info. Needs push notifications for severe weather alerts and an option to turn off radar animation. If it gains those features then it'll be an unbeatable app.

  • Favorite iPhone weather app

    by Ambropel

    I’d tried and deleted many, many weather apps before finding Check the Weather. I love its simplicity and intuitive interface, as well as its accuracy. Although the UI is a bit too sparse on iPad, I find it perfect for the iPhone.

  • Immediate crash

    by sksmith78

    Crash at initial use, then seems to work fine.

  • Beautifull simplicity

    by Jdyjjhyjdgl

    Easily replaced all my other weather apps, and deserves a place on my homescreen!

  • So pretty for weather

    by Khvvjin

    Love this app. But I'm confused about Thursday's weather. Can we talk about what the gray dashed horizontal lines are?!?! Straight line sleet? Foggy blur? Midwestern hurricane? Blizzard? Stay inside, it's bad? No Tv signal fuzz storm?

  • Simple & Accurate

    by software_user

    Nice looking & typically very accurate which is a feat given the very fickle weather here in Chicago. It has the "feels like" temp which is indispensable in the winter & the Darksky forecasting can be handy if you're caught out in the rain without an umbrella.

  • Was good.

    by FakeGeg

    Used to love this app. Something's happened in the last few months on both my 5S and the iPad4 where the app no longer swipes left, right or up limiting its functionality.

  • Love the UI, Dislike the Accuracy

    by DakotaMilkshakes

    After having used this app for a few years now, I have to abandon it for the inaccuracy of forecast. My wife uses Accuweather and consistently nails the forecast. I'm not happy because I love CTW's UI. Bummer.

  • Worthless forecasted temperature data

    by iphonereviewer#2

    Crashes constantly on 5S running 7.0.4. --- The recognized methodology for displaying forecasted temperature data is to list today's high followed by tonight's low. This program displays whatever high and low temperatures for the day they are projecting, regardless of when these will occur. Worthless information.

  • Unreliable

    by mike-soba

    Recently, this app has become unreliable at predicting the days' high. It has been between 10-20 degrees f below the actual high temperature each day. I've notified the developer but have received no response. Therefore, I can't recommend this app.

  • Bring back NOAA data

    by Britain W.

    Please go back to data from NOAA. According to CTW, it's supposed to be heavy snow right here, but it's raining cats and dogs. Use the accurate data our tax dollars pay for, not some made-up malarkey from a flashy startup with a beautiful website.

  • Crashing in iOS 7.0.4

    by greyjen

    Frequent crashes, and the Dark Sky animation freezes and lurches, especially if you pinch-zoom in or out. It's not my phone — I have clean install of iOS 7 on my 4S (no settings restore from backup) and everything else is fast & smooth. The radar animation on the web app is an example of how Check The Weather *should* work.

  • Nice Interface but not that accurate

    by aldera

    I really like the interface. It's clear and uncluttered. However, the temperature always seems to be several degrees lower than actual. They need to interface to a better forecasting service.

  • Much improved and probably the best weather app.

    by Scorpion101

    This app has greatly improved over the versions. I think the market is getting very saturated with weather apps but this one stands on top. Well designed UI, reliable and multifunctional.

  • Suggestion: Reverse colors for night mode

    by Steel_Daytona

    Great app - but the colors in the hourly view when set to automatic night mode are wrong: at night, those should be black, not gray.

  • Beautiful, But Inaccurate

    by lightbox17

    This app has always displayed just the right amount of information in a beautiful manner. Unfortunately, as some of the other reviewers have mentioned, it can be wildly inaccurate sometimes. I'd like to continue using it, but I'm afraid I have to move on.

  • Poor Forecasting

    by Samuel Polsky

    Accuracy awful! I can't rely on this app at all.

  • succinct

    by Daire McKenna

    I check it every morning. super useful.

  • Beautiful but inaccurate

    by DoulosKyriou

    5 stars for UI, 2 stars for accuracy. Compared to yahoo weather and weather underground, the current, high and low temps. Are all off by ~3-4 deg. Also, this app says it's drizzling right now. Those other two services, plus observation, prove otherwise.

  • Goto weather app

    by brenshaw833

    I think I have tried every weather app out there. This is by far the best one, simple, all the needed info, extremely fast, great UI. If your looking for THE weather app, this is it.

  • Wonderful Weather App

    by estoughton

    This great weather app from Underscore David Smith just got even better!

  • Works perfect

    by MD_R

    Clean, fast, and accurate. Has Dark Sky too.

  • Great App!

    by MontyF

    This is my go-to weather app. Good presentation of info, responsive, simple. EXCEPT…. Why did you guys get rid of the sunrise/sunset info on the main page??? I know it's in the side page, but you only see sr/ss if it happens to fall in that 12 hr window. Please put it back on the main page… 5 stars otherwise.

  • Excellent weather app!

    by William Porter

    This app has everything I want from a weather app and — equally important — nothing I don't want. At a glance I can see current conditions and also the forecast. Attractively designed iOS app. Recommended.

  • The best weather app

    by gregb543

    I have tried a ton. I keep coming back to this one. I love the dark sky integration!

  • iOS 7 and background updates!

    by DogheadedReaper

    This has been a favorite of mine since it came out, but this update really brings it home. The fresh color scheme is awesome, but the background updates takes full advantage of iOS 7. Still, my favorite feature is the support for data from Well done!

  • Eh, not too happy

    by veejl

    Was my primary weather app until this update... It now looks quite ugly on iOS 7 due to the new app icon and color schemes. In terms of the icon, their gradient is opposite any default icon and the sorta kiddy looking sun really looks silly. Also, the blue text. Ridiculously ugly! Visually, I'm less and less inclined to continue using this app. While it continues to have the features I initially liked, the presentation is pushing me away.

  • Avoid this version - app is useless due to crashes


    This version crashes frequently upon launch. Sometimes it works, usually it doesn't. DO NOT spend any money on this version, and if you have an old version, avoid upgrading. I used to have this on my home screen as my primary weather app, but I have no choice but to replace it with one that actually works. App updated; still crashes. Grr.... There's also a problem with the most recent version -- it has some non-printable characters in the app name so that it appears out of order in alphabetical lists. Fix please!

  • removed useful gestures

    by Timyang

    still pretty good, but the new UI has no swiping gestures any more, even though it's still implying swiping by sliding views up, it's unclear how to dismiss these sliding views now, i always have to think about it when i use it. A cleaner look, but overall a net negative for usability

  • Love It

    by Matt L Perkins

    I love the how accurate is becoming as well as the Dark Sky feature added. They even show loyalty to current users by not creating an iOS 7 exclusive app for the sole purpose to charge current users again. I do question their decision to update Check the Weather for only iOS 7 users. Why not at least wait a few months after the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are released?

  • Love it!

    by Ategev

    It's great.

  • Inaccurate weather

    by RenegadeNole

    Very easy to use with a beautiful interface but very inaccurate weather information. I wish I hadn't paid for it.

  • The Best

    by PeteJP

    Simple, efficient, beautiful. All the information you need in a thoughtfully designed package. Has earned itself a prominent position on my home page.

  • Fantastic to look at; useless

    by masterleep

    This is a great app for presenting a beautiful interface to completely incorrect weather. If it had a reliable backend, for example the National Weather Service, it would be fantastic. No support whatsoever was forthcoming to an email regarding the matter. The problem has existed for months.

  • when simplicity is a virtue

    by jandna

    This app presents the information you need quickly and beautifully - quite the best designed app I have seen.

  • Fast & Useful Universal Weather App

    by mjdescy

    This app is my go-to weather app. It launches quickly, gets your GPS location quickly, and gives you accurate information. The Dark Sky integration is great, and the weather alerts in the app are very useful.

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