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* updated to use new U.S. AQI technical standard (EPA-454/B-13-001, December 2013).

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Air pollution has become a serious problem in China. Major cities like Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou have experienced increasing number of hazy days in recent years. More and more city residents across the country realized air pollution has become a serious threat to their health.

Air Quality China is a free Mobile application to check real time Air Quality Index (AQI) values of all major cities in China.

If you have questions about using this free app, please send us email or fill up contact form on Developer's Website.

Customer Reviews

  • Best China AQI app!

    by ChinaTim

    This app uses the latest US EPA method of computing AQI, and I must say that it seems much more accurate than other apps. In Suzhou you can tell by the smell of the air and the poor visibility when the air is bad. This app puts a number on the obvious problem. My other apps eg China Air Quality Index (CAQI) greatly underestimate the pollution. Today for instance CAQI says the AQI is 87 while the US EPA data in this app shows 151!! The pollution readings are more current as well. At this moment this app had readings 1 hour more current then the CAQI app (and that's even after a forced refresh). With how fast the air changes here that is very important. Especially if you have young children. One shortcoming: this app does not use GPS to determine the nearest station. That is an extremely useful feature that CAQI does offer. For that reason when traveling I use both apps, but I only use CAQI for their raw numbers then guesstimate the AQI since the standard they use is bizarrely low.

  • Every day

    by Dalianguy

    It's a clean, well-designed, informative app with good information and customizability. The ability to load several cities and the AQI rating displayed as the icon badge are great features.

  • by lelebaox

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  • Works well

    by RMichaelGene

    App graphs the air quality for you. No ads, and the app uses little memory.

  • Accurate, needs fast and reliable update

    by whodknown

    More accurate than other apps. Only problem is that it sometimes won't update till hours later, if not days.

  • Good to use

    by Laoxie95

    The data seems trustable, but if can support multi-city ,that will better. Now only one city can be set at one time

  • Most Data Available

    by DukeSThompson

    Hard to imagine I am the first review, but this app is awesome! No other app I have found has this much data. It has all the running sample data from all over Guangzhou, and seems to have the same in other cities too. I just have not seen that in any other app yet...thanks!

  • Stupid APp

    by Scoutica

    Why don't you have statistics from HongKong,Macao and Taiwan. Americans always offend and belittle other countries' soveriegnty!

  • Chinese Government Run?

    by MarkedMan

    For a few months, this was my favorite way of checking the pollution in my temporary home of Shanghai. But starting in mid-February 2013 the pollutions suddenly got better! Or rather, this app started showing bogus results. For example, just now I checked the US consulate site for the 2.5 index and it shows a 2013/02/22 10am reading of 163. This app shows the same source as reading around 100. This misrepresentation has been consistent for at least the past several days.

  • Performance

    by China iPad User

    Not compatible with IOS6

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