Climate Wise™ Pro Weather App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Climate Source Inc.

- Added native support for iPad
- Added landscape mode
- Added ability to reset parameters to default
- Misc performance enhancements

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The Pro Edition provides you with a 30-year climate average at your current location or any place of interest within the Continental United States.

These averages can help you make better decisions and might be used in the following ways:

- Travel planning
- Recreation
- Purchasing outdoor gear and clothing
- Real estate purchases
- Business relocation
- Film & TV location scouting
- Event planning
- Construction site planning
- Gardening
- Curiosity or to win a bar bet
- Weather hobbyists

Main Features:

*Works with Google Maps to give you the climate within a mile of your location anywhere in the lower 48 states.
* Search by Zip code, City and State
* Six selectable climate parameters at your current location
* Monthly maximum and minimum temperature and total precipitation
*Monthly probabilities of a day with precipitation, and days with temperatures above 90 degrees or below 32 degrees
*Search for climate information at any location in the lower 48 states by city or zip code
*Bookmark locations for future reference
*Share climate locations via email and links to other Climate Wise™ users
* Advanced settings allow user to “drop and drag pins” to exact locations (street addresses, campsites, hiking trails, etc…)
* Uses PRISM data sets, which are the most accurate in existence, and account for differences in climate due to topography, rain shadows, coastlines, lake effects, and temperature inversions
* English and Metric unit conversion of Precipitation and Temperature parameters

This release includes the entire calendar year from January - December.


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